1860 Census of Lawrence County, IL
transcribed by Lawrence County ILGenWeb

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Abenathy, Elizabeth
Abernathy, Abraham
Abernathy, Amanda
Abernathy, Charles
Abernathy, Clarance
Abernathy, Clinton
Abernathy, Cord
Abernathy, David
Abernathy, David
Abernathy, Elenora
Abernathy, Eliza
Abernathy, Frances
Abernathy, George
Abernathy, George
Abernathy, James
Abernathy, John
Abernathy, John
Abernathy, Lew
Abernathy, Martha
Abernathy, Mary
Abernathy, Phebe
Abernathy, Sidney
Abernathy, Synthe
Able, John
Able, John
Able, Samuel
Able, Sarah
Abrnathy, Salli
Absher, Daniel
Absher, John
Absher, Sarah
Abshere, Cintha
Abshere, John
Abshere, William
Ackman, C J
Ackman, Calafornia
Ackman, Francis M
Ackman, Jane
Ackman, Theodore
Adams, Alvin
Adams, Amanda
Adams, Ann
Adams, Catharin
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Emeline
Adams, General W
Adams, Henry
Adams, Idea
Adams, James
Adams, John B
Adams, John C
Adams, Kingere
Adams, Louisa
Adams, Marion
Adams, Mark
Adams, Martha
Adams, Mary
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Susan
Adams, Thornton
Adams, Whitney
Adams, Willian
Addison, Aaron
Addison, Anna
Addison, Florence L
Addison, Isadora
Addison, Jacob
Addison, Martha E
Addison, Mary J
Adison, Mary E
Adison, Sarah
Adison, Sarah
Adkins, Adney
Adkins, Alice
Adkins, Benjamin
Adkins, Edgar
Adkins, Martha
Adkins, Sarah
Aiken, James
Akers, Eliza
Akers, Jane
Akers, John
Akers, Louisa
Akers, Peter
Akers, Redman
Akin, John
Akin, Joseph G
Alender, Charles
Alender, Corneal
Alender, Frank
Alender, Mary
Alender, Petter
Alender, Ruth
Alexander, F M
Alexander, F S
Allen, Milcheal
Allender, Ada
Allender, Harret
Allender, Mary
Allison, Amos
Allison, Elizabeth
Allison, Fredrick
Allison, Isabella
Allison, James H
Allison, Joel
Allison, John
Allison, John
Allison, Martha
Allison, Martha
Allison, Mary
Allison, Nancy
Allison, Olinda
Allison, Racel
Allison, Susan
Allison, Warner
Allison, William
Allison, William
Allison, Wilson
Ambles, Mary
Anderson, Adline
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Alford
Anderson, Bery
Anderson, Calvin
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Charles B
Anderson, Cinthia
Anderson, Colosss
Anderson, Culip
Anderson, Elihu
Anderson, Eliza
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Harret
Anderson, Isac
Anderson, Jaushua
Anderson, Jemima
Anderson, Jennette
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, Mathew
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Own
Anderson, Pall
Anderson, Rebeka
Anderson, Roas
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, Sarah A
Anderson, Sion
Anderson, Steven
Anderson, Thomas
Anderson, Thomas B
Anderson, Thornton
Anderson, Volentine
Anderson, William
Anderson, WRight
Anderson, Zane
Andrew, Elizabeth
Andrew, James
Andrew, Theodore
Andrews, Ada
Andrews, Caroline
Andrews, Ella
Andrews, Frank
Andrews, James
Andrews, John
Andrws, Elizabeth
Andrws, Josephine
Andrws, Ophelia
Angell, Charlotte
Angell, Edwin
Angell, Eliza
Angell, Emma
Angell, Sarah
Angle, Fredrick
Angle, Rebecca
Apling, Annie
Apling, Annie
Apling, Arbucknol
Apling, David E
Apling, Fillmore
Apling, George D
Apling, Mary
Apling, Sarah A
Apling, Sidney
Apling, Wesley
Apling, Winfield
Applegate, Alfred
Applegate, Alfred
Applegate, Alfred D.
Applegate, Anna
Applegate, Charles
Applegate, Clementine
Applegate, Edwin
Applegate, Eliza
Applegate, Eugeine
Applegate, Evert
Applegate, Henry
Applegate, J. C. W.
Applegate, Josep
Applegate, Martha
Applegate, Nancy J
Applegate, Thimothy
Applegate, William
Applegate, William
Applegate, Zilpha
Arcs, George
Armstrong, Sarah E
Arnold, A H
Arnold, Abraham
Arnold, Amos
Arnold, Cathorine
Arnold, Elijah
Arnold, Ellen
Arnold, Jacob
Arnold, Louisa
Ashbrook, John
Ashbrook, John Davis
Ashbrook, Sarah
Ashbrook, Sarah
Ashbrook, Thomas
Ashbrook, W T
Ashbrook, William
Askins, Elizabeth
Askren, Alsa
Askren, Elizabeth
Askren, Harriett
Askren, Henrietta
Askren, Mary E
Askren, Samuel
Askren, Samuel
Askren, Sarah C
Askren, William
Askren, William B
Askren, William H
Askron, Louisa
Askron, Sarah
Askron, Susan
Ayers, Adalade
Ayers, George
Bach, Ann
Bach, Arthur
Bach, Calope
Bach, Charlotte
Bach, Charlotte
Bach, Ebenezer
Bach, Ellen
Bach, George
Bach, George
Bach, Harriet
Bach, James
Bach, John
Bach, Martha
Bach, Mary
Bach, Philip
Bach, Rebecka
Bach, Richard
Bach, Sarah
Bach, William
Bache, Jerom
Bachelor, Oliver
Baddollet, Henry
Badollett, Albert
Badollett, Caroline
Badollett, Rachel
Badollett, Vigo
Badottel, Albert
Badottel, As
Badottel, Delia
Badottel, Julia
Badottel, Sidny
Baerd, Andrew
Baerd, Anny
Baerd, Clara
Baerd, Eliza
Baerd, James
Baerd, Joel
Baerd, John
Baerd, Joseph
Baerd, Luther
Baerd, Margret
Baerd, Margret
Baerd, Martha
Baerd, Proctor
Baerd, Wesley
Baide, Fredrick
Baide, Rebecca
Bailey, Abigal
Bailey, Alfred
Bailey, Ann C
Bailey, Elizabeth
Bailey, Emily
Bailey, Frances
Bailey, James
Bailey, James B
Bailey, John
Bailey, John
Bailey, Lambert
Bailey, Louizs
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Maryann
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Wm. W
Baker, Alferd
Baker, Alfred
Baker, Eliza
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Ellen
Baker, Ellen
Baker, James
Baker, James
Baker, Joel
Baker, John
Baker, Julia
Baker, L A
Baker, Lewis
Baker, Mary
Baker, Nathaniel
Baker, R M
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Susan
Baker, Susan
Baker, Theodore
Baker, W H H
Baldwin, Elizabeth
Baldwin, Flora J
Baldwin, Thos J
Baldwin, Wm M
Baley, Abexen
Baley, Anjeline
Baley, Charles
Baley, Henry
Baley, Hiram
Baley, John
Balthus, Josephus
Banet, Bridget
Banet, John
Banet, John T
Banet, Margret
Banet, Margret E
Banet, Sharla W.
Banks, Andrew J
Banks, Clarinda
Banks, Francis M
Banks, George W
Banks, Harlin
Banks, Josephine
Banks, Mary
Banks, Nancy
Banks, Rebecca
Banks, Thomas
Barber, Deby
Barber, Elijahalet
Barcroft, Casander
Barcroft, John
Barcroft, John
Barcroft, Sarah
Bardeen, Fillmore
Bardeen, Jane
Bardeen, John W
Bardeen, Jonas
Bardeen, Nancy
Bareckman, Anna E
Bareckman, Cinthia D
Bareckman, Isaac
Bareckman, Isaac N
Bareckman, Jacob A.
Bareckman, Joel P. L.
Bareckman, John A.
Bareckman, Sabra
Bareckman, Sophia
Barker, Marion
Barnes, Abby
Barnes, Alcy
Barnes, Alfred
Barnes, Alkana
Barnes, Daniel
Barnes, Elija
Barnes, Eliza
Barnes, Eliza
Barnes, Eliza
Barnes, Emma
Barnes, Hannah
Barnes, Harriet
Barnes, Isaac
Barnes, James
Barnes, Jane
Barnes, Jasper
Barnes, John
Barnes, John
Barnes, Lafayett
Barnes, Louisa
Barnes, Martha
Barnes, Martha
Barnes, Nancy
Barnes, Ninian
Barnes, Peter
Barnes, William
Barnet, Mark
Barnett, Catherine
Barnett, Cynthia A
Barnett, Elizabeth
Barnett, Ezekial
Barnett, George
Barnett, James B
Barnett, John
Barnett, Margaret A
Barnett, Permelia
Barnett, Robert F
Barnett, Sarah E
Barret, Mary
Barton, John
Barton, Rebecka
Barton, Samuel
Barton, Samuel
Barton, Sarah
Basden, Ellen
Basden, John
Basden, Polly
Basdon, Albert
Basdon, Ellen
Basdon, Hugh
Basdon, Mary
Bass, Elizabeth
Bass, Elizabeth
Bass, Ezekial
Bass, George H
Bass, Henry D
Bass, Jacob
Bass, John
Bass, John L
Bass, John P
Bass, Marium
Bass, Martha A.
Bass, Mary Ann
Bass, Mary E.
Bass, William
Bass, William A.
Bates, Allin
Bates, Jones
Bates, Malemda
Battyll, Henry
Beach, Alfred
Beach, Chambs
Beach, Elias
Beach, Elizabeth
Beach, Fredrick
Beach, Jane
Beach, Mary Kate
Beals, Elizabeth
Beals, Feba
Beals, George
Beals, George
Beals, Sarah
Beals, Sarah
Beals, Thomas
Beals, Wesley
Beals, William
Beard, John
Beard, Joseph
Beard, Mary
Beard, Rebeca
Beard, Rebecke
Beard, Sarah
Beard, Silus
Beard, Tusant
Beard, Willian
Bearley, Daniel
Bearley, Henry
Bearley, Marion
Bearley, Nancy
Bearley, Sarah
Beasley, Harriet
Beasley, James
Beasley, Sarah E
Beasley, Thomas
Bedine, Amelia
Bedine, Claude
Bedine, Elizabeth
Bedine, Jane
Bedine, Jane
Bedine, John B
Bedine, John C
Bedine, Malinda
Bedine, Marice
Bedine, Mary
Bedine, Mary Jane
Bell, Aaron
Bell, Alfred
Bell, Catharine
Bell, Clara
Bell, Clarissa
Bell, Daniel
Bell, Eligh
Bell, Elijah
Bell, Elizabeth
Bell, Elizabeth
Bell, Elizabeth
Bell, Emly
Bell, Filo
Bell, George W.
Bell, Hannah
Bell, Hannah E
Bell, Harret
Bell, Isabelle
Bell, James W
Bell, Jesse
Bell, John C
Bell, Mariah
Bell, Marion
Bell, Mary
Bell, Mary Ann
Bell, Mary C
Bell, Nancy
Bell, Nathan W
Bell, Olive
Bell, Sarah J
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Wesley
Bell, William
Bell, William
Bellus, George W
Bellus, Jane
Bellus, Philip
Bellus, Philip
Bellus, Whitney
Bellus, Zora
Bellwood, Alfred
Bellwood, Eliza
Bellwood, Elizabath
Bellwood, Marthia
Bellwood, Marthia
Benedic, Charles
Benedic, Daniel
Benedic, Marthia
Benedic, Mary
Beneire, Mary
Benson, Jackson
Benson, James
Benson, Nancy
Benson, Robert
Benson, Susan
Ber***, Edward
Ber***, Edward
Ber***, Elizabeth
Ber***, Margaret
Berkshire, Eliza
Berkshire, Elizabeth
Berkshire, Ezra
Berkshire, Felix
Berkshire, George
Berkshire, Henry
Berkshire, Iserel
Berkshire, Joel
Berkshire, John
Berkshire, John
Berkshire, Robert
Berkshire, Sarah
Berkshire, William
Berlin, George
Berrins, Allice
Berrins, James
Berrins, James
Berrins, John
Berrins, Mary
Berrins, May
Berrins, Patrick
Besher, Caroline
Besher, Midlton
Besher, Monroe
Besher, Sarah
Beshers, Martha
Beshers, Newton
Beshers, Sarah
Bible, Barbary
Bible, John
Bible, Lida
Bible, Mary
Bible, Phillip
Bickel, Isack
Bickel, Sarah
Bickle, Clarisa
Bickle, Ezra
Bickle, Henry
Biles, Joseph
Biles, May J.
Billet, Anna
Billet, George
Billet, Jacob
Billet, Jacob
Billet, John
Billet, Sarah A
Billford, Amelia
Billford, Ellen
Billford, Mary
Billford, Mary
Billford, R W
Bird, Alexander
Bird, Emly
Bird, Hannah
Bird, Henry
Bird, John
Bird, John
Bird, Lidda
Bird, Manerva
Bird, Mary
Bird, Noah
Bishop, B F
Bishop, C. M.
Bishop, Daniel G
Bishop, E S
Bishop, Elisha D
Bishop, Eliza C.
Bishop, G W C
Bishop, Henry
Bishop, John
Bishop, Martha
Bishop, Permelia A
Bishop, Phillip
Bishop, Rebecca
Bishop, Sally Ann
Bishop, W L
Bishop, W. S.
Black, Aaron J
Black, Andrew
Black, Benjamin J
Black, C L
Black, Christena
Black, Christena
Black, Edwin
Black, Eleanor J
Black, Eliza J
Black, Francis
Black, Franklin
Black, Jane
Black, John
Black, Joseph S
Black, Lucy A
Black, Margaret A
Black, Margaret H
Black, Margret
Black, Martin J
Black, Mary
Black, Mary
Black, Mary
Black, Mary Ann
Black, Mary E
Black, Matilda
Black, Sarah C
Black, W H
Black, Walter
Black, William
Black, William
Black, Wm
Blackborn, Amanda
Blackborn, James
Blackborn, Jane
Blackborn, Joseph
Blackborn, Mary
Blackborn, Orlando
Blackborn, William
Blackwell, Ann
Blackwell, Caroline
Blackwell, Elizabeth
Blackwell, Franklin
Blackwell, James
Blackwell, Levina
Blackwell, Mary
Blackwell, Newton
Blair, Andrew
Blair, Elizabeth
Blair, James
Blair, John
Blair, Mary
Blair, Mary C
Blair, Saml.
Blair, Sarah A
Blakely, Margret
Blank, Anthony
Blank, Eliza
Blank, Eliza
Boderick, James
Boderick, John
Boderick, Levi
Boderick, Margret
Boen, Samuel
Boggs, John
Boill, John
Boils, John
Bolds, Andrew
Bolds, Elizabeth
Bolds, Ephriam
Bolds, George
Bolds, Henrietta
Bolds, Martha
Bolds, Martha
Bolds, Mary
Bolds, Peter
Bolds, S K
Bolds, Silas
Boner, Charles
Boner, Christiana
Boner, Francis
Boner, James
Boner, James
Boner, John
Boner, Mary
Boner, Sarah
Bonner, Charles W
Bonner, Margaret A
Bonner, N L
Bonner, William A
Bono, Charles
Bono, Frances
Bono, Frances
Bono, Hannah
Bono, John
Bono, Susan
Bono, Thomas
Boon, Francis
Boon, Nicholas
Bopp, Eli
Bopp, Eliza
Bopp, George
Bopp, Henry
Bopp, Malinda
Bopp, Martin
Boren, Ann
Boren, Henry
Boren, Lucy
Boren, Mary
Boren, Nancy
Boren, Ransford
Boren, Samuel
Boren, Zacariah
Boring, Florence
Boring, Matilda
Boring, Purcell
Boring, W M
Bowen, Amand
Bowen, Nancy
Bowers, Eliza
Bowers, Elizabeth
Bowers, Emily
Bowers, Hester
Bowers, James
Bowers, John
Bowers, John
Bowers, Mary
Bowers, Mary
Bowers, Rachael
Bowers, Susan
Bowman, Elizabeth
Bowman, Henry
Bowman, John
Bowman, Lewis
Bowman, Rachell
Boye, Anice
Boye, Clemmons
Boye, Francis
Bozard, J M
Braddam, Jane
Braham, Louisa
Brannon, Alexander
Brannon, Hetta A
Brannon, Jacob
Brannon, Lucinda
Brannon, Sarah
Brannon, Sasha
Brannon, Stephen C
Brannon, Walter
Branston, Daniel W
Branstuter, Harriet
Brasa, Fredrick
Brasa, Wilmina
Bray, Clarney
Bray, Elizabeth
Bray, Frances
Bray, Jasper
Bray, Siles
Bray, Solomon
Braze, August
Braze, Charlotte
Braze, Henry
Braze, Sophia
Braze, Wilmina
Breen, Ellen
Breen, Hannah C
Breen, James
Breen, John
Breen, Margaret
Breen, Michael
Breen, Patrick
Breen, Thomas
Brewer, D L
Brian, Barbary
Brian, Barbary
Brian, Catherine
Brian, Catherine
Brian, Catherine
Brian, David
Brian, Elizabeth
Brian, Elizabeth
Brian, Fredrick
Brian, Fredrick
Brian, Jacob
Brian, Jacob
Brian, Jesse
Brian, John
Brian, John M
Brian, Leah
Brian, Levi
Brian, Margaret
Brian, Martin
Brian, Martin
Brian, Mary J
Brian, Rebecca E
Brian, Susan
Brian, Susanah
Brian, William
Brian, William
Brian, Wm
Brice, David
Bright, Eliza M
Brigman, John
Brines, Ashel
Brines, George
Brines, Lamer
Brines, Louisa
Brines, Obed
Brines, Susan
Brink, Anna
Brink, Ephram
Brink, George R
Brink, James W.
Brink, Joseph S.
Brink, Mary Ann
Brink, Mary L.
Brislinger, Margret
Brislinger, Muriel
Broady, Fane
Broady, William
Broils, Hiram
Broils, James
Broils, Jemina
Broils, John
Broils, Josuah
Brooks, Harriet
Brooks, Mary Ann
Brooks, Mary F
Brooks, Thomas
Brooks, Victoria
Broox, Alexander
Broox, Emeline
Brothers, Benjamin
Brothers, Benjamin
Brothers, Covington
Brothers, Joshua
Brothers, Lucinda
Brothers, Mary
Brothers, Nancy
Brothers, William
Brothers, William
Brotherton, John
Brown, Alferd
Brown, Aneline
Brown, Ashel
Brown, Carolin
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Catharine
Brown, Corneilia
Brown, Eduard
Brown, Emeline
Brown, Houston
Brown, Howard
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, Jane
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Marium
Brown, Martha
Brown, Martha E
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Nancy
Brown, Nancy E.
Brown, Robert A
Brown, S H
Brown, Samuel L
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas B.
Brown, Wesly
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brownning, Sarah
Bruffey, Emly
Bruffey, George
Bruffey, Harriett
Bruffey, John
Bruffey, Louisa
Bruffey, Mary
Bruffey, Prescilla
Bruffey, Rosella
Bruffey, William
Brumet, George
Brumet, Mary
Brunson, David
Brushers, Calvin
Brushers, Mary
Brushers, Nancy
Brushers, Sarah
Bryan, Caroline
Bryan, Charles
Bryan, Eliza J
Bryan, Humphrey
Bryan, James
Bryan, Sarah
Bryan, William
Bryant, Daniel
Bryant, James
Bryant, John
Bryant, John
Bryant, Jonas
Bryant, Margret
Bryant, Sarah
Bryars, Hanah
Bryars, Lucinda
Bryars, Sarah
Buchanan, Aaron B
Buchanan, Amanda
Buchanan, America
Buchanan, Caroline E
Buchanan, Charles J
Buchanan, Clarence
Buchanan, David K
Buchanan, Edward
Buchanan, Elenora
Buchanan, Eliza
Buchanan, Eliza
Buchanan, Elizabeth
Buchanan, Elizabeth
Buchanan, George A
Buchanan, Hannah
Buchanan, Hannnah
Buchanan, Harmon
Buchanan, Harriet
Buchanan, Hiram
Buchanan, Ida
Buchanan, Isaac
Buchanan, Isadora
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James A
Buchanan, James H
Buchanan, Jane
Buchanan, Jane
Buchanan, Jane
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, John J
Buchanan, John M
Buchanan, John M. C
Buchanan, Joseph
Buchanan, Josephus
Buchanan, Julia
Buchanan, Laura
Buchanan, Laura
Buchanan, Margaret
Buchanan, Martha
Buchanan, Martha A
Buchanan, Martha J
Buchanan, Mary
Buchanan, Mary
Buchanan, Mary A
Buchanan, Mary C
Buchanan, Matilda E
Buchanan, Nancy J
Buchanan, Orenda
Buchanan, Phoebe
Buchanan, Prissella
Buchanan, R. A.
Buchanan, Samuel L
Buchanan, Serelda A
Buchanan, Thomas
Buchanan, Thomas M
Buchanan, Truman
Buchanan, V T
Buchanan, Varnel J
Buchanan, Victor
Buchanan, Victor
Buchanan, Walter
Buchanan, Walter G
Buchanan, William
Buchanan, Wm. T
Buchannan, Dlv
Buchannan, Eliza
Buchannan, Lewis
Buchannan, Margret
Buchannan, Margret
Buchannan, W G
Buchannan, William
Bundelow, Delia
Bundy, George
Bundy, Inda
Bundy, U
Bunion, Elizabeth
Bunion, Ezekial
Bunion, Ida
Bunion, James
Bunn, Ann
Bunn, B F
Bunn, Benj
Bunn, Eli
Bunn, Ellen
Bunn, Finley
Bunn, Harrison
Bunn, Hyatt
Bunn, Ira
Bunn, Mary
Bunn, Mary A
Bunn, Selu
Bunn, Solomon
Bunn, W S
Bunson, Wm. H
Bunston, Alexander
Buntin, Eliza
Buntin, Emma
Buntin, George
Buntin, John F
Buntin, Mary
Burden, Eliza
Burden, Jiles
Burden, June
Burden, Samuel
Burden, Samuel
Burden, Sarah
Burden, Sarah
Burden, Wesley
Burden, Willington
Burdlow, Charles
Burdlow, Mary
Burdlow, Sarah
Burenus, Henry
Burge, Caroline
Burges, Catherine
Burges, James M
Burgess, Charles S
Burgess, Ethelda
Burgess, Henry R
Burgess, Martha
Burgess, Mary
Burgess, Samuel
Burget, Caroline
Burget, Caroline
Burget, Catherine
Burget, Daniel
Burget, David
Burget, John
Burget, Mary
Burget, Mary
Burget, Nancy
Buroglow, William
Burrel, Edward
Burrel, Mary
Burrel, Oscon
Burrel, Sarah
Burrell, Albert
Busford, Harrison
Bush, Ann
Bush, Ellen
Bush, John
Bush, Louisa
Bush, Moley
Bush, Sarah
Bush, Tunis
Bushey, Emanuel
Buston, Edward
Buston, Francis
Buston, Lornzo
Butt, Eliza
Butt, George
Butt, Lawrence
Butt, Mary
Butt, Milton
Butt, Missouria
Caader, Ann
Caader, Catharine
Caader, George
Caader, Lonzo
Caader, Susan
Caldwell, John
Callahan, Andrew
Callahan, John T
Callahan, Mary
Callahan, Michael
Callahan, Robert
Callahan, Umphrey
Calloway, George
Camden, Ann
Camell, Eliza
Camell, John
Camell, Martha
Camell, Minnie
Camell, Richard
Camell, Samuel
Camell, William
Campbell, Hamilton
Canada, Catherine
Canada, Catherine
Canada, Edward
Canada, John
Canada, Mary
Cansy, William
Carey, Alen
Carey, Anjeline
Carey, George
Carey, Haret
Carey, James
Carey, John
Carey, Mary
Carey, Mary
Carey, Oliver
Carey, William
Carey, William
Carlisle, Amazon
Carlisle, Elizabeth
Carlisle, Elizabeth
Carlisle, Emly
Carlisle, James
Carlisle, John
Carlisle, Martha
Carlisle, Samuel
Carlisle, Wm. M.
