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Submitted by Joanne Crawford Ikeda

Brian cemetery - Spring

Brian cemetery - September

Last First Maiden Birth Death Comments Stone
Atkins Maria   1869 12/29/1874 d/o Henry K. Atkins & Susannah Knepper YES
Atkins Mary Jane   7/25/1868 8/31/1889 d/o Henry K. Atkins & Susannah Knepper YES
Atkins Susannah Knepper 1845 11/19/1874 w/o Henry K. Atkins, d/o John Knepper & Mary DeLong YES
Brian Elizabeth Landis 1/28/1818 5/9/1894 w/o Johann Jakob Brian. Born in Reading, Berks, PA YES
Brian Jakob Frederick   10/7/1804 8/20/1886 h/o Susannah DeLong, s/o Johann Jakob Brian & Margaretha Katharina Burget YES
Brian Johann Jakob   9/8/1807 7/26/1871 h/o Elizabeth Landis YES
Brian Letha Alice Fischell 1893 8/16/1939 w/o Levi DeWitt Brian. Death in Lawrence Co, Il YES
Brian Levi DeWitt   2/8/1891 6/23/68 s/o Jesse F. Brian & Carolyn Letty Atkins. Died in Snohomish Washington YES
Brian Susannah DeLong 10/19/1825 12/29/1889 w/o Jakob Frederick Brian, d/o Peter DeLong & Mary Magdalena Milliner YES
Brian William   3/18/1826 2/12/1892 Corp Co B 98th Illinois Infantry, Civil War. s/o Johann Jacob Brian & Margarethe Katharina Burget YES
Crawford Frankie   4/6/1896 7/27/1896 s/o Christopher Crawford & Mary Etta Knepper YES
Cummins Rebecca Jane Knepper 2/2/1863 Oct. 1903 1st w/o Bluford Clinton Cummins, d/o John Knepper & Mary DeLong. YES
Fiscus Charles Luther   10/29/1877 6/30/1941 h/o Gertrude, s/o Oliver Fiscus and Emma Jones YES
Fiscus Geairldean   2/23/1906 11/27/1919 d/o Robert B. Fiscus & Jemima Piper YES
Fiscus Gertrude Andrews 5/23/1882 12/20/1917 w/o Charles Fiscus YES
Fiscus Jemima Piper 3/3/1874 3/11/1954 w/o Robert B. Fiscus, married 9/21/1890 Lawrence Co, Il. d/o John Piper & Millie J McCarty YES
Fiscus Robert B.   10/3/1867 12/1/1919 w/o Jemima Piper, s/o Alexander Clinton Fiscus & Elsie McKenzie YES
Gines Hannah Elizabeth Herrin 8/13/1836 4/27/1916 1st w/o John Landis, 2nd w/o Henry Silas Gines. d/o Elijah Herrin & Sarah E Thompson YES
Herrin Elijah   1/4/1813 3/18/1878 h/o Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, s/o Isaac Herrin & Hanny Collier YES
Herrin James Logan Thompson   12/31/1849 5/21/1870 1st h/o Elizabeth (Eliza) Salesman, married 10/5/1869 Richland Co, Il. s/o Elijah & Elizabeth Herrin YES
Herrin Sarah Elizabeth Thompson 12/29/1812 4/8/1890 w/o Elijah Herrin, d/o William Thompson & Elizabeth Cummins YES
Knepper Anna Etta   9/15/1895 7/10/1897 d/o Peter Knepper & Ella R. Brian YES
Knepper Eli   5/1/1847 11/6/1864 s/o John Knepper & Mary DeLong. Aged 17y 6m 5d. YES
Knepper Ella Rachel Brian 5/6/1864 6/16/1928 w/o Peter Knepper, d/o Jakob Frederick Brian & Susannah DeLong YES
Knepper Emma Jane Herrin 1855 1879 1st w/o Peter Daniel Knepper. d/o Elijah Herrin & Sarah Elizabeth Thompson YES
Knepper Glen Burget   3/8/1888 7/30/1918 Pvt. 47 Inf. 4th Div Illinois, died while serving in WWI. s/o Peter Knepper & Ella Brian YES
Knepper Hazel Ella   9/22/1905 3/6/1906 d/o Peter Knepper & Ella R. Brian YES
Knepper Jacob   2/6/1787 2/17/1863 h/o Mary Magdalena unknown. b Albany, Berks. PA d Christy, Lawrence, IL YES
Knepper John   1/31/1819 11/19/1888 h/o Mary DeLong, s/o Jacob Knepper & Mary Magdalena YES
Knepper Joseph J.   4/16/1852 3/15/1898 h/o Melissa Herrin, s/o John & Mary Knepper YES
Knepper Mary DeLong 11/3/1820 1/13/1896 w/o John Knepper, d/o Peter DeLong & Mary Magdalena Millner YES
Knepper Mary Catherine   10/6/1857 3/8/1876 d/o John Knepper & Mary DeLong. Died in Christy, Lawrence, Il YES
Knepper Mary Lucinda Hoffman June 1837 Bef. 1910 w/o Phillip Knepper. Maiden name could be Hoofman.
Knepper Melissa I. Herrin 1/1/1861 2/1/1942
w/o Joseph Knepper, d/o Isaac Herrin & Emma Jane Matthews YES
Knepper Peter   8/12/1860 2/9/1941 h/o Ella Brian, s/o Phillip Knepper & Lucinda Hoffman YES
Knepper Phillip   Abt. 1827 Bef. 1880 h/o Mary Lucinda Hoffman, married 09/27/1857 Lawrence Co, Il
Knepper Simon   3/11/1855 8/18/1883 s/o John Knepper & Mary DeLong, aged 28y 5m 7d YES
Landis Samuel   12/21/1785 12/21/1839 h/o Susannah Brobst, s/o Geo Landis & Maria Latschar YES
Landis Sarah Spangler 10/7/1810 12/7/1858 w/o Jesse Landis, age 48 y 2 mo. Jesse is buried at Sumner Cem. YES
Landis Susannah Brobst 9/8/1786 9/23/1853 Dau of Lt. Col Michael Brobst Revolutionary War & Magdalena Catharina Everett YES
Shackleford Mary A Herrin 5/3/1880 1st w/o Squire Cummins, w/o Alex. Crawford, w/o Geo. L. Shackleford. d/o Elijah Herrin & Sarah Elizabeth Thompson YES
Umfleet Emeline Eskis 1/16/1834 2/9/1922 w/o Jarvis A. J. Umfleet, d/o Enoch Eskis & Phoebe Gaugh YES
Umfleet Jarvis Andrew Jackson   9/23/1833 4/27/1892 h/o Emeline Eskis, s/o Ben Franklin Umfleet & Sarah Unknown
Brian Jacob L.   8/31/1850 9/29/1914 h/o Matilda J. Sanders YES
Brian Matilda J.   12/18/1851 blank w/o Jacob L. Brian YES
Brian Samuel   3/3/1853 5/13/1853 s/o Johann Jakob Brian and Elizabeth Landis YES
Brian Frederick N.   2/7/1867 1/16/1936 h/o Millie A. Sanders, s/o Jakob Frederich Brian & Susannah DeLong YES
Brian Millie A. Sanders 9/5/1865 4/7/1947 w/o Frederick N. Brian, d/o Lewis Sanders & Nancy Jane Miller YES
Landis Lafayette   4/14/1854 7/31/1854 s/o Jesse Landis & Sarah Spangler YES



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