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Lawrence County, Illinois
Christy Cemetery

Submitted by Laurel Treat

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This family cemetery dates back to 1829 and is on land originally settled by Andrew Christy and later part of a large farm owned by his son William Y. Christy. Most burials here were in the mid 1800's although 3 non-family members were buried here later. The Clubb family was mostly decimated by either cholera or influenza in 1851. Of the 7 children, 3 lived on to adulthood. Three members of the Christy family died between March and July of 1842 indicating a possible contagious disease as well.

Stones found for:

Andrew Christy, 1768-1835

his wife Elisabeth 1768-1829

daughter Nancy Clubb 1808-1851

her husband Cannady 1807-1851

their children Joseph d 1846, William d 1851 and twin James d 1851


son Joseph R. Christy 1812-1842

wife of William Y. - Margaret (Dennison) Christy d 1842

their children Samuel 1836 and Charles 1841-1842

Stones not found which may among those buried, turned over etc. should be for:

William Y. Christy d 1870

his son with wife Catherine who is buried at Lone Tree, Andrew d 1845

his 3rd wife Maria d 1865

their daughter Maria d 1862

Tombstone photos

The descendants of Andrew are eternally grateful to Mac and Virgie for their hard work on the final resting place of our ancestors.

Christy Cemetery Work by Mac Christy


On October 30th 2007, Virgie and I found the Christy cemetery located outside of Sumner, Lawrence County, IL. The township is Christy, and the main street of Sumner is Christy Ave. We had known for some time that the cemetery was there, in the middle of a corn field, but were given to understand that we might not be allowed to access the site.

We located one of the family that now owns the land (Piper’s) and got permission to go through the field (which had been harvested). The next morning we started in to clear brush and trees and to locate marker stones.


A little historical timeline: Andrew (1768-1835) and his wife Elizabeth (1768-1829) had taken up the land there in 1821. Elizabeth appears to be the first one buried there (in 1829), with the last one being gg grandfather William Young (1806-1870). The farm was then sold to the Piper family who still own and farm the land.


We found Andrew’s stone broken near the base, and Elizabeth’s stone there, but no base found. William Y’s monument had fallen over and the base was unstable because of erosion. Wayne Piper joined us that morning and was very helpful, saying that he had grown up on that farm and played in that grove of trees that is the cemetery.

We got a lot of trees/brush cut down and learned what we would have to do in the future to restore this 178 year old site.


On Nov. 28th we returned to the cemetery and spent two days working on it. In addition to finishing the brush and tree removal chores and burning or removing the wood, we were able to repair Andrew’s stone with a special epoxy designed for that purpose. We were also able to jack up William Y’s monument base and level it using sack-crete and concrete pavers. That should allow us to repair his monument next year when we return.

We had also brought our Grasshopper mower over and mowed around the entire plot, so

perhaps grass will grow instead of buck brush!

We have not located all the graves that are reported to be in there, but have made a good start. Virgie worked like a trooper, and I don’t know what I’d have done without her! We both found that we could no longer do 8 hour days at hard labor, and had to cut back a bit.

We plan to return to the site next year, perhaps in June or July as Wayne Piper has offered to leave a lane through the field so we can access it

We would be most happy if some of the family could help in this restoration effort. Another “hand” or two would really make a big difference!


Mac & Virgie



“Thus I flourish”






Andrew's Stone Repaired

J christy

Joseph R Christy

Mrs Christy

Mrs. Christy at work


Maria Bentley Christy, 3rd wife of William


Mac with Andrew, Elizabeth & Samuel's stones




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