Carmedy, Catherine
Carmedy, John
Carmedy, Margaret
Carmedy, Michael
Carmedy, Thomas
Carmedy, William
Carmen, Elizabeth
Carmen, Sarah
Carmen, Wiley
Carmen, William
Carpenter, Analiza
Carpenter, Elizabeth
Carpenter, James
Carpenter, Martha
Carpenter, Mary
Carpenter, Nancy
Carpenter, Wesly
Carpenter, William
Carpenter, William
Carter, Berry
Carter, Charles
Carter, Charlotte
Carter, Daniel
Carter, Frances
Carter, Hester
Carter, James
Carter, Mary A
Carter, N. J.
Carter, Rachel
Carter, Rose
Carter, Sarah
Carter, Sarah E
Carter, Washington
Casaday, John
Casell, Caroline
Casell, Charles
Casell, Ella
Casell, Innia
Casell, Laurin
Casell, Loretta
Cassel, Ellen
Cassel, Ruben
Caterton, Diler
Caterton, Jane
Caterton, Lafayette
Caterton, William
Catlet, Jasper
Catlet, Joseph
Catlet, Mary
Catlet, Sarah
Catteron, Jacob
Catteron, James
Catteron, Jane
Catteron, Joseph
Catteron, Tomas
Catterton, Cathander
Catterton, Daniel
Catterton, Diler
Catterton, James
Catterton, Martha
Catterton, Rose
Catterton, Sarah
Catterton, Thomas
Catterton, William
Caudle, Eliza
Caudle, Eliza
Caudle, George
Caudle, Hardin
Caudle, Henry
Caudle, John
Caudle, Moses
Caudle, Zachariah
Caughan, Eliza
Caughan, J T
Caughorn, Eliza
Caughorn, Margret
Caughran, Hamah
Caughran, Mariah
Caughran, May
Caughran, Morris
Caughran, Rebecca
Causey, Corneilus
Causey, Emly
Causey, James
Causey, Samuel
Cauthen, Benj F
Cauthen, Francis
Cauthen, G. W.
Cauthen, J W
Cauthen, James
Cauthen, Laura
Cauthen, Nancy
Cauthone, Henry
Cauthone, Melinda
Cauthone, Thomas
Cauthorn, Andrew
Cauthorn, Charles
Cauthorn, George
Cauthorn, Hannah
Cauthorn, James
Cauthorn, James
Cauthorn, James
Cauthorn, Jasper
Cauthorn, Leah
Cauthorn, Mary
Cauthorn, Rese
Cauthorn, U
Center, Edward
Cessna, Curtis
Cessna, Francis
Cessna, Jonathan
Cessna, Martha
Cessna, Mary
Cessna, Susan
Chafee, Elizabeth
Chafee, James
Chafee, Mary
Chafee, William
Chambers, William
Champlane, Converce
Champlane, Henry
Champlane, Lucinda
Champlane, Martha
Chandeler, Elizabeth
Chandeler, Mary
Chandeler, Sephia
Chandeler, William
Cheldres, Henry
Chenewoth, Allace
Chenewoth, Ammad
Chenewoth, Arstheny
Chenewoth, Ellen
Chenewoth, Emly
Chenewoth, M D
Chenewoth, Mary
Chesher, Martha E
Childers, Adalaid
Childers, Adline
Childers, Charles
Childers, Emly
Childers, Frances
Childers, George
Childers, George
Childers, Harvy
Childers, Hiram
Childers, Jackson
Childers, James
Childers, Laura
Childers, Lawson
Childers, Margret
Childers, Maria
Childers, Martha
Childers, Mary
Childers, Mary
Childers, Mary
Childers, Miles
Childers, Sarah
Childers, Susan
Childers, Thomas
Childers, Thomas
Childers, Thomas
Childers, Thomas
Childers, Tomas
Childers, Wiley
Childers, William
Childers, William
Childres, Abraham
Childres, Eliza
Childres, Emerine
Childres, James
Childres, John
Childres, Rebecka
Childres, Thomas
Childress, Albert
Childress, Clarrence
Childress, George
Childress, Harriet
Childress, Margaret
Childress, Martha
Childress, Wm
Christ, Caroline
Christy, F M
Christy, Hariet
Christy, Jane
Christy, Joseph
Christy, Maria
Christy, Mary
Christy, Wm Y
Chrockree, Rubin
Clacomb, Fredick
Clapp, Edward
Clapp, Ellen
Clapp, Mary
Clark, Aaron
Clark, Aaron
Clark, Aaron
Clark, Albert
Clark, Algerell
Clark, Amanda
Clark, Arabella
Clark, Asbury
Clark, Bedford
Clark, Caroline
Clark, Charles
Clark, Charls R
Clark, Cinthia
Clark, Clarinda
Clark, David
Clark, David
Clark, Edward
Clark, Elijah
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Emily
Clark, Frances
Clark, Francis
Clark, G W
Clark, Gabriel
Clark, George
Clark, George
Clark, George
Clark, Henry
Clark, Hester
Clark, Isabella
Clark, Jane
Clark, Jane
Clark, Joanna
Clark, John
Clark, L*******
Clark, Laura
Clark, Lucy
Clark, Margert
Clark, Martha
Clark, Martha
Clark, Martha
Clark, Martha
Clark, Martha
Clark, Mary M
Clark, Morris
Clark, Nancy
Clark, Perry
Clark, Rebecca
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Virginia
Clark, Wesley
Clark, Westly
Clark, Whitney
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clark, Wm C
Clark, Wm.
Clark, Woodford
Claycomb, Abraham
Claycomb, Adam
Claycomb, Amand
Claycomb, Eliza
Claycomb, George
Claycomb, John
Claycomb, Leroy
Claycomb, Martha
Claycomb, Mary
Claycomb, Nancy
Claycomb, Saraha
Cleggett, John
Clemmons, Hannah
Clemmons, John
Clevenger, George
Clevenger, George
Clevenger, James
Clevenger, Josephene
Clevenger, Martha
Clevenger, Mary
Clevy, Anna E
Clevy, Joseph
Clevy, Luzena A
Clickner, Catherine
Clickner, Christian
Clickner, Elizabath
Clickner, Joseph
Clifton, Calzy
Clifton, Lucretia
Clifton, Lutisha
Clifton, Nancy M
Clifton, William
Clingner, David
Clingner, Franklin
Clingner, James
Clingner, John
Clingner, Marth
Clingner, Nancy
Clingner, Noah
Clingner, Sara
Clingner, Susan
Clingner, William
Clippinger, Anthony
Clippinger, David
Clippinger, Emily
Clippinger, Franklin
Clippinger, George W
Clippinger, John
Clippinger, Rachael
Clippinger, Rachael
Clippinger, Susanah
Clodfelter, Abigal
Clodfelter, John S
Clodfelter, Keling
Clubb, Ansco
Clubb, Eli
Clubb, Fannie
Clubb, Henry
Clubb, Leah
Clubb, Mary
Clubb, Merril
Clubb, Nancy
Clubb, Ruth
Clubb, Sallie
Clubb, Samuel H
Cluxton , Christena
Cluxton , Wm.
Coat, Caroline
Coat, Elizabeth
Coat, Emaline
Coat, James
Coat, Lafayett
Coat, Maneria
Coat, Mary
Coat, Rebecca
Coburn, Ann
Cohen, Barney
Cohen, Lazarus
Cohen, Rachael
Cohen, Rosalee
Cole, Aaron C
Cole, Cathorine
Cole, Coroline
Cole, Edwin
Cole, Elihu
Cole, Emanul
Cole, George W
Cole, Lucinda
Cole, Margret E
Cole, S
Cole, Sallie
Cole, William J
Collins, Amelia
Collins, Andrew J
Collins, Angeline
Collins, C G
Collins, Delia
Collins, Edwd L
Collins, Francis M
Collins, James
Collins, John
Collins, John
Collins, Louisa
Collins, Maria
Collins, Mary E
Collins, Peter
Collins, Rachael
Collins, Rachel
Collins, William
Collins, Wm
Collison, Alexander
Collison, Elizabeth
Collison, Hiram
Collison, James M
Collison, John M
Collison, Mary
Collison, William
Collison, Wm. H
Colman, David
Colman, Elizabeth
Colman, Elizabeth
Colman, Frances
Colman, Harret
Colman, Harret
Colman, James
Colman, James
Colman, John
Colman, John
Colman, John
Colman, Margaret
Colman, Margaret
Colman, Margaret
Colman, Mary
Colman, Mary
Comb, Elizabeth
Comb, Emma C.
Comb, George W
Comb, John W.
Comb, Lafayette
Comb, Lizzie E
Comb, Lydia J.
Comb, Rebeca
Comb, Sarah A.
Combs, Albert
Combs, Amand
Combs, Anderson
Combs, Andrew
Combs, Andrew
Combs, Eliza
Combs, Eliza A
Combs, Hamilton
Combs, Harrison
Combs, James
Combs, John
Combs, Josephus
Combs, Marion
Combs, Martha
Combs, Mary
Combs, Mary C
Combs, Max
Combs, Murphy
Combs, Rose
Combs, Ruth H
Combs, Samuel
Combs, Sarah
Combs, Sarah
Combs, Susanah
Combs, Thomas
Combs, Thomas J
Combs, Thornton
Combs, Unice
Combs, Wasington
Combs, Wm H
Comer, Biget
Comer, Bridget
Comer, Bridget
Comer, Luke
Comes, Ellen F
Comes, Harmon A
Comes, Philander
Comes, Sophroia
Comes, Temperance
Conner, John
Conner, Mary
Conner, Mary A
Conninghan, Elizabath
Conninghan, Hamilton
Conninghan, John
Connover, Alexander
Connover, James
Connover, Miles
Connover, Nancy
Connover, Peter
Conover, Cathorine
Conover, Curtis
Conover, Edward
Conover, Elizabeth
Conover, Hester
Conover, Isac
Conover, Jacob
Conover, John
Conover, Lewis
Conover, Mary
Conover , Powell
Conover, Rachel
Conover, Richard
Conover, Roda
Conover, Susan
Conover, Thomas
Conover, William
Conrad, Ann
Conrad, Edward
Conrad, Jacob
Cook, Charles
Cook, Hester
Cook, James
Cook, John
Cook, Lafayette
Cook, Laura
Cook, Maria
Cook, Mark
Cook, Mary
Cook, Mary
Cook, Perlina
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Sarah
Cook, Susan
Cook, Thomas
Cook, William
Cooper, Andrew
Cooper, Edney
Cooper, Elanor
Cooper, Eliza
Cooper, George
Cooper, George
Cooper, George
Cooper, James
Cooper, James
Cooper, John
Cooper, John
Cooper, Margret
Cooper, Mark
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Nancy
Cooper, Samuel
Cooper, Stewart
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Wiley
Cooper, William
Cooper, William
Cooper, Winton
Cooper, Xenia
Cornelius, Abraham
Cornelius, Elizabeth
Cornelius, John
Cornelius, John
Cornwall, Barnibus
Cornwall, Charles
Cornwall, Filena
Cornwall, Francis
Cornwall, Frank
Cornwall, Mary
Cornwall, Mary
Corri, William
Corrie, Adam
Corrie, Alexander
Corrie, Amelia
Corrie, Andrew
Corrie, Andrew
Corrie, Are
Corrie, Arena
Corrie, Caroline
Corrie, Caroline
Corrie, Charles E
Corrie, Elijah
Corrie, Elizabeth W
Corrie, Evaline
Corrie, George H
Corrie, George R
Corrie, Harriet A
Corrie, Isabella
Corrie, Jacob A
Corrie, James
Corrie, James
Corrie, James M
Corrie, James W
Corrie, Joanna
Corrie, John
Corrie, John
Corrie, John
Corrie, John T
Corrie, Mary
Corrie, Mary
Corrie, Mary
Corrie, Mary
Corrie, Mary
Corrie, Mary Ann
Corrie, Mary C
Corrie, Not named
Corrie, Not named
Corrie, Olive
Corrie, Olive
Corrie, Robert
Corrie, Robert W
Corrie, Ruth
Corrie, Sarah
Corrie, Sarah
Corrie, Sharlotte
Corrie, Thomas
Corrie, Thomas E
Corrie, Thomas N
Corrie, Thos B
Corrie, William
Corrie, William
Corrie, William
Corrie, William
Corrie, William
Corrie, Willian
Corrie, Wm H
Corrie, Wm. H
Corris, Otna
Cothorn, Barbry
Cothorn, Jacob
Cotton, Dortha
Cotton, Estella
Cotton, Margret
Cotton, Percilla
Cotton, Webster
Cotton, William N
Couchman, Andrew
Couchman, Barbary
Couchman, Benj
Couchman, Bolivar
Couchman, Caroline
Couchman, Elizabeth
Couchman, Fidella
Couchman, Harriet
Couchman, Henry
Couchman, Laura
Couchman, Marion
Couchman, Martha
Couchman, Mary
Couchman, Mary
Couchman, Perlina
Couchman, Theodore
Coughran, Eliza
Coughran, G. W.
Coughran, Martha
Courre, Betsy
Courre, James
Courre, Louisa
Courre, Thomas
Courrie, Elizabeth
Courrie, Fredrick
Courrie, George W
Courrie, Henry
Courrie, Henry
Courrie, James
Courrie, John
Courrie, Joseph
Courrie, Joseph
Courrie, Kyle
Courrie, Lafayett
Courrie, Maria
Courrie, Mary
Courrie, Mary
Courrie, Nancy
Courrie, Sharlotte
Courrie, William
Cowthone, Charles
Cowthone, Danl
Cowthone, Mary
Cowthone, William
Cowthorn, Barbry
Cowthorn, David
Cowthorn, Hanah
Cowthorn, Harriet
Cowthorn, Jacob
Cowthorn, Joseph
Cowthorn, Mary
Cowthorn, Sarah
Cowthorn, William
Cox, Benjamin
Cox, Edmond
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, George
Cox, Henry
Cox, Levi
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary J
Cox, Nancy
Coy, Felicity
Coy, Florrence
Crag, James
Crag, Joana
Crag, Susan
Crag, Susana
Crag, Thomas
Craig, Allen
Craig, Amos
Craig, Elisha
Craig, Elizabeth
Craig, Hannah
Craig, Harmon
Craig, Jhonson
Craig, Johnson
Craig, Mack
Craig, Sarah M
Craig, Susanah
Craig, William
Crain, Caroline
Crain, Elizabeth
Crain, I N
Crain, Sarah J
Crain, William
Crampton, Emma
Crampton, Henry
Crampton, J W
Crampton, Martha
Crampton, Mary
Crampton, Sarah
Crampton, Sion
Crampton, Susan
Crampton, William
Cravens, George
Cravens, Isabel
Cravens, Isac
Cravens, John
Cravens, Joseph
Cravens, Julen
Cravens, Mary
Cravens, Mary
Cravens, Matilda
Cravens, Polly
Cravens, Sabra
Cravens, Sarah
Crews, Eliza
Crews, Ella
Crews, Eugene
Crews, Ida
Crews, James
Crews, Virginia
Crews, Wesly
Crews, William
Crews, William
Crim, Elizabeth
Crim, Joel
Croney, Daniel
Crosby, Elizabeth
Crosby, Elizabeth
Crosby, Ellen
Crosby, Emly
Crosby, Fan
Crosby, John
Crosby, Mary
Crosby, Sylvester
Crosby, Thomas
Crouch, Alex
Crozier, W M
Crump, Calvin
Crump, Cylvesta
Crump, Edward
Crump, George
Crump, Richard
Crump, Sabrey
Crump, Susan
Crump, William
Crump, Zackaree
Csuorns, Mary
Csuorns, William
Culbertson, Ama
Culbertson, Cyrus
Culbertson, Hannah
Culbertson, Luanna
Culbertson, Matilda
Culbertson, Rebecca
Culbertson, Rebecca
Culbertson, Sarah
Culbertson, Susanah
Cullen, Eliza
Cullen, James
Cummings, Daniel
Cummings, Isacc
Cummings, Isacc
Cummings, James
Cummings, James
Cummings, Jasper
Cummings, Mary
Cummings, Mary
Cummings, William
Cummins, Ann
Cummins, John
Cuningham, Abner
Cuningham, Elizabath
Cuningham, George
Cuningham, Jane
Cuningham, John
Cuningham, Mary
Cuningham, Thomas
Cuningham, William
Cuningham, William
Cunningham, Bainbridge L
Cunningham, George N
Cunningham, George N
Cunningham, Henry
Cunningham, Levi
Cunningham, Mahala
Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, Silas
Cunningham, Wm T.
Cusick, Wm.
d'Ewald, Robt L
D**d, Moriah
Dager, Eliza
Dager, Solomon
Daggett, Abba M
Daggett, Edwin F
Daggett, Elisha
Daggett, Parmelia S
Dailey, Price
Dainon, Hannora
Dainon, Hannora
Dainon, John
Dainon, Mary A
Dainon, Michael
Dainon, William
Dalrymple, Edwin
Dalrymple, Eliza
Dalrymple, Hedgman
Dalrymple, Henry
Dalrymple, Hester
Dalrymple, Isabell
Dalrymple, Jane
Dalrymple, Margaret
Dalrymple, Nancy
Daniels, Amelia
Daniels, George
Daniels, James
Daniels, Lewis
Daniels, Lewis
Daniels, Louisa
Daniels, Sarah
Daniels, William
Danke, Charles
Darby, Mary
Darrah, Wm
Dart, Amor
Dart, Catherine
Dart, Catherine A
Dart, Daniel T
Dart, Delia
Dart, Eli
Dart, Hannah A
Dart, John W
Dart, Joseph R
Dart, Louisa
Dart, Lucinda A
Dart, Lucy D
Dart, Margaret H
Dart, Martha E
Dart, Martha E
Dart, Mary E
Dart, Rhoda J
Dart, Rubama
Dart, Sabilla C
Dart, Sarelda
Dashe, John
David, Alonzo
David, Amand
David, Elias
David, Elizabeth
David, Evaline
David, Isac
David, Joseph
David, Joseph A
David, Lucind
David, Mary
David, Thomas
David, William
Davis, Alonzo
Davis, Anne
Davis, Bennet
Davis, Clarassa
Davis, Densey J
Davis, Edmond
Davis, Eliza C
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Frances
Davis, George
Davis, Hariett
Davis, Hiram
Davis, Jacman
Davis, John
Davis, Joshua
Davis, Lucy
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary Jane
Davis, Mr
Davis, Nancy
Davis, Nancy
Davis, Nancy E
Davis, Nancy H
Davis, Phebe
Davis, Rebecka
Davis, Roselee
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah
Davis, William
Day, George
Day, Malissa
Day, William
Day, William W
Day, William W.
Dean, George W
Dean, John
Dean, Lydia
Deaveres, David
Deavers, Martha
Deavers, Sarah
Deavers, Wickes
Decker, John
Decker, Josepene
Decker, Margret
Decker, Margret
Decker, Rebecka
Decker, William
Dedigo, Artimitia
Dedigo, George W
Dedigo, Israel
Dedigo, Israel
Deffendefer, Levi
Deffendeffer, Levi
Deffendeffer, Martha
Deffendeffer, Thomas
Delany, Jacob
Deliisle, Susan
Delilse, William
Delisle, Charles
Delisle, Ebba
Delisle, Mary
Delong, Cathorine
Delong, David
Delong, Edwin
Delong, Eli
Delong, Emanuel
Delong, George
Delong, Isac
Delong, Jefferson
Delong, Job
Delong, John
Delong, Joseph
Delong, Mary
Delong, Mary
Delong, Noah
Delong, Rebecka
Delong, Rebecka
Delong, Solomon
Delong, Susan
Delong, William
Denison, Alexander
Denison, Braxton E
Denison, Catherine
Denison, Elizabeth
Denison, Harriet M
Denison, Harriet M
Denison, Henry H
Denison, James E
Denison, Jane A
Denison, John Jr
Denison, John Sr
Denison, Louisa F
Denison, Mary A
Denison, Mary Ann
Denison, Mary E
Denison, Nancy M
Denison, Robert
Denison, Sarah
Denison, Sarah
Denison, Sarah J
Denison, Wm G
Denn, Frances
Denn, Martha
Denn, Mason
Denn, Sarah
Denn, Wm
Derr, Christena
Derr, David
Derr, Jacob
Derr, John
Derrous, Lewis
Derrous, Lewis Jr.
Dervair, Lewis
Desbruiss, Francis E
Desbruiss, Jane
Desbruiss, Joseph
Deshane, Alx
Devenport, Eliza
Devenport, Henry
Devenport, James
Devenport, Martha
Devenport, P H
Devenport, Richard
Devenport, Richard
Devenport, Sallie
Devenshire, David
Deving, J W
Dickerson, Admiral
Dickerson, Claracy
Dickerson, Eliza
Dickerson, Elizabeth
Dickerson, George
Dickerson, George
Dickerson, James
Dickerson, John
Dickerson, John
Dickerson, Levey
Dickerson, Loucinda
Dickerson, Lucinda
Dickerson, Martha
Dickerson, Mary
Dickerson, Mary
Dickerson, Mary
Dickerson, Robert
Dickerson, Robert
Dickerson, Sarah
Dickerson, Susan
Dickerson, Thomas
Dickerson, Thomas
Dickerson, Wiley
Dickerson, William
Dickerson, William
Dickerson, William
Dickinson, Lucinda
Dickinson, Mary
Dickison, Elizabeth
Dickison, George
Dickison, John
Dickison, Lewis
Dickson, Allison
Dickson, Amanda
Dickson, Ann
Dickson, Elizabeth
Dickson, Henry
Dickson, James
Dickson, James
Dickson, Lucrecia
Dickson, Mary
Dickson, Rosela
Dickson, Thodore
Dickson, Thomas
Dickson, William
Dickson, William
Dilman, Abraham
Diver, Alice
Diver, Charles
Diver, Ellen
Diver, John
Diver, John
Diver, Mary A
Dobbines, Eugene
Dobbs, George
Dobbs, Susan
Dobins, Amelia
Dobins, Arthur
Dobins, Elizabeth
Dobins, Vincent
Doe, Ada
Doe, Mary
Dofer, John
Dofer, Josephine
Dofer, Jula
Dofer, Julann
Dofer, Mary
Dollahan, Albert
Dollahan, Allace
Dollahan, Annie
Dollahan, Charles
Dollahan, Eramay
Dollahan, Euphrasie
Dollahan, Eveline
Dollahan, John
Dollahan, John
Dollahan, John
Dollahan, Martha
Dollahan, Martha
Dollahan, Robert
Dollahan, T T
Dollahan, Thomas
Dollahan, William
Dollihan, Isac
Dollihan, Sarah
Dolson, William
Donavan, James
Donner, Catharine
Donner, George
Donner, Henry
Donner, Jane
Donner, Mary
Donner, Phillip
Donner, William
Dooley, John
Dooley, Martha
Dooley, Mary
Dooly, Henry
Dotson, John
Dotson, Louisa
Dotson, Mary
Doty, Gilbert
Douglass, Amanda
Douglass, Charles
Douglass, Daniel
Douglass, Eveline
Douglass, George
Douglass, Hannah
Douglass, Henry
Douglass, Horace
Douglass, John
Douglass, Lewis
Douglass, Linda
Douglass, Lucinda
Douglass, Martha
Douglass, Milton
Douglass, Nancy
Douglass, Nancy
Douglass, Siana
Dowling, Edward
Doyle, Wm
Drake, Charles
Drake, Coroline
Drake, Edwin
Drake, Eliza
Drake, Emma
Drake, Nancy
Drake, Perry
Drake, R
Drake, Samuel
Drake, William
Drake, William
Dubois, Charles
Dubois, Eliza
Dudley, Barbary
Dudley, George
Dudley, Isaac
Dudley, James
Dudley, Joshua
Dudley, Julia
Dudley, Julia
Dudley, Martha
Dudley, Mary
Dudley, Mary
Dudley, Roann
Dudley, Sarah
Dunke, Elizabeth
Dunke, Emly
Dunke, James
Dunke, Jane
Dunke, John
Dunke, Louisa
Dunke, Martha
Dunke, Mary
Dunke, Washington
Dunke, William
Dunlap, Angaline
Dunlap, James
Dunlap, John
Dunlap, Mary
Dunlap, Samuel
Dunlap, Sarah
Dunlap, Shuler
Durkee, Ann
Durkee, Chancy
Durkee, Dora
Dutton, Cintha
Dutton, Collumbus
Dutton, Daniel
Dutton, Maria
Dutton, Mosses
Dutton, Nancy
Dutton, Nancy
Dutton, Saphrona
Dutton, William
Eaten, Caius M
Eaten, Cynthia
Eaten, George
Eaten, James
Eaton, Alva
Eaton, Artelisa
Eaton, Caius
Eaton, Caus M
Eaton, Emily
Eaton, George
Eaton, Mary
Eaton, Mary
Eaton, Matilda
Eaton, Olenzo
Eaton, Phebe
Eaton, William
Edmondsen, Catherine
Edmondsen, Isom
Edmondsen, James
Edmondsen, John
Edmondsen, Nancy
Edmondsen, Not named
Edmondsen, Sarah Ann
Edmondsen, Stuart
Edmondsen, W M
Edmondson, James
Edmondson, Margaret A
Edmondson, Mary J.
