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Lawrence County Photo Gallery

My grandmother's parents, Emily Jane Petty and Henry Washington Legg. Submitted by Kay Steere. See bio.


Leona Poland

My grandmother's sister, Leona Ann Legg Poland, taken in the motel she ran in the Sumner Area. Submitted by Kay Steere.


Two sons of Carrie Legg Goodman. The older is Marcus Goodman, the younger is Amos Goodman. Submitted by Kay Steere. See bio.


School photo from Lawrence county, year unknown. *Donetta sends us a note, her Aunt - Hazel Bridwell in the photo only sent to school in Sumner, so this must be Sumner grade school. (LT 11/07 )

My father was Harry V Moore, born 1908 in Lawrence County Illinois.  This school is not identified, but the people in the picture are.

Top Row:  ? Heath ?, Buck Lydle, Dick Staniger, Charlie Curran, Bob Coffin, Red Carroll, Orvil Cochran, Hubert Martin, and JB bill

2nd from top:  Teacher Nora Vanitta, Corene Balding, Leona Bolding, Lelia Harbaugh, ? Spitler, Hazel Bridwell, Garnet Peters, ?????, Emmerson Gearhart, Howard Peal

3rd row from top:  Jane Dole, Bulis Corrie, Agnes Culter, Mildred Wright, Mamie Mattoon, Lucille Fiscus, Nettie Shaw, Leona Wright, Marion Piper, Claude Fyffer, Levit Price.

Bottom Row:  Harry Moore, George Robert Freese, Hohn Harvey Brian, Paul Smith, Arthur Gray, ? Heath ?,

Glen Blood, Harry Wieley, Alonzo Zollers, and Olen Peters.

Submitted by Brenda.



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