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Legg sisters


Clinton Goodman


This is a photo of three young Legg sisters, all daughters of Henry Washington Legg of the Sumner area. The oldest is Carrie Alice Legg Brookhart, born Sept 5, 1888 and died Sept 15, 1964. She was married to Lee Brookhart of the area.

The middle daughter is my grandmother, Vira Agnes Legg McQuiston, born Sept. 4,1891 and died December of 1980 in Hadley, PA. (Other Photo)

The youngest is Leona Ann Legg Poland, born Sept. 14, 1897 and died in February of 1980. Her husband was Ira Poland.
Submitted by Lois Kay Steere

Clinton Goodman, son of Carrie Legg Goodman. He was a farmer near Sumner. His dates of birth and death are not known.

Submitted by Lois Kay Steere

Clinton & Clara Goodman

Clinton and Clara Goodman shortly after their marriage, date unknown and her maiden name unknown. They had two daughters, Alvessa and Julia.

Submitted by Lois Kay Steere

Crossroads school

Crossroads School, Lawrence County. In the 1920s this school was the scene of a terrible explosion when a group of boys were kicking a can at recess. The can they found in the ditch was a nitro can. Seven boys, including two of my Petty ancestors and a teacher were killed. The gentleman who gave me this photo said the explosion
occurred at the right side of the picture around to the back of the building, where there was a bridge. Submitted by Lois Kay Steere


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