Edmondson, Nancy M.
Edmondson, Olive
Edmondson, Sarah S.
Edwards, J L
Edwards, James W
Edwards, James W.
Edwards, John
Edwards, Sarah A
Ekiss, Catherine
Ekiss, Eleanor
Ekiss, Elizabeth
Ekiss, Elizabeth
Ekiss, Emanuel
Ekiss, Enoch
Ekiss, Lewis E
Ekiss, Martha J
Ekiss, Mary
Ekiss, Matilda
Ekiss, Narcissus
Ekiss, Pheobe
Ekiss, Rebecca J
Elmore, Lucy
Elston, Laura
Elston, Seth
Emery, Clay
Emery, Martha
Emery, Tarleton
Emery, Virginia
Emmon, Elizabeth
Emmon, James
Emmon, James
Emmon, John
Emmon, Readman
Emmon, Sant Clary
Emmon, Washington
Emmon, Wesly
Emmons, Aron
Emmons, Charles
Emmons, Charles
Emmons, Elizabeth
Emmons, Frances
Emmons, George
Emmons, Henry
Emmons, John
Emmons, John
Emmons, Joseph
Emmons, Lena
Emmons, Mary
Emmons, Mary
Emmons, Nancy
Emmons, Rachel
Emmons, Sarah
Emonds, James
Emonds, James
England, Ebenezer
England, Eliza E
England, George
England, Henry
England, Jefferson
England, Jeremiah
England, John
England, Martha E
England, Mary
England, Mary
England, Mathew
England, Minerva J
England, Nancy
England, Nancy
England, Polly
England, Rachael
England, Rebecca
England, Samuel
England, Sarah
England, Thomas
England, Thomas
England, William
English, Alonzo
English, Gilbert
English, Mary
English, Maty
English, Thomas M
Eson, Benjamin
Eson, Jerushia
Eson, Joseph
Eson, Joseph
Eson, Jousua
Ethington, David
Ethington, Lewis
Ethington, Maria
Ethington, Sarah
Etzwiler, Catherine E
Etzwiler, Corneilus
Etzwiler, John
Etzwiler, John L
Etzwiler, Margaret A
Etzwiler, Matilda
Etzwiler, Nancy J
Etzwiler, Opholius
Etzwiler, Pheobe
Etzwiler, Prissilla
Etzwiler, Sophia
Etzwiler, Susanah
Evans, Abraham
Evans, Eliza
Evans, Gabriel
Evans, George
Evans, Ida
Evans, James
Evans, John
Evans, Joseph
Evans, Loyece
Evans, Martha
Evans, Mary
Evans, Polly
Evans, Samuel
Evans, Samuel
Evans, Thomas
F*lats, Eliza
F*lats, John
Fague, Malissa
Fail, Bolly
Fail, Elizabeth
Fail, Emly
Fail, George
Fail, Harriet
Fail, Henry
Fail, Jane
Fail, Jennette
Fail, John
Fail, Lunio
Fail, Mary
Fail, Mary
Fail, Parcis B
Fail, Susan
Fail, Thomas
Fairbanks, Catharine
Fairbanks, Charles
Faris, Lucinda
Faris, Mary
Farley, Patrick
Farmer, Nancy J
Farmer, Wm.
Farrar, William
Farrer, Rosella
Farris, Benjamin
Farris, Elizabeth
Farris, Ellen
Farris, George
Farris, H H
Feagans, Catharine
Feagans, Danl
Feagans, Harlin
Feagans, Harriet
Felkey, Henry
Felton, Acy
Felton, John
Felton, Nancy
Felton, Racheal
Field, Margret
Finley, Ellen J
Finley, John M
Finley, Margret
Finley, Margret
Finley, Martha
Finley, William E.
Fiscus, Alexander
Fiscus, Alexander F
Fiscus, Amanda
Fiscus, Elizabeth
Fiscus, James O
Fiscus, Lewis
Fiscus, Martha
Fiscus, Mary
Fiscus, Mary
Fiscus, Randolph
Fish, Adaline
Fish, Amy
Fish, Andrew
Fish, Asa W
Fish, David R
Fish, Emsly
Fish, Flora
Fish, Francis M
Fish, Frank
Fish, James
Fish, John
Fish, John Wesly
Fish, Mary
Fish, Missouri H
Fish, Not named
Fish, Samuel A
Fish, Thomas
Fish, William H
Fish, Wm.
Fisher, Aley
Fisher, Allace
Fisher, Benjamin
Fisher, Carrie
Fisher, Charles
Fisher, Dolphus
Fisher, John
Fitch, Barbry
Fitch, Frances
Fitch, John
Fitch, Margret
Fitch, Perry
Fitch, Susan
Fitzgerald, Hannah
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzh, Hannah
Fitzh, Mary
Fitzh, Vabetta
Fitzh, W
Flanders, Ella
Flanders, Emma
Flanders, J L
Flanders, Jack
Flanders, Lenora
Flanders, Levaette
Flanders, Mary
Flanders, Sarah
Flemin, Abraham
Flemin, Elizabeth
Fletcher, Fannie
Flour, Adam
Flowers, Harvey
Flowers, John
Flowers, Margret
Flowers, Martha
Flowers, Samuel
Ford, Abner
Ford, Amos
Ford, Elizabeth
Ford, George
Ford, Lida
Ford, Louisa
Ford, Polly
Ford, R J
Forerswort, Isac
Forerswort, Jasper
Forerswort, John
Forerswort, Lucind
Forerswort, Mary
Foster, Ellen
Foster, Francisco
Foster, James
Foster, John C
Foster, Margret
Foster, Mary
Foster, Michael
Foster, Ornosco
Foster, Samuel
Foster, Susan
Fowler, George
Fowler, Hetty Ann
Fowler, Isabella
Fowler, John
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Mathew
Fowler, Nancy
Fowler, Sarah
Fowler, Sarah J
Fowler, William
Fowler, William
Fredrick, Andrew
French, Almon
French, Bascom
French, Chancy
French, Chancy
French, Eliza
French, Elizabath
French, Elizabath
French, Elizabeth
French, Emeline
French, Eveline
French, Frances
French, George
French, George F
French, Harrison
French, Henrietta
French, Henry
French, Ira
French, Izak
French, J N
French, James
French, James
French, Jane
French, Jane
French, Joseph
French, Mary
French, Mary E
French, Philander
French, Preston O
French, Samuel E
French, Sarah A
French, William
French, Zeba
French, Zerelda
Fritchey, Amos
Fritchey, Benjamin
Fritchey, Elizabeth
Fritchey, Eva
Fritchey, George
Fritchey, George
Fritchey, Jane
Fritchey, John
Fritchey, John
Fritchey, Josep
Fritchey, Joseph
Fritchey, Lucretia
Fritchey, Mary
Fritchey, Mary
Fritchey, Mary
Fritchey, Mathew
Fritchey, Matilda
Fritchey, William
Fritchey, William
Fritchy, Louisa
Fuller, Lucinda
Fuller, Lydia J.
Fuller, R H
Fuller, William L
Fullilove, John A
Fullilove, Mary Ann
Fullilove, Mary E
Fullilove, Thomas J
Funk, A D
Funk, A E
Funk, Anderson
Funk, Inda
Funk, Indiana
Funk, John
Funk, Martha
Funk, Mary
Funk, Mary
Funk, Max
Funk, Nancy
Funk, Nancy
Funk, Nancy
Funk, Peter
Funk, Peter
Funk, Peter
Funk, Susan
Funk, Susan
Funk, W J
Funk, William
Funk, William
Fyff, Albert
Fyff, Annie
Fyff, David
Fyff, Edward
Fyff, George
Fyff, Hariet
Fyff, James
Fyff, Laura
Fyff, Martha
Fyff, Rebeca
Fyff, Sarah
Fyff, William
Fyffe, Albert
Fyffe, Amand
Fyffe, Charles
Fyffe, David
Fyffe, Edgar
Fyffe, Edmund
Fyffe, Emaline
Fyffe, Hamilton
Fyffe, Hannah
Fyffe, J Wilson
Fyffe, James
Fyffe, John
Fyffe, John P
Fyffe, Lafayette
Fyffe, Lucy
Fyffe, Martha
Fyffe, Mary
Fyffe, Mary
Fyffe, Mary Jane
Fyffe, Rosline
Fyffe, Sarah
Fyffe, Sarah
Fyffe, Sarah
Fyffe, Sarah
Fyffe, Susan
Fyffe, Thomas
Gabbins, Alfred
Gabbins, Amanda
Gabbins, Andrew
Gabbins, Eli
Gabbins, Jesse
Gabbins, Loucinda
Gabbins, Miles
Gabbins, William
Gadd, ConLeah
Gadd, Phillip
Gaddy, Acy
Gaddy, Anna
Gaddy, Caroline
Gaddy, Caroline
Gaddy, Cillar
Gaddy, Elija
Gaddy, Eliza
Gaddy, Eliza
Gaddy, Elizabeth
Gaddy, Elizabeth
Gaddy, Elizabeth
Gaddy, Elizabeth
Gaddy, Emma
Gaddy, Ezekiel
Gaddy, George
Gaddy, George
Gaddy, James
Gaddy, James
Gaddy, James
Gaddy, James
Gaddy, Lucinda
Gaddy, Lucinda
Gaddy, Lucy
Gaddy, Lyda
Gaddy, Lydia
Gaddy, Malinda
Gaddy, Malinda J
Gaddy, Martha
Gaddy, Racheal
Gaddy, Samuel
Gaddy, Sarah
Gaddy, Sion
Gaddy, Syrus
Gaddy, Terreez
Gaddy, Tomas
Gaddy, William
Galager, Catharine
Galager, Charles
Galager, Cora
Galager, Ida
Galager, Martha
Gallager, Adaline
Gallager, John
Gallager, Mary
Galleger, Hugh
Gamble, Abraham
Gamble, Charity
Gamble, Richardson
Gamble, Sena
Ganes, David
Ganes, Edward
Ganes, George
Ganes, Isador
Ganes, Lidia
Ganes, Logan
Ganes, Mahala
Ganes, Mary
Ganes, Stephen
Ganes, Steven
Ganes, William
Gannon, Bell
Gannon, Margrett
Gannon, Samuel
Gannon, Samuel
Gard, Lydia
Garder, Thomas
Gardner, George
Gardner, Jack
Gardner, Jasper
Gardner, Jesse
Gardner, John
Gardner, Louisa
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Nancy
Gardner, Rebecca M
Gardner, Sarah J
Gardner, Sarah R
Gardner, Stephen
Garner, Charles
Garner, Eliza
Garner, George
Garner, George
Garner, Idia
Garner, John
Garner, John
Garner, Kate
Garner, Martha
Garner, Mary
Garrard, Annie
Garrard, Bettie
Garrard, Coburn
Garrard, Matilda
Garrard, Matilda
Garrard, Susan
Garrard, William
Garrard, Wm M
Garver, John
Gasway, David
Gasway, George
Gasway, Henry
Gasway, Richard
Gasway, Samuel
Gasway, Sarah
Gehrt, Charles
Gehrt, Easter
Gehrt, Hannah
Gehrt, Joel
Gehrt, John
Gehrt, Loucinda
Gehrt, Solomon
Gehrt, William
Geisler, Jacob
Geisler, Margetta
Geisler, Margret
Geisler, Mary
George, Alford
George, Eliza
George, James
George, John
George, Lydia
George, Lydia
George, Martha
Gerdey, John
Gere, Jane
Gerhret, Catharine
Gerhret, Catharine
Gerhret, Cyrus
Gerhret, Emaline
Gerhret, James
Gerhret, Nathen
Gerhret, Samuel
Gesben, John
Gesler, Elizabeth
Gesler, Hannette
Gesler, Henerrette
Gesler, Hennerette
Gesler, J P
Gesler, Jacob
Gesler, John
Gesler, John
Gesler, Lewis
Gesler, Mary
Gesler, Mary
Gesler, Nicholas
Ghee, Amanda H
Ghee, John H
Ghee, L W
Ghee, Sarah J.
Ghee, Sylvester
Gher, Gorge N
Gher, Jacob
Gher, Jacob K
Gher, Laretta
Gher, Margaret A
Gher, Rebecca
Gher, Sarah
Gher, Simon
Gibbons, John
Gibbons, Philip
Gibbs, Daniel
Gibbs, Mary E
Gibbs, Rebecca
Gibbs, Sarah M
Gibbs, Thomas
Gibson, Homer
Gibson, Joeseph
Gibson, John
Gibson, Marthy
Giggee, Frankliln
Gilbert, Aquilla H
Gilbert, Maria
Gilbert, Sarah
Gilbert, Sarah Ann
Gilbert, Wm. C
Gillam, Charles
Gillam, Elizabeth
Gillam, George
Gillam, James
Gillam, John
Gillam, Mary
Gillam, Nancy
Gillam, Riley
Gillam, Sarah
Gillam, William
Gillan, Charles
Gillan, Margret
Gillespie, Adaline
Gillespie, Alonzo
Gillespie, Ann
Gillespie, Ann Mariah
Gillespie, Cynthia
Gillespie, Cynthia A
Gillespie, Edward
Gillespie, Edward C
Gillespie, Eliza Jane
Gillespie, Elizabeth
Gillespie, Ellen
Gillespie, Emily
Gillespie, George
Gillespie, George H
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, John W
Gillespie, Leander
Gillespie, Lizzie
Gillespie, Mary A
Gillespie, Mary Ann
Gillespie, Mary E
Gillespie, Mary J
Gillespie, Mary J
Gillespie, Polly
Gillespie, Rebecca
Gillespie, Rebecca
Gillespie, Rebecca E
Gillespie, Robert
Gillespie, Robert G
Gillespie, Samuel
Gillespie, Thomas P
Gillespie, Walter
Gillespie, Walter
Gillespie, Walter V
Gillespie, Wm.
Gillespie, Wm.
Gillespie, Wm. B
Gillespie, Wm. H
Gilman, Charlie
Gilman, John
Gilmon, Adaline
Gilmon, James
Gilmon, Jane
Gilmon, Mary
Ginger, Daniel
Ginger, Denis
Ginn, Lawrence
Goff, Margret
Goins, Amanda
Goins, Catherine
Goins, Easter
Goins, Easter
Goins, Fannie
Goins, Henry
Goins, Henry S
Goins, Philip C
Gold, D L
Gold, Henrietta
Gold, John
Gold, Lewis
Golden, Martin
Golding, Andrew
Golen, Eunice
Golen, Jerusha A
Golen, Samuel
Gonen, Henry
Gonen, Nancy
Gones, Alvin
Gones, Charles
Gones, Earls
Gones, Eliza
Gones, George
Gones, Hannah
Gones, India
Gones, Ira
Gones, Jasper
Gones, John
Gones, Levi
Gones, Lewis
Gones, Lewis
Gones, Margret
Gones, Martha
Gones, Martha
Gones, Mary
Gones, Mary
Gones, Mary
Gones, Minnerva
Gones, Nancy
Gones, Nancy
Gones, Obed
Gones, Pleasant
Gones, Rachel
Gones, Samuel
Gones, Sarah
Gones, Sarah
Gones, Smithy
Gones, Susan
Gones, Theodore
Gones, Theodore
Gones, Thomas
Gones, William
Gones, William
Gones, William
Gones, William
Good**, William
Goodin, Daniel
Goodin, Frances
Goodin, Ruso
Goodin, Sarah
Goodman, Allace
Goodman, Charles
Goodman, Henry
Goodman, Lewis
Goodman, Robert
Goodman, Susan
Goodman, William
Goodman, William
Gordon, Allen
Gordon, Cassius M
Gordon, Charles
Gordon, Charles H
Gordon, Daniel F.
Gordon, Feralee
Gordon, George
Gordon, Isaac N.
Gordon, James M
Gordon, John
Gordon, John
Gordon, Julia Ann
Gordon, Louiza A.
Gordon, Lourana
Gordon, Lucrecia
Gordon, Mary
Gordon, Matilda
Gordon, Nancy
Gordon, Patric
Gordon, Samuel Q
Gordon, Sarah
Gordon, Sarah
Gordon, Susan J.
Gordon, Thomas
Gordon, William
Gorgan, Amos
Goslen, Elizabeth
Goslen, Malinda J
Goslen, Margaret
Goslen, Matilda
Goslen, Nancy
Goslen, Pheobe
Goslen, Wm
Gosnel, Allace
Gosnel, Allen
Gosnel, Billy
Gosnel, Elizabeth
Gosnel, Irvin
Gosnel, James
Gosnel, Jane
Gosnel, John
Gosnel, Mary
Gosnel, Nancy
Gosnel, Perry
Gosnel, Ruth
Gould, Aaron J
Gould, Aaron W
Gould, Abner L
Gould, Alexander
Gould, Andrew J
Gould, Ann
Gould, Clara E
Gould, Eduard
Gould, Eliza
Gould, Emily J
Gould, George
Gould, Gerge
Gould, Henry C
Gould, Jane
Gould, John
Gould, John J
Gould, Joseph
Gould, Martha G
Gould, Moses R
Gould, Nancey
Gould, Nancy
Gould, Samuel
Gould, Thomas B
Gould, Thomas G
Gould, Victor H
Gould, William A
Gould, Wm T
Gowdy, John
Gowdy, Joseph
Gowdy, Mary
Gowdy, Rebecka
Gowen, Eliza
Gowen, Eliza
Gowen, Elvira
Gowen, Ezekiel
Gowen, Hezekiah
Gowen, John
Gowen, Lewis
Gowen, Martha
Gowen, Martha
Gowen, Mary
Gowen, N.N.
Gowen, Polly
Gowen, Shedrick
Gowen, Shedrick
Gowens, Saml
Gowens, Susan
Graftham, Gabrel
Graftham, George
Graftham, Rebecka
Graftham, Sarah
Granlee, Curtis
Granlee, Emma
Granlee, Eveline
Granlee, George
Granlee, Martha
Granlee, Mary
Granlee, Minor
Granlee, Samilda
Granlee, Sarah
Granlee, Stewart
Granlee, Wm
Grant, Daniel
Grant, Ellen
Grant, Elom
Grant, Emaly
Grant, Emma
Grant, John
Grant, Mary
Grant, N R
Grass, Alford H
Grass, Emily
Grass, Emily
Grass, Evaline
Grass, Hariett
Grass, Henry
Grass, Isabel
Grass, John
Grass, Malinda
Grass, Martha
Grass, Susan
Grass, Susan
Grass, Willia
Gray, Aaron
Gray, Angeline
Gray, Augustes
Gray, Catheorine
Gray, Catherine
Gray, Charles
Gray, Delila
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Ellen
Gray, Indiana
Gray, Jacob
Gray, James
Gray, James
Gray, John
Gray, John
Gray, John
Gray, John S
Gray, Joseph
Gray, Mary J
Gray, Nancy
Gray, Nancy
Gray, Nancy E
Gray, Nancy J
Gray, Orilla
Gray, Philo
Gray, Russell
Gray, Salathis
Gray, Samuel
Gray, Samuel
Gray, Walter
Gray, Walter
Gray, William
Gray, Willian
Gray, Wm. J
Grayham, James
Grayham, John
Grayham, Lewis
Grayham, Millard
Grayham, Theadore
Grayham, William
Greely, Horis
Greemore, Adline
Greemore, Amal
Greemore, Angeline
Greemore, Caroline
Greemore, Elizabeth
Greemore, Felix
Greemore, Jane
Greemore, John
Greemore, Josephine
Greemore, Louisa
Greemore, Margaret
Greemore, Martha
Greemore, Mary
Greemore, Mary
Greemore, Mary
Greemore, Mary J
Greemore, Michael
Greemore, Paul
Greemore, Peter
Greemore, Peter
Greemore, Resean
Greemore, Roseanna
Greemore, Russell
Greemore, Sally
Greemore, Sera
Greemore, Zedore
Green, George
Green, James P
Green, Kate
Green, Mary
Green, Mary
Green, Richard
Green, William
Green, William
Green, William
Greenhood, Allen J
Greenhood, George
Greenhood, Sarah E
Greenhood, Susanah
Greenwood, Caroline
Greenwood, Emly
Greenwood, Harriet
Greenwood, Maria
Greenwood, Sarah
Greenwood, Sherolett
Greenwood, William
Greer, Elizabeth
Greer, Grace
Greer, Margret
Greer, Margret
Greer, Martha
Greer, Mary
Greer, Nathan
Greer, Nathan
Greer, Polly
Greer, Rebeka
Greer, Sarah
Greer, Susan
Greer, Van
Greer, William
Greeson, John
Greggs, Nancy
Greggs, Thomas
Greggs, William
Gremore, Adaline
Gremore, James
Gremore, John
Gremore, Joseph
Gremore, Mary
Gremore, Mary
Griffe, Joseph S
Griffe, Mary E
Griffe, Rachael
Griffe, Thomas
Griffen, Hellen
Griggs, Hannah
Griggs, John
Griggs, Joseph
Griggs, Marthe
Grimes, David
Grimes, George
Grimes, James
Grimes, John
Grimes, John
Grimes, Levina
Grimes, Martha
Grimes, Martha
Grimes, Rachel
Grimes, Ruth
Grimes, Sarah
Grimes, Thomas
Grimes, W T
Grimes, Winie
Groman, Catharine
Groman, Charles
Grounds, George W
Grounds, Martha
Grounds, Martha E
Grounds, Thomas
Grounds, Thomas H
Grout, Elmer
Grout, Mary F
Grove, Elizabeth
Grove, Lafayette
Grove, Phillip
Grove, Sarah
Grove, Thomas
Grove, Washington
Groves, Charles
Groves, Eliza
Groves, Jesse
Groves, Sarah
Grunfrell, Eliza
Grunfrell, Elizabeth
Grunfrell, Henry
Grunfrell, John
Gruss, Daniel
Gu*tine, Charlotte
Gu*tine, Jane
Gu*tine, Jessey
Gu*tine, John
Gu*tine, John S
Gu*tine, Mary
Gu*tine, Rebecca
Gu*tine, Susan
Gu*tine, William
Gudgell, Abraham
Gudgell, Elizabeth
Gudgell, Hester
Gudgell, James
Gudgell, John
Gudgell, Martha
Gudgell, Mary
Gudgell, Sarah
Gudgell, William
Guess, Denas C
Guess, Dicy E
Guess, Fera
Guess, George W
Guess, George W
Guess, John C B
Guess, Leba A
Guess, Mary C
Guess, Rebecca
Guess, Willie J.
Guess, Wilson L
Guessman, David
Guessman, George
Guessman, James R
Guessman, Loretta
Guessman, Mary
Guff, John
Gy, Charles
Gy, Frank
Gy, Mary A
Hackman, Abraham
Hackman, Benjamin
Hackman, Henry
Hackman, Mary
Hackman, William
Hagerty, Mary
Hagger, John
Halfacre, Elizabeth
Halfacre, Elizabeth B
Halfacre, Fredrich
Halfacre, Jacob
Halfacre, Margaret
Halfacre, Mary Eliza
Halfacre, Wiley M
Hall, Isabell
Hallet, Allexander
Hallet, Clement
Hallet, Edward
Hallet, Elizabeth
Hallet, George
Hallet, James
Hallet, James
Hallet, John
Hallet, John
Hallet, John
Hallet, Margret
Hallet, Maria
Hallet, Martha
Hallet, Mary
Hallet, Nancy
Hallet, Rackson
Hallet, Robert
Hallet, Sarah
Hallet, Solomon
Hallet, William
Hallet, William
Hamacher, Jacob
Hamacher, Jasper
Hamacher, Susanah
Hamilton, Adenijah
Hamilton, Anna
Hamilton, Benj
Hamilton, Clarissa
Hamilton, Lidia J
Hamilton, Sarah
Hamilton, William R
Hammond, D C
Hammond, Earl
Hammond, Flavous
Hammond, Nancy
Hanelter, Susan
Hanes, Amanda
Hanes, Daniel
Hanes, Georg
Hanes, John
Hanes, Martha
Hanes, Nancy
Hanes, Sarah
Hanes, Sarah
Hanes, Steven
Hanes, Thomas
Hannutt, James
Harbaugh, Anna
Harbaugh, David
Harbaugh, Ison
Harbaugh, James
Harbaugh, Jonas D
Harbaugh, Mahlia
Harbaugh, Margret
Harbaugh, Michael
Harbaugh, Samuel
Hardacre, Elizabeth
Hardacre, Hardin
Hardacre, Joseph
Hardacre, Malvinia
Hardacre, Robert
Harden, Alvin
Hardey, Ema
Hardey, John
Hardey, Martha
Hardey, Olive
Hare, John
Harlan, Addie
Harlan, John
Harlin, Mary
Harlin, Sidda
Harlin, Thomas
Harris, Catharine
Harris, David
Harris, Harvey
Harris, James
Harris, James
Harris, John
Harris, Lucinda
Harris, N.N.
