1850 Census of Lawrence County, IL
transcribed by Lawrence County ILGenWeb

There are 146 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish. Please be aware that some of the pages of the census were microfilmed out of order. Given that, some families are split over two pages, and appear a few pages apart. Make sure to check the Dwelling/Family #s in order to make sure that you have found everyone in that family and that you are accurately representing the neighbors of your family. The transcription is true to the microfilmed version, so the pages appear out of order here as well.

1a 1b 2a 2b 3a 3b 4a 4b 5a 5b 6a 6b 7a 7b 8a 8b 9a 9b 10a 10b 11a 11b 12a 12b 13a 13b 14a 14b 15a 15b 16a 16b 17a 17b 18a 18b 19a 20a 20b 20c 21a 21b 22a 22b 23a 23b 24a 24b 25a 25b 26a 26b 27a 27b 28a 28b 29a 29b 30a 30b 31a 31b 32a 32b 33a 33b 34a 34b 35a 35b 36a 36b 37a 37b 38a 38b 39a 39b 40a 40b 41a 41b 42a 42b 43a 43b 44a 44b 45a 45b 46a 46b 47a 47b 48a 48b 49a 49b 50a 50b 51a 51b 52a 52b 53a 53b 54a 54b 55a 55b 56a 56b 57a 57b 58a 58b 59a 59b 60a 60b 61a 61b 62a 62b 63a 63b 64a 64b 65a 65b 66a 66b 67a 67b 68a 68b 69a 69b 70a 70b 71a 71b 72a 72b 73a 73b

Abernathy, Clinton
Abernathy, David
Abernathy, Eleanor
Abernathy, Elijah
Abernathy, Elizabeth
Abernathy, George
Abernathy, Henry C.
Abernathy, John
Abernathy, Lunenburg
Abernathy, Martha
Abernathy, Mary A.
Abernathy, Sarah Ann
Abernathy, Sydney
Ackman, F. Marion
Ackman, Jane
Ackman, John
Ackman, Johnson
Ackman, Margaret
Ackman, Margaret
Ackman, Mary Ann
Ackman, Rebecca
Ackman, Susan
Acres, Daniel
Acres, Eliza
Acres, Eliza
Acres, Elizabeth
Acres, Elizabeth
Acres, James
Acres, Jasper
Acres, John
Acres, John
Acres, Louisa
Acres, Mary
Acres, Nancy
Acres, Nancy E.
Acres, Ophelia
Acres, Peter
Acres, Rutherford
Acres, Thomas
Acres, William
Acres, William
Adams, Alfred
Adams, Alvin
Adams, Amanda
Adams, Catharine
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Ellen
Adams, General
Adams, Henry
Adams, James H.
Adams, John M.
Adams, Lucinda
Adams, Mahala
Adams, Margaret
Adams, Marion
Adams, Martha
Adams, Mary M.
Adams, Nancy A.
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Sarah J.
Adams, Thornton
Adams, William
Addison, Aaron
Addison, Annis
Addison, Jacob
Addison, James
Addison, Martha
Addison, Narcissus
Addison, Thomas
Addison, Thomas
Adkins, Adna W.
Adkins, Martha
Albert, Anthony
Albert, Charles
Albert, David
Albert, Jacob W.
Albert, Sarah
Allender, Charles
Allender, Franklin
Allender, Martha F.
Allender, Mary J.
Allender, William A.
Allison, Amanda
Allison, Amos
Allison, Andrew
Allison, F. Marion
Allison, Frederick
Allison, George
Allison, John
Allison, Lydia
Allison, Maria Ann
Allison, Martha Jane
Allison, Mary
Allison, Mary
Allison, Missouri
Allison, Nancy E.
Anderson, Alfred
Anderson, Caleb
Anderson, Christana
Anderson, Cynthia
Anderson, Cynthia E.
Anderson, Diny
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Jesse
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, Lavina Ann
Anderson, Louisa
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mathias
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Rachel
Anderson, Rebecca
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, William
Anderson, William G.
Andress, Caroline
Andress, James
Andress, John
Andrews, Aphelia
Andrews, Calvin
Andrews, Elizabeth
Andrews, Isaac
Andrews, James
Andrews, Josephine
Andrews, Nancy
Andrews, Rosella
Andrews, Sarah
Andrews, Sion
Applegate, Antonia
Applegate, Dorotha
Applegate, George
Armstrong, Isabel
Armstrong, Nancy
Armstrong, William W.
Ashbrook, Elizabeth
Ashbrook, J. D.
Ashbrook, Sarah
Ashbrook, William
Ashby, Caroline
Ashby, Elizabeth
Ashby, George
Ashby, George
Ashby, George
Ashby, John
Ashby, John
Ashby, Polly
Ashby, Rebecca
Ashby, Torlton Emery
Ashby, Willis
Askens, Benjamin
Askens, Eliza
Askens, F. Marion
Askens, Qualls
Askens, Samuel
Askens, Samuel
Askens, Susannah
Atwood, Nancy
Atwood, Willis
Baden, Eliza
Baden, George
Baden, George H.
Baden, Hannah
Baden, Henry
Baden, Sarah
Badolett, A. S.
Badolett, Albert
Badolett, Henry
Badolett, Howard
Badolett, Julia
Badolett, Tabitha
Baesden, Albert
Baesden, Eleanor
Baesden, Eleanor
Baesden, Henry
Baesden, Hugh
Baesden, Isabel
Baesden, Jane
Baesden, John Lewis
Baesden, Jonathan
Baesden, Mary
Bailey, Alfred
Bailey, Catharine
Bailey, Catharine
Bailey, Elizabeth
Bailey, Henry C.
Bailey, John
Bailey, Louisa
Bailey, Mary E.
Bailey, Samuel
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas C.
Baker, Alfred
Baker, Catharine
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Ellen
Baker, Elmus
Baker, George W.
Baker, Isabel
Baker, James
Baker, James M.
Baker, Julia Ann
Baker, Madaline
Baker, Maria
Baker, Nathaniel
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Theodore
Baker, Washington
Baldwin, Thomas J.
Banks, F. Marion
Banks, George
Banks, John
Banks, Mary
Banks, Nancy
Banks, Sarah
Banks, Thomas
Bann, Anna
Bann, Harrison Lewis
Bann, Solomon
Barackman, Cynthia
Barackman, Elizabeth
Barackman, Isaac
Barackman, Isaac
Barackman, Mary Jane
Barackman, Sabra
Barackman, Sabra
Barackman, Susan
Barber, Aseneth
Barber, Deborah
Barber, Elipalet
Barber, John
Barber, Leah
Barber, Margaret
Barber, Samuel
Barber, Sherman
Barber, Susannah
Bardeen, James
Bardeen, John
Bardeen, Maria
Bardeen, Matilda
Bardeen, Michael
Bardeen, Nancy
Bardeen, Tilman
Bardelow, Anthony
Bardelow, Charles
Bardelow, Elizabeth
Bardelow, John
Bardelow, Mary
Bardelow, Mary
Bardelow, Mary Jane
Bardelow, Milly
Bardelow, Napolean
Bardelow, Rosanna
Bardelow, Sarah
Barker, Amy
Barnes, Daniel
Barnes, Elijah
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barnes, Hannah
Barnes, Lafayette
Barnes, Lamira
Barnes, Louisa
Barnes, Martha
Barnes, Moses E.
Barnes, Peter Smith
Barnes, Rosaline
Barns, Adaline
Barns, Eliza
Barns, Harriet
Barns, John
Barns, Martha
Barns, Nancy
Barns, Nancy
Barns, Pernina
Barns, Serenia
Bartlett, Deborah
Bartlett, John
Bartlett, Lavender
Bartlett, Mary J.
Bartlett, Susan
Basley, Elizabeth
Bass, Burrell
Bass, Elizabeth
Bass, Elizabeth
Bass, Ezekiel
Bass, Henry
Bass, John
Bass, John L.
Bass, Mary Ann
Bass, Rachel
Bates, Aaron
Bates, Amanda
Bates, Howard
Bates, Malsenia
Bates, Martin
Bates, Polly
Bathe, Elizabeth
Bathe, George
Bathe, John
Bathe, Thomas
Bayley, Caroline
Bayley, Emily
Bayley, James
Bayley, John
Bayley, Lamilla
Bayley, Mary
Bayley, Thomas
Bays, John
Be*rsell, Amanda L.
Beard, Andrew
Beard, Ann Eliza
Beard, Eliza
Beard, John
Beard, Joseph P.
Beard, Lucy
Beard, Martha
Beard, Mary
Beard, Rebecca
Beard, Sabin
Beard, Sarah
Beard, Tousant
Bearley, Daniel
Bearley, Rachel
Beck, Aaron
Beck, Aaron
Beck, Alsey
Beck, America
Beck, Benjamin
Beck, Brice
Beck, Clarissa
Beck, Eliza J.
Beck, James
Beck, John C.
Beck, Mary
Beck, Mary F.
Beck, Nancy E.
Beck, Richard
Beck, Susannah C.
Beck, William
Beckham, James C.
Beckham, Nancy
Bedle, Nancy Jane
Bedle, William
Beecher, Emsley
Beecher, Mary
Beecher, Sanford
Bell, A.
Bell, Aaron
Bell, Alfred
Bell, Catharine
Bell, Elijah
Bell, Emaline
Bell, Emily
Bell, Eurydice
Bell, George
Bell, George
Bell, Hannah
Bell, Jesse
Bell, Mary Ann
Bell, Mary C.
Bell, Mary J.
Bell, Minerva
Bell, Nancy E.
Bell, Pallas C.
Bell, Philo
Bell, Sarah Jane
Bell, Teressa
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Wesley
Bell, William
Bell, William
Benedict, Aaron
Benedict, Anna
Benedict, Charles
Benedict, Daniel
Benedict, Julia
Benedict, Martha
Benefield, Robert N.
Benefield, Sarah
Benjamin, David
Benjamin, Elizabeth
Benjamin, Jacob
Benjamin, John
Benjamin, Leah
Benjamin, Mary
Benjamin, Rebecca
Benjamin, Whitson
Benjamin, William
Bennett, Charles D.
Bennett, Elbert C.
Bennett, Isaac
Bennett, Juella
Bennett, Stephen
Bennett, Whitfield
Benson, Angeline
Benson, Clementine
Benson, Jackson
Benson, James
Benson, Nancy
Benson, Robert
Berkshire, Catharine
Berkshire, Cornelius
Berkshire, Felix
Berkshire, George
Berkshire, Jane
Berkshire, John
Berkshire, Lafayette
Berkshire, Paulina
Berkshire, Sarah
Berkshire, Walter
Bickell, Clarissa
Bickell, Emily
Bickell, Ezra
Bickell, Henry
Bickell, Hester
Bickell, John
Bickell, Mary
Bigelow, George
Bigelow, George F.
Bigelow, Rebecca
Bigelow, Sarah
Bishop, Elisha
Bishop, Elisha
Bishop, Elizabeth
Bishop, Jacob
Bishop, John
Bishop, Martha
Bishop, Mary
Bishop, Matthew
Bishop, Susan
Bishop, Thomas
Bishop, Thomas
Bishop, William
Bishop, William
Black, Asa
Black, Benjamin
Black, Catharine
Black, Constant L.
Black, Elijah
Black, Emaline
Black, James
Black, John
Black, John E.
Black, Joseph
Black, Justice
Black, Martin L.
Black, Mary
Black, Mary
Black, Mary
Black, Mary
Black, Norton
Black, William
Black, William
Blackburn, Amelia
Blackburn, Mary
Blackburn, William
Blackwell, Elizabeth
Blackwell, Lucy
Blackwell, Mary
Blackwell, Newton
Blackwell, William H.
Blair, Andrew
Blair, James
Blair, John
Blair, Mary
Blair, Samuel
Blair, William
Bnn, Catharine
Boen, Amanda
Boen, Emily
Boen, James
Boen, Nancy
Boen, Nancy A.
Boen, Rebecca
Boen, Thomas
Boice, David
Bond, Lewis A.
Bond, Susan M.
Booker, Isaiah
Borden, Charles
Borden, Mary
Borden, Samuel
Borden, Samuel
Borden, Sarah
Boring, Elizabeth A.
Boring, Francis A.
Boring, Mary
Boring, Washington
Boring, William M.
Bowles, Elizabeth
Bowles, Ephraim
Bowles, George
Bowles, Martha
Bowles, Martha
Bowles, Mary
Bowles, Peter
Bowles, Seymour K.
Bowman, Daniel
Bowman, Elizabeth
Bowman, Henry
Bowman, Jacob
Bowman, John
Bowman, Joseph P.
Bowman, Lewis
Bowman, Lydia
Bowman, Mary
Bowman, Mary R.
Bowman, Nancy A.
Bowman, Rachel
Bowman, Sarah
Boyd, Agness
Boyd, Clement
Boyd, Francis
Boye, Francis
Boye, Joseph
Boye, Louisa
Bradum, Jane
Braes, Charles
Brandsteller, Emily
Brandsteller, Harriett
Brandsteller, John
Brandsteller, Mary
Branson, Alexander
Branson, Daniel
Branson, David
Branson, Jane
Branson, John
Branson, Mary
Branson, Rebecca
Branson, William
Brawdy, William
Brian, Catharine
Brian, Eliza
Brian, Frederick
Brian, Jacob
Brian, John
Brian, Martin
Brigman, Adenphel
Brigman, Sarah
Brion, Lear
Brion, Margaret
Brion, Martin
Brookbank, James
Brothers, Benjamin
Brothers, Benjamin
Brothers, Covington
Brothers, Joseph
Brothers, Lucinda
Brothers, Mary
Brothers, Thomas
Brothers, William
Brotherton, John
Brotherton, Truman
Brotherton, William
Brown, Asa
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Emaline
Brown, Houston
Brown, Isabel J.
Brown, James
Brown, Mariette
Brown, Martha
Brown, Mary
Brown, Permelia
Brown, Robert
Brown, Samuel L.
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Thomas
Bruner, Elizabeth
Bruner, James
Bruner, Jane
Bruner, Joel
Bruner, Mary
Bruner, William
Brush, Clarissa
Brush, Elijah
Brush, Julia
Brush, Margaret
Bryan, Daniel
Bryan, Daniel
Bryan, Eliza
Bryan, James
Bryan, Jonas
Bryan, Margaret
Bryan, Martha
Bryan, Sarah
Bryant, Catharine
Bryant, Eliza Jane
Bryant, Frederick
Bryant, George
Bryant, Hannah
Bryant, James H.
Bryant, John
Bryant, Lucinda
Bryant, Mary
Bryant, Mary A.
Bryant, Mills
Bryant, Sarah
Bryant, Susan
Bryant, Thomas
Buchanan, Aaron B.
Buchanan, Amanda
Buchanan, America
Buchanan, Caroline
Buchanan, Catharine
Buchanan, David
Buchanan, Delia
Buchanan, Eliza Jane
Buchanan, Elizabeth
Buchanan, Evaline
Buchanan, George
Buchanan, Hiram
Buchanan, Isaac
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, Jane
Buchanan, Jane
Buchanan, Jane
Buchanan, Jesse
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, John E.
Buchanan, John J.
Buchanan, Joseph
Buchanan, Julia
Buchanan, Laura
Buchanan, Leander
Buchanan, Lucy J.
Buchanan, Margaret
Buchanan, Margaret A.
Buchanan, Martha
Buchanan, Mary
Buchanan, Mary
Buchanan, Mary C.
Buchanan, Mary Elizabeth
Buchanan, Nancy
Buchanan, Orenda
Buchanan, Phebe E.
Buchanan, Priscilla
Buchanan, Robert
Buchanan, Robert
Buchanan, Thomas
Buchanan, Thomas
Buchanan, Varnel
Buchanan, Victor
Buchanan, Victor
Buchanan, Victor
Buchanan, Victor T.
Buchanan, Walter
Buchanan, Walter
Buchanan, William
Buchanan, William
Buchanan, William
Buchanan, William G.
Buchanan, William T
Buchanan, Zelilda
Buffy, Emily
Buffy, Henry
Buffy, John
Buffy, Louisa
Buffy, Mary
Bunn, Aaron
Bunn, Benjamin
Bunn, Eli
Bunn, Eliza Ann
Bunn, Emily
Bunn, Hiatt
Bunn, Jonathan F.
Bunn, Margaret
Bunn, Mariah
Bunn, Mary
Bunn, Mary A.
Bunn, Winfield Scott
Buntin, Eliza Jane
Buntin, John F.
Buntin, Mary C.
Burdelow, Michael
Burget, Anna E
Burget, Catharine L
Burget, Daniel D
Burget, David
Burget, Elizabeth A
Burget, Mary Ann
Burget, Mary M
Burget, Sarah Jane
Burke, John
Burnside, Thomas
Burrell, Jane
Burrell, Jonathan
Burrell, Louis
Burrell, Martha
Bursell, Catharine
Bursell, John
Butcher, Avin
Butcher, Cinderilla
Butcher, Eliza
Butcher, Henrietta
Butcher, John
Butcher, Samuel
Butcher, Sarah
Butler, Charles
Butler, Eliza Jane
Butler, Elizabeth
Butler, Harrison
Butler, John W.
