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George Field

Picture of a bit of old George Field barracks used as apartments following the war. Kids in picture: Mike Price and Linda Price  taken about 1947/48. Submitted by Mike Price.



O'Neal airport late 40's early 50's.

Pilot is Earl Leach who was a long time pilot/instructor at the airport until mid 60's. Believe he was born in Lawrenceville. Submitted by Mike Price.


O'Neal airport date unknown. Probably around 1950. Person on left unknown,  to the right is Frank O'Neal. Submitted by Mike Price.


Great-great grandparents of Mike Price. She was born in Lawrence Co. They were farming in lower Lawrence Co by about 1852/3. Raised 7 children there. James Clayton Price - 3/24/1831 to 4/11/1901. Margaret Sarah Herbert Corrie Price - 2/18/1829 to 12/14/1907. Picture circa 1895. Submitted by Mike Price.

Great grandparents of Mike Price. Robert was born and worked in Lawrence Co all his life, it is believed. Was a farmer, carpenter and a grocery store operator. The last store he operated was in Bridgeport about 1936. Robert Burton (Burt) Price - 1872-1946. Daughter, Delia Isabelle Price - 1893-1920. Son, George Wesley Price - 1891-1964. Daughter, Mary Eliza Price - 1896-1974. Wife, Grace Sutherland Price - 1872-1905. Picture circa 1896/97. Submitted by Mike Price.


Left to Right - Front Row - Unknown

Back Row - Herb Jackman, (Delia) Isabelle Price Jackman. Submitted by Mike Price.





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