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Joseph S. Christy Sr

Joseph S. Christy, Sr., son of William Y. Christy and Catherine (Shirley) Christy. See Bio.

Whittaker family

Grown children of George M. Whittaker and Nancy E. Christy - See Bio.

Tom born ~1873, Carrie born ~ 1867, William born ~1869, Frank born ~ 1866, and Joseph born ~ 1871.

Martha Ulmer

Martha Ulmer, Age 2, Petrolia, IL. Daughter of Samuel James Tildon Ulmer and Magola Hesher Ulmer. Picture taken about 1916. Around this period, the Ulmer family lived on the "Crump" lease. Submitted by Susan Parish.








Virginia Collins

Virginia Clementine COLLINS  (June 04, 1831 - November 30, 1889)   Daughter of Rachel RYAN  (d/o James RYAN & Sarah FRENCH) and Dr. Thomas Cresap COLLINS.   Married William A. WATTS   (December 19, 1826 - January 10, 1863)   Clementine and Wm married on Nov 28, 1854.

Children: Thomas Collins WATTS  (July 27, 1856 - October 15, 1933) m: Carrie B. WHITTAKER John WATTS  Abt. 1858 - Abt 1874 Arthur WATTS  (November 1859 - October 25, 1860) Willam Asbury WATTS  (September 23, 1861 - 1946)  m: Ida Florence ALLENDER.

According to one book on Lawrence County history, William was the carpenter who built many of the main buildings in the town. Submitted by Shirley in Miami.



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