Butler, Joseph
Butler, Lowry
Butler, Margaret
Butler, Martha
Butler, Mary
Butler, Sally
Butler, William
Butt, Eliza Ann
Butt, Elizabeth
Butt, George
Butt, Mary J.
Butt, Milton
Butterfield, Mary
Canditt, Edward
Canditt, Henry
Carlyle, Elizabeth
Carlyle, James D.
Carlyle, William
Carpenter, Eliza
Carpenter, George
Carpenter, Jane
Carpenter, Lamilly
Carpenter, William
Carpenter, Willy
Carter, James
Carter, Sarah
Cary, Peter
Casey, Cornelius
Casey, Elizabeth
Casey, Emily
Casey, George
Casey, James
Casey, Jane
Casey, Mary A.
Casey, Nancy
Casey, Sarah E.
Casey, Solomon
Casey, Theodore
Casey, William
Casey, William
Casey, William
Catlett, Jasper
Catlett, Jemima
Catlett, Mary Isabel
Catlett, Winna Ann
Catterton, Adaline
Catterton, Daniel
Catterton, Diler
Catterton, Diler
Catterton, Isaac F.
Catterton, James
Catterton, Jane
Catterton, Joseph
Catterton, Martha
Catterton, Sarah Ann
Catterton, William
Caudle, Eliza
Caudle, Elizabeth
Caudle, Hardin
Caudle, Henry Clay
Caudle, John
Caudle, Mary
Caudle, Moses
Caudle, William
Caudle, Zachary
Cauffman, Charles
Cauffman, Elizabeth
Cauffman, Henry
Cauffman, Sarah
Cauthron, Benjamin
Cauthron, Eliza
Cauthron, Francis J.
Cauthron, Garrett
Cauthron, James M.
Cauthron, John
Cauthron, John W.
Cauthron, Lavonia
Cauthron, Martha
Cauthron, Nancy
Cauthron, Nancy Ann
Chaffe, Margaret
Chaffee, Devander
Chaffee, Eleanor
Chaffee, Leonard
Chaffee, William
Chaffer, Mary
Chapperel, Augustus
Chapperel, Charles
Chapperel, Hannah
Chesher, Angeline
Chesher, Joanna
Chesher, John
Chesher, Joyce
Chesher, Julia
Chesher, Martha
Chesher, Martin
Chesher, Mary
Chesher, Sarah
Chesher, Susan
Chesher, Susan
Chesher, Tabitha
Chesher, Thomas
Childers, Adalade
Childers, Adaline
Childers, Albert
Childers, Amanda
Childers, Eliza
Childers, George
Childers, Henry
Childers, Hester Ann
Childers, Hiram
Childers, Jackson
Childers, James
Childers, James
Childers, John
Childers, Lawson H.
Childers, Martha
Childers, Mary Ann
Childers, Mary Ann
Childers, Miles
Childers, Rebecca
Childers, Robert
Childers, Sarah
Childers, Thomas
Childers, Thomas
Childers, Thomas
Childers, Thomas
Childers, Wiley
Childers, William
Childers, William
Childers, William
Childers, William
Chinoweth, Arthur
Chinoweth, Emily
Chinoweth, John M.
Chinoweth, Mary
Chinoweth, Mary
Christy, Catharine
Christy, F. Marion
Christy, Harriet L.
Christy, Jane E.
Christy, Nancy E.
Christy, William Y.
Clark, Arabell
Clark, Bedford
Clark, Charles
Clark, Charles W.
Clark, Cynthia
Clark, Elijah
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Emily
Clark, Francis
Clark, G. W.
Clark, Gabriel
Clark, George
Clark, George
Clark, George
Clark, John
Clark, Laura
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Martha
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary
Clark, Rebecca
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Wesley
Clark, Whitney
Clark, William A.
Clark, William E.
Clark, Woodford
Clearland, Virginia
Clegg, John
Clegg, Leonard
Clegg, Milton
Clegg, Nancy
Clegg, Richard
Clegg, Sophia
Clegg, Thomas
Clegg, Thomas
Clegg, William
Clubb, Amanda
Clubb, Ansco
Clubb, Eli
Clubb, Elizabeth
Clubb, Frances
Clubb, Martha Jane
Clubb, Merit
Clubb, Nancy
Clubb, Sally Ann
Clulle, Samuel H.
Cochran, Alexander
Cochran, Anderson
Cochran, Andrew
Cochran, Barbara
Cochran, Barbara E.
Cochran, Casander
Cochran, Daniel
Cochran, Eliza Jane
Cochran, Hannah
Cochran, Henry
Cochran, Jacob
Cochran, James
Cochran, James Lane
Cochran, John
Cochran, John
Cochran, Joseph
Cochran, Leah
Cochran, Martha
Cochran, Mary
Cochran, Mary Ann
Cochran, Rebecca
Cochran, Samuel
Cochran, Sarah
Cochran, Sarah E.
Cochran, Thomas
Cochran, William
Cochran, William
Cochran, William
Cochran, Wilson
Cole, Alletta
Cole, Cynthia
Cole, David
Cole, Dicy Ann
Cole, Eda
Cole, Elisha
Cole, Elizabeth
Cole, Emanuel
Cole, Henry
Cole, Jacob
Cole, Jemima
Cole, Julia
Cole, Margaret
Cole, Martha
Cole, Rebecca
Cole, Samuel
Collins, Amelia
Collins, Betsey Ann
Collins, Delia
Collins, Elmira
Collins, F. Marion
Collins, George
Collins, J. Davis
Collins, James R.
Collins, John
Collins, John
Collins, John C.
Collins, Lavina
Collins, Louisa
Collins, Maria
Collins, Mary Ann
Collins, Nancy
Collins, Nancy Jane
Collins, Rachel
Collins, Rachel Ann
Collins, Rebecca
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Sheorwell
Collins, Tabitha
Collins, Thomas
Collins, Virginia
Collins, William
Comb, Adam Clay
Comb, Elias Clay
Comb, George
Combs, Andrew
Combs, Andrew
Combs, Betsey A.
Combs, Eliza
Combs, Eliza Ann
Combs, Eunice
Combs, George W.
Combs, Harrison
Combs, Lafayette
Combs, Marian
Combs, Murphy
Combs, Rebecca
Combs, Rosella
Combs, Ruth
Combs, Samuel
Combs, Susannah
Combs, Thomas J.
Combs, William H.
Condit, Charles G.
Condit, Edwin
Condit, John
Condit, Margaret
Condit, Reuben
Condit, Sarah
Condit, Thomas
Conner, David
Conner, Ladaska
Conover, Edward
Conover, Edward
Conover, Elisabeth
Conover, George
Conover, Isaac
Conover, John
Conover, Jonathan
Conover, Marcus L.
Conover, Mary A.
Conover, Nelly
Conover, Peter
Conover, Powell
Conover, Rhoda
Conover, Richard
Cook, Catharine
Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, Elmira
Cook, Hester Ann
Cook, James
Cook, John
Cook, Margaret
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Susan
Cook, Thomas
Cooper, Emaline
Cooper, G. W.
Cooper, George W.
Cooper, Hiram
Cooper, James
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Martha J.
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Mary A.
Cooper, Samuel N.
Cooper, Sarah
Cooper, Sarah J.
Cooper, Washington
Cooper, William
Corman, Elizabeth
Corman, Elizabeth
Corman, Emanuel
Corman, Larkin
Corman, Larkin T.
Corman, Sarah J.
Corman, Wiley
Corman, William A.
Cornevall, Charles N.
Cornevall, Francis L.
Cornevall, Jenette
Cornevall, Mary C.
Cornwall, F. S.
Corrie, Adam
Corrie, Andrew
Corrie, Angeline
Corrie, Aryon
Corrie, Barbaretta
Corrie, Eliza
Corrie, Elizabeth
Corrie, Elizabeth
Corrie, Elizabeth
Corrie, George
Corrie, George
Corrie, George
Corrie, Harriet
Corrie, Henry
Corrie, Henry
Corrie, Issabella
Corrie, Jacob
Corrie, James
Corrie, James
Corrie, James W.
Corrie, James W.
Corrie, John
Corrie, John
Corrie, John
Corrie, John W.
Corrie, Joseph
Corrie, Joseph
Corrie, Malinda
Corrie, Margaret
Corrie, Mary
Corrie, Mary
Corrie, Mary
Corrie, Mary Ann
Corrie, Mary Ann
Corrie, Mary C.
Corrie, Olivia
Corrie, Robert
Corrie, Robert N.
Corrie, Sarah
Corrie, Sarah E.
Corrie, Thomas
Corrie, Thomas N.
Corrie, William
Corrie, William
Corrie, William
Corrie, William
Corrie, William
Corrie, William H.
Cothron, Eliza
Cothron, Eliza
Cothron, Hannah
Cothron, Henry P.
Cothron, James
Cothron, James
Cothron, Mary
Cothron, Mary
Cothron, Morris
Cothron, Rebecca
Cothron, Sarah
Couchman, Andrew J.
Couchman, Benjamin
Couchman, George
Couchman, Harriet
Couchman, Louisa
Couchman, Louisa
Couchman, Marion
Couchman, Martha
Couchman, Mary Ann
Couchman, Rebecca
Couett, Elizabeth
Couett, F.
Couett, F. G.
Couett, Felicity
Couett, Lucy
Courter, Edward H.
Courter, Harriet
Courter, Mary
Courter, William
Courtney, James H.
Courtney, Mary E.
Courtney, Nancy
Courtney, Nicholas
Courtney, Retherford
Courtney, Sarah
Courtney, William
Courtney, Woods
Coutch, John W.
Coutch, Levi
Coutch, Siddy
Cox, Angeline
Cox, Caroline
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Emaline
Cox, James Mc
Cox, John
Cox, Lafayette
Cox, Levi
Cox, Minerva
Cox, Rebecca
Cox, William T.
Coy, Charles
Coy, Francis
Coy, Joseph
Coy, Sarah
Craig, Elisha
Craig, Hannah
Craig, Harmon
Craig, Hugh
Craig, James
Craig, Johnson
Craig, Johnson
Craig, Margaret
Craig, Thomas
Craig, William
Crane, Adaline
Crane, Elizabeth
Crane, Ephraim
Crane, Isaac N.
Crane, James G.
Crane, Louisa
Crane, Lysander
Crane, Sarah
Crane, Sarah Jane
Creuger, George C.
Creuger, James
Creuger, Mary
Crews, Albert
Crews, Eliza
Crews, Eugene
Crews, Franklin
Crews, Malinda
Crews, Virginia
Crews, Wiley
Crews, William
Crim, Elizabeth
Crim, Joel
Criss, Caroline
Criss, Henrietta
Criss, Henrietta
Criss, Hiram
Crosby, Edward
Crosby, Elizabeth
Crosby, Elizabeth
Crosby, Emily
Crosby, Nathaniel
Crosby, Sylvester
Crosby, Thomas
Crosby, William
Crosson, Green C.
Crosson, Hannah A.
Crosson, Miriam
Crosson, Rebecca J.
Crosson, Sarah A.
Crosson, William B.
Crum, James
Crum, Rebecca
Crump, Edward P.
Crump, George F.
Crump, Sabra
Crump, Sylvester
Crump, Zachary
Culbertson, Anna
Culbertson, Clarissa
Culbertson, James
Culbertson, Matilda
Culbertson, Rebecca
Culbertson, Sarah Jane
Culbertson, Sirus
Culbertson, Sophronia
Cunningham, Elizabeth
Cunningham, George
Cunningham, Hamilton
Cunningham, Jane
Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, Nancy
Cunningham, Samuel
Cunningham, Thomas
Cunningham, William
Cunningham, William
Curry, Eliza
Curry, George W.
Curry, Isabel
Curry, James
Curry, James M.
Curry, James W.
Curry, Joanna
Curry, Kyle M.
Curry, Norris
Dalley, Alexander
Dalley, Elizabeth
Dalley, William
Darbey, A.
Darcey, Alfred
Darts, Amor
Darts, Delila
Darts, John
Darts, Louisa
Darts, Margaret
Darts, Mary
Darts, Sarah
Darts, Sarilda
David, Eliza
David, Joseph
David, Joseph
David, Rebecca
David, Sphronia
Davidson, Margaret
Davis, Henry
Davis, William
Day, Elizabeth
Day, Green D.
Day, Harvey
Day, Henry
Day, Jane
Day, Jesse
Day, John
Day, Lorey
Day, Martha
Day, Miles
Day, Sarah
Day, Silas
Day, William
Decker, John
Decker, Margaret
Decker, Preston
Dee, Alphonzo
Dee, Florence
Dee, Nancy J.
Delenges, Clementine
Delong, Catharine
Delong, Catharine
Delong, Eli
Delong, Emanuel
Delong, George W.
Delong, Isaac
Delong, Jacob
Delong, Jefferson
Delong, Job
Delong, Mary
Delong, Mary
Delong, Nancy
Delong, Noah
Delong, Peter
Delong, Rebecca
Delong, Solomon
Demaree, Allen
Demaree, Eliza J.
Demaree, Elizabeth
Demaree, Mary A.
Demaree, Nancy
Demaree, Nancy E.
Dennison, Alexander
Dennison, Braxton
Dennison, Catharine
Dennison, Elizabeth
Dennison, Elizabeth
Dennison, Harriet
Dennison, Isabel
Dennison, Isabella
Dennison, John
Dennison, John
Dennison, Margaret
Dennison, Margaret
Dennison, Martha
Dennison, Mary
Dennison, Mary
Dennison, Mary
Dennison, Mary Ann
Dennison, Nancy M.
Dennison, Rachel C.
Dennison, Robert
Dennison, Sally J.
Dennison, Sarah
Dennison, Sarah
Dennison, Scott
Dennison, William
Deshaze, Peter
Dickens, Abner
Dickens, George
Dickens, Hugh
Dickens, James
Dickens, Letta
Dickens, Margaret
Dickens, Martha
Dickens, Woodson
Dickinson, Eliza
Dickinson, James
Dickinson, John
Dickinson, Lucinda
Dickinson, Martha
Dickinson, Mary
Dickinson, Robert
Dickinson, Thomas
Dickinson, William
Doan, Sarah M.
Dollahan, Catharine
Dollahan, Christopher J.
Dollahan, Daniel C.
Dollahan, Eliza J.
Dollahan, Eliza J.
Dollahan, Evaline
Dollahan, Franklin
Dollahan, Hannah
Dollahan, Hannah
Dollahan, Isaac
Dollahan, Jemima
Dollahan, John
Dollahan, John
Dollahan, John
Dollahan, John W.
Dollahan, Margaret
Dollahan, Maria
Dollahan, Mary Ann
Dollahan, Robert
Dollahan, Sarah
Dollahan, Theodore T.
Dondon, Hannah
Dondon, Hester
Dondon, Mary
Dondon, Philip
Dondon, Philip
Dondon, William
Donner, Casander
Donner, Henry
Donner, John
Donner, John Peck
Donner, Mary E.
Donner, Philip
Douglas, Catharine
Douglas, Charles
Douglas, Cynthia
Douglas, Diana
Douglas, Diana
Douglas, Evaline
Douglas, George W.
Douglas, Horace
Douglas, John L.
Douglas, Martha J.
Douglas, Minerva
Douglas, Nancy
Douglas, Washington
Doyle, Magdalena
Doyle, Sarah
Drake, Anthony
Drake, Caroline
Drake, Evaline
Drake, Nancy
Drake, Perry
Drake, Robert
Drake, Samuel
Drake, William P.
Dubbon, Benjn.
Dubbon, Daniel
Dubbon, David
Dubbon, George
Dubbon, Jane
Dubbon, John
Dubbon, Leah
Dubbon, Mary
Dudley, Abby
Dudley, Barbara
Dudley, George
Dudley, Joshua
Dudley, Julia
Dudley, McLane
Dudley, Rhoann
Dudley, Rhoda A.
Dudley, Sarah
Dudley, William
Duncan, Mary
Dunlap, James
Dunlap, Josephine
Dunlap, Nancy
Dunlap, Samuel
Dunn, Hannah
Dunn, John
Durkee, Chauncy
Durkie, Ann
Durkie, Helen
Dutton, Eliza
Dutton, John
Dutton, Martha
Dutton, Nancy E.
Dutton, Stephen
Dutton, Stuart
Dutton, William
Dutton, William
Eastridge, B. F.
Eaton, Alonzo
Eaton, C. M.
Eaton, Casius M.
Eaton, Catharine
Eaton, Cyrus
Eaton, Emily J.
Eaton, Henry
Eaton, Lucy
Eaton, Margaret
Eaton, Mary B.
Eaton, Mary J.
Eaton, Matilda
Eaton, Phebe
Eaton, William G
Eckus, Catherine
Eckus, Elizabeth
Eckus, Elizabeth
Eckus, Emaline
Eckus, Emanuel
Eckus, Enoch
Eckus, Levi
Eckus, Margaret
Eckus, Mary
Eckus, Phebe
Edmundson, Elbert S.
