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Soldiers' and Sailors' Home Residents (1887–1916)

This database on the Illinois State Archives site, lists the names of male residents of the Illinois Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home admitted from its opening in 1887 through September 1916 and female residents from 1908 through September 1916. Picture of the home, from: "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois", Edited by N. Bateman, P. Selby & J.S. Currey. Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, 1921. Historical info on the Grundy County ILGenWeb site about the Home in Quincy. (Thanks, Deb!) More - Old Soldier’s Homes– Wikipedia, National Cemeteries -Veteran burials.

"In 1885 the General Assembly created the Illinois Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home at Quincy to provide subsistence and a home for honorably discharged and disabled veterans of the Mexican and Civil Wars. In succeeding years Illinois veterans of all wars and veterans’ wives, mothers, and daughters became eligible for admission. In 1973 the General Assembly changed the home’s name to the Illinois Veterans’ Home. Since 1976 the Department of Veterans’ Affairs has administered the home." Illinois State Archives.

Listed here are those residents from Lawrence County. I will be adding the records from the home for each person. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.


Name County Date Admitted Number Company Unit
Allender, James R. Lawrence Dec. 27, 1888 1081 G, K 11 MO INF, 9 IN CAV
Irwin, William H. Lawrence June, 7 1906 7485 F 91 IL INF
Jackman, Aaron R. Lawrence Aug. 8 1899 4930 E 154 IL INF
Lint, Daniel Lawrence Apr. 27, 1910 9032 G 48 IN INF
Pelky, Joseph Lawrence June 30, 1905 7138 I 5 IL CAV
Ruth, James M. Lawrence Nov. 19, 1890 1781 I 1 MD CAV
Williams, Hamilton B. Lawrence Feb. 4, 1902 5853 NA US NAVY
Young, George C. Lawrence Jul. 15, 1913 10035 E 37 IL INF
Young, Mary E. Lawrence Jul., 15, 1913 560 NA NA




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