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Lawrence County, Illinois


If you know any specifics about these cemeteries, ie. more specific location, or can fill in blanks, please send Lawrence County ILGenWeb, the information so it can be shared with others. Source for finding cemetery locations:,IL

Cemetery Twp or Town Description
Allison Russellville View Google™ Map
Bell Sumner View Google™ Map
Bethel Sumner View Google™ Map
600E going south past Sumner City proper, past 150N before reaching 060N on the left hand side of the road
Billett Lawrenceville Located in Section 33
Birds Birds  
Bluff Petrolia also - Cleff Cemetery or Kings Cemetery- View Google™ Map
In Petty Township, near  Petrolia, IL, Section 24, T4N-R13W - Notes of Elizabeth Dunseth
Brian Sumner View Google™ Map
Bridgeport City Bridgeport  
Buchannon Lawrenceville Located along Route #1 south of Lawrenceville. View Google™ Map
Bunker Hill Saint Francisville View Google™ Map
Centerville Centerville View Google™ Map
Charlottsville Birds View Google™ Map
Christy Christy (Sumner) This family cemetery is in the middle of a cornfield on a working farm. It is located right outside of Sumner. Coming from Lawrenceville, highway 50 is divided, right before it goes back to a combined highway and near a bank is where the farm is located.
Chauncey Petty Chauncey Cemetery is located in the West part of the South half of the Northwest Quarter of Section 33, Township 5 North, Range 13 West of the 2nd P.M. in Petty Township, Lawrence County, Illinois.
Directions as per Lawrence County Land Map would be: 200E between 1800 N and 1700 N, on the east side of the road.
Colerd Bond  
Collins Lawrenceville View Google™ Map
Conover Bond View Google™ Map - Offsite, by Calvin Conover
Corrie Lukin View Google™ Map
Cotton Birds View Google™ Map
Cughan Russellville View Google™ Map
Denison Sumner View Google™ Map Located on what is called the Bridgeport Road going in a southernly direction from town. It sits on the edge of a cornfield and is in disarray with markers broken or down on the ground. -
There is no sign for the cemetery, only a few old fence posts. - , June, 2007
Derr Bond (Pinkstaff) View Google™ Map Located about 2 miles outside of pinkstaff, IL. Go to Pinkstaff,turn right off Route 1, follow the blacktop road to a 'T'. Turn left, follow that road for 2 or 2 1/2 miles. The cemetery sides off on the left. There is a big angel on a big monument. . Thanks to Phyllis MEDLEN CRUNK
Dollahan Birds View Google™ Map
Emmons Birds View Google™ Map
Flat Rock Flat Rock (Crawford County)
Gaddy   (see Wright)
Gilead Sumner View Google™ Map
Goines Birds View Google™ Map
Hollister (aka Ackman) Lawrenceville View Google™ Map
Hopewell Sumner View Google™ Map
Going east from Sumner towards Lawrenceville on 1000N (Rt 50) on the left side between 620E and before you reach 700E.
Howard Russellville View Google Maps
Huston Sumner Southwest of Sumner in the woods on private property
Immaculate Conception Sumner View Google™ Map
Jones   (Crawford County)
Kelsey   (Old Cemetery - no longer used)
Kimmel   (Old Cemetery - no longer used)
Kincade Sumner View Google™ Map
Laglow Russell View Google™ Map
Lawrenceville City Lawrenceville View Google™ Map In Lawrenceville near intersection of Highway 50 & Highway 1 Off of 20th street.
Leach Sumner View Google™ Map
200 E (County Road 7), if going north on 200 E from Sumner Township, take a left onto 1500 N, the cemetery sign is posted on 1500N, take the gravel road back into the cemetery in a group of trees which is surrounded by crop fields. Down the road from Chauncey cemetery. Submitted by .
Lone Tree Sumner View Google™ Map
May Chapel Lawrenceville View Google™ Map (aka Sand Ridge)
Melton   (Old Cemetery, no longer used)
Mickey Birds View Google™ Map
Moffett Lukin View Google™ Map
Morea   One person buried here
Morris Birds View Google™ Map
Mt. Hope n/a aka Pettiford Cemetery: Located on Gerhart Farm west of the Maharenholz home
Mt. Zion Lawrenceville View Google™ Map
Located off route #1 about 5 miles south of Lawrenceville and 2 1/2 miles off route #1. There is a sign on route #1 telling where to turn.
Mullins Birds  
Oak Lawn St. Francisville View Google™ Map
Olive Branch Lukin View Google™ Map
Otterbein Birds View Google™ Map
North of 1800N (Rt 10) on 1520 E before the road turns onto 1860N, left hand side.
Otterburn Russellville View Google™ Map
Petty/Pleasant Hill Petty View Google™ Map
Corner area of 400E 1500N, north of Sumner in what use to be Petty Twp.
Pinkstaff Pinkstaff  
Pisgah Bridgeport Located at Pisgah Presbterian Church off what is called the Bridgeport road. It runs in a southernly direction from Bridgeport. There is a sign at the intersection leading back to the church.
White House/Pleasant Hill Bridgeport View Google™ Map
North off Rt 50 between 600E 700E. NE corner of Pleasant Hill Meeting House, deeded 1854.
Pollard Bond View Google™ Map Off Route 1 going west onto 1620N, left hand side.
Portee Birds View Google™ Map Located on 1500E, south of 1600N
Price Russellville View Google™ Map Some tombstones and a view of Price cemetery.
Ridgley, private Sumner View Google™ Map
St. Francis Xavier, Catholic Saint Francis  
St. Paul Birds (Russellville)  
Sand Ridge Lawrenceville (See May Chapel)
Shiloh Bridgeport Buried here: Mary Bell (Martin) English, Oct. 7, 1866 to Mar 5, 1949. Thanks to Darlene English Stirm. Located 800N and 700E
Springhill Bridgeport View Google™ Map
Located at end of the road past Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery. William H. McGuire and some Worstell and Bass family members are buried here. Thanks to Maxine Schneider
Storckman Lukin View Google™ Map
Sumner City Sumner View Google™ Map
Shortly past the town of Sumner near Highway 50 going towards Lawrenceville.
Tann Russellville View Google™ Map
Tevealt Russellville View Google™ Map
Wesley Chapel Lukin View Google™ Map
White House/Pleasant Hill Bridgeport View Google™ Map
North off Rt 50 between 600E 700E. NE corner of Pleasant Hill Meeting House, deeded 1854.
Wright Lukin View Google™ Map (aka Gaddy)
Zion Billett View Google™ Map

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