Edmundson, James E.
Edmundson, Malinda
Edmundson, Nancy
Edmundson, Sarah
Edmundson, Wiley
Elmore, Jane
Emmons, Aaron
Emmons, Andrew
Emmons, C. D.
Emmons, Charles
Emmons, Charles
Emmons, Elizabeth
Emmons, Elizabeth
Emmons, Evaline
Emmons, George
Emmons, Henry
Emmons, James
Emmons, James
Emmons, Jane
Emmons, John
Emmons, John
Emmons, John W.
Emmons, Joseph
Emmons, Lucinda
Emmons, Milton
Emmons, Nancy
Emmons, Nancy
Emmons, Rebecca
Emmons, Redmund
Emmons, Sarah
Emmons, Sarah
Emmons, St Clair
Emmons, Washington
Emmons, Wesley B.
Emmons, William
Emmons, William
Emmons, William
England, Abner
England, David
England, Ebenezer
England, Jefferson
England, Jeremiah
England, John
England, Margaret
England, Martha
England, Mary E.
England, Matthew
England, Minerva
England, Samuel
England, Thomas
England, Thomas
England, Thomas
Enlow, Amelia
Enlow, Elizabeth
Enlow, Jonathan
Enlow, Mary Ann
Epperson, Eliza Ann
Epperson, Elizabeth
Epperson, Louisa
Epperson, Morton G.
Epperson, Sarah F.
Epperson, Thomas
Erwin, Abram
Erwin, Alexander
Erwin, Ann
Erwin, Charles
Erwin, Elizabeth
Erwin, John
Erwin, Martha
Erwin, Mary
Erwin, Mary Adaline
Erwin, Mary E.
Erwin, Rebecca Jane
Erwin, Thomas
Erwin, Thomas
Erwin, William
Erwin, William C.
Etzwiler, Catharine
Etzwiler, Cornelius
Etzwiler, Emaline
Etzwiler, Jane
Etzwiler, John
Etzwiler, Phebe
Etzwiler, Sophia
Etzwiler, Susanna
Evans, Bazel
Evans, Bazel
Evans, Betsey
Evans, Charlotte
Evans, Darcas
Evans, Eliza
Evans, Elizabeth
Evans, Ellen
Evans, Hannah
Evans, John
Evans, Louisa
Evans, Loyd
Evans, Lucinda
Evans, Martha
Evans, Rebecca
Evans, Seth
Evans, Susan
Fail, Abigail
Fail, Abram
Fail, Bolivar
Fail, Didama
Fail, Elizabeth
Fail, Emily
Fail, Henry
Fail, Jennette
Fail, John
Fail, John C.
Fail, Julia
Fail, Julia Ann
Fail, Mary
Fail, Mary Ann
Fail, Mary J.
Fail, Parces
Fail, Philip
Faith, Elizabeth Ann
Farbarger, Barbara A.
Faster, Robert J.
Feagans, Ann E.
Feagans, Catharine
Feagans, Daniel
Feagans, Harlin
Feagans, Harriet C.
Felton, Asa B.
Felton, Eliz J.
Felton, John
Felton, Miles
Felton, Nancy
Fiscus, Albert
Fiscus, Alexander
Fiscus, Caroline
Fiscus, Elizabeth
Fiscus, Franklin
Fiscus, John
Fiscus, Martha
Fiscus, Mary
Fiscus, Mary
Fiscus, Sarah
Fish, Andrew
Fish, Emily
Fish, John
Fish, Thomas
Fish, Thomas
Fisher, Elvira
Fisher, Gideon
Fisher, Hannah
Fisher, James
Fisher, John
Fisher, John
Fisher, Josephus
Fisher, Margaret
Fisher, Maria
Fitch, Barbara
Fitch, C. P.
Fitch, Margaret
Flanders, Elizabeth
Flanders, Harriet
Flanders, John L.
Flanders, Mary F
Flanders, Mary F.
Flower, Albert
Flower, Francis
Flower, Harry
Flower, Isabel
Flower, John
Flower, Margaret
Flower, Nancy
Flower, Samuel
Fowler, Christopher
Fowler, George W.
Fowler, Hetty Ann
Fowler, John Henry
Fowler, Rebecca
Frank, Ann Eliza
Frank, Henry
Frank, Martha Ann
Franklin, Tempy
French, Alletta
French, Almon
French, Angeline
French, Bascom
French, Catharine
French, Chauncy
French, Clancy
French, Eliza
French, Elizabeth
French, Emaline
French, Eunice
French, Evaline
French, George
French, Henriett
French, Hosea
French, Iasaiah
French, Ira
French, J. N.
French, James
French, James
French, Jane
French, Joanna
French, Josephine
French, Marion
French, Martha
French, Mary E
French, Nancy
French, Sarah Ann
French, Silas
French, Tandy
French, Tandy
French, Theodore
French, Thomas
French, William
French, William
French, Zebra
Frickey, Catharine
Frickey, George
Frickey, Jane
Frickey, Joseph
Frickey, Joseph
Frickey, Mary
Frickey, Mary Ann
Frickey, Matilda
Fritchey, John G.
Fritchey, Laticia
Fritchey, Mary C.
Funk, A. D.
Funk, Anderson
Funk, Elizabeth
Funk, Nancy
Funk, Nancy
Funk, Peter
Funk, Peter
Fyffe, Adaline
Fyffe, Adaline
Fyffe, Albert
Fyffe, Amanda
Fyffe, Benjamin
Fyffe, Edmunds
Fyffe, Edward P.
Fyffe, Elizabeth Ann
Fyffe, Esther
Fyffe, Frances
Fyffe, George
Fyffe, Harriet
Fyffe, James
Fyffe, James A.
Fyffe, James H.
Fyffe, Jasper Newton
Fyffe, John P.
Fyffe, Marian
Fyffe, Marion
Fyffe, Martha
Fyffe, Martha E.
Fyffe, Mary Ann
Fyffe, Mary Jane
Fyffe, Melissa
Fyffe, Mille
Fyffe, Rebecca
Fyffe, Rebecca
Fyffe, Rebecca
Fyffe, Sarah
Fyffe, Sarah
Fyffe, Susan
Fyffe, William
Fyffe, Wilson
Gadd, Nancy Ann
Gaddy, Amy
Gaddy, David
Gaddy, David Marion
Gaddy, Elijah
Gaddy, Eliza Jane
Gaddy, Elizabeth
Gaddy, Elizabeth
Gaddy, Elizabeth
Gaddy, Ezekiel
Gaddy, Francis
Gaddy, George
Gaddy, George W.
Gaddy, James
Gaddy, James
Gaddy, James
Gaddy, James F.
Gaddy, Louisa Ann
Gaddy, Lucinda
Gaddy, Lydia
Gaddy, Lydia
Gaddy, Malinda
Gaddy, Martha
Gaddy, Mary
Gaddy, Sarah
Gaddy, Sarah
Gaddy, Sion
Gaddy, Thomas
Gaddy, William
Gains, Jane
Gains, William
Gamble, Abraham
Gamble, Cenia
Gamble, Charity
Gamble, Clarrissa
Gamble, Eliza Fail
Gamble, Gideon
Gamble, Margaret
Gamble, Martha
Gamble, Nancy
Gamble, Richardson
Gamer, Charles E.
Gamer, Daniel
Gamer, Mary Ann
Gardner, Abigail
Gardner, Alonzo
Gardner, David
Gardner, Emily J.
Gardner, Emma J.
Gardner, Jesse
Gardner, Joseph
Gardner, Mary E.
Gardner, Napoleon B.
Gardner, Samuel
Gardner, William
Garland, Ann M.
Garland, David
Garland, Griffin
Garland, Jeremiah
Garland, John D.
Garland, Mary
Garland, Sarah
Garner, Ann
Garner, Charles
Garner, Clementine
Garner, Eliza
Garner, George
Garner, John
Garner, John
Garner, Margaret
Garner, Martha
Garnett, Florinda
Garnett, Henry F.
Garnett, Mary E.
Garnett, Susan
Garnett, Thomas
Garnett, William
Gear, Hetty
Gear, Jacob
Gear, Jacob
Gear, John
Gear, Nelson
Gear, Rebecca
Gear, Sarah C.
Gee, L. W.
Gee, Sarah Jane
Geines, Catharine
Geines, Philip
Geisler, Barbara
Geisler, Henriette
Geisler, Henriette
Geisler, Jacob
Geisler, John
Geisler, Lewis
Geisler, Margaret
Geisler, Mary
Geisler, Nicholas
Geisler, Philip
Gennett, Chloe
George, Alfred
George, Ambrose
George, Archibald
George, Archibald
George, David
George, Elijah
George, Elizabeth
George, James
George, James F
George, Jane
George, John
George, John F.
George, Lydia
George, Lydia
George, Martha
George, Mary
George, Mary
George, Mary C.
George, Matilda
George, Sarah Ann
George, Thomas
George, William
George, William W.
Gerall, Catharine
Gerall, Joseph
Gibbs, Daniel
Gibbs, Rebecca
Gibbs, Sarah
Gibbs, Thomas A.
Gibson, James
Gibson, Joseph
Gibson, Mary Jane
Gibson, William
Gillespie, Ann E.
Gillespie, Ann Maria
Gillespie, Eliza Jane
Gillespie, Elizabeth
Gillespie, Ellen
Gillespie, Emily
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, Mary Ann
Gillespie, Mary J.
Gillespie, Polly
Gillespie, Rebecca
Gillespie, Robert
Gillespie, Samuel
Gillespie, Samuel
Gillespie, William
Gillespie, William
Gillespie, William B.
Gillespy, Cynthia Ann
Gillespy, Edward
Gillespy, John W.
Gillespy, Mary J.
Gillespy, Walter
Gillespy, William H.
Gillin, Charles
Gillin, Hannah
Gillin, John
Gillin, Margaret
Gillin, Philip
Gines, Amanda
Gines, Catharine
Gines, Christiana
Gines, Esther
Gines, Henry
Gines, Henry
Gines, Philip
Goen, Adaline
Goen, Caroline
Goen, Charles
Goen, Cornelius
Goen, John
Goen, Lafayette
Goen, Lewis
Goen, Martha
Goen, Mary
Goen, Miles
Goen, Oscar
Goen, Sally
Goen, Sarah
Goen, Stratford
Goen, Theodore
Goen, Thomas
Goens, Celia
Goens, Cornelius
Goens, Earles
Goens, Ebed
Goens, Elizabeth
Goens, Emily
Goens, Harryford
Goens, Henry
Goens, Jason
Goens, Levi
Goens, Mahala
Goens, Martha
Goens, Maruis
Goens, Mary
Goens, Nancy
Goens, Pleasant
Goens, Polly
Goens, Prudy
Goens, Rebecca
Goens, Sally
Goens, Theodore
Goens, Thomas
Goff, Joseph
Goff, Kesiah
Gold, Daniel L.
Gold, Henrietta
Goodwin, William
Gorden, Allen
Gorden, Charles
Gorden, Daniel
Gorden, Edwin
Gorden, Isaac N.
Gorden, Julia
Gorden, Louisa
Gorden, Lurany
Gorden, Patrick
Gorden, Susan
Gordon, John Andre
Gordon, Lucinda
Gordon, Rebecca
Gordon, Robert
Gould, Abner
Gould, Alexander
Gould, Andrew
Gould, Ann
Gould, Aron
Gould, Eliza
Gould, Emily J.
Gould, George
Gould, John
Gould, John
Gould, Joseph
Gould, Mary Jane
Gould, Nancy
Gould, Samuel
Gould, Thomas
Gould, Thomas B.
Gould, Victor
Graham, Catharine
Grant, John
Grass, Alfred
Grass, Alfred H.
Grass, Clarissa
Grass, Daniel
Grass, Emily
Grass, Evaline
Grass, Henry
Grass, Isabel
Grass, Jane A.
Grass, John
Grass, Martha
Grass, Mary A.
Grass, Samuel
Grass, Sarah
Grass, Susan
Greemor, Caroline
Greemor, Charles
Greemor, Felix
Greemor, Frances
Greemor, Mary
Greemor, Mary
Greemor, Michael
Greemor, Peter
Greemor, Rebecca
Greemor, Zedac
Green, James
Green, John
Green, Mary
Green, Oliva
Green, Samuel
Green, Sarah
Green, William
Greenwood, Caroline
Greenwood, Sarah
Greenwood, William
Greer, Catharine
Greer, James
Greer, Mary Ann
Greer, Richard
Greer, William
Grey, Aaron
Grey, Angeline
Grey, David
Grey, Elizabeth
Grey, Harriet
Grey, James
Grey, John
Grey, Orrilla
Grey, Philo
Grey, William
Greymor, Aonab
Greymor, August
Greymor, Frances
Greymor, Margaret
Greymor, Mary
Greymor, Mary J.
Greymor, Rosella

Greymor, Russell
Griffin, James
Griffith, D. O.
Griffith, Julia
Griffith, Mary A.
Griffith, Mary S.
Groves, Catharine
Groves, Emily
Groves, John B.
Groves, Sarah
Groves, Sarah
Groves, Washington
Growes, Anthony
Growes, Louisa
Guthneck, Anna
Guthneck, Charles
Guthneck, Charles
Guthneck, Francis
Guthneck, John
Guthneck, Michael
Hagar, John H.
Hagar, Julia
Haines, Amancy
Haines, Mary Ann
Haines, Otis
Haines, Peter
Haines, Samuel
Hains, Eliza
Hale, Albert
Hale, Eliza
Hale, George
Hale, John
Hale, Minerva
Hale, Peter
Haley, James
Halfacre, Elizabeth
Halfacre, Frederick
Halfacre, Jacob
Halfacre, Jefferson
Halfacre, Mahala
Halfacre, Margaret
Halfacre, Susanna
Hall, Elizabeth
Hall, Isabel
Hallett, Elizabeth
Hallett, Sarah
Hallett, William
Halterman, Andrew
Halterman, Ann Eliza
Halterman, Gabriel
Halterman, Gabriel
Halterman, Joseph
Halterman, Margaret
Halterman, Margaret
Halterman, Mary
Halterman, William
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Peter
Hamitt, James
Hammersley, Charles
Hammond, Almond
Hancock, Elizabeth
Hanks, Joseph
Hanks, Louisa
Hanks, Samuel
Hanks, William
Hanson, Amelia E.
Hanson, M. B.
Hanson, William H.
Hardin, Alvin
Hardin, Burrell
Hardisty, Abigail
Harlan, Ellen
Harlan, James
Harlan, Lydia
Harlan, Thomas
Harriston, Absalom
Harriston, James
Harriston, Mary
Harriston, Mary J.
Harriston, Melissa
Harriston, Nancy
Harriston, Sarah
Harriston, Thomas
Harrow, Amy
Harrow, Aphelia
Harrow, Charles
Harrow, James
Harrow, Lucy
Harrow, Lucy
Harrow, Mary Ann
Harrow, Thomas F.
Harrow, William
Hart, Henry
Harter, John
Haselton, Lucy Jane
Haselton, Sarah
Haselton, Warren
Haselton, William H.
Haskins, Alfred
Haskins, Elizabeth
Haskins, Hariet
Haskins, Jackson
Haskins, Margaret
Haskins, William
Hatten, Susan
Hauckman, David
Hauckman, Francis M.
Hauckman, Henrietta
Hawkins, Elizabeth
Hawkins, Elizabeth
Hawkins, Frederick
Hawkins, George
Hawkins, Job
Hawkins, John Conover
Hawkins, Susan
Hawkins, William
Hays, Elizabeth
Hays, Elizabeth
Hays, Elizabeth
Hays, H. H.
Hays, Hiram
Hays, James
Hays, James E.
Hays, Jane
Hays, Mary
Hays, Sandy A.
Hays, Sarah
Hays, William
Hays, William
Hays, Winfield Scott
Heath, Amos
Heath, Amos
Heath, Amy
Heath, Asahel
Heath, Asahel
Heath, Boliver
Heath, Catharine
Heath, Catharine
Heath, Catharine
Heath, Catharine
Heath, Cecilia
Heath, Daniel
Heath, Daniel
Heath, Edward
Heath, Eliza Ann
Heath, Elizabeth
Heath, Felix
Heath, Francis
Heath, George W.
Heath, Harvey
Heath, Jackson
Heath, Jemima
Heath, John
Heath, Lafayette
Heath, Lydia Ann
Heath, Mary
Heath, Mary Ann
Heath, Melissa
Heath, Milton
Heath, Nancy
Heath, Osburn
Heath, Preston
Heath, Randolph
Heath, Randolph
Heath, Robert
Heath, Samuel
Heath, Sarah
Heath, Thomas
Heath, Thomas
Heath, Tobias
Heath, Tobias
Heath, William
Heizy, P. B.
Henderson, John
Hendrix, Elizabeth
Hendrix, Felix
Hendrix, George W.