Harris, Susan
Harris, William
Harris, William
Hart, John
Harty, Petri M
Harvey, Aaron
Harvey, David
Harvey, Hartson
Harvey, James
Harvey, Jane
Harvey, John
Harvey, Mary
Harvey, Nancy
Harvey, Nancy
Harvey, Rebecca
Haskins, A
Haskins, W A
Hawkins, Adora
Hawkins, Christina
Hawkins, Eliga
Hawkins, Elizabeth
Hawkins, George
Hawkins, Jessey
Hawkins, Joseph
Hawkins, Mary
Hawkins, Sarah
Hawkins, William
Hawks, Saml. H
Hayman, John
Haynes, Athalia
Haynes, Margret
Hays, Allace
Hays, Charles
Hays, Eliza
Hays, Emaline
Hays, James
Hays, John
Hays, Lewis P
Hays, Mary
Hays, Nancy
Hays, Saml
Hays, Sarah
Hays, Serena
Hays, Winfield
Hazleton, Alva
Hazleton, Louis A
Hazleton, Lucy J
Hazleton, Lucy J
Hazleton, Mary E
Hazleton, Sarah
Hazleton, Warren
Hazleton, Wm H
Heading, Albert
Heading, Amanda
Heading, Bemah
Heading, John
Heading, Mary
Heading, Readman
Heath, A Z
Heath, Amos
Heath, Amy
Heath, Asha
Heath, Ashel
Heath, Bolivar
Heath, Catherine
Heath, David S
Heath, Dehlia C
Heath, Edward
Heath, Eliza A
Heath, Ella
Heath, Francis
Heath, George
Heath, Hannah
Heath, Henry
Heath, Ira B
Heath, James
Heath, James S
Heath, John
Heath, John
Heath, Lafyett
Heath, Lillie
Heath, Malissa
Heath, Martha
Heath, Mary
Heath, Mary J
Heath, Milton
Heath, Milton
Heath, N.N.
Heath, Oliver
Heath, Permelia
Heath, Pheobe C
Heath, Pheobe E
Heath, Randolph
Heath, Robert
Heath, Robert
Heath, Samuel
Heath, Samuel H
Heath, Sarah
Heath, Susan J
Heath, Thomas F
Heath, Tobias
Heath, Tobias
Heath, William
Heath, William
Heck, J H
Heffenstin, Rachael
Hegarty, Eliazbeth
Hegarty, Jerry
Hegarty, John
Hegarty, Paterick
Henderson, Edward
Henderson, Ellen
Henderson, Frances
Henderson, John
Henderson, William
Hendrick, Amand
Hendrick, Elizabeth
Hendrick, George
Hendrick, Lewis
Hendrick, Mary
Hendrick, Susan
Hendrick, William
Hennisa, Esther
Henry, Hildred E
Henry, James
Henry, Martha
Henry, Mary E
Henry, Susan
Henry, Wm T
Hensley, Augustu
Hensley, Caroline
Hensley, Clarissa
Hensley, Clarrissa
Hensley, Fielden
Hensley, George W
Hensley, Jacob
Hensley, James
Hensley, John
Hensley, John E
Hensley, Lafayett
Hensley, Lewis
Hensley, Margret
Hensley, Marion
Hensley, Moses H
Hensley, Nancy E
Hensley, Sarah Ann
Hentze, Anna
Hentze, Clementine
Hentze, Daniel
Hentze, Jacob
Hentze, John
Hentze, Laura
Hentze, Margret
Hentze, Maria
Hershey, Anna F
Hershey, Eliza
Hershey, Elizabeth J
Hershey, Isaac C
Hershey, Jacob
Hershey, Jacob M
Hershey, John L
Hershey, Laura J
Hershey, Mary C
Hershey, Robert B
Hessen, Timothy
Hiatt, Catherine
Hiatt, James V
Hiatt, William P
Highfield, Ann
Highfield, Charles
Highfield, Geo W
Highfield, George
Highfield, Henry
Highfield, Isaac
Highfield, John
Highfield, Margaret
Highsith, Eliza
Highsith, Leander
Highsith, Leander
Highsith, Margret
Highsith, Maria
Highsith, Martha
Highsith, Sarah
Highsmith, Catherine
Highsmith, Eliza E
Highsmith, Hetta
Highsmith, J M
Highsmith, John H
Highsmith, Sarah T
Highsmith, Susanah
Hill, Alexander
Hill, Allice
Hill, B. W.
Hill, Benjamin
Hill, Cinthia
Hill, E R
Hill, E W
Hill, Henry
Hill, Henry
Hill, Hugh G
Hill, Isaac E
Hill, J N
Hill, J. R.
Hill, James
Hill, John W
Hill, Louisa A
Hill, M G
Hill, Margaret
Hill, Margaret
Hill, Marisa
Hill, Martha J
Hill, Mary S
Hill, Samuel
Hill, Sarah
Hill, Sarah
Hinbarger, Peter
Hinbarger, Sarah
Hiskey, Clinton
Hiskey, Clinton
Hiskey, Cora
Hiskey, Cora
Hiskey, Delia
Hiskey, Delia
Hiskey, Harriet
Hiskey, Jos. B
Hiskey, Joseph
Hiskey, Peter
Hiskey, Sherman
Hiskey, Sherman
Hismith, Hannah
Hismith, John O.
Hismith, Marth
Hismith, Mary
Hismith, Sarah
Hitchcock, Jerrymyer
Hitchcock, Martha
Hitchcock, Sarah
Hobson, Cordelia
Hobson, Harmon
Hobson, James
Hobson, Luther
Hobson, Mary
Hobson, Reana
Hobson, T L
Hockman, Aaron
Hockman, Amanda
Hockman, E
Hockman, Elizabeth
Hockman, Isa
Hockman, John
Hockman, Mary
Hockman, Wm
Hodge, George
Hodge, John
Hogges, Elizabath
Hogges, George
Hogges, Richard
Hogges, William
Hoke, Robert
Hoker, Amanda
Hoker, John
Hoker, Sarah
Hoker, Susan
Hoker, William
Hoker, William
Holmes, Jane
Holmes, John
Honer, Curtis
Honer, Joseph
Honer, Mary
Honer, Thomas
Hoops, C
Hoops, Margaret C.
Hoops, Mary E
Hoops, Sarah E
Hoops, Thomas F
Hooten, Eppenatus
Hooten, Henry
Hooten, Lara
Hooten, Oliva
Hoover, Caroline
Hopkins, H. N.
Hopkins, Margret
Horge, Cicero
Horge, Elizabeth
Horge, Indren
Horge, Nancy
Horge, Pheeba
Hornback, Delila
Hornback, Henry
Hornback, Nancy
Hoten, George
Hovey, Cornelia
Hovey, Eliz
Hovey, George
Hovey, Milton
How, Arena
How, Catharine
How, Catherine
How, Daniel
How, Daniel
How, Eliza
How, Eliza
How, James
How, James
How, Joanah
How, John
How, John
How, Mary
How, Peter
How, Sarah
How, William
Howe, William
Howell, Barbary
Howell, Catherine
Howell, Charlott
Howell, Charlotta
Howell, Eliza
Howell, Elizabeth
Howell, Mary
Howell, Peter
Howell, Robert
Howell, Thomas
Howell, Thomas
Huckone, Elizabeth
Huckone, James
Huckone, Thomas
Huckone, Zackora
Hufer, John
Huff, Abraham
Huff, Amanda
Huff, Andrew
Huff, Eliza
Huff, Jimina
Huff, John
Huff, Malinda
Huff, Martha
Huff, Mary
Huff, Nathan B
Huff, Polly
Huff, Rebecca
Huff, Sarah
Huff, William
Huff, Zachorea
Hughey, Benjamin
Hughey, Levit
Hughey, Maria
Hughey, William
Hull, Benjamin
Hull, James
Hull, Leander
Hull, Mary
Hunt, Albert
Hunt, Cintha
Hunt, Edith
Hunt, Harret
Hunt, John
Hunt, Lena
Hunt, Mary
Hunt, Nancy
Hunt, Nancy
Hunt, Sarah
Hunt, Wesly
Hunt, William
Hunter, Amelia
Hunter, James V
Hunter, Maria E
Hunter, Mary
Hunter, Rachel
Hunter, Rebecca J
Hunter, Sarah A
Hurd, Henry
Huston, Catharine
Huston, Chambers
Huston, Chambers
Huston, Elizabeth
Huston, Joseph
Huston, Mary
Huston, Nancy
Huston, William
Huston, William
Hutchinson, Catherine
Hutchinson, Daniel
Hutchinson, David
Hutchinson, Elizabeth
Hutchinson, Franklin
Hutchinson, George
Hutchinson, Rachael
Hutchinson, Samuel
Hutchinson, Sarah
Hutchinson, William
Hutchison, Albert
Hutchison, Armenda
Hutchison, Emma
Hutchison, Harvey
Hutchison, John
Hutchison, Mary
Hutchison, Mary
Hutchison, Priscilla
Hutchison, Sarah
Hutchison, Theodore
Hyatt, Elizabeth
Hyde, Boda
Hyde, William
Ice, Amelia
Ice, Georg
Ice, Hettie
Ice, James
Ice, Jesse
Ice, Joseph
Ice, Joseph
Ice, Margret
Ice, Mary
Ice, Mary
Ice, William
Ice, Winfield
Ingot, Anna
Ingot, Elijah
Ingot, Joseph
Ingot, Lucinda
Inlow, Elizabeth
Inlow, Henry
Inlow, Henry
Inlow, Islen
Inlow, John
Inlow, Lewis
Inlow, Louisa
Inlow, Mary
Inlow, Nancy
Inlow, Nancy
Inlow, William
Inyard, Mary Ann
Inyart, Mary
Inyart, Silas
Irish, Abba
Irish, Charles
Irish, Charlotta
Irish, Elizabeth F
Irish, Isabella A
Irish, James
Irish, Mary
Irish, Sarah
Irish, Stephen A
Irsell, Harriet
Irwin, Alphonse
Irwin, Charles
Irwin, Charles
Irwin, Charles
Irwin, Clarrasa
Irwin, Corban
Irwin, Edna
Irwin, Elizabeth
Irwin, Emaline
Irwin, James
Irwin, James
Irwin, John
Irwin, John
Irwin, John
Irwin, John
Irwin, John T
Irwin, Manerod
Irwin, Margaret A
Irwin, Martha E
Irwin, Mary
Irwin, Mary
Irwin, Mary
Irwin, Mary Ann
Irwin, Mary E
Irwin, Nancy
Irwin, Rebecca
Irwin, Rebecca J
Irwin, Samuel
Irwin, Sarah
Irwin, Sarah
Irwin, Sarah C
Irwin, Sarah E
Irwin, Sophia
Irwin, Thomas A
Irwin, William
Irwin, William
Irwin, William
Irwin, William
Ivey, Abby
Ivey, Charles
Ivey, Ellen
Ivey, Josephene
Ivey, Sarah
Ivy, Caroline
Jackman, Aaron
Jackman, Ann R
Jackman, Barnett T
Jackman, Catherine
Jackman, Cinderella
Jackman, Edward
Jackman, Elizabeth
Jackman, Florence J
Jackman, Hiram H
Jackman, Jacob
Jackman, Jane
Jackman, John
Jackman, Louisa E
Jackman, Martha
Jackman, Mary
Jackman, Mary
Jackman, Mary E
Jackman, Nancy K
Jackman, Rachael
Jackman, Racilla C
Jackman, Rebecca
Jackman, Richard
Jackman, S R
Jackman, Sarah E
Jackman, Sarah J
Jackson, Eliza
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Eveline
Jackson, Fernando
Jackson, John
Jackson, Luca
Jackson, Martha
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Morris
Jackson, Rhoda
James, Amanda
James, Anna
James, Armedia
James, Caroline
James, Charles
James, Elizabath
James, Elizabeth
James, Evans
James, John
James, Joseph
James, Malinda
James, Maria
James, Martha
James, Mary
James, Matilda
James, Mortika
James, Run
James, Samuel
James, Samuel
James, William
Jaytale, Elizabeth
Jaytale, Lucinda
Jaytale, Pamelia
Jennings, Isacc
Jennings, James
Jennings, Mary
Jennings, Mary
Jennings, Sarah
Jerosson, Marium
Jett, Alexander
Jett, Alonzo C
Jett, Amanda E
Jett, Eliza M
Jett, Elizabeth R
Jett, Joseph
Jett, Laretta A.
Jett, Martha E
Jett, Sarah A
Johns, Edward N
Johns, John
Johns, Margaret
Johnson, A Z
Johnson, Abner H
Johnson, Allace
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Andrew J
Johnson, Anjiline
Johnson, Benjemen
Johnson, Benjmn
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Charlotte
Johnson, Christeena
Johnson, Clarissa
Johnson, David
Johnson, Eastor
Johnson, Eligah
Johnson, Ellen
Johnson, Emly
Johnson, F L
Johnson, Frances
Johnson, G W
Johnson, George
Johnson, George
Johnson, Harriet
Johnson, Harvey
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Hette E
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James R
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, John
Johnson, Julia
Johnson, Julia
Johnson, Levina
Johnson, Lewis
Johnson, Margrat
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Matilda
Johnson, Melvina
Johnson, Moses
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Nancy A
Johnson, Nelson
Johnson, Newton B
Johnson, P M
Johnson, Paten
Johnson, Phylander
Johnson, Racheal
Johnson, Rebecca
Johnson, Rebecka
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Simon
Johnson, Susanah
Johnson, Tennice
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, William
Johson, Adalaska
Johson, Arminthe
Johson, Hiram
Johson, Jestin
Johson, John
Johson, Lidda
Johson, Malinda
Johson, Normin
Jones, Abines
Jones, Abner
Jones, Adaline
Jones, Almon
Jones, Anjeline
Jones, Ann
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, Benton
Jones, Benton
Jones, Catharine
Jones, Charles
Jones, Charlotte
Jones, Charls M
Jones, Daniel
Jones, Daniel
Jones, Dora
Jones, Eli
Jones, Eliza
Jones, Elizabath
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth A
Jones, Ellen
Jones, Emeline
Jones, Emma
Jones, Emsly J
Jones, Farlanda
Jones, Franklin
Jones, Hamlin
Jones, Harnet
Jones, Henry H
Jones, Isaac
Jones, Isac
Jones, Jacob
Jones, James
Jones, James
Jones, James
Jones, Jane
Jones, Jasper H
Jones, Jesse P
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John H
Jones, John P
Jones, John W
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Joseph T
Jones, Joshua
Jones, Joshua
Jones, Lafayette
Jones, Leander
Jones, Lewis
Jones, Lewis
Jones, Malinda
Jones, Margret
Jones, Margret
Jones, Margrett
Jones, Mariah
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary A
Jones, Mary M
Jones, Mathias
Jones, Matilda J
Jones, Melle
Jones, Millard F
Jones, Morris
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Nolen
Jones, Olbert
Jones, Oliver C
Jones, Ricard
Jones, Robert
Jones, Rose Ann
Jones, Rosella
Jones, S W
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah A. W.
Jones, Sibey
Jones, Sophona
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Stevens
Jones, Susan
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas J
Jones, Thos L
Jones, U
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, Willis
Jones, Wm
Jones, Zane
Jordan, Angeline
Jordan, Anthony
Jordan, Caleb B
Jordan, Elizabeth C
Jordan, Emly
Jordan, George
Jordan, James
Jordan, James P
Jordan, Jasper
Jordan, John
Jordan, John A
Jordan, Margre
Jordan, Margret
Jordan, Marinda
Jordan, Martha
Jordan, Nancy
Jordan, Rebecca
Jordan, Rebecca
Jordan, Rose Anna
Jordan, Sarah
Jordan, Sarah S
Jordan, Thomas
Jordan, Varnal R
Jordan, Wesley
Jordan, William
Jordon, Hanarah
Jordon, James
Jordon, James
Jordon, Jane
Jordon, John
Jordon, John
Jordon, Levina
Jordon, Mary
Jordon, Mary
Jordon, Melia
Jordon, Rachel
Jordon, Rebeca
Jordon, Robert
Jourdan, Martha
Jourdan, Mary
Jourdan, Rebecka
Jourdan, Thomas
Jourdan, Thomas
Jourdan, Washington
Jourdan, William
Judy, Achsa
Judy, Alford
Judy, Amelia
Judy, Ann
Judy, Ann
Judy, Arthur
Judy, Bolivar
Judy, Charles
Judy, Charles
Judy, Eliza
Judy, Eliza
Judy, Frances
Judy, George
Judy, Harison
Judy, Henry
Judy, Isaelle
Judy, Jane
Judy, John
Judy, John
Judy, John, Sen
Judy, Josephine
Judy, Joshua
Judy, Josiah
Judy, Laura
Judy, Leroy
Judy, Lucind
Judy, Maria
Judy, Mary
Judy, Napolen
Judy, Phelps
Judy, Richard L
Judy, Richard, Jr
Judy, Sarah
Judy, Sarah
Judy, Sarah
Judy, Vandalia
Judy, William
Judy, William
Kane, Abigal
Kane, Smantha
Kaney, Steven
Karnes, Amelia
Karnes, Eliza
Karnes, George
Karnes, George
Karnes, John
Karnes, Margret
Keff, Henry
Keff, Henry
Keff, Mary
Keff, Sarah
Keffs, Amanda
Kegall, David
Kegall, Elizabeth
Kegall, Martha
Kegall, Mary
Kegeah, Filander
Kegeah, Hezeker
Kegeah, Matilda
Kegeah, Sarah
Keger, Anjeline
Keger, Clinton
Keger, George
Keger, William
Kelly, Francis
Kelly, Hannah
Kelly, John
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Patrick
Keneipp, Abisha
Keneipp, Angeline
Keneipp, Henry
Keneipp, Marion
Keneipp, Nancy
Keneipp, Rebecca
Keneipp, S. B. J.
Keneipp, Solomon
Keneipp, Thomas J
Keneipp, William
Keneipp, Wm. A
Kenneipp, Barbary M
Kenneipp, Benj F
Kenneipp, Edwin
Kenneipp, Eli
Kenneipp, Hester A
Kenneipp, Jacob
Kenneipp, James
Kenneipp, James A
Kenneipp, Lonora A
Kenneipp, Maria
Kenneipp, Nancy J
Kenneipp, Shadrick E
Kenneipp, Wm M
Kensler, Allice
Kensler, Alvin
Kensler, Alvin
Kensler, Annie
Kensler, Dora
Kensler, John
Kensler, Martha
Kensler, Mary
Kensler, Paterick
Kensler, Samuel
Kensler, William
Kensler, William
Kent, Eliza
Kentworth, Burtes
Keplinger, Emily
Kerley, James
Ketcher, Adolphus
Ketcher, Barthena
Ketcher, Jacob
Ketcher, Jane
Ketcher, Marion
Ketcher, Martha
Ketcher, Sanford
Ketcher, Semantha
Kiger, Albert
Kiger, Albert
Kiger, Carolina
Kiger, Caroline
Kiger, Susan
Kimball, Cordelia
Kimball, Frances
Kimball, George
Kimball, Jacob
Kimball, Mary
Kimball, Wm
Kimble, Lewsi
Kimel, Elizabeth
Kimel, George
Kimel, John
Kimel, Nathan
Kindall, Franklin
Kindall, George
King, Albert
King, Alex
King, Allen
King, Amelia
King, Ann
King, Anna
King, Caroline
King, Catharine
King, Eliza
King, Elizabeth
King, Elizabeth A
King, Ellen
King, Euphemia
King, Eveline
King, Fannie
King, George
King, Henry
King, Henry
King, Iredell
King, James
King, Jane
King, Joel B
King, John
King, John
King, John H
King, Lucy Ann
King, Mark
King, Mary
King, Mary L
King, Nancy J
King, Perry
King, Richard
King, Robert
King, Sally J
King, Samuel
King, Tabitha
King, William
King, Wilson
King, Wm
Kingsberg, Clara
Kingsberg, Frances
Kingsberg, Harley
Kingsberg, Harriet
Kingsberg, Jennie
Kingsberg, Maria
Kinkade, Albert
Kinkade, Laurence
Kinkade, Nancy
Kinkade, Sarah
Kinkade, William
Kinney, Hannah
Kinney, William
Kiplinger, Maria
Kiplinger, Mary
Kiplinger, Silas
Kirk, Charles
Kirk, Elizabeth
Kirk, Fannie
Kirk, Oliver
Kirk, Vincent
Kirk, William
Kirk, Wm
Kirkee, Anthony
Kirkee, Ferdanand
Kirkee, John
Kirkey, Joseph
Kirkwood, John
Kirkwood, Margaret
Kirkwood, Martin
Kirkwood, Robert
Kirkwood, Robert
Kirkwood, Sarah
Kirkwood, Thomas
Kissinger, Augustus
Kissinger, Clarance
Kissinger, Edgar
Kissinger, Ellis
Kissinger, Margaret
Kissinger, Wm
Kneff, Abby
Kneff, Adline
Kneff, Andrew
Kneff, Caroline
Kneff, Edwin
Kneff, Franklin
Kneff, Henry
Kneff, John
Kneff, Nancy
Kneff, Nolton
Kneff, Rora
Kneff, Terressa
Knox, S K
Kungry, Andrew
Kyle, Mahaly
Kyle, Margrtt
Kyle, Thomas
Kyle, William
Labon, Zekiel
Lackey, Adam
Lackey, Amanda
Lackey, Andrew
Lackey, Andrew
Lackey, Ann
Lackey, Charles
Lackey, Cynthia A
Lackey, Eleanor
Lackey, Elizabeth
Lackey, Ella J
Lackey, Emaline
Lackey, Emma
Lackey, Erastus
Lackey, Harriet
Lackey, Henry
Lackey, Irandy
Lackey, James
Lackey, John
Lackey, John
Lackey, Joseph H
Lackey, Leander
Lackey, Marion
Lackey, Martha J
Lackey, Mary
Lackey, Mary
Lackey, Mary
Lackey, Nancy
Lackey, Odenile
Lackey, Susan
Lackey, Susanah
Lackey, Thomas J
Lackey, Wm A
Lacky, Elizabeth
Lacky, Francis M
Lacky, Hannah
Lacky, May
Lacky, Sarah
Lacky, William
Lacost, Drake
Lacost, Eliza
Lacost, Enos
Lacost, Enos
Lacost, Martha
Lacost, Mary R
Lacost, May A
Lacost, Rusell
Lagow, Alfred
Lagow, Allexander
Lagow, David
Lagow, John
Lagow, Lucindo
Lagow, Margrar
Lagow, Mary
Lagow, Rebecca
Lagow, Sarah
Lagow, Sarah
Lagow, William
Lagowe, Aldolph
Lagowe, August
Lagowe, Frances
Lagowe, Julia
Lagowe, Julian
Lagowe, Mary
Lagowe, Rose Ella
Lagrange, Aaron
Lagrange, Aaron
Lagrange, Martha
Lagrange, Martha Ann
Lagrange, Nancy
Lagrange, Nancy Ann
Lagrange, Sarilda
Lagrange, Sarilda
Lair, George
Lair, James
Lair, Nancy
Laird, Alva
Laird, Anna
Laird, David
Laird, Francis
Laird, George
Laird, George
Laird, Idilia
Laird, Isaac
Laird, James
Laird, Josephine
Laird, Margaret
Laird, Mary
Laird, Mary
Laird, Ruth
Laird, Samuel
Laird, Sarah
Lake, Aaron
Lake, Aaron
Lake, Abner
Lake, David
Lake, David
Lake, Elizabeth
Lake, Elizabeth
Lake, Flora
Lake, Flora
Lake, James
Lake, John
Lake, John
Lake, Josephene
Lake, Laura
Lake, Margaret
Lake, Maria
Lake, Mary
Lake, Shebe
Lamett, Charlton
Lamett, Clara
Lamett, Elliott
Lamett, Jackson
Lamett, Lucinda
Landis, Catherine
Landis, Hannah E
Landis, Jesse
Landis, Jesse
Landis, Jesse S
Landis, John
Landis, Jonas
Landis, Samuel
Landis, Sarah L
Landis, Simon
Landis, Sophia M
Landis, William
Lane, Algur
Lane, Amelia
Lane, Besty
Lane, George
Lane, George
Lane, Henry
Lane, James
Lane, John
Lane, John
Lane, Lavina
Lane, Margret
Lane, Martha
Lane, Martha
Lane, Mary
Lane, Mary
Lane, Sarah
Lane, William
Laning, Edwd. E
Laning, Joseph J
Laning, Matilda
Lanterman, David
Lanterman, Elizabeth
Lanterman, Harriet
Lanterman, Hugh
Lanterman, James
Lanterman, James
Lanterman, K***
Lanterman, Martha
Lanterman, Mary
Lanterman, P F
Lanterman, William
Lapper, Alexander
Lapper, Ann
Lapper, Charles
Lapper, Jane
Lapper, John
Lapper, John
Lapper, Mary Ann
Lapper, Wm. T
Laten, Dane
Lathrop, Catherine
Lathrop, Charlotte
Lathrop, Chester
Lathrop, Cinthia
Lathrop, Clarenda
Lathrop, Cora
Lathrop, Elizabeth
Lathrop, Elizabeth
Lathrop, Ellen
Lathrop, Emma
Lathrop, Erastus
Lathrop, Ezra
Lathrop, Frances
Lathrop, Hazen
Lathrop, Henry
Lathrop, Ida
Lathrop, Joel
Lathrop, Levi
Lathrop, Louisa
Lathrop, Marion
Lathrop, N.N.
