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Lawrence County Illinois

Selected Early Marriage Records
Transcribed by Laurel Treat



Ephraim Wilkison and Mary Bogard, the 13th Instant of 1830. February 11, 1830 by Benjamin Murphey. *I assume the 13th marriage performed by same for the year.

Martin Boman and Harriet Christy, February 14, 1830 by J. M. McLean, J.P. *should be Martin Bowman.

Lawson Childers and Mary Ann Hunt, April 1, 1830 by John Dolahan.

Cannady Clubb and Nancy Christy, March 11, 1830 by J. M. McLean J. P.

James Porter and Mary Christy, October 14, 1830 by J. M. McLean J. P.

William Christy and Margaret Lanterman, December 9, 1833 by J. M. McLean J.P.

George M. Carruthers and Jemima P. Evans, January 9, 1834 by J. M. McLean J. P.

William Y. Christy and Mrs. M. H. Bently, May 8, 1859 by James H. Thrapp. J.B. Watts, Clerk.

Ransford Bowen and Ann Mathias, license issued May 17, 1859 by J. B. Watts, Clerk.

George M. Whittaker and Nancy E. Christy, December 14, 1859 by David T. Clark. J. B. Watts, Clerk.

S. K. Knox and Jennie E. Christy, December 18, 1861 by J. R. Sage Wiuester. J. B. Watts, Clerk. *Shannon Knox and Jane Christy.




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