Hendrix, Lewis
Hendrix, Mary
Hendrix, Peter
Hendrix, Susan
Hendrix, William
Hennissee, Julia Ann
Hennissee, Mary
Hennissee, William
Hennissee, William S.
Hensell, Adam
Hensell, Adam
Hensell, Daniel
Hensell, Elizabeth
Hensell, John
Hensell, Mary M.
Hensell, Peter
Hensell, Sarah J.
Hensley, Amelia
Hensley, Augustus
Hensley, Caroline
Hensley, Clarissa
Hensley, Clarissa
Hensley, Elvira
Hensley, Eugene
Hensley, Feilding
Hensley, Frances E.
Hensley, George W.
Hensley, James
Hensley, James C.
Hensley, James M.
Hensley, John
Hensley, John
Hensley, John
Hensley, Leven
Hensley, Margaret
Hensley, Mary A.
Hensley, Mary J.
Hensley, Mary J.
Hensley, Mary Jane
Hensley, Moses
Hensley, Sarah Ann
Hensley, Sarah J.
Hensley, William
Hensley, William
Hentz, Abraham J.
Hentz, Daniel
Hentz, Jacob
Hentz, Jacob G.
Hentz, Maria
Hentz, Samuel J.
Hentz, Sarah
Hentz, William
Hershey, Albert
Hershey, Anna Phebe
Hershey, Eliza
Hershey, Emily
Hershey, Isaac
Hershey, Jacob
Hershey, Jacob
Hershey, John
Hershey, William
Hickman, Julia
HighSmith, Cynthia Ann
Highsmith, Eliza
Highsmith, Ethalinda
Highsmith, J. M.
HighSmith, John A.
Highsmith, Maria
HighSmith, Martha
Highsmith, Martha
Highsmith, Mary
HighSmith, Richard M.
HighSmith, Sally
Highsmith, Sander S.
Highsmith, Sarah
HighSmith, Sarah C.
Highsmith, Susan
Highsmith, Susan F.
Highsmith, Thomas M.
Highsmith, William
Hill, Mary
Hill, William
Hiskey, Delia
Hiskey, Harriet
Hiskey, John
Hiskey, Joseph
Hiskey, Peter
Hockman, Elisha
Hockman, Louisa
Hockman, Nancy
Hockman, Nancy
Hoke, Amanda Jane
Hoke, Elizabeth
Hoke, William
Hollett, Ann
Hollett, Clement
Hollett, David
Hollett, George
Hollett, George W.
Hollett, Harriett
Hollett, Jackman
Hollett, James
Hollett, James
Hollett, John
Hollett, John
Hollett, Joseph
Hollett, Margaret
Hollett, Nancy
Hollett, Robert
Hollett, Sarah
Hollett, Seney Ann
Hollett, Solomon
Hollett, William
Hollett, Williston
Holtzer, August
Holtzer, Caroline
Holtzer, Charles
Holtzer, Dorotha
Holtzer, Frederick
Holtzer, Frederick
Holtzer, Hannah
Holtzer, Harmon
Holtzer, Henry
Holtzer, Mary
Holtzer, Sophia
Holtzer, Sophia
Holtzer, William
House, Angeline
House, Christiana
House, Clementine
House, Eliza A.
House, Elizabeth
House, George W.
House, James
House, Lucy
House, Mary
House, Thomas
House, Thomas
House, Wesley
House, Wesley
Houston, Amina
Houston, Catharine
Houston, Chambers
Houston, Elizabeth
Houston, Elizabeth
Houston, James
Houston, John
Houston, Joseph
Houston, Joseph
Houston, Lyman
Houston, Mary
Houston, Mary
Houston, Nancy
Houston, R. F.
Houston, William
Houston, William
Houston, William
Houston, William
Howard, D. W.
Howard, Elizabeth
Howard, George W.
Howard, H. P.
Howard, Jane
Howard, John
Howard, Leticia
Howard, Louisa
Howard, Martha J.
Howard, Mary
Howard, Mary
Howard, Missouri
Howard, Nancy
Howard, Samuel
Howard, Sarah Ann
Howard, William
Howe, James
Howe, John
Howe, Lewis
Howe, Mary
Howe, Nancy
Howe, Peter
Howe, Sarah
Howe, Sarah
Howe, William
Howe, William
Huff, Rebecca
Huff, William
Huff, Zachary T.
Hughey, Benjamin
Hughey, Leavitt
Hughey, Lewis
Hughey, Margaret
Hughey, Maria
Hughey, William
Hunt, Edith
Hunt, Harriet
Hunt, James
Hunt, James
Hunt, Mary E.
Hunt, Nancy
Hunt, Nancy
Hunt, Palina
Hunt, William
Hunter, Adam
Hunter, James
Hunter, Mary
Hunter, Rachel
Hunter, Rebecca
Hunter, Sarah
Ice, Eliza Jane
Ice, George W.
Ice, James P.
Ice, Jesse
Ice, Joseph
Ice, Mary
Ice, Mary
Inyard, Clarish
Inyard, Joseph
Inyard, Mary
Inyard, Mary Ann
Inyard, Olly
Inyard, Silas
Irish, Abba
Irish, James
Irish, James
Irish, Louisa
Irish, Mary
Irish, Sarah
Irish, Stephen
Irish, William
Irwin, Alexander
Irwin, Alphonsa
Irwin, Andrew
Irwin, Ann
Irwin, Daniel
Irwin, George
Irwin, James
Irwin, John
Irwin, John W.
Irwin, Maria
Irwin, Mary
Irwin, Mary A.
Irwin, Nancy
Irwin, Nancy
Irwin, Rebecca
Irwin, Rebecca
Irwin, Robert
Irwin, Salina
Irwin, Samuel
Irwin, William
Jackman, Aaron
Jackman, Bazel
Jackman, Cinderrilla
Jackman, Cordelia
Jackman, George
Jackman, Hiram
Jackman, Jacob
Jackman, John
Jackman, Martha J.
Jackman, Mary
Jackman, Mary A.
Jackman, Mary E.
Jackman, Nancy
Jackman, Rebecca
Jackman, Richard
Jackman, Richard M.
Jackman, Samuel R.
Jackman, Sarah
Jackman, Sarah
Jackman, Sarah
Jackman, Sarah Ann
Jackman, William R.
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Hugh M.
Jackson, Rhoda
Jacobs, Ann E.
Jacobs, Catharine
Jacobs, Eliza
Jacobs, Ruth
Jacobs, Samuel
Jacobs, Sarah
Jacobs, Sarah
James, A. M.
James, A. W.
James, Abigail
James, Ann E.
James, Ann Eliza
James, Armilda
James, Caroline
James, Daniel
James, Eliza
James, Elizabeth
James, Elizabeth
James, Emily
James, Evan
James, Evan
James, John
James, Joseph
James, Joseph
James, Mansell
James, Maria
James, Martha
James, Mary A.
James, Matilda J.
James, Samuel
James, Sarah
James, Thomas
James, William
James, William
Jenkins, John P.
Jenkins, Martha
Johnson, Abner
Johnson, Adam
Johnson, Andrew J.
Johnson, Angeline
Johnson, Angeline
Johnson, Angeline
Johnson, Ann
Johnson, Catharine
Johnson, Catharine
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Christiana
Johnson, Criddleton T.
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Ellen
Johnson, Friend S.
Johnson, George
Johnson, George
Johnson, Harriet
Johnson, Hiram
Johnson, Hiram
Johnson, Indian
Johnson, Isabel
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, Jasper N.
Johnson, Jefferson
Johnson, Joel
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John J.
Johnson, Julia Ann
Johnson, Lamira J.
Johnson, Lavina
Johnson, Levi
Johnson, Mahalda
Johnson, Malinda
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Marion
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary Ann
Johnson, Milton
Johnson, Monroe
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Nancy A
Johnson, P. M.
Johnson, Permela
Johnson, Peyton
Johnson, Pleasant
Johnson, Rachel
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Rosetta
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Silas
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William H.
Jones, Abner
Jones, Adaline
Jones, Albert
Jones, Alvin T.
Jones, Amos
Jones, Ann Aliza
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, Calvin
Jones, Calvin
Jones, Caroline
Jones, Catharine
Jones, Celia
Jones, Charlotte
Jones, Daniel
Jones, David
Jones, Eli
Jones, Eliza
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth Ann
Jones, Elizabeth M.
Jones, Emarine
Jones, Emma
Jones, Euphrosia
Jones, George W.
Jones, Hannah
Jones, Harriet Eliza
Jones, Henry A.
Jones, Hiram
Jones, Indy
Jones, Isaac
Jones, Jacob
Jones, James
Jones, James J.
Jones, Jane
Jones, Jesse
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Joseph L.
Jones, Joshua
Jones, Lafayette
Jones, Lewis
Jones, Lewis
Jones, Lewis L.
Jones, Malinda
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Maria
Jones, Marion
Jones, Martha
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary A.
Jones, Mary A.
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Mary E.
Jones, Mary J.
Jones, Mary J.
Jones, Mason
Jones, Mathias
Jones, Matthias
Jones, Melissa
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Oliver C.
Jones, Peter
Jones, Polly C.
Jones, Robert
Jones, Rose Ann
Jones, Rosella
Jones, Ruth A.
Jones, Sally
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah E.
Jones, Sophronia
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Sydney
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, William H.
Jones, Zane
Keams, Amanda
Keams, Daniel
Keams, George W.
Keams, Louisa
Keams, Martha
Keams, Mary
Keams, Sarah
Keams, William
Kearns, Ann Eliza
Kearns, George W.
Kearns, Harriet
Kearns, John
Kearns, Mary J.
Kearns, Sarah
Kearns, Valentine
Keesman, N. M.
Kellms, Gideon
Kellms, John B.
Kellums, Daniel
Kellums, Elizabeth
Kellums, Elizabeth Ann
Kellums, Gideon
Kellums, Sarah E.
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, John
Kelly, Latha
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Minerva
Kelly, Nancy
Kelly, Nathan
Kelms, Calvin
Kelms, Eliza Jane
Kelms, Emily J.
Kelms, Mary E.
Kelms, Mary E.
Kelms, Otis
Kendall, B. F.
Kendall, Henrietta
Kendall, Nelson
Keneep, Hester Ann
Keneep, James
Keneep, James
Keneep, Nancy
Keneep, Shadrick
Keneep, William
Kenkade, Albert G.
Kenkade, Caroline
Kennedy, Elizabeth
Kennedy, Jahne
Kennedy, Jesse
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Margaret
Kennedy, Stephen
Kennedy, Thomas
Keplinger, Mary
Kimes, Catharine
Kimmel, Cordelia
Kimmel, George
Kimmel, Jacob
Kimmel, Jane
Kimmel, John
Kimmel, Nathan
Kimmel, Sarah J.
Kines, Abram
Kines, Catharine
Kines, David
Kines, John
Kines, Maria
Kines, Mary
Kines, Mary
Kines, Sarah
Kines, Sidney
Kines, Susan
Kines, William
King, Albert
King, Ann
King, Caroline
King, Elijah
King, Elizabeth
King, Frances
King, George C.
King, George H.
King, Henry
King, Henry
King, Horatio
King, James
King, James
King, Jane
King, John
King, John
King, John H.
King, Margaret
King, Martin
King, Mary
King, Mary
King, Mary Ann
King, Mary E.
King, Mary Jane
King, Perry
King, Sarah
King, Sherlock
King, Susannah
King, Tabitha
King, Temperance
King, William
King, William
Kirk, Mary
Kirk, William
Kirklin, James
Kirkwood, Jane
Kirkwood, John
Kirkwood, Margaret
Kirkwood, Martin
Kirkwood, Nancy
Kirkwood, Robert
Kirkwood, Robert
Kirkwood, Sarah
Kirkwood, Thomas
Kirkwood, Walter
Kneep, Jacob
Kneep, Nancy
Kneep, Nancy
Kneep, Rebecca
Kneep, S. B. Franklin
Kneff, Abigail
Kneff, Amanda
Kneff, Andrew
Kneff, Andrew K.
Kneff, Benjn. F.
Kneff, Cynthia
Kneff, Edwin
Kneff, Emily
Kneff, John
Kneff, John W.
Kneff, Juliana
Kneff, Laula
Kneff, Margaret J.
Kneff, Roxa
Kneff, Sarah A.
Kneff, Sardine
Kneff, Silas
Kneff, Terissa A.
Kneff, Thomas J.
Kneff, Whitman
Knepper, Abby
Knepper, Eli
Knepper, Jacob
Knepper, John
Knepper, John W.
Knepper, Mary
Knepper, Mary
Knepper, Peter
Knepper, Peter
Knepper, Philip
Knepper, Susan
Knight, Hannah
Knowland, Ellen
Knowland, Robert W.
Kuykendall, Daniel
Kuykendall, Henry
Kuykendall, Henry P.
Kuykendall, Jane
Kuykendall, John
Kuykendall, Leander
Kuykendall, Nancy
Kyger, Albert
Kyger, Angeline
Kyger, Edwin
Kyger, Ferdinand
Kyger, George W.
Kyger, Margaret
Kyger, Susan
Kyger, William
Kyle, Mahala
Kyle, Martha
Kyle, Martha
Kyle, Thomas J.
Kyle, William
Lacast, Charles
Lacast, Hannah
Lackey, Adam
Lackey, Adam
Lackey, Alexander
Lackey, Alexander
Lackey, Andrew
Lackey, Andrew W.
Lackey, Ann E.
Lackey, Asa
Lackey, Catharine
Lackey, Diana
Lackey, Eleanor
Lackey, Eliza
Lackey, Elizabeth
Lackey, Elizabeth
Lackey, Elizabeth
Lackey, Emaline
Lackey, Erastus
Lackey, F. Marion
Lackey, George
Lackey, George M.
Lackey, Harriet
Lackey, Harriett
Lackey, James
Lackey, James
Lackey, John
Lackey, John
Lackey, John O.
Lackey, Juranda
Lackey, Jurandy
Lackey, Mariem
Lackey, Martha J.
Lackey, Mary
Lackey, Miriam
Lackey, Nancy
Lackey, Polly
Lackey, Polly Ann
Lackey, Sarah
Lackey, Sarah J.
Lackey, Sarah L.
Lackey, Susan
Lackey, Susanna
Lackey, Thomas J.
Lackey, William
Lackey, William
Lackey, William
Lackey, William M.
Lader, Ann Elizabeth
Lader, Eliza A.
Lader, Phle
Lafever, Joseph
Lafever, Julia
Lafever, Mary
Lafever, Susan
Lagout, Adolphus
Lagout, Augustine
Lagout, Frances
Lagout, Francis
Lagout, Jane
Lagout, Joseph
Lagout, Julia
Lagout, Julian
Lagout, Mary L.
Lagout, Rossella
Lagow, Alfred
Lagow, Margory
Lagow, Mary
Lagow, Sarah
Lagow, William
Lamott, Angeline
Lamott, Caroline
Lamott, Daniel
Lamott, Jackson
Lamott, James
Lamott, John Jourdon
Lamott, Joseph
Lamott, Joseph
Lamott, Peter S.
Lamott, Rosanna
Lamott, Shulamite
Land, Hiram H
Land, Jane C.
Landis, Jacob
Landis, Jesse
Landis, Jessie
Landis, John
Landis, Jonas
Landis, Levi
Landis, Mary A
Landis, Samuel
Landis, Sarah
Landis, Sarah J.
Landis, Simon
Landis, Susannah
Landis, William
Lane, Charles
Lane, Edith
Lane, Elizabeth
Lane, Gardner W.
Lane, James
Lane, Mary
Lane, Samuel
Lane, Winfield
Laneere, James
Laneere, John
Laneere, Lewis
Laneere, Mary
Laneere, Mary Ann
Laneere, Nancy
Laneere, Nancy
Laneere, Sarah Ann
Laneere, Squire
Laneere, Virginia
Laneere, William
Lanen, Mary J.
Lanen, Nancy
Lanen, Sarah
Lanen, William
Lang, Joseph
Lang, Sarah
Lang, William
Lannen, Richard
Lanterman, David D
Lanterman, Harriet A.
Lanterman, Hugh
Lanterman, James
Lanterman, James
Lanterman, Jane
Lanterman, Mary Ann
Lanterman, Peter F.
Lanterman, William
Larillet, Susan
Laterman, Elizabeth
Lathrop, Clarinda
Lathrop, Cynthia
Lathrop, Lucy Ann
Lathrop, Marvin
Lathrop, Mary S.
Lathrop, Russell
Laughlin, Abraham
Laughlin, David
Laughlin, Elizabeth
Laughlin, Ellen
Laughlin, James
Laughlin, James
Laughlin, Margaret
Laughlin, Margaret
Laughlin, Margaret A.
Laughlin, Mary Ann
Laughlin, Rebecca
Laughlin, Robert
Laughlin, Robert
Laughlin, Susan Jane
Lavaw, Anna
Lavaw, Caroline
Lavaw, Ezekiel
Lavaw, Jane
Lavaw, Jane
Lavaw, Mary
Lavellatt, Jacob
Lavellatt, Joseph Thomas
Lavellett, Christinia
Lavellett, Emanuel
Lawrens, Elizabeth
Lawrens, James H.
