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Francis Marion McCLEAVE
Born: 29 Sep 1843
Birds, Lawrence Co., Illinois
Married to Mary J. WOODWORTH
8 Nov 1864, Lawrence Co., Illinois
Died: 27 Mar 1907; Buried in Lawrence Co., Illinois


Seated: Grover McCLEAVE
25 Jan 1886 - 27 Sep 1955
Standing: Rowley McCLEAVE
7 Jan 1879 - 14 Feb 1920
Sons of Francis Marion McCLEAVE and


Christina Geines Schmidt and her husband, Johann Christian Schmidt. Christina was born 2 January 1841 at Lawrence County, Illinois, the daughter of Henry Geines and Esther Moellinger. She married Johann Christian Schmidt, a native of Damflos, Prussia, on 24 April 1859 at Lawrence County, and she died about 1896 at Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois. The Geines (Geins/Gines/Grimes) family remained in Lawrence County from about 1838 through the present day. Henry Geines was born 17 September 1813 in Pennsylvania and Esther was born January 1814 in Ohio; both are buried at Brian Cemetery, Lawrence County. Related families are the families of Grove and Landess. This photo of Christian and Christina Schmidt was probably taken at Lebanon, Illinois about 1880.
Submitted 5 Aug 2004 by Allyson Monroe Tilton



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