Lathrop, Nancy
Lathrop, Olive
Lathrop, Oscar
Lathrop, Russell
Lathrop, Thomas
Lathrop, Wa
Latimore, John
Laughlin, George M
Laughlin, Hamilton
Laughlin, Hillis
Laughlin, Hillis
Laughlin, John T
Laughlin, Margaret A
Laughlin, Margaret G
Laughlin, Mary
Laughlin, Mary
Laughlin, Milton
Laughlin, Rebecca
Laughlin, Rebecca
Laughlin, Robert
Laughlin, William
Laurence, Anna
Law, Amanda
Law, C. C
Law, Eliza
Law, Hudson
Law, Jenette
Law, Joana
Law, Joel
Law, Margret
Law, Mary
Laws, Adeline
Laws, Alfred
Laws, Cassius W. C.
Laws, Clay
Laws, Columbus
Laws, Elbridge
Laws, Eliza
Laws, Emly
Laws, Harrison
Laws, Jane
Laws, John
Laws, Lafayette
Laws, Lewis
Laws, Lewis
Laws, Lewis
Laws, Lewis M
Laws, Lindsay
Laws, Lindsy
Laws, Lot
Laws, Lucian
Laws, Martha
Laws, Martha
Laws, Mary
Laws, Mary
Laws, Minerva
Laws, Samantha
Laws, Squir
Laws, Sterling
Laws, Theressa
Laws, William
Laws, Wilson
Laws, Winfield
Laws, Wm
Lawson, Amelia
Lawson, Catharine
Lawson, Catharine
Lawson, Easter
Lawson, Forrest
Lawson, John
Lawson, Joseph
Lawson, Laurette
Lawson, Lewis
Lawson, M D L
Lawson, Margaret
Lawson, Napoleon
Lawson, Roxy
Lawson, Sanford
Lawson, Sarah
Lawson, Thomas
Lawson, Thomas
Lawson, Victor
Lawson, Vitor
Lawson, William
Lawson, William
Lawssen, Maria
Lawssen, William
Lawssen, Willian
Laymon, John
Laymon, William
Leach, Adieus
Leach, Catharine
Leach, Charles
Leach, Eliza
Leach, Elizabeth
Leach, Emeline
Leach, George
Leach, Henrette
Leach, Isaac
Leach, Isaac, Jr
Leach, James
Leach, John
Leach, John
Leach, Johnathan
Leach, Mary
Leach, Ninian
Leach, Rose
Leach, Sarah
Leach, William
Leach, William
Leach, Winfield
Leah, Elizabeth
Leah, Henry
Leah, Patrick
Leah, Timothy
Ledsinger, John
Ledsinger, Lenard
Ledsinger, Mary
Ledsinger, Rebecka
Lee, Harriett
Lee, Job
Lee, Lidda
Lee, Nathaniel E
Leet, Debora
Leet, Johnathan
LeGrange, Elizabeth
LeGrange, Henry
LeGrange, Nancy
Leighty, Caroline
Leighty, David
Leighty, Harry
Leisty, Elliot
Leisty, Emaline
Leisty, George
Leisty, Harlan
Leisty, Harriet
Leisty, Lewis
Leisty, Peter
Leisty, Theodore
Lemon, Elizabath
Lemon, Marthy
Lemons, Amand
Lemons, Frances
Lemons, George
Lemons, Mary
Lemons, Nancy
Lemons, Sarah
Lemons, Tomas
Lenard, Joseph
Lesney, Marion
Levieux, Catherine
Levieux, John
Levieux, Joseph
Levieux, Zedora
Lewis, Abner
Lewis, Albert
Lewis, Alfred
Lewis, Andrew
Lewis, Appa
Lewis, Calvin
Lewis, Catherine
Lewis, Dora
Lewis, Eliza
Lewis, Eliza
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Ellen
Lewis, Emeline
Lewis, Emly
Lewis, Emsley
Lewis, George
Lewis, Harete
Lewis, Harly
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Jacob
Lewis, Jacob
Lewis, Jacob, Sr
Lewis, James
Lewis, James
Lewis, James
Lewis, Jasper
Lewis, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, Josephus
Lewis, Lidia
Lewis, Lucinda
Lewis, Malinda
Lewis, Margret
Lewis, Maria
Lewis, Martha
Lewis, Martha
Lewis, Marthy
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Matilda
Lewis, Micah
Lewis, Nancy
Lewis, Nancy
Lewis, Neriah
Lewis, Orilla
Lewis, Paul
Lewis, Perry
Lewis, Philip
Lewis, Phillip
Lewis, Rebecca
Lewis, Richard
Lewis, Sarah
Lewis, Sarah
Lewis, Sofia
Lewis, Stephen
Lewis, Stephen
Lewis, Susan
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, Thornton
Lewis, Trecey
Lewis, Will
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Lewis, William C
Lewis, William H
Lewis, Wilton
Lidy, Daniel
Lidy, Daniel
Lidy, Margret
Lidy, Mary
Lidy, Mary
Lidy, Susan
Lights, Arasena
Lights, John
Liles, Burrill
Liles, Emly
Liles, Franklin
Liles, John
Liles, Julia
Liles, Martha
Limen, John M
Limen, Joshua
Limen, Margaret
Limen, Silas
Limen, Thomas P
Linch, Bridget
Linch, James
Linch, Peter
Linch, Peter
Lindel, Frances
Lindel, George
Lindel, George
Lindel, John
Lindel, Mary
Lindsay, Benj
Lindsay, Edwin
Lindsay, George
Lindsay, Nancy
Lindsay, Wm
Lindsy, Alonzo
Lindsy, Elizabeth
Lindsy, Samuel
Lindsy, Winfield
Lines, George
Lines, Jane
Lines, Martha
Lines, William
Litle, Charles
Litle, George
Litle, James
Litle, Jane
Litle, John
Litle, John
Litle, Johnson
Litle, Julia
Litle, Mary
Litle, Mary
Litle, William
Litle, William
Litle, William
Litte, Elenor
Litte, Mary
Little, Alferd
Little, Catharine
Little, Charlotte
Little, Eliza
Little, George
Little, John
Little, John
Little, John
Little, Logan
Little, Logan
Little, Margret
Little, Mary
Little, Middleton
Little, Rebecka
Little, Samuel
Little, Sarah
Little, Sarah
Little, Thomas
Little, William
Little, Wilsin
Loas, Barbey
Logan, Jacob
Logan, Margaret
Logan, Sarah C
Loines, Patrick
Londo, James
Long, Joseph
Long, Nancy
Long, William
Longneck, Rufus
Louis, Abner
Love, Christian
Love, Christien
Love, Elizabeth
Love, Isabell
Love, James
Love, Samuel
Love, Thomas
Lovejoy, Frank
Lovejoy, Jane
Lovejoy, O A
Lovellett, Augustus
Lovellett, Harriet
Lovellett, Wm. A
Low, Amanda
Low, Calvin
Low, Charles
Low, Elizabeth
Low, Gardner W
Low, James
Low, Louiza
Low, Martha
Low, Mary
Low, Mary
Low, Nancy
Low, Perlina
Low, Ruben
Low, Samuel
Low, Sarah
Low, William
Low, Winfield
Lowe, Charles
Lucas, Charles H
Lucas, Elizabeth
Lucas, Harvey
Lucas, John F
Lucas, Louisa
Lucas, Lucinda
Lucas, Mary J
Lucas, Rose Ella
Lugaw, Alexander
Lugaw, Barbary
Lugaw, Christian
Lugaw, Clarra J
Lugaw, Elizabeth
Lugaw, Emanuel
Lugaw, Emily
Lugaw, Francis
Lugaw, Jacob
Lugaw, John
Lugaw, Joseph
Lugaw, Michael
Lugaw, Russell
Lugaw, William H
Luke, Thomas
Lums, Fran
Lusk, Alice
Lusk, Caroline
Lusk, Carrie
Lusk, Edwin
Lusk, Ella
Lusk, George
Lusk, H R
Lusk, Idea
Lustre, L
Lydo, Alexander
Lydo, Clara A
Lydo, Naomi
Lydo, Robert
Lynch, John
Lyons, John C
Lyons, Sarah
Lypps, Henry
Lytle, George
Lytle, L M
Lytle, Martha
Lytle, Mary
Mack, Mary
Mack, Patrick
Mackerel, Amanda
Mackerel, Angeline
Mackerel, Francis
Mackerel, Joseph
Mackintosh, E W
Mackintosh, Nancy L
Mackrel, Allen
Mahan, Thomas
Maher, Catherine
Maher, Edward
Maher, James
Maher, John
Maher, Margret
Maher, Margret
Maher, Mary
Maher, Stephen
Maher, Trinity
Maher, Trinity
Malen, Eliza
Malen, J H C
Malett, Josephene
Malett, Michell
Mallett, Charles
Malone, B F
Malone, Catharine
Malone, Emily
Malone, H W
Malone, John
Malone, John
Malone, John M
Malone, Mary
Malone, Sarah A.
Malone, Thomas J
Malone, William
Mann, Acy
Mann, Catherine
Mann, Elizabeth
Mann, Elizabeth
Mann, George
Mann, Gideon
Mann, Henry
Mann, Henry
Mann, Jacob
Mann, John Jr
Mann, John Sr
Mann, Joseph
Mann, Joseph
Mann, Louisa R
Mann, Margret
Mann, Mary
Mann, Sarah
Mann, Sarah E
Mann, William
Manning, Bridgett
Manning, Elizabeth
Manning, Henry
Manning, John
Manning, John
Manning, Willian
Marg***, Malvia
Marg***, Peter
Markell, Issell
Markell, Sarah
Marlin, William
Marney, David D
Marney, Edward
Marney, Eliza
Marney, Emily
Marney, Frank
Marney, Mary
Martin, Alnoy
Martin, Annie
Martin, Ashael
Martin, Calorna
Martin, Charles
Martin, Curtis
Martin, David
Martin, Eleanor
Martin, Eliza
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Emily
Martin, Eusebia
Martin, George
Martin, George
Martin, George W
Martin, Hiram
Martin, Hiram
Martin, Jackson
Martin, James
Martin, James
Martin, James
Martin, James H
Martin, Jane
Martin, Jane
Martin, John A
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Julia
Martin, Louisa
Martin, Malissa
Martin, Marcus
Martin, Martha
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary
Martin, Minnie
Martin, N H
Martin, Nancy
Martin, Nancy A.
Martin, Prudence L
Martin, Reuben
Martin, Robert
Martin, Robert
Martin, Robert A.
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Susan
Martin, Thomas
Martin, William
Martin, William
Martin, Wm.
Martin, Wm. D
Marze, Charles
Marze, Sarah E
Maskey, Nancy
Mason, Harriet
Mathew, David
Mathew, Edward
Mathew, Samuell
Mathews, David
Mathews, Ellen
Mathews, Elma
Mathews, Frank
Mathews, J. W.
Mathews, Mary
Mathews, Racheal
Mathews, Thomas
Mathias, Caroline
Mathias, Catherine
Mathias, Eveline
Mathias, Franklin
Mathias, James M
Mathias, Jesse J
Mathias, John
Mathias, Samuel
Mathias, Toerela
Mathias, William
Matters, Alfred
Matters, Hannah
Matters, Henry
Matters, John
Matters, Lidda
Matters, Maria
Matters, Martha
Matters, Myrtilla
Matters, Purlina
Maxwell, Mary
Maxwell, Mary E
Maxwell, Rebecca
May, Catherine
May, Charles
May, Charles
May, Eliza
May, Elizabath
May, Elizabeth
May, Jackson
May, Jacob
May, Jacob
May, Julen
May, Julen
May, Mary C
May, Mary E
May, Nancy
May, Nancy
May, R D
May, Sarah M
May, William
May, William
May, Wm S
Maynard, Calops
Maynard, Martha
Maynard, Mary
Mc*****, Aaron
McAllister, Mary
McAllister, Mary
McAllister, W F
McAndrew, Bridgett
McAndrew, Edward
McAndrew, John
McAndrew, Mary
McAndrew, Patrick
McAndrew, Willian
Mcarty, Alexander
Mcarty, America
Mcarty, America
Mcarty, Clarinda
Mcarty, Duane
Mcarty, Emma
Mcarty, Frances
Mcarty, Hannah
Mcarty, Hettie
Mcarty, James
Mcarty, Jessey
Mcarty, Jessey
Mcarty, John
Mcarty, Jula
Mcarty, Martha
Mcarty, Mary
Mcarty, Nancy
Mcarty, Roda
Mcarty, Thomas
Mcarty, William
Mcarty, William
MCauley, Josua
MCauley, Sarah
McBride, Ann
McBride, Constantine
McBride, Danl
McCarty, Anna
McCarty, Charles
McCarty, David
McCarty, Eliza
McCarty, Eliza
McCarty, James
McCarty, John
McCarty, John
McCarty, John
McCarty, Lucy
McCarty, Martha
McCarty, Martha
McCarty, Mary
McCarty, Susan
McCarty, William
McCasley, Elizabeth
McCaslin, Andrew
McCaslin, Anna
McCaslin, David
McCaslin, David
McCaslin, Eliza
McCaslin, John
McCaslin, John
McCaslin, Martha
McCaslin, Nancy
McCaslin, Sanford
McCaslin, Steward
McCaslin, William
McCaslin, William
McCauslin, Catherine
McCauslin, Margret
McCauslin, Robert
McCelpin, Anges
McCelpin, Catherine
McCelpin, John
McClean, Ann Eliza
McClean, H C
McClefred, Maria
McClefresh, David
McClefresh, Elmer
McClefresh, Empress
McClefresh, Ferdnand
McClefresh, Jane
McClefresh, Jerry
McClefresh, Mary
McClefresh, Nancy
McClefresh, Ruth
McClin, George
McClin, George
McClin, James
McClin, Rachel
McClure, Amantha
McClure, Catharine
McClure, James
McClure, Mary
McClure, Mary
McClure, Rebecka
McClure, Richard
McClure, Rufus
McConnel, Areerila
McConnel, Nancy
McCosley, Fannie
McCosley, John
McCosley, Sarah
McCosley, Thomas
McCoy, Thomas
McCunghey, Daniel
McCunghey, Daniel
McCunghey, John
McCunghey, Nancy
McCunghey, Serrelda
McDonald, Susan
McDonald, Wm. T
McDonell, Annie
McDonell, Duncan
McDonell, Eliza
McFetteridge, Arena
McFetteridge, Harriet
McFetteridge, John M
McFetteridge, Mathew
McFetteridge, Theodore
McFetteridge, Wm. H
McGaughey, Elizabeth
McGaughey, James
McGaughey, James
McGaughey, William
McGeorge, Betsey
McGeorge, John
McGeorge, Mary
McGeorge, Thomas
McGiffin, William
McGoner, Catherine
McGrigger, Ann E
McGrigger, George H
McGrigger, Nancy E
McGrigger, Sally A
McGrigger, Samuel E
McGrigger, Wm. H
McGuire, Alcey L
McGuire, Daniel
McGuire, Deborah
McGuire, Eliza
McGuire, Elizabeth J
McGuire, George
McGuire, George G
McGuire, George H
McGuire, Henry
McGuire, Isaac
McGuire, John
McGuire, John
McGuire, Martha J
McGuire, Martha J
McGuire, Mary
McGuire, Mary E
McGuire, Nancy
McGuire, Peter
McGuire, Robert
McGuire, Sarah Ann
McGuire, Sarah D
McGuire, Thomas
McGuire, Wm
McGune, Andrew
McGune, Zebade
Mcherson, Caroline
Mcherson, George
Mcherson, Stephen
Mchiter, Margret
McLane, Inz
McLane, John
McLane, Lucretia
McLeaf, Susan
McLean, Althea
McLean, James
McLean, James
McLean, Lafayett
McLean, Rebecca
McLean, Russell M
McLeave, Alford
McLeave, Amanda
McLeave, Amanda
McLeave, Amanda
McLeave, Ann
McLeave, Canady
McLeave, Caroline
McLeave, Catharine
McLeave, Catharine
McLeave, Eliza
McLeave, Eliza
McLeave, Elizabeth
McLeave, Feaba
McLeave, Franklin
McLeave, George
McLeave, George
McLeave, George
McLeave, Hiram
McLeave, John
McLeave, John
McLeave, John K
McLeave, Joseph
McLeave, Marion
McLeave, Mary
McLeave, Mary
McLeave, Permelia
McLeave, Permelia
McLeave, Robert
McLeave, Samuel
McLeave, Sarah
McLeave, Sarah
McLeave, Silas
McLeave, William
McLeave, William
McLowen, Mahaly
McLowen, Thomas
McMannes, Barnard
McMiller, Elmira S
McMiller, George W
McMiller, Joel
McNanworth, Constance
McNeice, Alford
McNeice, Ann
McNeice, Ella
McNeice, George
McNeice, Martha
McNeil, Allen
McNeil, Chrity
McNeil, Frederick
McNeil, Isac
McNeil, Mary
McNeil, Mary
McNeil, William
McNeila, Catherine
McNeila, John
McNeila, Patrick
McNeila, Patrick
McNiece, Armedia
McNiece, Sarah
McNiece, Susan
Mcpherson, Alonza
Mcpherson, Caroline
Mcpherson, Ellen
Mcpherson, Mary
Mcpherson, Nathan
Mcpherson, Thomas
Mcpherson, William
McPherson, Wm
Meeks, Annie
Meeks, Becka
Meeks, Charles
Meeks, Franklin
Meeks, Franklin
Meeks, George
Meeks, James
Meeks, Jane
Meeks, John P
Meeks, Minerva
Meeks, Racheal
Meeks, William
Meeks, Woodson
Megrigory, Charlotte
Megrigory, James
Megrigory, Olonzo
Melburn, Adaline
Melburn, Barbary
Melburn, George
Melon, Jacob
Merit, Leander
Merit, Lucinda
Merit, William
Merrick, Barbry
Merritt, Sarah
Merryfield, Youtha
Metta, Alex
Metta, Delia
Metta, Elizabath
Metta, Margret
Michael, Adeline
Michael, Catherine
Michael, Cynthia A
Michael, Eli
Michael, Elizabeth
Michael, Jacob
Michael, Jacob
Michael, John
Michael, John W
Michael, Martha G
Michael, Mary
Michael, Mary
Michael, Mary A
Michael, Mary J
Michael, Rose Ann
Michael, Samuel
Michael, Samuel
Michael, Sarah
Michael, Sarah C
Michael, William
Michael, Wm
Michael, Wm B
Michael, Wm W
Mickey, Elizabeth
Mickey, James
Mickey, James
Mickey, Jane
Mickey, Jasper
Mickey, John
Mickey, John
Mickey, Lucee
Mickey, Malinda
Mickey, Martha
Mickey, Mary
Mickey, Mary
Mickey, Mary
Mickey, Mary
Mickey, Mary
Mickey, Nancy
Mickey, Palida
Mickey, Rebecka
Mickey, Samuel
Mickey, Sarah
Mickey, Susan
Mickey, William
Mieure, Ada
Mieure, Charles
Mieure, Jane
Mieure, John
Mieure, John
Mieure, Martha
Mieure, Matilda
Mieure, Sarah
Mieure, Sarah
Mieure, Thomas
Mieure, William
Mieure, Wm
Milburn, Cary
Milburn, Daniel W
Milburn, Mary
Miles, Cristina
Miles, James
Miles, John
Miles, Joseph
Miles, Margret
Miles, Mary
Miles, Theodore
Miles, William
Miller, Ada
Miller, Adam
Miller, Adam
Miller, Alexander
Miller, Alexandrew
Miller, Amand
Miller, America
Miller, Ann
Miller, Catharine
Miller, Charles
Miller, Christina
Miller, Cristena
Miller, Daniel
Miller, David
Miller, David
Miller, Edward
Miller, Eliza
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elsa C
Miller, Emly
Miller, Fannie
Miller, George
Miller, George
Miller, George
Miller, George
Miller, Hannah
Miller, Hattie
Miller, Henrietta
Miller, Henry
Miller, Hiram
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Isabell
Miller, J W
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Jacob
Miller, James
Miller, James
Miller, Jerrymiah
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John R
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Josephus
Miller, Josephus M
Miller, Josuah
Miller, Lafayett
Miller, Le**ia
Miller, Lewis
Miller, Lucinda
Miller, Lucinda
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Maria
Miller, Martha
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Matilda
Miller, Merrit
Miller, Milla
Miller, Nancy
Miller, Oscar
Miller, Philip
Miller, Polly
Miller, Rada
Miller, Rebecka
Miller, Redman
Miller, Robert
Miller, S K
Miller, Saml
Miller, Samuel E
Miller, Sanantha
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Thomas
Miller, William
Miller, William
Miller, William
Millhouse, Elizabeth J
Millhouse, Emily C
Millhouse, James M
Millhouse, John E
Millhouse, Mary A
Millhouse, Rachael C
Millhouse, Sarah A
Millhouse, Stephen A
Millhouse, Wm H
Milligan, Amand
Milligan, Andrew
Milligan, David
Milligan, Elvera
Milligan, James
Milligan, John
Milligan, John
Milligan, John
Milligan, John H
Milligan, Margaret E
Milligan, Margret
Milligan, Margret
Milligan, Margrett
Milligan, Margrett
Milligan, Mary
Milligan, Mary
Milligan, Mary
Milligan, Mary
Milligan, Mary E
Milligan, Matilda
Milligan, Pamelia
Milligan, Rebecca
Milligan, Robert
Milligan, Robert
Milligan, William
Milligan, William
Milligan, Wm W
Milligen, Andrew
Milligen, Betsey
Milligen, Elizabeth
Milligen, Margret
Milligen, Mary
Mills, Abigal
Mills, Allase
Mills, Armeda
Mills, Catherine
Mills, Elizabeth
Mills, Ellen
Mills, Frances
Mills, George
Mills, George
Mills, Helery
Mills, Henry
Mills, Henry
Mills, Henry
Mills, Henry
Mills, Howard
Mills, James
Mills, Jerimiah
Mills, John
Mills, John
Mills, John
Mills, Margret
Mills, Marion
Mills, Mary
Mills, Missouria
Mills, Morris
Mills, Nancy
Mills, Olive
Mills, Perlina
Mills, Price
Mills, Reuben
Mills, Rosette
Mills, Samuel
Mills, Sarah
Mills, Sarah
Mills, Sarah
Mills, Susan E
Mills, Thomas
Mills, William
Mills, William
Mills, William
Minagh, Allace
Minagh, Nancy
Minagh, Robert
Miner, Emma
Miner, Linda
Miner, Sarah
Mintte, Joseph
Mock, Fletcher
Mock, John
Mock, Margret
Mock, Samuel
Molder, John
Molder, Martha
Molder, Mary
Molder, Mary
Molder, Sarah
Molen, Hazel
Monecon, Daniel
Monecon, Mary
Monecon, N.N.