Lawrens, John
Laws, Adaline
Laws, Adney
Laws, Albert
Laws, Albert
Laws, Alfred
Laws, Andrew
Laws, Appy
Laws, Appy
Laws, Catharine
Laws, Christopher
Laws, Cynthia
Laws, Elbridge
Laws, Eliza
Laws, Elizabeth
Laws, Elizabeth
Laws, Elvy
Laws, Esther
Laws, Hester Ann
Laws, John
Laws, John
Laws, Lewis
Laws, Lott
Laws, Mary
Laws, Minerva
Laws, Mumford
Laws, Mumford
Laws, Permela
Laws, Polly
Laws, Polly
Laws, Preston
Laws, Samantha
Laws, Sarah J.
Laws, Susan
Laws, Thomas
Laws, William
Laws, William
Laws, Wilson
Lawson, Alvina
Lawson, Catharine
Lawson, Catharine
Lawson, Elijah
Lawson, Elizabeth
Lawson, Emily Jane
Lawson, George W.
Lawson, John
Lawson, John
Lawson, John
Lawson, John B.
Lawson, Joseph
Lawson, Lavina
Lawson, Leah
Lawson, Lodomah
Lawson, Margaret
Lawson, Martha
Lawson, Martha E.
Lawson, Nancy
Lawson, Nancy
Lawson, Napolean
Lawson, Rachel
Lawson, Samuel S.
Lawson, Sanford
Lawson, Sarah
Lawson, Sarah J.
Lawson, Thomas
Lawson, Victor
Lawson, Victor
Lawson, Washington
Lawson, William
Lawson, William
Leach, Alvah
Leach, Anna
Leach, Annis
Leach, Anthony
Leach, Atticus
Leach, Betsy Ann
Leach, Charles
Leach, Daniel
Leach, Edward
Leach, Eliza
Leach, Ellizabeth
Leach, George
Leach, George
Leach, Isaac
Leach, Isaac
Leach, John
Leach, Jonathan
Leach, Jonathan
Leach, Mary E.
Leach, Mary J.
Leach, Michael
Leach, Ninian
Leach, Richard
Leach, Richard
Leach, Ruth
Leach, Sarah
Leach, Sarah
Leach, Susan
Leach, William
Leach, William
Lee, Abigail
Lee, Charles
Lee, F. Marion
Lee, James R.
Lee, Jasper B.
Lee, Mary
Lee, Nathaniel E.
Leet, Deborah
Leet, Jonathan
Leet, Polly Ann
Leet, William
Leighty, Harriet
Leighty, Jacob
Leighty, John J.
Leighty, Peter
Leighty, Sarah
Leighty, Susannah
Lemons, Ellen
Lemons, George
Lemons, Jane
Lemons, Mary
Lemons, Nancy
Lemons, Samuel
Lemons, Sarah
Lemons, Thomas
Lewis, Abner
Lewis, Abner H.
Lewis, Adaline
Lewis, Addison
Lewis, Alexander
Lewis, Alfred
Lewis, Allen
Lewis, Allen J.
Lewis, Alvin
Lewis, Andrew
Lewis, Andrew J.
Lewis, Benjamin
Lewis, Benjamin
Lewis, Byanca
Lewis, Calvin
Lewis, Caroline
Lewis, Crawford
Lewis, Cynthia
Lewis, Delilah
Lewis, Eliza
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Ellen
Lewis, Ellen
Lewis, Emaline
Lewis, Emaline
Lewis, Emily
Lewis, Emily
Lewis, Emsley
Lewis, Erwin
Lewis, F. Marion
Lewis, Fanny
Lewis, Franklin
Lewis, George
Lewis, Greene
Lewis, Harden
Lewis, Harriet
Lewis, Isaiah
Lewis, Isom
Lewis, Jacob
Lewis, Jacob
Lewis, James
Lewis, James M
Lewis, Jasper
Lewis, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, John Paul
Lewis, John W.
Lewis, John W.
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Josephus M.
Lewis, Lydia Ann
Lewis, Mahala
Lewis, Maria
Lewis, Martha
Lewis, Martha
Lewis, Martha
Lewis, Martha A.
Lewis, Martin L.
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary A.
Lewis, Mary Ann
Lewis, Mary Jane
Lewis, Matilda
Lewis, Milton
Lewis, Moses
Lewis, Nancy
Lewis, Nancy
Lewis, Nancy
Lewis, Nancy
Lewis, Nancy A.
Lewis, Neriah
Lewis, Neriah
Lewis, Orrilla
Lewis, Pamelia
Lewis, Paul
Lewis, Paul J.
Lewis, Perry
Lewis, Perry
Lewis, Perry
Lewis, Peter
Lewis, Philip
Lewis, Priscilla
Lewis, Rebecca
Lewis, Richard
Lewis, Sarah
Lewis, Susannah
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, Zimri
Liles, Burrell
Liles, Franklin
Liles, Margaret
Lilly, Alvira
Lilly, Angeline
Lilly, Mary
Lilly, Rebecca
Lilly, Thomas
Lilly, William
Londow, Alonzo
Londow, Frances
Londow, James
Londow, John
Londow, Joseph
Londow, Joseph
Londow, Sarah Ann
Long, Elizabeth
Long, Evaline
Long, F. Marion
Long, George W.
Long, Hamilton
Long, James
Long, John
Long, John G.
Long, Julia M.
Long, Manilla
Long, Mary J.
Long, Sarah E.
Longdoc, Enos
Longdoc, John
Longdoc, Mary
Longdoc, Mary Ann
Loop, Joseph
Loop, Mary
Loop, Nicholas
Loos, Christian
Loos, David
Loos, Isabel
Loos, James
Loos, Samuel
Loos, Thomas
Lowe, Thomas
Lowry, Elizabeth
Lowry, Frances
Lowry, Mary J.
Lowry, Sarah
Lowry, William S.
Lowry, Wilson
Lucas, Charles H.
Lucas, Howard
Lucas, John W.
Lucas, Lucinda
Lucas, Lucy
Lucas, Mary Jane
Lucas, Rachel
Lucas, Washington
Lunyan, John
Lunyan, John
Lunyan, Martha
Lynch, Edward
Lynch, James
Lynch, Mary Ann
Lynch, Mary Frances
Lyon, Mason
Lyon, Reiley
Lytle, Andrew
Lytle, Eliza Ann
Lytle, Francis
Lytle, Henry
Lytle, James
Lytle, Jane
Lytle, John
Lytle, Mary Jane
Lytle, Thomas
Lytle, William
Mackerel, Catharine
Mackerel, Elizabeth
Mackerel, Emily C
Mackerel, Joseph
Mackerel, Mary
Mackerel, Mary Jane
Mackerel, Nancy
Mackerel, Narcissus
Mackerel, Samuel
Mackerel, Sarah Jane
Mackerel, Silas
Magoon, Mary
Magown, Matilda
Magown, Nancy
Mahon, Catharine
Mahon, James
Mahon, John
Mahon, Margaret
Mahon, Stephen
Mahon, Timothy
Malone, B. F.
Malone, Catharine
Malone, Celeste
Malone, Delia
Malone, Eliza
Malone, Franklin
Malone, Horace W.
Malone, Isabella
Malone, John
Malone, John
Malone, Martha J.
Malone, Robert
Malone, Thomas
Malone, William
Mann, Amanda Jane
Mann, Asa
Mann, Catharine
Mann, Elizabeth
Mann, Emaline
Mann, Harriet
Mann, Henry
Mann, Jacob
Mann, John
Mann, John
Mann, Joseph
Mann, Joseph
Mann, Margaret
Mann, Mary Ann
Mann, Matilda
Mann, Peter
Mann, Polly
Mann, William
Marney, D. D.
Marney, Eliza Ann
Marney, Emily
Marney, Mary Ann
Marney, Mary B.
Martin, Alney T.
Martin, B. Franklin
Martin, Eliver T.
Martin, James
Martin, Martha
Martin, Mary R.
Martin, Robert F.
Marvel, America
Marvel, Elisha
Marvel, Henrietta
Marvel, John R.
Mason, Charles
Mason, Elizabeth
Mason, Rhoda
Mason, Sarah
Mason, William
Matharin, David
Matharin, David P.
Matharin, Hannah M.
Matharin, Isaac
Matharin, Isaac
Matharin, James
Matharin, Lydia
Matharin, Lydia Ann
Matharin, Mary Jane
Matharin, Rebecca Ann
Matharin, Sarah
Matharin, William
Matharin, William
Matthews, Daniel B.
Matthews, Daughter
Matthews, Daughter
Matthews, Elizabeth
Matthews, Hugh
Matthews, Louisa
Matthews, Lucinda
Matthews, Minerva
Matthews, Newton
Max, David
Maxwell, Caroline
Maxwell, John
Maxwell, Molly
Maxwell, Rebecca
May, A. J.
May, Eliza
May, Elizabeth
May, Henry
May, Isaac J.
May, Jacob
May, Thomas
McCartha, Carmelia
McCartha, Harvey
McCartha, Justin
McCarty, Catharine
McCarty, Clarinda
McCarty, Eliza
McCarty, Eliza
McCarty, Elizabeth
McCarty, James
McCarty, John
McCarty, John
McCarty, Margaret
McCarty, Martha
McCarty, Mary C.
McCarty, Sarah
McCarty, Sarah
McCarty, Susan
McCarty, Susan
McCarty, William
McCausland, Alexander
McCausland, Andrew
McCausland, Catharine
McCausland, David
McCausland, Elizabeth A.
McCausland, John
McCausland, John
McCausland, Margaret
McCausland, Miriam
McCausland, Robert
McCleave, Admiral
McCleave, Amanda
McCleave, Ben Franklin
McCleave, Catharine
McCleave, Ealsey
McCleave, Eliza
McCleave, Eliza
McCleave, Eliza J.
McCleave, Elizabeth
McCleave, George
McCleave, George
McCleave, Henry C
McCleave, Hester
McCleave, John
McCleave, John L.
McCleave, John W.
McCleave, Joseph
McCleave, Malvina
McCleave, Marion
McCleave, Mary
McCleave, Mary
McCleave, Mary Ann
McCleave, Robert
McCleave, Samuel
McCleave, Sarah
McCleave, Sarah
McCleave, Sarah
McCleave, Sophia
McCleave, Susan
McCleave, William
McCleave, William
McCleve, Canady
McCleve, John K.
McCleve, Mary E.
McCleve, Phebe Ann
McConnell, James
McConnell, John
McConnell, Julia Ann
McConnell, Martha J.
McConnell, Mary Ann
McConnell, Richard
McCune, Catharine
McCune, Eliza
McCune, Elizabeth
McCune, Isaac
McCune, Nathan
McDonald, Anna F.
McDonald, Christian
McDonald, Eliza Jane
McDonald, Isaac
McDonald, Marion
McDonald, Mary D.
McDonald, Thomas F.
McDonald, William F.
McFetridge, Harriet
McFetridge, Irenia
McFetridge, John M.
McFetridge, Matthew
McFetridge, William H.
McGuire, Daniel
McGuire, Debora
McGuire, Ealsefarina
McGuire, Eliza
McGuire, Eliza
McGuire, George
McGuire, George H.
McGuire, Henry
McGuire, Isaac
McGuire, Jane
McGuire, John
McGuire, John
McGuire, John M
McGuire, Maria
McGuire, Mary
McGuire, Mary Ann
McGuire, Nancy
McGuire, Nancy
McGuire, Perry
McGuire, Robert
McGuire, Sarah
McGuire, Sarah
McGuire, Seraphina
McGuire, Sophronia
McGuire, Thomas
McGuire, William
McGuire, William
McGuire, William
McKelfrush, America
McKelfrush, David
McKelfrush, Elmer
McKelfrush, Empress
McKelfrush, Israel
McKelfrush, Louisa
McKelfrush, Maria
McKelfrush, Mary
McKelfrush, Nancy
McKelfrush, Ruth A.
McKelfrush, Samuel
McMahan, Margaret
McManis, Bernard
McManis, Catharine
McManis, Catharine
McManis, Eleanor
McManis, Harriet
McManis, Isabel
McManis, James
McManis, John
McManis, Patrick
McManis, Thersey
McMillan, George
McMillan, Jasper
McMillan, Joel
McMillan, Luther
McMillan, Margaret
McMillan, Susan
McMillhouse, Elizabeth
McMillhouse, James
McMillhouse, Mary
McMillhouse, Sarah
McMillhouse, William
McNece, Allen G.
McNece, Bedford L.
McNece, George W.
McNece, John W.
McNece, Martha
McNece, Mary
McNece, Sarah
McNixe, Alfred
McNixe, Calvin
McNixe, Martha
McNixe, William
McReary, Martha Jane
McReary, Milton
Meady, William
Meeks, Anna
Meeks, Frances
Meeks, George
Meeks, James
Meeks, Rachel
Meeks, Watson
Meine, Mary J.
Melton, Elizabeth
Melton, Lucinda
Melton, Richard
Melton, William
Merit, Barbara
Meritt, Harriet
Meritt, Samuel
Meritt, Susan Jane
Merritt, Sarah Ann
Michael, Adaline
Michael, Anna
Michael, Jacob
Michael, Jacob
Michael, Jane
Michael, John
Michael, John
Michael, Mary
Michael, Mary
Michael, Samuel
Michael, Sarah
Michael, Sarah E
Michael, Susan
Michael, William
Michael, William
Mickey, Eliza
Mickey, Elizabeth
Mickey, Ellis
Mickey, Henry
Mickey, James
Mickey, Joseph
Mickey, Lucy
Mickey, Martha
Mickey, Mary
Mickey, Mary
Mickey, Mary
Mickey, Mary Ann
Mickey, Nancy
Mickey, Nancy
Mickey, Parah A.
Mickey, Susan
Miean, Charles
Miean, John
Miean, Martha
Miean, Matilda
Miean, Thomas
Miean, William
Mieure, Mary Jane
Mieure, Richard
Mieure, Sarah
Mieure, Victoria
Mieure, William H.
Mill, Barbara
Mill, Charles
Mill, Frances
Mill, John
Mill, Lewis
Mill, Peter
Mill, Philesty
Miller, Alsey
Miller, Amanda
Miller, Calvina
Miller, Christiana
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Eliza
Miller, Eliza Ann
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Ellen
Miller, Emily
Miller, George
Miller, Hannah
Miller, Henriette
Miller, Henry
Miller, Henry
Miller, Hiram
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Jacob
Miller, James
Miller, Jeremiah
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, Josephus
Miller, Josephus
Miller, Lamira
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Martha
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary J.
Miller, Mary M.
Miller, Nancy
Miller, Nancy
Miller, Philip
Miller, Polly
Miller, Rachel
Miller, Rebecca
Miller, Redman
Miller, Robert
Miller, Samuel
Miller, Samuel K.
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Thomas
Miller, William
Miller, William
Milligan, Andrew
Milligan, David
Milligan, James
Milligan, John
Milligan, John S.
Milligan, Margaret
Milligan, Mary C
Milligan, Robert
Mills, Abigail
Mills, Amazonia
Mills, Catharine
Mills, Deborah
Mills, Eliza J.
Mills, Frances
Mills, George
Mills, George W.
Mills, Henry
Mills, Henry F.
Mills, Henry P.
Mills, John
Mills, John P.
Mills, John T.
Mills, Maria J.
Mills, Martha E.
Mills, Mary F.
Mills, Morris
Mills, Olive C.
Mills, Paulina
Mills, Perry
Mills, Rosetta
Mills, Thomas W.
Mills, William E.
Mills, William H.
Monroe, Addison
Monroe, Almarine
Monroe, Amelia
Monroe, Ann
Monroe, Austin
Monroe, Elizabeth
Monroe, Harriet
Monroe, Martha Jane
Monroe, Mary
Monroe, Michael
Monroe, Thomas
Monroe, Wilder
Montgomery, Elizabeth
Montgomery, Freeman
Montgomery, Jane
Montgomery, Samuel
Moon, Ebenezer St. Clair
Moon, Elizabeth
Moon, John R.
Moon, Joseph A.
Moore, Amy
Moore, Anna
Moore, Anna
Moore, Archibald
Moore, Archy
Moore, Benjamin
Moore, Catharine
Moore, Catharine
Moore, David S.
Moore, Delila
Moore, Edward
Moore, Edward
Moore, Edward
Moore, Edward
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Fanny
Moore, George
Moore, Iantha
Moore, James F.
Moore, Jane
Moore, John
Moore, Jonathan
Moore, Lavina Ann
Moore, Louisa
Moore, Lydia E.
Moore, Mary
Moore, Mary
Moore, Melissa
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Olly
Moore, Pallas
Moore, Pallas
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Silas
Moore, Silas
Moore, Thomas C.
Moore, Tilford
Moore, Tilford
Moore, William
Moore, William B.
Morgan, Asbury
Morgan, Edith M.
Morgan, Henry M.
