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Harmony School, 1908. Photos on this page once belonged to a family that lived in Bridgeport, IL. Submitted by John Stangle.

I found that there was an Harmony school in Lancaster, Wabash county, IL. - Laurel Treat

Harmony School was located in Lawrence county on the corner of Bridgeport and St. Francisville roads. - Note by Roberta Talley.





Harmony School, 1915-16. Submitted by John Stangle.

Unknown girl, Class of 1935, Barton photograpy, Bridgeport, IL. Submitted by John Stangle.


*Note - Laurel Treat

I noticed in these two pictures of the school that the students in the later one seem to have come from families with more income than at the same school previously. What follows is a note from Roberta Talley on that subject:

There wasn't as much oil in Wabash county as there was in Lawrence county. At one time, during the peak of the oil boom, Lawrence county was the third largest producer of oil in the United States, only surpassed by Texas/Oklahoma. Oil was struck in 1906 and by 1908, they were having to build more and more schools. The average class in the school in Lawrenceville alone held 75 students. It was an all grade school. The Bridgeport area was having the same problem. Both towns asked for and received permission from the population in their districts to sell bonds in order to build a high school. Other schools were being built throughout the county. By 1910, there were approximately 80 schools throughout the county and they were still adding more.




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