Monroe, Alexander
Monroe, Josiah
Monroe, Margret
Monroe, Mary
Monroe, Mary
Monroe, Pheba
Monroe, Sarah
Monroe, Solomon
Monroe, Steven
Monroe, William
Montgomery, Daniel
Moon, Barnard
Moon, Henry
Moon, James
Moon, John
Moon, Lucinda
Moon, Margaret
Moon, Martin
Moon, Mary
Moon, Robert
Moon, Roda
Moon, Rosan
Moon, Samuel
Moon, Thomas
Moor, Amanda
Moor, Archibald
Moor, Avie
Moor, Benjamin
Moor, Betty
Moor, Catharin
Moor, Ebenezer
Moor, Edward
Moor, Eliza
Moor, Elizabath
Moor, Elizabeth
Moor, George
Moor, George
Moor, John
Moor, John
Moor, John
Moor, Joseph
Moor, Lidda
Moor, Phillip
Moor, Sarah
Moor, Sarah
Moor, Sarah Nancy
Moor, Sidney
Moor, Susan
Moor, William
Moor, William B
Moore, Amie
Moore, Anna
Moore, Catherine
Moore, Davis
Moore, Eduard
Moore, Edwd
Moore, Edwd
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Ellen
Moore, Emsley
Moore, Fannie
Moore, Fredrick
Moore, George
Moore, Gincy
Moore, Jacob
Moore, James
Moore, James
Moore, Jane
Moore, Jaritha
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, Jonathan
Moore, Julia Ann
Moore, Lewis
Moore, Louisa H
Moore, Louiza
Moore, Mahala
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Margret
Moore, Martha
Moore, Martin
Moore, Mary
Moore, Mary A.
Moore, Mary Ann
Moore, Mary Ann C
Moore, Naomi
Moore, Not Named
Moore, Pallas
Moore, Patrick
Moore, Pollas
Moore, Rachel
Moore, Rebecca
Moore, Robert
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Sarilda J
Moore, Sewerd
Moore, Silas
Moore, Silas
Moore, Susanah
Moore, Telford
Moore, Thomas
Moore, Thomas
Moore, Tilford
Moore, William
More, Amanda
More, Andy
More, Anna
More, Anna
More, Archiball
More, Barbary
More, Edward
More, Elizabeth
More, Isac
More, James
More, Marrgret
More, Martain
More, Martin
More, Mary
More, Nancy
More, Rebecca
More, Sarah
More, Thomas
More, William
More, William
Morgan, Corry
Morgan, D H
Morgan, Frank
Morgan, Martha
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Mary Ann
Morgan, Mary E
Morgan, Stephen E.
Morgan, Wm H
Morgua, Allace
Morgua, Elizabeth
Morgua, Harvey
Morgua, Leroy
Morgua, William
Morin, Mary
Morris, Alexander
Morris, Amanda
Morris, Ann
Morris, Arther
Morris, Delia
Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, Emily
Morris, Eveline
Morris, Henry
Morris, Henry
Morris, James
Morris, James
Morris, Jerry
Morris, Jerry
Morris, Jessie
Morris, John
Morris, John
Morris, John
Morris, Joseph
Morris, Josephine
Morris, Lucrecia
Morris, Lucresa
Morris, Mahaly
Morris, Marion
Morris, Martha
Morris, Mary
Morris, Mason
Morris, Nancy
Morris, Napolean
Morris, Ofelia
Morris, Patience
Morris, Penn
Morris, Perry
Morris, Rebeca
Morris, Rosella
Morris, Sarah
Morris, Sarah
Morris, W W
Morris, William
Morris, William
Morris, William
Morris, William
Morrison, A B
Morrison, Charlotte
Morrison, George
Morrison, Harriett
Morroney, P
Moses, Susan
Mosier, John
Mosier, William
Moyes, Ashael
Moyes, Charles
Moyes, Elizabeth
Moyes, Elizabeth
Moyes, Ellen
Moyes, Frances
Moyes, Jane
Moyes, Jane M
Moyes, John R
Moyes, Joseph
Moyes, Mary
Moyes, Mary
Moyes, Mary A
Moyes, Mary J
Moyes, Peter
Moys, Lewis
Mulenax, Abetha
Mulenax, Ferrucia
Mulenax, Isaca
Mulenax, John
Mulenax, John
Mulenax, Nancy
Mulenax, Temperance
Mulenax, Tolany
Mulenax, Zedac
Mulinax, John
Mulinax, Sophronia
Mulinax, William
Mullens, John
Mullens, Rebecka
Mullin, Nancy
Mullin, Wm
Mullinax, James
Mullinax, Margaret
Mullinax, Mary
Mullinax, Samuel
Munns, Brice
Munns, Jane
Munns, William
Munns, William
Mupar, John T
Murphy, John M
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Michael J
Murray, Morris
Murry, Simson
Musgrave, Amanda
Musgrave, James
Musgrave, John
Musgrave, Joseph
Musgrave, Malvina
Musgrave, Mary
Musgrave, Thomas
Musgrave, Wallace
Musgrove, James P
Musgrove, John
Musgrove, Sarah
Myer, Sophia
Myers, Alford
Myers, Amand
Myers, Angeline
Myers, August
Myers, Benton
Myers, C C
Myers, Isabell
Myers, Jarome
Myers, Martha
Myers, N.N.
Myres, John
Myres, Margret
Myres, Peter
Myres, William
N.S., N.N.
N.S., N.N.
N.S., N.N.
N.S., N.N.
N.S., N.N.
N.S., N.N.
Nabb, Barbay
Nabbs, Arabella
Nabbs, Barbary
Nabbs, Boliver
Nabbs, Emma
Neal, Allice
Neal, Elbert
Neal, Elizabeth
Neal, Mary
Neal, William
Neiger, Peter
Nels, James
Nelsen, Sin
Nelson, Lewis
Nelson, Mary
Nelson, Robert
Nelson, Willis
Nepper, Abba
Nepper, Eli
Nepper, Jacob
Nepper, Jacob
Nepper, Jacob
Nepper, John
Nepper, John W
Nepper, Joseph
Nepper, Lucinda
Nepper, Mary
Nepper, Mary C
Nepper, Motland
Nepper, Peter
Nepper, Peter
Nepper, Philip
Nepper, Simeon
Nepper, Susanah
Newell, Edward
Newell, Hiram
Newell, James
Newell, John
Newell, John
Newell, Mahala
Newell, Margaret
Newell, Samuel
Newell, Samuel
Newell, Sarah
Newell, Thomas
Newell, Thomas
Nibbs, Polly
Nichols, John
Nigh, Barnabas
Nigh, Ellen
Nigh, Emeline
Nigh, Gilbert
Nigh, Jeremiah
Nigh, L
Nigh, Nancy
Nigh, Nathaniel
Nimons, William
Noland, Abraham
Noland, Cintha
Noland, David
Noland, Elizabeth
Noland, Elizabeth
Noland, John
Noland, Martha
Noland, Mary
Noland, Nancy
Noland, Robert
Noland, Thomas
Noland, William
Norris, Cintha
Norris, Romelia
Norris, William
Norton, Albert
Norton, Albert
Norton, Alonzo
Norton, Caroline
Norton, Charlotte
Norton, Eliza
Norton, Eliza
Norton, Eliza
Norton, Emly
Norton, Fannie
Norton, Frances
Norton, G A
Norton, Harrison
Norton, Henry
Norton, Henry
Norton, Jane
Norton, Jane
Norton, John
Norton, Josephine
Norton, Margart
Norton, Mary
Norton, N Homer
Norton, Nancy
Norton, Nelson
Norton, Patrick
Norton, Racheal
Norton, Ruben
Norton, Ruben
Norton, Valmore
Norton, W. T
Norton, Welton
Norton, William
Norton, William
Noval, Elizabeth
Noval, John
Nuttall, Archilous
Nuttall, Margret
Nuttall, Thomas
Obrin, Patrick
Odonnell, Alice
Odonnell, Chas
Odonnell, Daniel
Odonnell, Ellen
Odonnell, John
Odonnell, M
Odonnell, Mary
Odonnell, Mary
Odonnell, Mary
Odonnell, Menelaus
Odonnell, Patrick
Olbert, Daniel
Olbert, Henry
Olbert, Jacob
Olbert, Mary
Olbert, Sarah
Oldrige, Jane
Oldrige, John
Oldrige, Samuel
Oldrige, Thomas
Organ, Albert
Organ, Cornelius
Organ, Cornelus
Organ, Elizabath
Organ, Enice
Organ, Enos
Organ, Jackson
Organ, James
Organ, Jane
Organ, Jessey
Organ, Manda
Organ, Margret
Organ, Martha
Organ, Martin
Organ, Mary
Organ, Mary
Organ, Mary
Organ, Nancy
Organ, Sarah
Organ, William
Organ, William
Orleans, Joseph
Orr, Alexander
Orr, Alice
Orr, Belle
Orr, Charles
Orr, Elizabeth
Orr, Hugh
Orr, Ida
Orr, Jesse
Orr, Millard
Orr, Nancy
Orr, William
Osborn, Daniel
Osborn, Francis M
Osborn, James
Osborn, James A
Osborn, Jane
Osborn, Jetson
Osborn, Marshal
Osborn, Mary
Osborn, Nancy
Osborn, Sarah M
Osborn, William
Osborn, Wm
Osburn, Boardman
Osburn, Eliza
Osburn, James
Osburn, Jane
Osburn, Marshal
Osburn, Richard
Osmun, Elisha
Osmun, George
Osmun, Martha
Osmun, Mary J
Osmun, Matilda E
Osmun, Wesley
Owens, Georgeana
Owens, John
Owens, Margret
Padack, George
Paddock, Hiram
Paddock, Isabelle
Padock, Mary
Padock, Russell
Padock, Salinda
Padock, Sarah
Padrick, Daniel
Padrick, Levena
Padrick, Noah
Paff, Frances
Paff, Malissa
Paff, Sallie
Pain, Bell
Pain, Charles
Pain, David
Pain, Eliza
Pain, Elizabeth
Pain, Isom
Pain, M
Pain, Mary
Pain, Nancy
Pain, Ola
Pain, Pemete
Pain, Samuel
Pain, Sarah
Pargen, Benjamen
Pargen, Benjamin
Pargen, Daniel
Pargen, Elizabeth
Pargen, Frances
Pargen, George
Pargen, Jacob
Pargen, John
Pargen, Joshua
Pargen, Maria
Pargen, Mary
Pargen, Peter
Pargen, Peter
Pargen, Susan
Parker, Eliza
Parrice, Andrew
Parsons, Clary
Parsons, Elenor
Parsons, Emeline
Parsons, John
Parsons, John
Parsons, Joseph
Parsons, Marria
Parsons, Mary
Parsons, Rachael
Passmore, Hester
Passmore, Hesterman
Passmore, Joseph
Passmore, Preston
Passmore, Rachel
Passmore, Theodore C.
Passmore, William C.
Paterick, John
Paterick, Mary
Paterick, Rebecka
Paterick, William
Patrick, James
Patterson, Joseph
Payn, Albert
Payn, Alford
Payn, Racheal
Payn, Samuel
Peacock, Frances
Peacock, John
Peacock, Mahala
Peacock, Mary
Peacock, Violet
Peacock, William
Pearce, Asa
Pearce, James
Pearce, Josephine
Pearce, Lafayette
Pearce, Sarah
Pearce, Soloman
Pearce, Wm
Pech, Grace Anna
Peck, Alexander
Peck, Daniel
Peck, Joseph D
Peck, Malvina
Peck, Rebecca J
Peck, Sarah A.
Peck, Welthy
Pelky, Eliza
Pelky, Harriett
Pelky, James
Pelky, Joseph
Pelky, Joseph
Pelky, Josephine
Pelky, Nancy
Pelky, Peter
Pelky, Sarah
Pennebaker, Hattie
Pennebaker, Hugh A
Pennebaker, M. E.
Pennebaker, W E
Pepple, Aaron
Pepple, Abraham
Pepple, Elizabeth
Pepple, George
Pepple, Harlin
Pepple, Joseph
Pepple, Joseph
Pepple, Josiah
Pepple, Louisa
Pepple, Margaret
Pepple, Mary
Pepple, Mary
Peren, Dica
Peren, John
Peren, Oliva
Peren, Peter
Perkins, Alfred
Perkins, Elizabeth
Perkins, Emly
Perkins, Fannie
Perkins, George
Perkins, George
Perkins, Green
Perkins, Henry
Perkins, Lafayett
Perkins, Lafayette
Perkins, Margret
Perkins, Marion
Perkins, Miram
Perkins, Moses
Perkins, Peter
Perkins, Richard
Perkins, Stephen
Perkins, Susan
Perkins, Theodore
Perkins, Thomas
Perkins, Thomas
Perkins, William
Perry, Comodore
Perry, Erie
Perry, George
Perry, John
Perry, Malinda
Perry, Rosana
Perry, Ruth
Perry, Sarah
Perry, Thomas
Perry, Vincent
Peteford, Susan
Peters, Amanda
Peters, Daniel
Peters, Daniel
Peters, Delen
Peters, Eliza
Peters, George
Peters, Isaac
Peters, John
Peters, Liza
Peters, Mary
Peters, Mary
Peters, Mary
Peters, Mary
Peters, Mary
Peters, Nancy
Peters, Nancy
Peters, Norman
Peters, Parpine
Peters, Perentha
Peters, Robert
Peters, Roxana
Peters, Sarah
Peters, Sarah
Peters, Sarah
Peters, Thomas
Peters, William
Peters, William
Petheferd, Ann
Petteford, Bell
Petteford, James
Petteford, Jane
Petteford, John
Petteford, Ruben
Petteford, William
Pettet, Adam
Pettet, Catharine
Pettet, Clementine
Pettet, James
Pettet, Margret
Pettet, Mary
Pettet, Nancy
Pettiford, Ann
Pettiford, Ellen
Pettiford, Wiley
Pettit, Catharin
Petty, Almand
Petty, Almedia
Petty, Ann
Petty, Balsar
Petty, Daniel
Petty, David
Petty, David
Petty, Elizabeth
Petty, Emly
Petty, Emly
Petty, George
Petty, Hannah
Petty, Isiah
Petty, Jacob
Petty, Jacob
Petty, Jane
Petty, Jasper
Petty, Jerry
Petty, Joel
Petty, John
Petty, Joseph
Petty, Lawaney
Petty, Levina
Petty, Mary
Petty, Moses
Petty, Nancy
Petty, Nancy
Petty, Nancy
Petty, Sarah
Petty, Sarah
Petty, Susan
Petty, Susan
Petty, Warren
Petty, William
Phelps, Harlow
Phelps, James
Phelps, Mary
Phelps, Stephen R
Phelps, Wm. H
Philips, Edward
Philips, Eliza
Philips, Hannah
Philips, Henry
Philips, James
Philips, Margret
Philips, Margret
Philips, Mary
Philips, Mary
Philips, R R
Philips, Sarah
Philips, U
Pickell, Andrew
Pickell, George
Pickell, Joba
Pickell, Mary
Pickell, Susan
Pickeral, Perry
Pickerd, Mary
Pickerel, Alvey
Pickerel, Edward
Pickerel, Elizabeth
Pickerel, George
Pickerel, John
Pickerel, John, Sr
Pickerel, Lafayette
Pickerel, Nancy
Pickerel, Rebecca
Pickerel, Zacariah
Pickering, Abel
Pickering, Abisha
Pickering, Edwd E
Pickering, John M
Pickering, Jordan
Pickering, Jorden P
Pickering, Mary M
Pickering, Mary M
Pickering, Soloman
Pickerl, Willian
Pickerson, James
Pickett, Eliza
Pickett, Elizabeth
Pickett, Henry
Pickett, Jacob
Pickett, Jacob
Pickett, Martha
Pickett, William
Pickill, Mary
Pickill, Tobias
Pierce, Isabell
Pikell, Catherine
Pikell, John
Pikell, John
Pikell, Maria
Pikell, Martha
Pikell, Mary
Pikell, Olivea
Pinkard, Nancy
Pinkard, Robert
Pinksaff, Charles
Pinksaff, Eliza
Pinksaff, John
Pinkstaf, Jula
Pinkstaf, Larra
Pinkstaf, Mary
Pinkstaf, Orinda
Pinkstaf, Readman
Pinkstaf, Wellington
Pinkstaf, William
Pinkstaf, William
Pinkstaff, Alford
Pinkstaff, Alfred
Pinkstaff, Ama
Pinkstaff, Amanda
Pinkstaff, Amos
Pinkstaff, Andrew
Pinkstaff, Andrew
Pinkstaff, Anna
Pinkstaff, Arinda
Pinkstaff, Charles
Pinkstaff, Daniel
Pinkstaff, Edman
Pinkstaff, Elizabeth
Pinkstaff, Frances
Pinkstaff, Franklin
Pinkstaff, George
Pinkstaff, Henry
Pinkstaff, Henry
Pinkstaff, James
Pinkstaff, Jasper
Pinkstaff, Jasper
Pinkstaff, John
Pinkstaff, John
Pinkstaff, John
Pinkstaff, John
Pinkstaff, John
Pinkstaff, Joseph
Pinkstaff, Loucinda
Pinkstaff, Manda
Pinkstaff, Maria
Pinkstaff, Martha
Pinkstaff, Mary
Pinkstaff, Mary
Pinkstaff, Mary
Pinkstaff, Mary
Pinkstaff, NN
Pinkstaff, Not named
Pinkstaff, Owen
Pinkstaff, Pattsy
Pinkstaff, Rebecka
Pinkstaff, Redman
Pinkstaff, Robert
Pinkstaff, Salvester
Pinkstaff, Sarah
Pinkstaff, Susan
Pinkstaff, Susan
Pinkstaff, Susan
Pinkstaff, Thomas
Pinkstaff, Valmore
Pinkstaff, Vanburen
Pinkstaff, Winne
Piper, Abraham
Piper, Allen
Piper, Amand
Piper, Ann
Piper, Edward
Piper, Elizabeth
Piper, Emma
Piper, Harriet
Piper, Howard
Piper, John
Piper, Margaret
Piper, Marion
Piper, Martha
Piper, Mary
Piper, Mary
Piper, N.N.
Piper, Newton
Piper, Robert
Piper, Theodor
Piper, William
Pitman, Anice
Pitman, Bernard
Pitman, Harriett F
Pitman, Jeshua
Pitman, John
Pitman, Leandr J.
Pitman, Margret
Pitman, Sarah
Pitman, WIlliam
Pitman, Wm. D
Pitts, Albert
Pitts, Franklin
Pitts, Harriet
Pitts, Mary
Pitts, William
Plue, Elizabeth
Plue, James
Plummer, Bolivar
Plummer, Emma
Plummer, Emma
Plummer, Franklin
Plummer, Ida
Plummer, Sel*g*
Plusky, Edward
Pollard, Amy
Pollard, Ann
Pollard, Catharine
Pollard, Elizabeth
Pooler, Lemuel
Pooler, Mary
Poots, Adaline
Poots, Emaline
Poots, Issac
Poots, Laura
Poots, Martha
Poots, Mary
Poots, Rosela
Poots, William
Portee, Abigal
Portee, Alford
Portee, Alford
Portee, Amanda
Portee, Andrew
Portee, Arenda
Portee, Arlena
Portee, Eliza
Portee, Ira
Portee, Isabella
Portee, Jacob
Portee, John
Portee, John
Portee, Joseph
Portee, Louisa
Portee, Mahala
Portee, Margrat
Portee, Martha
Portee, Nathaniel
Portee, Nina
Portee, Peter
Portee, Phebe
Portee, Polly
Portee, Sarah
Portee, Simon
Portee, Tilford
Portee, William
Porter, Mary
Potrine, Francis
Potrine, Francis Jr
Potrine, Francis T
Potrine, Hannah
Potrine, John K
Potrine, Julia
Potrine, Laurence L
Potrine, May L.
Potrine, Michael
Potts, Barbra
Potts, Benton
Potts, David
Potts, David
Potts, Elizabeth
Potts, Emma J
Potts, Freeman
Potts, Hannah J
Potts, Harriet
Potts, Harriet
Potts, Isaac N
Potts, Jacob
Potts, John
Potts, John
Potts, Joseph
Potts, Josephine
Potts, Joshua
Potts, Joshua
Potts, Laura A
Potts, Lawrence
Potts, Maria E
Potts, Mary J
Potts, Mary J
Potts, Mary J
Potts, Mellia
Potts, Miles
Potts, Rebecca A
Potts, Rebecca J
Potts, Sarah E
Potts, Sarah L
Potts, Thomas
Potts, Wesley
Potts, Wilson
Potts, Wm. H
Potvine, Charles
Potvine, Frances
Potvine, Israel
Potvine, Josephine
Potvine, Julian
Potvine, Rose Ella
Powell, Addie
Powell, Austin
Powell, Elizabuth
Powell, Fances
Powell, Henertta
Powell, J A
Powell, James
Powell, Lewis
Powell, Mary
Powell, Medford
Powell, Parmelia
Powell, Sherwood
Powell, Thomas
Powers, Emerine
Powers, Jane
Powers, Milo
Powers, William
Powers, Wm
Pratt, Alonzo
Pratt, Mary
Pratt, Nathen
Preston, Carrency
Preston, David
Preston, David S
Preston, Harriet
Preston, Jane
Preston, John F
Preston, John Finney
Preston, Joseph H
Preston, Louisa Abigal
Preston, Martha
Preston, Stephen A
Price, Adalade
Price, Agnes
Price, Aleana
Price, Amand
Price, Amanda
Price, Amanda L
Price, Balranee
Price, Caroline
Price, Charles
Price, Charles
Price, Daniel
Price, David
Price, Eliza
Price, Elizabeth
Price, Elizabeth
Price, Emily
Price, Emma
Price, Emma
Price, George
Price, J*****
Price, James
Price, James
Price, James C
Price, James W
Price, Jemima
Price, John
Price, John
Price, John
Price, John
Price, John C
Price, Joseph H
Price, Lucinda
Price, Margret
Price, Margret
Price, Margrett
Price, Maria
Price, Martha
Price, Mary
Price, Ofelia
Price, Peter
Price, Ranson
Price, Rebecca A
Price, Sarah
Price, Sarah E
Price, Susan
Price, W C
Price, William
Price, William
Price, Winfield
Pride, Indian
Pride, Joseph
Pritchett, Eliza
Pritchett, Wright B.
Prout, Anna
Prout, Charles
Prout, E S
Prout, Edward
Prout, Enos
Prout, George
Prout, Harriet
Prout, James
Prout, John
Prout, Mariah
Prout, Sarah
Prout, Sherman
Prout, Sherman
Prout, Wri L
Provines, Eli F
Provines, Elizabeth J
Provines, John A
Provines, John S
Provines, Louisa
Provines, Mary A
Provines, Robert S
Provines, Wm W
Pugh, John O
Quick, Allen
Quick, Amanda
Quick, C P
Quick, David
Quick, Elizabeth
Quick, George
Quick, George
Quick, John
Quick, Mary
Quick, Sarah
Quick, Spencer
Racine, Benjamin
Racine, Elila
Racine, Emiley
Racine, Henry
Racine, Henry J.
Racine, Lana
Racine, Lewis
Racine, Mary T.
Racine, Rebecca
Racine, Susan
Racop, Henry
Racop, Levica
Racop, Lucy
Racop, Martha
Racop, Nancy
Racops, Amelia
Racops, Caroline
Racops, Sarah
Radcliff, Senica
Rahm, Elizabeth
Rahm, George
Rahm, James
Rahm, James
Rahm, John
Rahm, Joseph
Ramsey, Aaron
Ramsey, Ada
Ramsey, Celia E
Ramsey, George W
Ramsey, Hester A
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, Joseph
Ramsey, Joseph E
Ramsey, Lewis
Ramsey, Martha J
Ramsey, Mary
Ramsey, Mary
Ramsey, Mary E
Ramsey, Permelia
Ramsey, Rachael
Ramsey, Rachael
Ramsey, Rhoda
Ramsey, Robert
Ramsey, Sarah
Ramsey, Sarah E
Ramsey, Thompson
Ramsey, Truman
Ramsey, William
Ramsy, Allen
Ramsy, Delia
Ramsy, Hannah
Ramsy, James
Ramsy, John
Ramsy, Margret
Ramsy, Margret
Ramsy, Margret J.