Morgan, Joseph C.
Morgan, Lewis N.
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, William E.
Morris, Artlissa
Morris, Delia
Morris, Eliza
Morris, Emily
Morris, Evaline
Morris, Henry
Morris, James
Morris, Jeremiah
Morris, John
Morris, John H.
Morris, Lucretia
Morris, Margaret
Morris, Maria
Morris, Martha
Morris, Mason
Morris, Millah
Morris, Nancy
Morris, Ophelia
Morris, Patience
Morris, Pendleton
Morris, Perry
Morris, Rebecca
Morris, Sarah
Morris, Sarah
Morris, Sion
Morris, Susan
Morris, William
Morris, William
Morris, William
Morris, William W.
Morris, Willis
Moyes, Charles
Moyes, Elizabeth
Mullens, Armecia
Mullens, Eliza
Mullens, James
Mullens, John
Mullens, Martha
Mullens, Newton
Mullens, William
Mullens, William
Mullens, William
Mumpower, John
Munns, Emily J.
Munns, James
Munns, William
Munns, William B.
Musgrave, Amanda
Musgrave, John
Musgrave, Joseph
Musgrave, Mary J.
Musgrave, William
Musgrove, George W.
Musgrove, Hannah
Musgrove, Joshua
Musgrove, Maria
Musgrove, Mary
Musgrove, Rachel
Musgrove, Reese
Musgrove, Thomas
Myers, Adaline
Myers, Elizabeth
Myers, Israel
Myers, John
Myers, John
Myers, Margaret
Myers, Peter
Myers, William
Myers, William
Nabb, Amelia
Nabb, Barbara
Nabb, Boliver
Nabb, Charles H.
Nabb, Charles W.
Nabb, Eliza
Nabb, George W.
Nabb, Hamilton
Nabb, James
Nabb, James C.
Nabb, John
Nabb, John
Nabb, Maria
Nabb, Mary
Nabb, Pleasenton
Nash, Charles
Neal, Diana
Neal, Elizabeth
Neal, Franklin
Neal, Jane
Neal, Louisa
Neal, Mary J.
Neal, William
Newell, Eusebia
Newell, James M.
Newell, John A.
Newell, Mahulda Ann
Newell, Margaret
Newell, Mary
Newell, Samuel
Newell, Samuel
Newell, Samuel
Newell, Sarah
Newell, Thomas
Newell, Thomas
Nigh, Barnabus
Nigh, Catharine
Nigh, Ephraim
Nigh, Eurydice
Nigh, Franklin
Nigh, Gilbert
Nigh, Jeremiah
Nigh, Lawrence
Nigh, Lydia
Nigh, Mary E.
Nigh, Nancy Ann
Nigh, Nancy J.
Nigh, Nathaniel
Nigh, Sarah
Nigh, William
Norall, Elizabeth
Norall, John
Norton, Adelia
Norton, Albert
Norton, Charlotte
Norton, Frances
Norton, Frances
Norton, G. Ann
Norton, Hamilton
Norton, John
Norton, Julia Ann
Norton, Louisca
Norton, Mary
Norton, Nelson
Norton, Nelson
Norton, Reuben
Norton, Samuel H.
Norton, Sarah
Norton, Sarah Ann
Norton, Solomon H.
Norton, Solomon R.
Norton, Wellington
Norton, Wellington
Norton, Wellington B.
Norton, William N.
Novalle, John
Oldham, Ann
Oldham, Caroline
Oldham, Charles
Oldham, Henry
Oldham, James
Oldham, John
Oldham, Martha
Oldham, Thomas
Organ, Andrew J.
Organ, Cornelius
Organ, Cornelius
Organ, Enoch
Organ, Enos
Organ, George W.
Organ, Henry
Organ, James
Organ, James P.
Organ, Jesse
Organ, Jesse
Organ, John
Organ, Martha
Organ, Martin
Organ, Mary
Organ, Mary
Organ, Mary J.
Organ, Sarah
Organ, William
Organ, William
Organ, William
Orr, Agness
Orr, Alexander
Orr, Charles
Orr, Elizabeth
Orr, Hugh
Orr, Jesse
Orr, Mary Eliza
Orr, William H.
Osborn, Alexander
Osborn, Daniel W.
Osborn, David
Osborn, Elizabeth
Osborn, Jones
Osborn, Margaret
Osborn, Mary
Osborn, Mary Ann
Osborn, Pamelia
Osborn, Rebecca
Osborn, Richard
Osburn, Daniel
Osburn, J. W. Mills
Osburn, James
Osburn, Lucinda
Osburn, Mary
Osburn, Nancy
Osburn, W. H.
Osburn, William
Osman, Elisha
Osman, John
Osman, Martha
Osman, Wesley
Paine, David
Paine, James
Paine, Lucinda
Paine, Marcus
Paine, Margaret
Paine, Martha
Parham, Thomas
Parsell, Clarissa
Parsons, Eleanor
Parsons, John
Parsons, John H.
Parsons, Joseph
Passmore, Emily
Passmore, Esther
Passmore, George
Passmore, John
Passmore, Joseph
Passmore, Joseph
Passmore, Mary H.
Passmore, Preston
Passmore, Sarah
Passmore, Sarah
Passmore, Susan Ann
Passmore, William
Passmore, Rachel
Patient, William
Patrick, Elizabeth
Patrick, Emily
Patrick, George
Patrick, Thomas K.
Paul, Benjamin F
Paul, James R.
Paul, John W.
Paul, Lucy
Paul, Lucy Ann
Paul, Mary E.
Paul, Robert
Paul, Sarah Olive
Paul, William N.
Payne, Alexander
Payne, Cynthia

Payne, Eliza Ann
Payne, Irenia
Payne, Isom
Payne, John
Payne, Malinda
Payne, Mary
Payne, Samuel
Payne, Sarah
Pea, Abraham
Pearson, Sarah
Peck, Alexander
Peck, Daniel
Peck, Elizabeth
Peck, Elizabeth
Peck, Grace Anna
Peck, Lydia
Peck, Malvina
Peck, Wealthy
Pelky, Joseph
Pence, Barbara A.
Pence, George W.
Pence, Honorius
Pence, John W.
Perkins, Alfred
Perkins, Elizabeth
Perkins, Elizabeth
Perkins, Fanny
Perkins, George
Perkins, George
Perkins, Green C.
Perkins, LaFayette
Perkins, Marion
Perkins, Moses
Perkins, Peter
Perkins, Richard
Perkins, Richard
Perkins, Stephen
Perkins, Susan
Perkins, Thomas
Perkins, Thomas
Perkins, William
Perrigin, Benjamin
Perrigin, Daniel
Perrigin, Jacob
Perrigin, John
Perrigin, Joseph
Perrigin, Maria
Perrigin, Peter
Perrigin, Polly
Perrigin, Sarah
Perrigin, Sarah A.
Perrigin, Susan
Perry, David
Peters, Charles
Peters, Daniel
Peters, Delia
Peters, Eliza
Peters, Eliza
Peters, Isaac
Peters, John
Peters, Maria
Peters, Mary
Peters, Mary Jane
Peters, Nancy
Peters, Nancy
Peters, Parintha
Peters, Parintha
Peters, Parpine
Peters, Robert
Peters, Robert
Peters, Roxana
Peters, Sarah
Peters, Sarah
Peters, Thomas
Peters, Vatchel
Peters, William
Peters, William H.
Pettiford, Ann
Pettiford, Betsey
Pettiford, Clarissa
Pettiford, Delia
Pettiford, Edward
Pettiford, Isabella
Pettiford, James
Pettiford, John
Pettiford, John
Pettiford, Mary Ann
Pettiford, McPresley
Pettiford, Nelson
Pettiford, Reuben
Pettiford, Sarah
Pettiford, Tempy
Pettiford, Wiley
Pettit, James
Pettitt, Wright
Petty, Amos
Petty, Bolsar
Petty, Daniel
Petty, David
Petty, Eliza
Petty, Elizabeth
Petty, George
Petty, Hannah
Petty, Isabel
Petty, Jacob
Petty, Jerry
Petty, John
Petty, Joseph
Petty, Josiah
Petty, Lavina
Petty, Lucinda
Petty, Martha
Petty, Mary
Petty, Moses
Petty, Moses
Petty, Nancy
Petty, Nancy
Petty, Peter
Petty, Rachel
Petty, Susan
Petty, William
Phelps, David
Phelps, Elizabeth
Phelps, James H.
Phelps, Mary
Phelps, Sarah
Phelps, Thedocia
Philips, Andrew
Philips, G. Lane
Philips, Henry
Philips, Jacob
Philips, John
Philips, Judah
Philips, Margaret
Philips, Mary
Philips, Mary Ann
Philips, Perry
Philips, Redmund
Philips, William
Philips, William
Pickett, George
Pickett, Mary E.
Pickett, Mary Jane
Pickett, Minerva
Pickett, Rebecca A.
Pickle, Andrew
Pickle, Catharine
Pickle, Elizabeth
Pickle, Gincy
Pickle, Jarish
Pickle, Maria
Pickle, Ollivia
Pickle, Sophia
Pickle, Tobias
Pierce, Asa
Pierce, Elizabeth
Pierce, Isabel
Pierce, Mary
Pierce, Solomon
Pierce, William
Pinkstaff, Alfred
Pinkstaff, Alfred
Pinkstaff, Alvira
Pinkstaff, Amanda
Pinkstaff, Amos
Pinkstaff, Amy
Pinkstaff, Andrew
Pinkstaff, Andrew
Pinkstaff, Asahel
Pinkstaff, Benjamin
Pinkstaff, Catharine
Pinkstaff, Charles
Pinkstaff, Charlotte
Pinkstaff, Edmund
Pinkstaff, Emaline
Pinkstaff, F. Marion
Pinkstaff, George
Pinkstaff, Henry
Pinkstaff, James E.
Pinkstaff, Jasper
Pinkstaff, John
Pinkstaff, John
Pinkstaff, John
Pinkstaff, John
Pinkstaff, Joseph
Pinkstaff, Lucinda
Pinkstaff, Lydia
Pinkstaff, Malinda
Pinkstaff, Maria
Pinkstaff, Marinda
Pinkstaff, Martha
Pinkstaff, Martha
Pinkstaff, Mary
Pinkstaff, Mary Ann
Pinkstaff, Mirinda
Pinkstaff, Nancy Ann
Pinkstaff, Owen
Pinkstaff, Owen
Pinkstaff, Redman
Pinkstaff, Redman
Pinkstaff, Sarah
Pinkstaff, Susan
Pinkstaff, Thomas J.
Pinkstaff, V. Buren
Pinkstaff, William
Pinkstaff, Winny Ann
Piper, Abraham
Piper, Allen H.
Piper, Amanda
Piper, Amanda
Piper, Ann
Piper, Anna M.
Piper, Howard W.
Piper, John E.
Piper, Levi
Piper, Margaret J.
Piper, Nancy
Piper, Oliver
Piper, Robert
Piper, Theodore
Piper, William
Pixley, Abigail M.
Pollard, Amy
Pollard, Ann
Pollard, Catharine
Pollard, Dian
Pollard, Edwin
Pollard, Elizabeth
Pollard, James
Pollard, Mary
Porrigin, Frances
Porrigin, George
Porrigin, Joshua
Porrigin, Mary
Porrigin, Peter
Portee, Abigail
Portee, Alpha Omega
Portee, Anderson
Portee, Elias
Portee, Eliza
Portee, Jacob
Portee, James
Portee, John
Portee, John
Portee, Louisa
Portee, Lucinda
Portee, Lydia
Portee, Mahala
Portee, Martha
Portee, Mary E.
Portee, Nancy
Portee, Orlinda
Portee, Peter
Portee, Polly
Portee, Sally
Portee, Simon
Portee, Susan
Portee, Tilford
Portee, William
Portee, William
Portee, William
Porter, Alfred
Porter, Andrew
Porter, Asahel
Porter, Ira
Porter, Nathan
Porter, Paulina
Potrine, Alexander
Potrine, Amable
Potrine, Charles
Potrine, Eliza J.
Potrine, Frances
Potrine, Frances Melissa
Potrine, Francis
Potrine, Francis
Potrine, Henry J.
Potrine, Joseph
Potrine, Mary
Potrine, Mary
Potrine, Michael
Potrine, Peter
Potrine, Rebecca
Potts, Adaline
Potts, Benton
Potts, Cynthia Ann
Potts, David
Potts, David
Potts, Elizabeth
Potts, Emaline
Potts, Emily
Potts, Erastus
Potts, Franklin
Potts, Harriet
Potts, Harriet
Potts, Harrison
Potts, Isaac
Potts, Jacob
Potts, John
Potts, Jonathan
Potts, Joseph
Potts, Joshua
Potts, Joshua
Potts, Laura Ann
Potts, Maria
Potts, Martha
Potts, Martha
Potts, Martin
Potts, Mary J.
Potts, Mary Jane
Potts, Matilda
Potts, Melissa
Potts, Miles
Potts, Rebecca
Potts, Rhoda
Potts, Rhuhamy
Potts, William
Potts, Wilson
Poulson, Andrew
Poulson, Andrew
Poulson, Dudley
Poulson, Elizabeth
Poulson, Elizabeth
Poulson, Elizabeth
Poulson, James
Poulson, Joseph
Poulson, Joseph
Poulson, Nancy
Poulson, Tomas
Powell, Adaline
Powell, Ambrose
Powell, George
Powell, J. A.
Powell, James
Powell, Medford
Powell, Nelson
Powell, Rachel
Powell, Thomas
Powers, Clarissa
Powers, John
Powers, Mary A.
Price, Amanda
Price, Amanda
Price, Belinda
Price, Benjamin F.
Price, Benjn.
Price, Daniel
Price, Eliza
Price, Elizabeth
Price, Elizabeth
Price, Elizabeth
Price, Emily
Price, Emily
Price, George
Price, James
Price, James
Price, James W.
Price, Jane
Price, Jermima
Price, John
Price, John C
Price, John P.
Price, Joseph
Price, Joseph H.
Price, Lucinda
Price, Margaret
Price, Maria
Price, Nancy
Price, Nancy L.
Price, Rachel
Price, Ransom
Price, Rebecca A.
Price, Sarah
Price, Sarah E.
Price, Sarah Jane
Price, William C.
Price, Wilson
Pritchett, Austin
Pritchett, Eliza
Pritchett, Elizabeth
Pritchett, Ellenora
Pritchett, Frances
Pritchett, James
Pritchett, Martha
Pritchett, Mary
Pritchett, Wright
Prout, Albert E.
Prout, Anna
Prout, Edward S.
Prout, George W.
Prout, John
Prout, John
Prout, Maria
Prout, Nelson
Prout, Sarah
Prout, Shearman
Prout, Uri S.
Quick, Cauthran P.
Quick, Cornelius
Quick, David
Quick, George
Quick, Jacob J.
Quick, John A.
Quick, Mary E.
Quick, Sarah
Quick, Spencer
Quick, Susan
Racine, Anna
Racine, Benjamin
Racine, Franklin
Racine, Harriet
Racine, Henry
Racine, Henry Joseph
Racine, John
Racine, Loanna
Racine, Mary
Racine, Mary Ann
Racine, Susan
Racob, Christina
Racop, Amelia
Racop, Caroline
Racop, Henry
Racop, Lourisa
Racop, Nancy E.
Rainey, Cynthia
Rainey, Jasper N.
Rainey, Warren
Rainey, William H.
Ramsey, Aaron
Ramsey, Adda
Ramsey, Allen
Ramsey, Amelia
Ramsey, Aquila M.
Ramsey, Barbara A.
Ramsey, Celia E.
Ramsey, Clarissa
Ramsey, Daniel
Ramsey, Eliphalet
Ramsey, Elizabeth
Ramsey, George
Ramsey, Hannah
Ramsey, James
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, John W.
Ramsey, Joseph
Ramsey, L. Dow
Ramsey, Lewis
Ramsey, Lucenith
Ramsey, Margaret
Ramsey, Margaret
Ramsey, Margaret E.
Ramsey, Maria
Ramsey, Martha Jane
Ramsey, Mary
Ramsey, Mary E.
Ramsey, Matthew
Ramsey, Rhoda
Ramsey, Robert
Ramsey, Samuel
Ramsey, Sarah
Ramsey, Sarah Ann
Ramsey, Tobias
Ramsey, Tobias
Ramsey, William
Ramsey, William
Ramsey, William
Ranbarger, Daniel
Ranbarger, Elizabeth
Ranbarger, Elvira
Ranbarger, George W.
Ranbarger, Hannah
Ranbarger, John
Ranbarger, John
Ranbarger, Mary
Ranbarger, Miles
Ranburger, Artimissa
Ranburger, George
Raney, William
Rasier, America
Rasier, Catharine
Rasier, James
Rasier, John
Rawlings, Abner Greer
Rawlings, Adaline
Rawlings, Adaline
Rawlings, Alcaltha
Rawlings, Amanda
Rawlings, Asahel
Rawlings, Benjamin F.
