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Heath/DeLong family Reunion in 1901. This was published in the The Daily Record newspaper of Lawrenceville, IL.  Other folks in the area might recognize some of the names and pictures.  I'd love to know if anyone knows who "grandpa & grandma" are in the front row and who is Brook Heath? I don't have that name anywhere, is it the old man sitting next to "grandpa & grandma" or the child sitting in front? Owner of the photo is May Eagle. Submitted by Lois Heath.

It lists the names as David DeLong, John D. Piper, Minnie & John Scott, Bob Fiscus, Minnie & Pete Knepper, Charley & Cora Heath, Hat Piper, Jervee Mathias, Add Piper, Maude Pines, Anna, Clarence, Bob, Burton, and Susan Heath, Duggle & wife, Katie Heath, Clarence Piper, Nellie Heath, Joy Scott, John, Sarah, Wink, Alice, Jenney, Ed, John, Tobias, Amos, Brook Heath, grandpa & grandma (not sure which one), Pearly DeLong. 


Floyd Fiscus in his welding shop on the north side of the B&O tracks in Sumner.  March 23, 1939. Submitted by Mike Fiscus.


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