Ramsy, Robert
Ramsy, Samuel
Ramsy, Sarah A
Ramsy, Sarah M
Ramsy, Semantha
Ramsy, Tobias
Ranbarger, Miles
Ranbarger, Miles
Ranberger, Anjeline
Ranberger, Daniel
Ranberger, Jefferson
Raner, Lambert
Raney, Cintha
Raney, Joseph
Raney, Nancy
Raney, Willian
Raney, Wm R
Rankes, Charles
Rankin, Matilda
Rankin, Sarah
Rankins, Ellen
Rankins, Tomas
Ranklin, Amand
Ranklin, Edgar
Ranklin, Pierson
Ranklin, Victor
Rarollet, Benjamin
Rarollet, Indiana
Rarollet, John
Rarollet, Theodore
Rash, Amos
Rash, James
Rash, Malinda
Rash, Rebecka
Rash, Steven
Rash, Susan
Rash, William
Ravers, Christander
Ravers, Cornelia
Ravers, Elizabeth
Ravers, Honor
Ravers, Lydia
Ravers, Mary J
Ravers, Oren
Ravers, Susan
Rawlings, Benton
Rawllings, A D
Rawllings, Earine
Rawllings, Mary
Rawllings, Nancy
Ray, Dito
Ray, James
Ray, James
Ray, Jesse
Ray, Mahaba
Ray, Mary
Ray, Mary
Ray, Mary
Ray, no name
Ray, Parley
Ray, Sophia
Ray, Susan
Ray, Thomas
Ray, William
Read, Arvilla
Read, George
Read, Henry
Read, James
Read, Nancy
Read, Ofeilia
Read, Robert
Read, Sarah
Read, Thomas
Ream, S. V. B.
Reams, Samuel
Rece, Eli
Rece, Elizabeth
Rece, Rebecka
Redman, William
Reebes, Andrew
Reebes, Willian
Reece, Daniel
Reed, Barby
Reed, Chas. A
Reed, Eliza
Reed, Elizabeth
Reed, George
Reed, George
Reed, J P
Reed, James
Reed, John
Reed, Joseph
Reed, Laura
Reed, Malen
Reed, Mary
Reed, Sally
Reeves, Elizabeth
Reeves, James
Reeves, Lorenso
Reeves, Mira
Reeves, Miron
Reeves, Sarah
Reevs, Emily
Reice, Augustas
Reice, Daniel
Reice, Rachel
Reice, Samuel
Reice, Sarah
Reid, W Y
Reser, Samuel
Resier, John
Resier, Sarah
Retter, Charles
Retter, Margrett
Retter, Robert
Revelet, Angeline
Revelet, Angeline
Revelet, Eliza
Revelet, Elizabeth
Revelet, Harriet
Revelet, Michael
Revelet, Peter
Revelet, Selvestine
Richard, Benjamin
Richard, Danford
Richard, Eliza
Richard, Elizabeth
Richard, Gadless
Richard, Gadless
Richard, Henry
Richard, Margret
Richard, Rosella
Richard, Sarah
Richard, Sophia
Richards, Eliza
Richards, Elizabeth
Richards, Emeline
Richards, Faniel
Richards, George
Richards, James
Richards, Lewis
Richards, Margaret
Richardson, Eliza
Richardson, Eliza
Richardson, Eliza
Richardson, Elizabeth
Richardson, James
Richardson, Jane
Richardson, John
Richardson, Lenora
Richardson, Logan
Richardson, Martha
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Nancy
Richardson, Phebe
Richardson, Richard
Richardson, Simon
Richardson, Susan
Richardson, Thomas
Richardson, William
Richardson, William
Richardson, William
Richardson, Williamson
Richardville, Auntwell
Richardville, Elen
Richardville, Eliza
Richardville, Frances
Richardville, John
Richardville, Joseph
Richardville, Mary
Richardville, Mitchel
Ridgely, Abel
Ridgely, Albert G
Ridgely, Alfred
Ridgely, Alice L
Ridgely, Benton
Ridgely, Cyntha M
Ridgely, Delia
Ridgely, Elizabeth J
Ridgely, Elizabeth L
Ridgely, G W
Ridgely, George
Ridgely, Harrison J
Ridgely, James T
Ridgely, Mary
Ridgely, Nancy
Ridgely, Sarah
Ridgely, Simpson
Ridgely, William
Ridgely, William E.
Ridgely, Wm S
Ridgley, Calvin
Ridgley, Dian
Ridgley, E.
Ridgley, Eliza
Ridgley, Eliza
Ridgley, Louisa
Ridgley, Martin
Ridgley, Mary
Ridgley, Richard
Riger, Analiza
Riger, Elizabath
Riger, Martha
Riger, Meneron
Right, Gerge
Right, John
Riley, Eliza
Riley, Elvia
Riley, Fred
Riley, Henry
Riley, James
Riley, James
Riley, Kitty
Riley, Matilda
Riley, Nettie
Riley, Phillips
Riley, Samuel
Riley, Thomas
Riley, William
Riley, William
Rily, Phil
Ripple, Daniel
Ripple, James
Ripple, John
Ripple, Leanner
Ripple, Margret
Ripple, William
Ritman, John T
Ritman, Mary E
Ritman, Peter
Rivers, Joseph
Robbins, John
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, John
Roberts, Mahala
Roberts, Theodore
Roberts, William
Robines, Frances
Robins, Andrew K
Robins, Aron
Robins, Clayton
Robins, Edwin
Robins, Isaac C
Robins, Margaret
Robinson, Bailey
Robinson, Caleb
Robinson, Catharin
Robinson, Catharine
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Eliza
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, George
Robinson, Harriet
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, Hester
Robinson, James
Robinson, Johnathan
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Jula
Robinson, July
Robinson, Laura
Robinson, Lemuel
Robinson, Letta
Robinson, Levi
Robinson, Margaret
Robinson, Maria
Robinson, Marria
Robinson, Marria
Robinson, Martha
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Nancy
Robinson, Permelia
Robinson, Quincy
Robinson, Rebecca
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, Samrie
Robinson, Samuel
Robinson, Sarah
Robinson, Serelda
Robinson, Sophia
Robinson, Squire
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Robinson, William E
Roderick, Harriet
Roderick, Lewis
Roderick, Mary
Rodgers, Ben
Rodgers, Joseph
Rodgers, Martha
Rodgers, Mary
Rodgers, Mary
Rodgers, Norris
Rodgers, Sylvester
Rogers, Abigal
Rogers, Adline
Rogers, Benjamin
Rogers, Caroline
Rogers, Edward
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Emaline
Rogers, John
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Martha J
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Own
Rogers, Rebecca
Rogers, Rebecca
Rogers, Thomas W
Rogers, Wesley
Rogers, Wm.
Rogers (***, Ben
Rohen, Margaret
Rojers, Alexander
Rojers, Caroline E
Rojers, Matilda
Rollens, Bascon
Rollings, Ashel
Rollings, Calto
Rollings, Idna
Rollings, James
Rollings, Louisa
Rollings, Nancy
Rollins, Sarah
Rollins, Wm
Rolofs, Henry B
Ronse, Cinthia
Ronse, John
Ronse, Margret
Rosey, Thomas
Ross, Adam
Ross, Amand
Ross, Catharine
Ross, John
Ross, Mary
Ross, Sarah
Ross, William
Rouham, Patrick
Ruark, Andrew
Ruark, Elizabeth A
Ruark, Emaline
Ruark, Fanna
Ruark, G W
Ruark, Hiram C
Ruark, Jacob L
Ruark, James
Ruark, James C
Ruark, Jane
Ruark, John W
Ruark, L W
Ruark, Livina
Ruark, Louisa
Ruark, Mary M
Ruark, Olive
Ruark, Pheobe F
Ruark, Phoeba W
Ruark, Syntha
Ruark, Wm. F
Ruburn, John
Ruby, Eunice
Ruby, Israel
Ruby, Sarah J
Ruddy, Elizabeth
Ruddy, George
Ruddy, Howard
Ruddy, Mathen
Ruddy, William
Ruger, Jacksen
Runex, George
Runex, Loucind
Rush, Benjamin
Rush, Elias
Rush, Frances
Rush, Jacob
Rush, John
Rush, Martha
Rush, Rebecca
Rush, Sarah
Rush, William
Russell, Cathorine
Russell, Dolly
Russle, Alexander
Russle, Erasmus
Russle, James
Russle, Lachoria
Russle, Margret
Russle, Mary
Russle, Nancy
Russle, Oliver
Ryan, Albrt G Jr.
Ryan, Alexander
Ryan, Caroline
Ryan, Charles
Ryan, Eduard
Ryan, Elizabeth J
Ryan, Elmus
Ryan, George L
Ryan, Hannah
Ryan, Hannah
Ryan, James
Ryan, James
Ryan, John G
Ryan, Joseph
Ryan, Lucinda
Ryan, Mack
Ryan, Rachael F
Ryan, Sally S
Salinger, Sarah
Sanders, Catharine
Sanders, Charles
Sanders, Ebnezer
Sanders, Flora
Sanders, Gilbert
Sanders, Jacob
Sanders, James
Sanders, Jane
Sanders, John
Sanders, John W
Sanders, Lewis
Sanders, Martha E
Sanders, Matilda J
Sanders, Nancy J
Sanders, Richard
Sanders, Sarah
Sanders, Solomon
Sanders, Thomas
Sanders, Thomas
Sands, David
Sands, Elbert
Sands, Eliza
Sands, Ellen
Sands, Henry
Sands, Susan
Sanford, Barbary
Sanford, Mary
Sanford, Samuel
Satz, Dora
Satz, Elizabeth
Satz, George
Satz, Josephine
Satz, Margret
Satz, Philly
Satz, Wiliama
Satz, William
Saulsbury, Eliza
Saulsbury, George
Saulsbury, George
Saulsbury, Nancy
Saulsbury, Polly
Saulsbury, Sarah
Savaw, Florence
Say, J B
Say, John
Say, Margret
Say, Mary
Say, Phebe
Say, Thomas
Scaggs, Aca
Scaggs, Andrew
Scaggs, Berlinda
Scaggs, Charity
Scaggs, Cherdy
Scaggs, Eliza
Scaggs, Francis
Scaggs, Henry
Scaggs, Henry
Scaggs, James
Scaggs, James
Scaggs, Mary
Scaggs, Nancy
Scaggs, Sarah
Scaggs, Thomas
Scaggs, Thomas
Scaggs, William
Scaggs, William
Scarlett, William
Schrader, Catherine
Schrader, Isaac
Schrader, John C
Schrader, Margaret
Schrader, Maria
Schrader, Mary
Schrader, Mary M
Schrader, Richard H
Schrader, Thomas N
Schrader, Wm M
Schrader, Wm R
Schrader, Wm. M
Schreck, Emly
Schrock, Amanda
Schrock, Mary
Schrock, Milton
Schwarz, Christian
Schwarz, Eliza
Schwarz, Elizabeth
Schwarz, Gideon
Schwarz, Jacob
Schwarz, John
Schwarz, Ladora
Schwarz, Margret
Schwarz, William
Scoat, James
Scoat, Louisa
Scoot, Elvira
Scoot, Finley
Scoot, James
Scoot, John
Scoot, John
Scoot, Margaret
Scoot, Martha
Scoot, Mary
Scoot, William
Scott, Thomas
Scyhock, Margaret
Sean, Frances M
Sean, James R
Sean, Joseph P
Sean, Sarah J
Season, Samuel
Sebold, Cap
Sechrist, Elizabeth
Sechrist, G. M.
Sechrist, John
Sechrist, John
Sechrist, Lucy
Sechrist, Mary
Sechrist, Mary
Sechrist, Rebecka
Sechrist, Samuel
Secrist, Margret
Seed, Allace
Seed, Ann
Seed, Ann A
Seed, Annie E
Seed, Elias
Seed, Eliza
Seed, Eliza J
Seed, Eliza O
Seed, Elizabeth
Seed, Ellen
Seed, Emla
Seed, Emly
Seed, Epse
Seed, Fannie
Seed, France
Seed, George
Seed, Henry
Seed, Henry P
Seed, Hugh
Seed, Hugh
Seed, Hugh
Seed, Hugh K
Seed, Jabella
Seed, Jane
Seed, John
Seed, John
Seed, John
Seed, Margaret
Seed, Mary
Seed, Mary
Seed, Mary
Seed, Mary A
Seed, Mary E
Seed, Mosses
Seed, Polly
Seed, Robert K
Seed, Ruthy
Seed, Sabilla
Seed, Samuel
Seed, Samuel
Seed, Thomas
Seed, Thomas H
Seed, William
Seed, William
Seed, William
Seed, Wm.
Seed, Wm. J
Seeds, Andrew
Seeds, Catherine
Seeds, Edgar
Seeds, Eliza
Seeds, Eliza
Seeds, Hugh
Seeds, Hugh
Seeds, Hugh
Seeds, James
Seeds, Lodosia
Seeds, Mary A
Seeds, Mary A
Seeds, Samuel
Seeds, Samuel
Seeds, Samuel
Seeds, Susan
Seiner, Anna
Seiner, Cathorin
Seiner, Charles
Seiner, Charles
Seiner, Isac
Seiner, Nathan
Selby, Dow
Selby, Evelene
Selby, James H
Selby, John
Selby, Joseph V
Selby, Nicholas
Selby, Ruth A
Selby, William
Selvey, Alice
Selvey, Elizabeth
Selvey, Evaline
Selvey, Leonard
Semester, William
Servent, Elizabeth L
Servent, James C
Servent, John F
Servent, John N
Servent, Margaret
Servent, Margaret A
Servent, Robert A
Sethman, Feriden
Sethman, J P
Sethman, Olive
Sethman, Wm
Severus, Catherine
Severus, Edward P
Severus, Jacob
Severus, Jacob R
Severus, James C
Severus, John D
Severus, Joseph
Severus, Martha J
Severus, Rebecca
Shadric, John
Shaffer, Catharine
Shaffer, Hattie
Shaffer, Isaac
Shalerir, Felisita J.
Shalerir, Mary
Shalerir, Stephen
Sharaden, Albert
Sharaden, Albert
Sharaden, Annie
Sharaden, Clinton
Sharaden, Eliza
Sharaden, John
Sharaden, Minnerva
Sharaden, Thadeus
Sharaden, William
Shares, Benjamis
Shares, John
Shares, Mary
Shares, Philip
Shares, Sarah
Shaw, A S
Shaw, Aaron
Shaw, Andrew
Shaw, Anna M
Shaw, Aria M
Shaw, Arsenius
Shaw, Clinton
Shaw, Denzedda
Shaw, Dora
Shaw, Elizabath
Shaw, Ella
Shaw, Jackson
Shaw, Jackson
Shaw, Jacob L
Shaw, James S
Shaw, London L
Shaw, Mary
Shaw, Mary
Shaw, Mary
Shaw, Mary
Shaw, Minerva
Shaw, Nancy
Shaw, Naplen
Shaw, Oliver
Shaw, Polly
Shaw, Rachael
Shaw, Rachel
Shaw, Rebeca
Shaw, Roselett
Shaw, Sarah
Shaw, William
Shaw, Wm H
Shawn, John
Shawn, Martha
Sheik, *ulina
Sheik, Abraham
Sheik, Adaline
Sheik, Albert C
Sheik, Amelia J
Sheik, Annaroda J
Sheik, Chambers
Sheik, Edward
Sheik, Emaline
Sheik, George
Sheik, George
Sheik, Malissa D
Sheik, Malvira
Sheik, Martha J
Sheik, Martin
Sheik, Mary Ann W
Sheik, Matilda J
Sheik, Peter
Sheik, Robert
Sheik, Sarah A
Sheik, Sarah E
Shelton, David
Shelton, Eliza
Shelton, George
Shelton, Jane
Shelton, John
Shelton, Mary E
Shelton, William
Shepard, Charlotte
Shepard, Clinton
Shepard, Edward
Shepard, Eliza
Shepard, Elizabeth
Shepard, Eugen
Shepard, George
Shepard, Hannah
Shepard, James
Shepard, Jane
Shepard, John
Shepard, L J
Shepard, Laura
Shepard, Malissa
Shepard, Mary
Shepard, Mary
Shepard, Nancy
Shepard, Nancy
Shepard, W
Shepard, William
Shepard, William
Sheperd, Ad**
Shephard, Margret
Shepherd, Charles
Shepherd, Mollie
Shepherd, Thomas
Shepherd, William
Sheraden, John
Sheradin, Anna
Sheradin, Clinton
Sheradin, Henry
Sheradin, Mary
Sheradin, Paul
Sherard, James
Sherard, Paul
Sherer, Barbry
Sherer, Petter
Sherley, Dora
Sherley, Frances
Sherley, Garret
Sherley, George
Sherley, Margret
Sherley, Martha
Sherley, Mary
Sherley, Nancy
Sherly, Ann
Sherly, Catharine
Sherly, Catharine
Sherly, Charles
Sherly, Elizabeth
Sherly, John
Sherly, John M
Sherman, John
Sherman, Sarah
Shick, Albert C
Shick, Caroline
Shick, Daniel
Shick, Eliza A
Shick, Francis M
Shick, Jesse V
Shick, Joseph B
Shick, Lewis
Shick, Margret A
Shick, Martha J.
Shick, Rebecca J
Shick, Sarah R
Shick, Susanah A
Shidler, Catherine
Shidler, Edwin
Shidler, Farris
Shidler, George W
Shidler, Josephine
Shidler, Martha
Shidler, Mary
Shidler, Susanah L
Shidler, Tomas
Shidler, William
Shiek, David L
Shiek, Elizabeth
Shiek, Frances
Shiek, John
Shiek, John H
Shiek, John V
Shiek, Joseph L
Shiek, Mary
Shiek, Peter
Shiek, Quincy C
Shiek, Sarah A
Shim, Athelinda
Shim, Bibla
Shim, Elias
Shim, Emly
Shim, Jorinda
Shim, Loyed
Shim, Malissa
Shim, Martha
Shim, Wesly
Shipley, Abba R
Shipley, Ephriam
Shoemaker, Rachel
Shoemaker, T C
Shown, John
Shown, Nicholus
Shown, Robert
Shown, Sallie
Shown, Saloma
Shrader, Aaron
Shrader, Ellen
Shrader, Malissa
Shrader, Margret
Shrader, Samuel
Shrader, Samuel
Shrader, Sarah
Shreck, George
Shreffler, Analiza
Shreffler, Daniel
Shreffler, Eli
Shreffler, Mary
Shreffler, Rebecka
Shreffler, Rebecka
Shreffler, William
Shroyer, Amanda J
Shroyer, Cyntha A
Shroyer, Josiah
Shroyer, Mary E
Shroyer, Nancy J
Shrup, Barnett
Shrup, George
Shrup, Jacob
Shrup, Jane
Shrup, Malinda
Shrup, Mary Ann
Shrup, Sarah
Shuler, Wm
Shultz, Catherine
Shultz, Daniel
Shultz, Jackson
Shultz, James
Shultz, John
Shultz, Laura
Shultz, Samuel
Shultz, Sarah
Shultz, Wm
Shultze, Lenora
Sights, A J
Simes, Daniel
Simes, Edward
Simes, Elly
Simes, John
Simes, Sally
Simes, Sarah
Simes, William
Simm, John
Simon, Franklin
Simon, Lenard
Simon, Mary
Sims, Benjamin F
Sims, Cyrus
Sims, Daniel T
Sims, Elba
Sims, Hezekiah
Sims, Jeremial
Sims, Lydia
Sims, Mary E
Sims, Sarah E
Sims, Susan J
Sims, William H
Sisinger, Amand
Sisinger, Mary
Sisinger, Michael
Sisinger, Nicholas
Sisinger, Rebeka
Sisinger, Sinnot
Sisinger, Sinnot
Sisinger, Susan
Sisinger, William
Sissel, Emiline
Sivert, William
Skaggs, Jennette
Slater, Elizabeth
Slater, Washington
Slausen, Georg W
Slausen, Jesse
Slausen, John
Slausen, Lafayette
Slausen, Leah
Slausen, Rachel
Slausen, Thomas
Slausen, Willian
Slawson, A
Slawson, A R
Slawson, Corneila
Slawson, Hannah
Slawson, James
Slawson, John
Slawson, Joseph
Slawson, Mary
Slawson, William
Slepp, Jacob
Slocum, Frances
Slocum, Li****
Small, Maria
Small, Wm M
Smalley, Isabell
Smally, Franklin
Smilh, Ruben
Smith, Abraham
Smith, Abram
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Alonzo
Smith, Anjeline
Smith, Ann
Smith, Arther
Smith, Bastin
Smith, Caroline
Smith, Catharine
Smith, Catharine
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Charles
Smith, Christiana
Smith, Corline
Smith, Dava
Smith, David
Smith, David
Smith, David
Smith, David
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Ellis
Smith, Emma
Smith, Florance
Smith, Gabrel
Smith, George
Smith, George H
Smith, Harrison
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry
Smith, Jacob
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, Jane
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John E
Smith, Laura
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Malinda
Smith, Marshall
Smith, Martha
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Olive
Smith, Orlando
Smith, Orpha
Smith, Ozeas
Smith, Paten
Smith, Peter
Smith, Peter
Smith, Pheobe
Smith, Pheobe
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Robert
Smith, Roda
Smith, Rose
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah M
Smith, Theophilous
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Tunis
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, Willliam
Smith, Wm
Smock, Eliza
Smock, Eliza
Smock, John
Smock, Margret
Smock, Marius
Smock, Marthia
Smock, Samuel
Snapp, Adison
Snapp, Amand
Snapp, Anna
Snapp, Elvina
Snapp, Frances
Snapp, George
Snapp, Gilbert
Snapp, James
Snapp, John
Snapp, Joseph
Snapp, Joseph
Snapp, Madora
Snodgrass, George
Snodgrass, Nancy
Snodgrass, Silas
Snodgrass, William
Snyder, Alice J
Snyder, Christopher C
Snyder, Eliza
Snyder, George
Snyder, Harly
Snyder, Harriett
Snyder, Henry
Snyder, Henry A.
Snyder, James F
Snyder, John T
Snyder, Joseph C
Snyder, Laura
Snyder, Margret J
Snyder, Maria
Snyder, Mathew
Snyder, Matilda A
Snyder, Philip
Snyder, Sarah
Snyder, Sarah J
Snyder, Sarah O
Snyder, William R
Snyder, Willus
Solemen, John
Solemen, John
Solemen, Susan
Solomn, Thos
Solsury, Orlando
Soot, William
Southwood, Catharine
Southwood, Daniel
Southwood, George
Southwood, James
Southwood, John
Southwood, Lida
Spann, Elizabath
Spann, Patrick
Spann, Thomas
Sparks, Ann
Sparks, John
Spelke, Edward
Spelkey, Daniel
Spelkey, James
Spelkey, Mary
Spelkey, Sarah
Spelkey, Willian
Spencer, Charles
Spencer, Charles
Spencer, Ella
Spencer, George
Spencer, George
Spencer, James
Spencer, John
Spencer, John
Spencer, Lafayett
Spencer, Laura
Spencer, Leandrew
Spencer, Liza
Spencer, Lucritia
Spencer, Lucy
Spencer, Margret
Spencer, Mary
Spencer, Milton
Sperr, Amanda
Sperr, John
Sperr, Nancy
Sperr, Oliver
Springer, Aaron
Springer, Hannah
Springer, John
Springer, Lucy
Springer, William
Sprott, Hariett
Sprott, Isabell
Sprott, John
Sprott, Kesiah
Sprott, Nancy
Sprott, R R
Sprott, R R
Stagner, John
Stagner, John
Stagner, Keziah
Stagner, Lucinda
Stagner, Marcelus
Stagner, Mary
Stagner, Mary
Stagner, Mary
Stagner, Winfield
Stanfield, G W
Stanfield, James
Stanfield, James
Stanfield, Jane
Stanfield, John
Stanfield, Joseph
Starkman, Adam
Starkman, August
Starkman, August
Starkman, Caroline
Starkman, Henerrett
Starkman, Henry
Starkman, Henry
Starkman, John
Starkman, Julius
Starkman, Liza
Starkman, Lucinda
Starkman, Mary
Starkman, W
Starkman, William
Steff, Caroline
Steff, Elizabath
Steff, James
Steff, Jimena
Steff, Lidda
Steff, Martha
Steff, Steven
Steff, Tina
Stephenson, F P
Stephenson, Mary
Sterurt, Henry
Sterurt, Moses
Sterurt, Terrisa
Stevens, Catharine
Stevens, Jacob
Stevens, James
Steward, James
Steward, Luther
Steward, Margret
Steward, Solomon
Stiles, John
Stiles, Laura
Stiles, Rachael
Stiles, S J
Stinger, Amand
Stinger, Benjamin
Stinger, Eliza
Stinger, Hannah
Stinger, Hariet
Stivers, Aaron
Stivers, Celia J
Stivers, Clinton
Stivers, Corneilus
Stivers, Dica A
Stivers, George W
Stivers, Isabella
Stivers, John
Stivers, Lydia J
Stivers, Marshal
Stivers, Mary J
Stivers, Nancy
Stivers, Pheobe J
Stivers, Sarah A.