Rawlings, Burton
Rawlings, Elizabeth
Rawlings, Emarine
Rawlings, James
Rawlings, James
Rawlings, James
Rawlings, Mary
Rawlings, Mary A.
Rawlings, Nancy
Rawlings, Nathan
Rawlings, Nathan D.
Rawlings, Nathan J.
Rawlings, Polly
Rawlings, Provence
Rawlings, William
Ray, James
Ray, Jesse
Ray, Jesse
Ray, Margaret
Ray, Mary
Ray, Susan
Ray, William
Reece, Eli
Reece, Elizabeth
Reece, Elizabeth
Reece, Nancy J.
Reece, Rebecca
Reed, Alletta
Reed, C. W.
Reed, Elizabeth
Reed, George W.
Reed, Henry W.
Reed, James
Reed, Nancy E.
Reed, Robert S.
Reed, Samuel
Reed, Silas L.
Reeves, Alvina
Reeves, Elizabeth
Reeves, Elizabeth
Reeves, James
Reeves, Lorenzo
Reeves, Rebecca
Reeves, Sarah
Reeves, Thomas S.
Reeves, Thomas S.
Reiley, Catharine
Reiley, Frederick
Reiley, Henry
Reiley, Joseph
Reiley, Samuel
Reiley, Susan
Reiley, William
Renack, Albert
Renack, Caroline
Renack, George
Renack, William
Richards, Ann
Richards, Danforth
Richards, David
Richards, Eliza
Richards, Eliza Jane
Richards, Elizabeth
Richards, Elizabeth
Richards, Elizabeth
Richards, Elizabeth
Richards, Fanny
Richards, George
Richards, Jesse
Richards, Jesse
Richards, John
Richards, John
Richards, Lewis
Richards, Martha
Richards, Mary
Richards, Michael
Richards, Michael
Richards, Salina
Richards, Samuel
Richards, Sarah
Richards, Serilda
Richardson, Elizabeth
Richardson, Jane
Richardson, John
Richardson, Lexa Ellen
Richardson, Sarah
Richardson, Susan
Richardson, T. J.
Richardson, William
Richardville, Emanuel
Richardville, Malinda
Richardville, Margaret
Richardville, Philip
Ridgeley, Dian
Ridgeley, Eliza
Ridgeley, Ezra
Ridgeley, Louisa J.
Ridgeley, Martin Luther
Ridgeley, Richard
Ridgely, Alfred
Ridgely, Ann Maria
Ridgely, Benton
Ridgely, Cynthia
Ridgely, Eliza
Ridgely, Elizabeth
Ridgely, George W.
Ridgely, John
Ridgely, Margaret
Ridgely, Marion
Ridgely, Mary
Ridgely, Mary
Ridgely, Mary J.
Ridgely, Richard
Ridgely, William
Ridgley, Mary
Ridgley, Richard
Ried, Elizabeth
Robbins, James
Robbins, Levi
Robbins, Margaret
Robbins, Nancy
Robbins, Rebecca
Roberts, Augustus
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, J. B.
Roberts, John
Roberts, John W.
Roberts, Martha
Roberts, Theodore
Roberts, Theodore
Roberts, William
Robinson, Alexander
Robinson, Calab
Robinson, Catharine
Robinson, Catharine
Robinson, Catharine
Robinson, Cauthron
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Cynthia
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Eliza
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Ellen
Robinson, George
Robinson, George H.
Robinson, Hester
Robinson, James S.
Robinson, Jane
Robinson, John
Robinson, John
Robinson, John
Robinson, John T.
Robinson, Julia
Robinson, Lemuel A.
Robinson, Louisa
Robinson, Maria
Robinson, Maria
Robinson, Martha
Robinson, Martha
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary A.
Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, Mary Jane
Robinson, Mary M.
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, Ruth A.
Robinson, Sally Jane
Robinson, Samuel D.
Robinson, Samuel J.
Robinson, Sarilda E.
Robinson, Sophia
Robinson, Squire
Robinson, Squire R.
Robinson, Thomas
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William E.
Rogers, Abigail
Rogers, Alexander
Rogers, Benjamin
Rogers, Benjamin
Rogers, Catharine
Rogers, George D.
Rogers, Martha
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Rebecca
Rogers, Rebecca
Rogers, Sylvester
Rogers, William
Rogers, William T.
Rosson, Ellen
Rosson, John C.
Rosson, Julia Ann
Rosson, Mary
Rosson, Susan
Rounder, Giles
Rounder, Susan
Ruark, Abigail
Ruark, Amanda
Ruark, Andrew
Ruark, Andrew H.
Ruark, Cynthia
Ruark, Elizabeth
Ruark, Fanny
Ruark, George W.
Ruark, Henrietta
Ruark, Hiram
Ruark, Jacob
Ruark, James
Ruark, Joel
Ruark, John
Ruark, John S.
Ruark, John W.
Ruark, Louisa
Ruark, Matilda J.
Ruark, Missouri
Ruark, Nancy A.
Ruark, Oliver P.
Ruark, Patience
Ruark, Phebe
Ruark, Phebe
Ruark, Rebecca
Ruark, Robert M.
Ruark, Sarah A.
Ruark, Sophia
Ruark, Sophronia
Ruark, Thomas J.
Ruark, William
Ruark, William
Ruby, Benjamin
Ruby, Eunice
Ruby, Fanny
Ruby, Hiram
Ruby, Israel
Ruby, John
Ruby, Lewis
Ruby, Malinda
Rush, Susan
Rusheville, George F
Rusheville, Jenette
Rusheville, John
Rusheville, Martha
Rusheville, Michael
Rusheville, Peter
Russell, Abram
Russell, Bazell
Russell, Erasmus
Russell, James
Russell, James
Russell, Louisa
Russell, Margaret
Russell, Maria
Russell, Martha
Russell, Mary
Russell, Mary
Russell, Nancy
Russell, Oliver
Russell, Rampsey D.
Russell, Sarah
Russell, William
Russell, Willis
Russell, Zachary Taylor
Ryan, Albert
Ryan, Alexander
Ryan, Cornelia
Ryan, E. Z.
Ryan, Elizabeth
Ryan, Elizabeth J.
Ryan, Elmus
Ryan, Emily
Ryan, Hannah
Ryan, Hannah
Ryan, Harden
Ryan, James
Ryan, James
Ryan, James C.
Ryan, John
Ryan, Lucinda
Ryan, Martha
Ryan, Martha Adalade
Ryan, Martin T.
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Noah
Ryan, Rachel F.
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, William
Ryan, William
Sanderson, Draden
Sanderson, Draden C.
Sanderson, John
Sanderson, Sarah Ann
Sanderson, William C.
Sands, Elbert
Sands, Henry
Sands, Susan
Scarlett, Jane
Schrader, Aaron
Schrader, Agness
Schrader, Harriet
Schrader, John
Schrader, Margaret
Schrader, Mary
Schrader, Mary J.
Schrader, Matilda
Schrader, Richard
Schrader, Samuel
Schrader, Samuel
Schrader, Thomas
Schrader, William
Schrader, William
Schrader, William
Scott, Charity
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, James
Scott, Solomon
Searcy, Catharine
Searcy, Jeremiah
Searcy, Mary Ann
Sears, Phile
Secrest, John
Secrest, Mary
Seed, Adaline
Seed, Andrew
Seed, Ann
Seed, Anna
Seed, Belinda
Seed, David
Seed, Edward
Seed, Elias W.
Seed, Eliza
Seed, Eliza
Seed, Eliza
Seed, Eliza Ann
Seed, Eliza Aurinda
Seed, Eliza Jane
Seed, Emily
Seed, Essie Ann
Seed, Esther
Seed, Fanny
Seed, George
Seed, Hugh
Seed, Hugh
Seed, Hugh
Seed, Hugh J.
Seed, Hugh K.
Seed, Isabella
Seed, James
Seed, James A.
Seed, Jane
Seed, John
Seed, John
Seed, John
Seed, John
Seed, Leanner
Seed, Lydia
Seed, Mary
Seed, Mary
Seed, Mary Ann
Seed, Mary E.
Seed, Mary E.
Seed, Moses
Seed, Rebecca Jane
Seed, Robert
Seed, Robert
Seed, Ruth
Seed, Samuel
Seed, Samuel E.
Seed, Sibellah
Seed, Susan
Seed, Thomas
Seed, Walter
Seed, William
Seed, William
Seed, William
Seed, William H.
Selby, Evalenia
Selby, Leonard
Selby, Lorenzo D.
Selby, Mahala
Selby, Mary
Selby, Nicholas
Selby, Ruth Ann
Selia, Margaret
Severns, Catharine
Severns, Edward
Severns, Jacob
Severns, Jacob R.
Severns, James
Severns, John
Severns, Martha
Severns, Richard
Sevinson, Andrew
Sevinson, Anna
Sevinson, Ceriliam
Sevinson, Elizabeth
Sevinson, Jeremiah
Sevinson, John
Sevinson, Marylinda
Sevinson, Richard
Shaffer, Ann E
Shaffer, Elizabeth
Shaffer, John W.
Shaffer, Lucinda
Shaffer, Mary
Shaler, Jacob
Shaler, Luane
Shaler, Marcus
Shaler, Mary
Shaler, Mary Ann
Shaw, Aaron
Shaw, Clinton
Shaw, Dora
Shaw, Eli
Shaw, Eliza
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shaw, Emma Florence
Shaw, George J.
Shaw, Henry
Shaw, J. B.
Shaw, Joseph
Shaw, Laodicea
Shaw, Lydia Ann
Shaw, Marianna
Shaw, Martha
Shaw, Mary E.
Shaw, Mary J.
Shaw, Napoleon B.
Shaw, Perry W.
Shaw, Russell
Shaw, Sarah
Shaw, Sarah Jane
Shaw, Susannah
Shaw, William
Shaw, William A.
Sheffer, Ann Eliza
Sheffer, Daniel
Sheffer, David
Sheffer, Eli
Sheffer, Rebecca
Sheffler, Barnabus
Sheffler, Christiana
Sheffler, Elizabeth
Sheffler, Henry
Sheffler, John
Sheffler, Polly
Sheffler, Sarah
Sheffler, Susan
Shepherd, Adaline H.
Shepherd, Alice
Shepherd, Alvira
Shepherd, Amanda
Shepherd, Annis
Shepherd, Caroline
Shepherd, Charles
Shepherd, H. Miles
Shepherd, Harriet Ann
Shepherd, Henry
Shepherd, Hiram A.
Shepherd, James
Shepherd, James
Shepherd, John
Shepherd, Julia A.
Shepherd, Lucinda
Shepherd, Margaret
Shepherd, Mary
Shepherd, Mary J.
Shepherd, Rebecca
Shepherd, Sarah Ann
Shepherd, Susan Eliza
Shepherd, Susannah
Shepherd, Thomas
Shepherd, Thomas
Shepherd, William
Shepherd, William
Sheradden, Anna
Sheradden, Clinton
Sheradden, Elizabeth
Sheradden, Henry
Sheradden, John
Sheradden, Mary J.
Sheradden, Paul
Sheradden, Phebe
Shick, Abram
Shick, Amanda F.
Shick, Angeline
Shick, Caroline
Shick, Daniel
Shick, Dulcena
Shick, Elizabeth
Shick, F. Marion
Shick, George
Shick, George
Shick, Hamilton
Shick, Jesse Day
Shick, John
Shick, John B.
Shick, Maria
Shick, Martha
Shick, Mary E.
Shick, Melissa
Shick, Peter
Shick, Peter W.
Shick, Robert
Shidler, Catharine
Shidler, George
Shidler, Jacob
Shidler, Josephine
Shidler, Mary
Shidler, Mary
Shidler, Peter
Shidler, Phebe
Shidler, Samuel
Shields, Elizabeth
Shields, John
Shields, Lydia
Shields, Martha
Shields, Martha
Shields, Mary
Shields, Samuel
Shields, Sarah
Shields, William B.
Shipley, Abigail
Shipley, Dianna
Shipley, Elizabeth Ann
Shipley, Ephraim
Shipley, James
Shipley, John
Shipley, Louisa
Shipley, Mary
Shipley, Mary A.
Shipley, Richard
Shipley, Richard W.
Shipley, Sarah
Shipley, Sarah Ann
Shipley, Sarah E.
Shipley, Thomas
Shipley, Zachary Taylor
Shirley, Catharine
Shirley, Catharine
Shirley, Garrett
Shirley, Martha Jane
Shirley, Mary
Shoemaker, Lucinda
Shoemaker, Rachel
Shoemaker, Thomas C.
Shoemaker, William
Showash, David
Showash, Jacob
Showash, Jacob
Showash, Joshua
Showash, Sarah
Shultz, Amanda
Shultz, Bethene
Shultz, Catharine
Shultz, Elizabeth
Shultz, Jacob
Shultz, James
Shultz, John
Shultz, Laney
Shultz, Mary E.
Shultz, Matilda
Shultz, Samuel
Shultz, Samuel
Shultz, Sarah E.
Shultz, William
Simes, Ann Maria
Simes, Berry
Simes, Edward
Simes, James
Simes, John W.
Simes, Sarah
Simes, William
Simmerman, John
Simmerman, Malinda
Simmerman, Mary
Simmerman, Rebecca
Simmerman, Sarah
Simmerman, Susan
Simmons, Martha Ann
Simms, Hezekiah
Simms, Jeremiah
Simms, Mary E.
Simms, Sarah Ann
Simms, William
Simms, William
Simpson, Susan
Singleton, Emma
Singleton, Frances
Singleton, Mahulda
Singleton, William
Slack, Margaret A
Slaten, Elizabeth
Slaten, George W.
Slawson, Abner
Slawson, Joseph
Slawson, Mary
Slawson, William
Small, Mary
Small, William
Smally, Isabel
Smith, A. G.
Smith, Abram
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Alonzo
Smith, Amanda E.
Smith, Catharine
Smith, Cleopatra
Smith, Cynthia
Smith, Cynthia Ann
Smith, David
Smith, Edmund
Smith, Edwin
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Esther
Smith, Esther
Smith, George
Smith, Green
Smith, Harvey
Smith, Henry
Smith, Jacob
Smith, James H.
Smith, Jane
Smith, Jesse
Smith, Jesse L.
Smith, John
Smith, John J.
Smith, Lavina
Smith, Lewis P.
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Martha
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary F.
Smith, Mary J.
Smith, Matilda
Smith, Nancy A.
Smith, Orlando
Smith, Peter
Smith, Peter
Smith, Phebe
Smith, Rachel
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Rhoda T.
Smith, Robert
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Samuel M
Smith, Sarah M.
Smith, Susannah
Smith, Wilhelmina
Smith, Wiliam
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William W.
Snapp, Caroline
Snapp, Joseph
Snyder, Mary J.
Snyder, Philip
Snyder, Willis
Southard, Henry
Southard, Henry
Southard, Mary
Southard, Matilda
Southard, Nancy
Southard, Nancy
Southard, Sarah
Southard, Susan
Southard, William
Spencer, Caroline
Spencer, Elizabeth Ann
Spencer, George
Spencer, George
Spencer, James
Spencer, Lafayette
Spencer, Lucy
Spencer, Martha
Spencer, Thomas
Spencer, Thomas C.
Spencer, William
Spiller, Celia
Spiller, Dianna
Spiller, Eleanor
Spiller, James
Spiller, Maria
Spiller, Mary J.
Spiller, Thomas
Stanfield, George W.
Stanfield, James
Stanfield, James
Stanfield, Jane
Stanfield, John
Stanfield, Joseph
Stanfield, Marion
Stanfield, William H.
Starkman, August
Starkman, Caroline
Starkman, Eliza
Starkman, Henrietta
Starkman, Julius
Starkman, Sophia
Starkman, William
Starkman, William
Stewart, James
Stewart, Joseph
Stewart, Luther
Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, Palina
Stiles, Alvah
Stiles, Amanda
Stiles, Hannah
Stiles, Hannah
Stiles, Lucinda
Stiles, Lydia
Stiles, Margaret
Stiles, Richard
Stiles, Silas
Stiles, Walter
Stinger, Amanda
Stinger, Ann Eliza
Stinger, Benjamin
Stinger, Conrad
Stinger, Hannah
Stinger, Harriet
Stivers, Lydia J.
Stivers, Marshall
Stivers, Mary
Stivers, Moses
Stivers, Reuben
Stivers, Robert
Stivers, Ruth
Stivers, Sydney
Stockwell, Albert
Stockwell, Eugene
Stockwell, Sarah
Stockwell, Thomas
Stockwell, Whitten
Stockwell, William
Stott, James
Stout, Abraham
Stout, Abram
Stout, Adaline
Stout, Caroline
Stout, Elizabeth
Stout, Jacob
Stout, James
Stout, Robert
Stout, Samuel
Stout, Susan
Strimple, Paul
Stuart, James
Summers, Benjamin
Summers, Samuel
Summers, Thomas
Sumner, Alfred
Sumner, B. F.
Sumner, Benjamin
Sumner, Benjn.
