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Husband: Claibourn `Clabe` MASH / NASH

Born:  1835 Illinois

Married:  March 11, 1870, Noble Twp., Richland County, Illinois

Died: Between 1900 - 1910, Big River Twp., St. Francois County, MO

Father:  William MASH
Mother:  Louvina (maiden name Unknown)

Wife: Amanda "Mandy" MASH/NASH
03 Dec 1846 Born: Shannon County, Missouri in:
16 Dec 1928 Died: Arcadia, Iron County, Missouri in:
Father:  John W. "Jack or Jackson" MASH / Nash

Mother:  Hannah (maiden name Unknown - Possibly Hardin)


Name:  Alfred Nash
Born:  1871, Missouri
Died:  22 Jun 1880, District 191, Plattin Twp., Jefferson Co., MO

Name:  Elizabeth `Eliza` Nash
Born:  1872, Missouri

Married:  October 20, 1891
Spouse:  Thomas Nash

Name:  John `Stiffen` Nash

Born: 24 Feb 1875, Silver Springs, St. Francois Co., MO

Died:  24 Aug 1968, Bonne Terre, St. Francois County, MO Married:  24 Oct 1914
Spouse:  Anna Eliza McGee

Name:  Jesse Clayburn Nash

Born:  02 Feb 1881, Big River Twp., St. Francois Co., MO
Died:  11 Nov 1947, Ironton, Iron County, MO

Married:  08 Jul 1906
Spouse:  Alice Sutton

Name:  Dolly Ann "Dolla" Nash

Born:  May 1886, Big River Twp., St. Francois Co., MO

Died:  1929, Bonne Terre, St. Francois County, MO

Spouse:  Gus (1h-DAN) McGee

Married:  15 Jun 1901
Spouse:  James (2h-DAN) Stinnett

Name:  James `Monroe` Nash

Born: Aug 1889, Big River Twp., St. Francois Co., MO

Died: 07 Aug 1956, Festus, Jefferson Co., MO

Married:  17 May 1917
Spouse:  Bessie May Decker

Family records kept by my parents, Alfred Francis Nash and Naomi Marie Kitchell, and other family members.  Ancestry. Com Census Records, Family Search - LDS Website, Johnson County, Indiana Marriage Records, Illinois State Marriage Records. Missouri State Marriage Records. Missouri State Death Records.
MASH Family Book entitled:  MASH  Our Ancestors  1635-1989, researched and compiled by Clarence E. Mash

Family Tree DNA Testing - Four 25 Marker Matches 100% across the board on all.  Done by:

(1) Larry D. Nash for the CLAIBOURN "CLABE" MASH/NASH Line

(2)  George Edward Nash, Jr.,  for the WILLIAM NASH Line

(3) Lonnie Lewis Nash, for the JOHN W. "Jack or Jackson" MASH/NASH Line

(4) Edward John Mash, for the CLARENCE E. MASH Line