Stivrs, Martha J.
Stivrs, Millard L
Stivrs, Moses
Stivrs, Robert
Stivrs, Ruth
Stivrs, Sidney
Stoddard, Allase
Stoddard, Alzena
Stoddard, Eliza
Stoddard, Jennie
Stoddard, U M
Stone, Charles
Stone, Eliza
Stone, Ezra
Stone, Harriet
Stoner, Elizabeth
Stoner, Emeline
Stonton, James
Stout, Aaron
Stout, Abraham
Stout, Abraham
Stout, Adaline
Stout, Adeline
Stout, Elizabeth
Stout, Emma
Stout, George
Stout, Henry
Stout, Jacob
Stout, James
Stout, Levi
Stout, Maria
Stout, Oliver
Stout, Robert
Stout, Sarah
Stout, Therssa
Stout, Thomas
Stout, William
Stout, William
Stover, Allice
Stover, George
Stover, Henry
Stover, John
Stover, Mary
Strader, William
Strder, John
Strimple, Anjeline
Strimple, Matilda
Strimple, Rebecka
Struble, Austin
Struble, James
Struple, Evline
Stuart, Amos
Stuart, John
Stuart, Sarah
Stults, Ann
Stults, David
Stults, George
Stults, Orell
Stulty, Daniel
Stulty, Ellen
Stulty, Emma
Stulty, Henry
Stulty, John
Stulty, Margret
Stulty, Sarah
Suliven, Own
Summers, B W
Summers, Chloe
Summers, Daniel
Summers, Elizabeth
Summers, Margaret G
Summers, Robert A
Summers, Samuel
Sumner, Alfred
Sumner, Benj
Sumner, Benjamin
Sumner, Benjamin
Sumner, Benson
Sumner, Caroline
Sumner, Chancy
Sumner, Christopher C
Sumner, Elizabeth
Sumner, Frances
Sumner, Gabriella
Sumner, Gincy
Sumner, Hannah
Sumner, Henry
Sumner, Isabella
Sumner, Jenetta
Sumner, John
Sumner, John
Sumner, John
Sumner, Josephus
Sumner, Lavina
Sumner, Leander
Sumner, Lucy Elnore
Sumner, Margaret
Sumner, Maria J
Sumner, Martha
Sumner, Martha J
Sumner, Mary
Sumner, Mary
Sumner, Nancy
Sumner, Pheobe
Sumner, Preston
Sumner, Samuel
Sumner, Schuyler
Sumner, Simpson
Sumner, Sophrona
Sumner, Sullivan
Sumner, W B
Supple, Gollfred
Supple, John
Supple, Mary
Supple, Rose
Sutherland, Asa
Sutherland, Clark
Sutherland, Elizabeth
Sutherland, Henry C
Sutherland, Indiana H
Sutherland, Joseph R
Sutherland, Prior W
Sutton, D P
Swagler, Lewis
Swail, Annie
Swail, Ellen
Swail, Henry
Swail, Jane
Swail, John T
Sweet, Peter
Swift, David P
Swift, George S
Swift, Lot P
Swift, Sarah E
Swift, Thomas M
Swinson, Andrew
Swinson, Anna
Swinson, Anna
Swinson, Elizabeth
Swinson, Jerry
Swinson, John
Swinson, Marylinda
Swinson, Richard
Swinson, Wilson
Syhock, John
Talley, Abitha
Talley, Andrew J
Talley, Edwd K
Talley, Elizabeth
Talley, Frances
Talley, Richard
Tann, Austin
Tann, Benjamin
Tann, Carissa
Tann, George
Tann, Joseph
Tann, Levi
Tann, Ruben
Tann, Rubin
Tanquary, Adline
Tanquary, Elizabeth
Tanquary, James
Tanquary, Laura
Tanquary, Thomas
Tanquary, William
Tanquary, William
Tarpley, Elijah
Tarpley, Enley
Tarpley, James P
Tarpley, John
Tarpley, Lucy Ann
Tarpley, Lucy Ann
Tarpley, Watson
Tarr, Clemmons
Tarr, G S
Tarr, John
Tarr, Mary
Tarr, Shebe
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Calvin
Taylor, Clvin
Taylor, Elizabath
Taylor, Hariet
Taylor, James
Taylor, John
Taylor, John
Taylor, Malinda
Taylor, Martha
Taylor, Sallie
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Susan
Taylor, Thomas
Tengle, Napolin
Terets, Martin
Tewalt, Allace
Tewalt, Amanda
Tewalt, Eliza
Tewalt, Florence
Tewalt, Ida
Tewalt, John
Tewalt, Josuah
Tewalt, Joush
Tewalt, Margret
Tewalt, Mary
Tewalt, Nancy
Tewalt, Racheal
Tewalt, Sarah
Tewalt, William
Thitmas, John
Thitmas, Margrat
Thomas, Clara
Thomas, Clementine
Thomas, Edward
Thomas, Felicity
Thomas, Gentavise
Thomas, George
Thomas, Halfpence J
Thomas, Hannah
Thomas, James
Thomas, John
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Laura
Thomas, Patrick
Thomas, Volentine
Thomas, William
Thompson, Aley
Thompson, Alford
Thompson, Augustus
Thompson, Bettie
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Daniel
Thompson, Delia
Thompson, Edward
Thompson, Eliza
Thompson, Eliza
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Fannie
Thompson, Hannah
Thompson, Harriet
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Hiram
Thompson, Horace
Thompson, Isaac
Thompson, Isabell
Thompson, Jackson
Thompson, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, John G
Thompson, Josephene
Thompson, Larua
Thompson, Lora
Thompson, Loucinda
Thompson, Margrat
Thompson, Margret
Thompson, Martha
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Matilda
Thompson, Presley
Thompson, Rebecca
Thompson, Rebecca
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Rose
Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Stephen
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, William
Thompson, William
Thorn, Alina E
Thorn, Ann Eliza
Thorn, Anna M
Thorn, Barbary
Thorn, Clay
Thorn, Clinton
Thorn, Daniel
Thorn, Edward
Thorn, Edwd
Thorn, James
Thorn, John
Thorn, Julia B
Thorn, Lizzie
Thorn, Margret
Thorn, Martha
Thorn, Samuel
Thorn, William
Thornburg, John
Thornpton, William
Thornton, Harriet
Thornton, Jack
Thornton, John
Thornton, Thomas
Thurston, Abraham
Timms, Catharine
Tims, Abner
Tims, Elizabeth
Tims, Rachel
Tindell, Catharine
Tindell, Mary
Tindell, Robert
Titus, Mary
Titus, Thomas
Tolls, Eliza
Tolls, Elizabeth
Tolls, Joseph
Tolls, Rosaman
Tolls, Sibyl
Tombleson, Elisah
Tombleson, James
Tombleson, William
Tomey, Paten N
Toper, Catherine
Toper, James
Toper, Josephine
Toper, M B
Toper, Oliver
Towell, Elmera
Towell, Jesse
Towell, John
Towell, Perthena
Towell, Strsh
Traener, William
Trainer, Eliza
Trainer, Philip
Travis, Daniel C
Travis, Ellen
Travis, Martin
Travis, Mary A
Travis, William
Travis, Willus
Tredway, Caroline
Tredway, John W
Tredway, Lucinda
Tredway, Martha
Tredway, Mary
Tredway, Rachel
Tredway, Ursula
Tredway, Walter
Tredway, Wesly
Tromble, Ellen
Tromble, Hariet
Tromble, John
Tromble, Sarah
Tromble, Sarah
Tromley, William
Truckee, August
Truckee, Julian
Truckee, Julian
Truckee, Tom
Truckey, Nickolas
Trumble, M R
Trumbo, Dolly
Trumbo, Elizabath
Trumbo, Francis
Trumbo, Sarah
Trumbo, William
Trumbo, William
Tucker, Sarah
Tugaw, Albertin
Tugaw, Catherine
Tugaw, Charles
Tugaw, Elizabeth
Tugaw, Elizabeth
Tugaw, Elizabeth
Tugaw, Felix
Tugaw, Francis
Tugaw, Francis
Tugaw, Francis
Tugaw, Francis T
Tugaw, Gabriel
Tugaw, Harriett
Tugaw, Jacob
Tugaw, James
Tugaw, John
Tugaw, John
Tugaw, John
Tugaw, Joseph L.
Tugaw, Lucella
Tugaw, Lucy
Tugaw, Mary
Tugaw, May A
Tugaw, Paul
Tugaw, Paul
Tugaw, Roseannah
Tugaw, William H
Turner, Abisha
Turner, Absher
Turner, Alex
Turner, Alexander
Turner, Alexander F
Turner, Amand E
Turner, Andrew
Turner, Caroline
Turner, Charles
Turner, Corneilus
Turner, E D
Turner, Eduard J.
Turner, Edward
Turner, Eliza
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Franklin
Turner, Gilbert S
Turner, Henry
Turner, James
Turner, James W
Turner, John R
Turner, John W.
Turner, Joseph A
Turner, Kelley
Turner, Maria
Turner, Marion
Turner, Martha
Turner, Martha A.
Turner, Mary
Turner, May J.
Turner, Millard F
Turner, Monro
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Nancy
Turner, Pheobe
Turner, Polina
Turner, Rebecca
Turner, Rhoda
Turner, Robert B
Turner, Roxana
Turner, Samuel
Turner, Sarah
Turner, Sarah A
Turner, Sarah M
Turner, T J
Turner, Thomas
Turner, Wiley
Turner, William
Turner, Wm
Turnpaw, Eliza
Turnpaw, George
Turnpaw, Mary A
Tylor, James
U, James
Umfleet, B F
Umfleet, Elizabeth
Umfleet, Emeline
Umfleet, Francis M
Umfleet, Harrison
Umfleet, Jackson
Umfleet, Jackson
Umfleet, James
Umfleet, Louisa
Umfleet, Lucy
Umfleet, Martha
Umfleet, Mary E
Umfleet, Mary E
Umfleet, Oliver
Umfleet, Rebecca
Umfleet, Rocksand
Umfleet, Rufus
Umfleet, Seth
Umfleet, Tilman
Umfleet, William
Umfleet, William
Underwood, James M
Underwood, John L
Underwood, John S
Underwood, Louisa A
Underwood, Manena J
Underwood, Mary
Underwood, Rachel
Uninhabited, U
Uninhabited, U
Uninhabited, Uninhabited
Uninhabited, Uninhabited
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, NN
Unoccupied, U
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
Unocupied, NN
Unocupied, NN
Unocupied, NN
Unocupied, NN
Unocupied, NN
Unocupied, NN
Unocupied, U
Unocupied, U
Unocupied, U
Unocupied, U
Unocupied, U
Unocupied, U
Unocupied, U
Unocupied, U
Unocupied, U
Unocupied, U
unocupied, unocuped
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
unocupied, unocupied
Unocupied, Unocupied
Valley, Alexander
Valley, Alexander
Valley, Allexander
Valley, Augstine
Valley, Augustine
Valley, Charles
Valley, Elizabeth
Valley, Jacob
Valley, John
Valley, Margaret
Valley, Mary
Valley, Mary
Valley, Nathan
Valley, Peter
Valley, Russell
Valley, William
Vanatten, James
Vanatten, Louisa
Vanatten, Nellie
Vander, Elizabath
Vander, Jane
Vanderhoof, Agnes A
Vanderman, Cyrus
Vanderman, Elmira
Vanderman, James W
Vanderman, Mary J
Vandermant, Alfred
Vandermant, Amanda
Vandermant, Andrew
Vandermant, Charles S
Vandermant, Elijah
Vandermant, Elizabeth
Vandermant, Ellen
Vandermant, Frances
Vandermant, James
Vandermant, Simon
Vandermant, Susanah
Vanderment, Amanda
Vanderment, Elias
Vanderment, Elizabeth
Vanderment, Elizabeth
Vanderment, Emaline
Vanderment, Henry
Vanderment, James
Vanderment, Mary J.
Vanderment, Osker
Vanderment, Preston B
Vanderment, Velina
Vanderment, Victory
Vanderment, Wiley
Vanetter, Charles
Vanetter, James A.
Vanetter, John E
Vanetter, Martha J.
Vanetter, Mary Ann
Vanetter, Rachel
Vangelder, George
Vangelder, Mary
Vangelder, Nancy
Vangelder, Peter
Vangelder, Peter
Vangelder, Sarah
Vangelder, Walter
Vangelder, William
Vanvleete, Abraham
Vanvleete, Benjamin
Vanvleete, John
Vanvleete, Mary
Varner, Amanda
Varner, Anthony
Varner, Elizabeth
Varner, Ellen
Varner, John
Varner, Johnathan
Varner, Julia
Varner, Mary
Vaught, Amelia
Vaught, Andrew
Vaught, Barbry
Vaught, David
Vaught, Hezeker
Vaught, James
Vaught, Jefferson
Vaught, John
Vaught, Nancy
Vaught, Peter
Velber, Christofer
Velber, Eliza
Verbal, Eliza
Verbal, John
Verbal, Malsey
Vernon, Cathrine
Vernon, Charles
Vernon, Chester
Vernon, Mary
Vernon, Senia
Wadd, Charles
Wadd, David
Waddle, Percilla
Wader, Abner
Wagner, Alexader
Wagner, Ann
Wagner, Charles
Wagner, Eliza
Wagner, Elizabeth
Wagner, George
Wagner, Greenberry
Wagner, Jacob
Wagner, Joseph
Wagner, Lena
Wagner, Martin
Wagner, Martin
Wagner, Mary
Wagner, Mary
Wagner, Merelda
Wagner, Nathan
Wagner, Noah
Wagner, Samantha
Wagner, Sarah
Wagoner, Allace
Wagoner, David
Wagoner, Elizabeth
Wagoner, George
Wagoner, George, Jun
Wagoner, James
Wagoner, John
Wagoner, Martha
Wagoner, Mary
Wagoner, Mary
Wagoner, Mary
Wagoner, Matlilda
Wagoner, Philip
Wagoner, Philip
Wagoner, Sarah
Wagoner, William
Waldrops, Harrison
Waldrops, Hugh
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, Ester
Walker, George
Walker, Levi
Walker, Mary
Walker, Mary
Walker, Rebecka
Walker, Sylvester H
Walker, William
Wallace, Amanda
Wallace, Cyrus L
Wallace, George R
Wallace, John
Wallace, John O
Wallace, Leonidas D
Wallace, Mary C
Wallace, Sarah E
Wallace, Susanah
Wallace, William
Wallace, Wm S
Waller, James
Walters, Adeline
Walters, Elizabeth
Walters, Elizabeth
Walters, J B
Walters, Jonathan
Walters, Price
Walters, Sarah
Walters, Susan
Walters, Theodore
Walters, William
Walters, William
Walters, William
Walton, Elizabeth
Walton, John
Walton, Joseph M
Walton, Lydia A
Walton, Martha
Wampler, Andrew
Wampler, Athelinda
Wampler, Felix
Wampler, George
Wampler, George
Wampler, Henry
Wampler, Henry
Wampler, Jane
Wampler, John
Wampler, Joseph
Wampler, Joseph
Wampler, Louisa
Wampler, Malinda
Wampler, Mary
Wampler, Nancy
Wampler, Rebecka
Wampler, W. David
Ward, Dennis
Ward, Elizabeth J
Ward, Ella
Ward, Emma
Ward, Eujen
Ward, James
Ward, Jane
Ward, Lewis
Ward, Roda
Ward, Thomas
Wardell, Anthy
Wardell, Charles
Wardell, Clement
Wardell, Firman
Wardell, George
Wardell, Morris
Wardell, Susan
Wardell, William
Warden, David
Ware, Benjamin
Warner, Allace
Warner, Amanda
Warner, Augustus
Warner, B F
Warner, Bivla
Warner, Charles
Warner, Eliza
Warner, Elvessee
Warner, Eugeine
Warner, Frances
Warner, Harret
Warner, Ida
Warner, Jackson
Warner, John
Warner, John
Warner, John
Warner, John C
Warner, Leonodice
Warner, Mary
Warner, Mary
Warner, Mary J
Warner, Nancy
Warner, Thomas
Warner, Tomas
Warolow, Thomas
Washington, William
Watson, Amy
Watson, George
Watson, Harvy
Watson, Hezekih
Watson, Hiram
Watson, Perry
Watt, James
Watt, Mary
Watts, Ada
Watts, Arthur
Watts, Catharine
Watts, Clementine
Watts, David
Watts, Elen
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, Ellen
Watts, Felix
Watts, Felix
Watts, H M
Watts, J B
Watts, Jackson
Watts, John
Watts, John
Watts, John
Watts, Luther
Watts, Mary
Watts, Nancy
Watts, Nancy
Watts, Thomas
Watts, William
Weaters, Isac
Weaver, Albert
Weaver, Ella
Weaver, John
Weaver, Joseph
Weaver, Lenord
Weaver, Susan
Weaver, William
Webb, Caleb
Webb, Louisa
Webb, Maria
Webb, Obediah
Webb, Thomas
Weisner, Alfred
Weisner, Morrison
Welah, Cinthia A
Welah, Hannah J
Welah, Louisa E
Welah, Sarah
Welyers, Charles
Welyers, Charles
Welyers, Emery
Welyers, Hannah
Welyers, James
Welyers, Joseph
Welyers, Loronza
Welyers, Louisa
Welyers, Malissa
Welyers, Selina
Welyers, William
Wesfall, Adison
Wesfall, Allace
Wesfall, Casander
Wesfall, Felix
Wesfall, George
Wesfall, Harrison
Wesfall, Hiram
Wesfall, Hiram
Wesfall, Jane
Wesfall, John
Wesfall, Lenard
Wesfall, Mary
Wesfall, Mary
Wesfall, Percilla
Wesfall, Samuel
Wesfall, Susan
Wesfall, Virgil
Wesley, Francis
Wesmoreland, Jane
Wesmoreland, John
Wesmoreland, John
Wesmoreland, Louisa
Wesmoreland, Maria
Wesmoreland, Polly
West, Elizabeth
West, Jennette
West, John
West, John
West, Lafayett
West, Marrice
West, Mary
West, Nancy
West, Nancy
West, Riley
West, Thomas
Westfall, Eliza
Westfall, John
Westfall, John
Westfall, Joseph
Westfall, Mary
Westfall, Sarah
Westfall, William
Weters, Benjamin F
Weters, Laura A
Weters, Lavina C M
Weters, Sarah A
Weters, William
Weters, William W
Whiston, Anna
Whiston, Isac
Whiston, Peter
White, Benetta
White, Bennet
White, Carolina
White, Cintha
White, Cinthia
White, Cinthia
White, Clarrisa
White, Colmbus
White, Emly
White, George
White, Harrison
White, Isaac
White, Jackson
White, James
White, Joseph
White, Lucy
White, Mahala
White, Mary
White, Mary
White, Milton
White, Nancy
White, Sarah
White, Silas
White, Silas, Jr
White, William
Whited, Charles
Whited, Henry
Whited, Henry
Whited, Josephus
Whited, William
Whiterker, James
Whitker, Daniel
Whitker, Edward
Whitker, G. W.
Whitker, Harret
Whitker, Nancy
Whitker, Walter
Whitser, Ephram
Whitser, Hiram
Whitser, Josiah
Whittelsey, Robt
Wilber, Daid
Wilber, Martha
Wilber, Sarah
Wilber, Sarah
Wilber, Wash
Wilcox, Basilee
Wilcox, Baslee
Wilcox, Elizabeth
Wilcox, George
Wilcox, James
Wilcox, John
Wilcox, Lettie
Wilcox, Max
Wilcox, Verlenda
Wiles, Jack
Wilhelem, Nancy
Wilhem, Ann
Wilhem, Henry
Wilhem, Nancy
Wilhem, Peter
Wilhem, Sarah
Wilkerson, Elizabeth
Wilkerson, Ephriam
Wilkerson, Mathew
Wilkison, Ephram
Williams, Aaron
Williams, Albert
Williams, Amand
Williams, Amanda
Williams, Catherine
Williams, Daniel
Williams, E N
Williams, Edgar
Williams, Eliza
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, G A
Williams, Harret
Williams, Harriet
Williams, Harrison
Williams, Henry
Williams, James
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Lucinda
Williams, Lucinda
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Maria
Williams, Marion
Williams, Martha
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary
Williams, Melissa
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Newton
Williams, Perliza
Williams, Saml. L
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Vincent
Williams, William
Williams, William
Williams, Sen, W.
Williamson, D M
Willis, Abraham
Willis, Barbry
Willis, David
Willis, Ezra
Willis, Isac
Willis, John
Willis, Thomas
Willkin, Emly
Wilson, Benjamin F
Wilson, C F
Wilson, Charles T
Wilson, Elizabeth A
Wilson, Hannah
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Jasper
Wilson, John W
Wilson, Minnie
Wilson, Wallace
Wilson, Watson
Wilson, Wayne
Wilson, Wm
Wilson, Wm. J
Windewood, Isabel
Windewood, John
Windewood, Mary
Windewood, Samuel
Windewood, Sarah
Wingel, Lu***
Wining, Elenora
Wining, Eli
Wining, Jacob
Wining, Mary Ann
Wining, Nancy
Winings, William
Winkle, William
Winkler, Silas
Winship, Allen D
Winship, Eliza J
Winship, Jane
Winship, John W
Winship, Joseph
Winship, Margaret A
Winship, Sarah E
Wise, Bettie
Wise, George
Wise, Laura
Wise, Mary
Wise, Mary
Witters, Harriet
Witters, John
Witters, Margaret
Witters, Samuel
Wolf, Catherine
Wolf, Henry
Wolf, Jacob
Wolf, Jemina
Wolf, Nance
Wolf, Nancy
Wolf, Sarah
Wolf, Sarah
Wolf, William
Wolford, Frances
Wood, Disy
Wood, George
Wood, Marth
Woodard, Ellen
Woodard, Frances
Woodard, George
Woodard, Horace
Woodard, Margret
Woodard, Paison
Woodard, S W
Woodard, Sarah
Wooden, Caroline
Wooden, Elizabeth
Wooden, Emeline J
Wooden, Frances E
Wooden, Francis M
Wooden, John K
Wooden, Mary C
Wooden, Sarah E
Woods, George
Woodworth, Catharin
Woodworth, James
Woodworth, James
Woodworth, Mary
Woodworth, William
Worley, Samuel
Worstell, Cynthia
Worstell, Elizabeth
Worstell, George W
Worstell, Isaac C
Worstell, Mares C
Worstell, Sophrona
Worstell, Sylvester
Worstell, Thomas J
Worstell, Wm
Worstsbrow, Alfred
Worstsbrow, Allace
Worstsbrow, Mahala
Wright, Catharine
Wright, Catherine
Wright, David
Wright, Ellen
Wright, Ellis
Wright, Henry
Wright, Isac
Wright, James
Wright, James B.
Wright, John
Wright, John
Wright, Julia
Wright, Laura
Wright, Lizzie Jane
Wright, Mary
Wright, Mary Catherine
Wright, Nancy
Wright, Noah
Wright, Noah
Wright, Pheobe Ann
Wright, Resa
Wright, Sarah
Wright, Sarah
Wright, Sarah Ann
Wright, Susan
Yates, Mary Ann
Yates, Samuel
Yocaum, Eleanor
Yocaum, Emma
Yocaum, Hiel
Yocaum, Jane
Yocaum, Maria
Yocaum, Miles
Young, Aaron
Young, Adline
Young, Albert
Young, Annette
Young, Catharine
Young, Frances
Young, John
Young, John
Young, Jonathan
Young, Nancy
Young, Rachael
Young, Rachel A
Young, Salle
Young, Samuel
Young, Thomas
Young, Thomas
Zegler, Jane
Zeigler, Catherine E
Zeigler, Hannah M
Zeigler, Jane A
Zeigler, Nancy E
Zigler, Mary
Zimmerma, Clarissa