Sumner, Caroline
Sumner, Elizabeth
Sumner, Elizabeth
Sumner, Elizabeth
Sumner, Elizabeth
Sumner, Ginsey
Sumner, Henry
Sumner, James F
Sumner, John
Sumner, John B.
Sumner, Josephine
Sumner, Josiah
Sumner, Lavina
Sumner, Lindsay
Sumner, Louisa
Sumner, Margaret
Sumner, Martha
Sumner, Mary
Sumner, Nancy
Sumner, Nancy
Sumner, Paberella
Sumner, Sabrina
Sumner, Samuel
Sumner, Sandy
Sumner, Sarah
Sumner, Schyler
Sumner, Simeon
Sumner, Simpson
Sumner, Smiley
Sumner, Sophronia
Sumner, Steuben
Sumner, Sullivan
Sumner, Susanna
Sumner, William B.
Swail, Ann
Swail, Henry
Swango, John
Swango, Sarah
Sweney, Erastus
Tankersley, Adaline
Tankersley, John P.
Tankersley, Nancy
Tann, Austin
Tann, Benjamin
Tann, F. Marion
Tann, George
Tann, Jasper S.
Tann, John B.
Tann, Levi
Tann, Lydia
Tann, Marinda
Tann, Mary
Tann, Phebe
Tann, Reuben
Tann, Sally
Tann, Sarah
Tanquarey, Adaline
Tanquarey, Elizabeth
Tanquarey, John
Tanquarey, Mary J.
Tanquarey, Thomas
Tanquarey, William
Tanquarey, William H.
Tayler, Sarah
Taylor, Calvin
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, James
Taylor, Jane
Taylor, John
Taylor, John E.
Taylor, Martha
Taylor, Rosella
Taylor, Sally
Taylor, William
Teague, Ann
Teague, Martha
Teague, Melissa
Teague, Melissa
Teague, William
Teawalt, Elijah
Teawalt, Isaac
Teawalt, Jacob
Teawalt, John
Teawalt, Joseph
Teawalt, Josiah
Teawalt, Maria
Teawalt, Olly Jones
Teawalt, Rachel
Teawalt, Sarah Ann
Teawalt, William
Teawalt, William
Thomas, Adaline
Thomas, Alexander
Thomas, Andrew J.
Thomas, Edwin
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, F. A.
Thomas, Franklin
Thomas, George
Thomas, Gustanos
Thomas, Hannah
Thomas, James
Thomas, Jane
Thomas, Jane
Thomas, John
Thomas, Laura J.
Thomas, Margaret
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Mason
Thomas, Mason
Thomas, Nancy
Thomas, Patrick
Thomas, Patrick
Thomas, Polly
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Thomas
Thomas, Washington
Thompson, Bennett
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Delia
Thompson, Diantha
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Elroy Teage
Thompson, Etha Gray
Thompson, Fanny
Thompson, Frances
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Hiram
Thompson, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, Laura
Thompson, Lucinda
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary Ann
Thompson, Mary J.
Thompson, Polly
Thompson, Rachel
Thompson, Samantha
Thompson, Stephen
Thompson, Synthia
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, William
Thompson, William
Thompson, William
Thorn, Amelia
Thorn, Barbara
Thorn, Charles H.
Thorn, Clinton
Thorn, Daniel
Thorn, Edward
Thorn, Edward
Thorn, Eliza
Thorn, Eliza A.
Thorn, Elizabeth
Thorn, Francis M.
Thorn, George
Thorn, Jane
Thorn, John
Thorn, Margaret
Thorn, Margaret
Thorn, Maria J.
Thorn, Martha
Thorn, Martha
Thorn, Mary
Thorn, Mary J.
Thorn, Samuel
Thorn, Theodore Marion
Thorn, William
Thorn, William
Thorn, William P
Thornton, Elizabeth
Thornton, John
Thornton, Joseph
Thornton, Mary Ann
Timms, Casander
Timms, Elizabeth
Timms, James K. P.
Timms, Mary
Timms, Rachel
Timms, Sarah J.
Timms, Susan
Timms, William
Tomlinson, Daniel
Tomlinson, Elisha
Tomlinson, Eliza
Tomlinson, Hester
Tomlinson, Jane
Tomlinson, Lazarus
Tomlinson, Margaret
Tomlinson, Mary
Tomlinson, Mary
Tomlinson, Minerva
Tomlinson, Samuel
Tomlinson, Sarah
Tomlinson, William
Tongas, August
Tongas, Barbara
Tongas, Barbara
Tongas, Charles
Tongas, Elizabeth
Tongas, Elizabeth
Tongas, Felix
Tongas, Frances
Tongas, Frances
Tongas, Francis
Tongas, Francis
Tongas, Francis
Tongas, Frank
Tongas, Gabriel
Tongas, Jacob
Tongas, Jane
Tongas, Jane
Tongas, Jane
Tongas, John
Tongas, John
Tongas, Joseph
Tongas, Joseph
Tongas, Joseph
Tongas, Julia Ann
Tongas, Mary Ann
Tongas, Paul
Tongas, Paul
Tongas, Peter
Tongas, Russell
Tongas, Theodore
Tongas, Therissa
Tongas, William
Tosser, David
Tosser, Henry
Tosser, Jane
Tosser, Nancy
Townsend, Mary E
Tradeway, John W.
Tradeway, Lucinda
Tradeway, Martha
Tradeway, Rachel
Tradeway, Ursula
Tradeway, Walter
Tradeway, Wesley
Trainer, James
Travis, Burton
Travis, Daniel
Travis, Franklin
Travis, John M
Travis, John M.
Travis, Lydia
Travis, Martha
Travis, Mary J.
Travis, Priscilla
Travis, William
Trigo, Ellen
Trigo, George
Trigo, Isabella
Trigo, Jerome
Trigo, Laura
Trigo, Nancy Ann
Trigo, Thomas
Trigo, Victoria
Trigo, William
Trimble, Amanda W.
Trimble, M. B.
Trimble, Maurice H.
Trimble, Sally H.
Tromley, Harriet
Tromley, J. B.
Tromley, Sarah
Tromley, Sarah Jane
Turner, Alexander
Turner, Alexander
Turner, Andrew S.
Turner, Caroline
Turner, Charles
Turner, E. D.
Turner, Edna
Turner, Eliza
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Elizabeth H.
Turner, Henry C.
Turner, James
Turner, James W.
Turner, John
Turner, John R.
Turner, Joseph
Turner, Kelly
Turner, Lewis
Turner, Marion
Turner, Martha
Turner, Martha
Turner, Mary
Turner, Mary Jane
Turner, Melissa
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Phebe
Turner, Robert
Turner, Samuel R.
Turner, Sathera
Turner, Thomas J.
Umfleet, Andrew
Umfleet, Ann Maria
Umfleet, Ansell H.
Umfleet, Benj. F.
Umfleet, Benjamin
Umfleet, Betsey
Umfleet, Ellen
Umfleet, Emily
Umfleet, Fountain
Umfleet, Hiram
Umfleet, Hugh
Umfleet, James
Umfleet, John
Umfleet, Levi R.
Umfleet, Mary
Umfleet, Mary A.
Umfleet, Pleasant
Umfleet, Rebecca
Umfleet, Rebecca
Umfleet, Roxanna
Umfleet, Rufus
Umfleet, Seth
Umfleet, William
Underwood, Andrew
Underwood, Andrew
Underwood, Ann
Underwood, Elizabeth
Underwood, Isabel A.
Underwood, James H.
Underwood, James M.
Underwood, John
Underwood, John L.
Underwood, John L. D.
Underwood, Lavina Ann
Underwood, Marianna
Underwood, Martha Jane
Underwood, Mary
Underwood, Mary
Underwood, Mary Brown
Underwood, Mary E.
Underwood, Mary E.
Underwood, Rachel
Underwood, Rachel
Underwood, Samuel J.
Underwood, Sarah M.
Underwood, William
Valley, Alexander
Valley, Augustine
Valley, Charles
Valley, Eliza
Valley, Francis
Valley, Hannah
Valley, Harriet
Valley, Jacob
Valley, John
Valley, John
Valley, Josephine
Valley, Martha
Valley, Mary
Valley, Mary
Valley, Mary Ann
Valley, Mary L.
Valley, Narcissus
Valley, Peter
Valley, Russell
Van Buren, Stephen
Van Vleet, Charles
Van Vleet, Edwin
Van Vleet, Elizabeth
Van Vleet, Henry
Van Vleet, Martha Jane
Van Vleet, Mary Ann
Van Vleet, Melissa
Van Vleet, Nelson
Van Vleet, Rachel
Van Vleet, Sarah
Vanandall, Ann M.
Vanandall, Charles
Vanandall, Julia
Vanansdall, Eliza
Vance, David
Vance, James
Vandeman, Elizabeth
Vandeman, Emaline
Vandeman, Henry
Vandeman, James Polk
Vandeman, Mary
Vandermark, Alfred
Vandermark, Amanda J.
Vandermark, Andrew
Vandermark, Charles
Vandermark, Elijah
Vandermark, James
Vandermark, Silas
Vandermark, Simon
Vandermark, Susan
Vanderment, Amanda
Vanderment, Elias
Vanderment, Elizabeth
Vanderment, Frances
Vanderment, Victoria
Vandeventen, John E.
Vandeventer, Caroline
VanVleet, Catharine
VanVleet, Catharine
VanVleet, Eleanor
VanVleet, John
VanVleet, John Bowman
Vaught, Barbara
Vaught, David
Vaught, James M.
Vaught, Jefferson
Vaught, Nancy
Vaught, Peter J.
Vaughters, Henry
Vaughters, Mary Ann
Waggoner, Amelia
Waggoner, Amelia
Waggoner, Charles
Waggoner, David
Waggoner, David
Waggoner, David
Waggoner, David
Waggoner, Eliza
Waggoner, Elizabeth
Waggoner, Jeremiah
Waggoner, John
Waggoner, John
Waggoner, Joseph
Waggoner, Joseph
Waggoner, Joseph
Waggoner, Joseph
Waggoner, Joseph A.
Waggoner, Lemuel
Waggoner, Lemuel
Waggoner, Malista Ann
Waggoner, Marilda
Waggoner, Mary
Waggoner, Matilda
Waggoner, Naomi
Waggoner, Naomi
Waggoner, Naomi
Waggoner, Naomi
Waggoner, Noah
Waggoner, Rebecca
Waggoner, Rose Ann
Waggoner, Samantha
Wagley, Franklin
Wagly, Ephraim
Wagonseller, James
Wagonseller, Jane
Wagonseller, Thos. W.
Walker, David N.
Walker, Esther
Walker, Josephine
Walker, Mary J.
Walker, Thomas
Walters, Alletha
Walters, J. B.
Walters, John
Walters, Jonathan
Walters, Sarah
Walters, Susanna
Walters, William W.
Walters, William W.
Wampler, Angeline
Wampler, David
Wampler, Elizabeth
Wampler, Elvira
Wampler, Felix
Wampler, Felix
Wampler, George
Wampler, George
Wampler, Hannah
Wampler, Henry
Wampler, Henry
Wampler, John
Wampler, Joseph
Wampler, Melinda
Wampler, Nancy
Wampler, Rebecca
Ward, James
Wardell, Anthony
Wardell, Clementine
Wardell, Firman
Wardell, George
Wardell, Susan
Wardell, William
Warner, A. J.
Warner, Alcinda
Warner, B. F.
Warner, Catharine
Warner, Eliza
Warner, Eliza J.
Warner, Hannah
Warner, James
Warner, John
Warner, John W.
Warner, Martha J.
Warner, Mary
Warner, Minerva
Warner, Nancy
Warner, T. J.
Warner, Thomas
Washburn, Roxanna
Washburn, Seth E.
Washburn, Thomas D.
Washington, William J.
Watson, Amy
Watson, Ellen
Watson, Emaline
Watson, Emily
Watson, George
Watson, George
Watson, Harrison
Watson, Hezekiah
Watson, Hiram
Watson, Hugh J.
Watson, Mary
Watson, Nancy
Watson, Perry
Watson, Susan
Watson, William
Watt, James
Watt, Mourning
Watt, Susannah
Watts, A. Jackson
Watts, David A.
Watts, E. J.
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, Ellen
Watts, Felix H.
Watts, Henry M.
Watts, J. A.
Watts, J. Benson
Watts, John
Watts, John
Watts, Martin L.
Watts, Nancy
Watts, Phebe
Watts, Sarah
Watts, Thomas F.
Watts, William
Webb, Benjamin
Webb, Caleb
Webb, Louisa
Webb, Margaret
Webb, Margaret
Webb, Susannah
Webb, Thomas
Webb, William
Welsh, James
West, Lafayette
West, Maria
West, Sarah
West, William
Wetzell, August
Wetzell, George
Wetzell, Henry
Wetzell, Willhelmina
Whetstone, Elizabeth
Whetstone, Henry
Whetstone, James
Whetstone, John
Whetstone, Matilda
Whitacre, Edward
Whitacre, Elizabeth
Whitacre, George
Whitacre, James
Whitacre, Mary
Whitacre, Walter
White, Amanda
White, Angeline
White, Austin
White, Bennett
White, Catharine
White, Cynthia
White, Cynthia Ann
White, Eliza
White, Emaline
White, George
White, Harriet
White, Harrison
White, John
White, Joseph
White, Milton
White, Nancy
White, Sarah Ann
White, Silas
White, Silas
Whitlow, Caroline
Whitlow, Charles
Whitlow, Cynthia
Whitlow, Emily
Whitlow, John
Whitlow, Marcellus
Whitlow, Matthew H.
Whitson, Anna
Whitson, Ephraim
Whitson, Hiram
Whitson, Isaac
Whitson, Josiah
Whitson, Peter
Wilber, Angeline
Wilber, Benjamin
Wilber, Charles
Wilber, Christopher
Wilber, David
Wilber, David
Wilber, Elizabeth
Wilber, Isaac
Wilber, John
Wilber, Lafayette
Wilber, Levi
Wilber, Lucinda
Wilber, Lydia
Wilber, Mahala
Wilber, Martha
Wilber, Martha
Wilber, Matilda
Wilber, Nancy
Wilber, Sarah
Wilber, Sarah
Wilber, William
Willber, Alexander
Willber, Christopher
Willber, Isabel
Willber, John
Willber, Joseph
Willber, Lucinda
Willber, Lucinda
Willber, Washington
Willhelm, Catharine
Willhelm, John
Willhelm, Maria
Willhelm, Mary Ann
Willhelm, Nancy
Willhelm, Nancy
Willhelm, Peter
Willhelm, Peter
Willhelm, Sarah
Williams, Aaron
Williams, Catharine
Williams, Eli
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, John J.
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Lucinda
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Martha
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary J.
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Pernina
Williams, Samuel
Wills, Barbara
Wills, Isaac
Wills, Thomas
Wilson, Agness
Wilson, B. Franklin
Wilson, Chauncy
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Jasper
Wilson, Lafayette
Wilson, William
Winchester, Harriet Ann
Winchester, Joseph
Winship, Jane
Winship, Joseph
Winship, Joseph
Wise, George W.
Wise, Mary E.
Witter, Catharine
Witter, Catharine
Witter, Harriett
Witter, John
Witter, Margaret
Witter, Nancy
Witter, Rachel
Witter, Samuel
Witter, Sarah
Witter, William
Wood, Sarilda
Wooden, Caroline
Wooden, Emaline
Wooden, F. Marion
Wooden, John R.
Wooden, Lucius
Woodworth, Catharine
Woodworth, Frances
Woodworth, James
Woodworth, Mary
Woodworth, Sarah
Woodworth, William
Wooley, Sarah
Wooten, Martha Jane
Wooten, Perry
Worstell, Cynthia
Worstell, Elizabeth
Worstell, George W.
Worstell, Isaac C
Worstell, Martha
Worstell, Moses
Worstell, Sophronia
Worstell, Thomas
Worstell, William
Worstell, William
Wright, Aaron
Wright, Catharine
Wright, Charlotte
Wright, David
Wright, David
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Emily
Wright, Horace Jerome
Wright, James
Wright, James
Wright, James
Wright, John
Wright, John
Wright, John
Wright, Joseph
Wright, Julia Ann
Wright, Mary
Wright, Mary
Wright, Nancy
Wright, Nancy
Wright, Nancy Jane
Wright, Noah
Wright, Olly
Wright, Rachel
Wright, Richard
Wright, Sally
Wright, Samuel
Wright, Sarah
Wright, Sarah Jane
Wright, Silas
Wright, Stephen
Wright, Theodocia
Wright, Tilford
Wright, William
Wright, William
Wright, William
Young, Aaron
Young, Aaron
Young, Benjn.
Young, David
Young, Frances
Young, Jacob
Young, John A.
Young, Jonathan
Young, Martha Ann
Young, Martha J.
Young, Mary Ann
Young, Nancy Ann
Young, Rebecca
Young, Samuel
Young, Saphira
Young, Sarah
Young, Sarah Jane
Young, Sophia
Young, Thomas
Young, Thomas
Young, William