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L. Allen

My grandfather Luther Sherman Allen standing on the Tenth Street
Bridge at Lawrenceville.  Apparently the Embarras was in flood.  I believe this was in 1918, upon his return from France, where he served in WWI. Submitted by Donna Isom MacDougall.


L. Allen

Luther Sherman Allen on the family farm, probably 1918
or 1919, after he had served in France in WWI. Submitted by Donna Isom MacDougall.


This photograph may have been taken at the county fair. Luther Sherman Allen is the young man at the upper left.  The man seated in front of him is certainly one of his brothers, but I don't know which one.  William Washington Allen looked most like him, from other photos I've seen, but was some years older. Submitted by Donna Isom MacDougall.


Carl Allen

Carl Franklin Allen - younger brother of Luther Sherman Allen, with a shotgun in hand, and their mother, Elizabeth Jane "Betsy" Clouse Allen Hornback. Submitted by Donna Isom MacDougall.



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