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The picture was taken in 1904. Front Row left to right as you look at the picture.  Wilbur Calvert, Margaret Calver (the baby), Oran Solon Calvert, Back Row Left to Right:  Oran E. Calvert, Florence Weller/Calvert, Margaret Udora Paxton/Calvert  (Mother to Oran E. Calvert.   Oran E. Calvert & Florence Weller/Calvert are the parents of the children. Submitted by Joanne Crawford Ikeda





This is Laurel Calvert b.13 Feb 1884; d. 05 Nov 1966 on the left.  Oran E. Calvert b. 01 May 1878; d. 15 Aug 1961 on the right.  They both lived most of their lives in Lawrence County.  They were sons of Solon Samuel Calvert & Margaret Udora Paxton/Calvert.    Oran E. is the father of Oran S., Leon, Doc, & Merle that lived in Lawrenceville for so long.  

West side of square - Lawrenceville. Submitted by James Pope.






Ohio Oil Co.  Dist. #9 Bridgeport, Illinois.  TI Gould Farm, 9/22/31.

First row kneeling, left to right.  C. M. Richardson, (District Foremen), John Boyer, Frank Anderson, Leonard Gray, Marion Hutchinson, J.M Campbell(Farm Foreman)

Second row sitting, left to right, John Mills, Virgil Seed, Charles Henderson, Hobart Kays, Irvin Forsythe, Rennie Stevens, Leland Gray, Fred Malosh.

Third row, standing, left to right, Homar Farr, Dwight Huddelson, Leslie Jones, Chester Hurst, George Kelley, Everett Smith, Howard Green, Lewis Forsythe, Norman Cox, Clell Trammel,

Top Row, Standing, left to right, George Goodart, Ralph Gray, Isom Dunham, Otto Mason

Submitted by James Pope.





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