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Lawrence County, Illinois
Bridgeport Twp High School 1945

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Submitted by Curtis White

B. T. H. S. Bridgeport, IL

B. T. H. S. Band 1942 - 1943

1st Row l-r
Drum - Glenn Grant
Sax - Mary Helen Petty
Clarinets - Donald Hamilton
Wanda Dobson
Bermard Brunson
Dayton "Sonny" Gray
Margaret McCracken
Virginia Wagner
Drum - Lloyd Rudisall

2nd Row
Sax - Charles Williams
Georgia Lewis
Mary Jean Recker
Wanda beckett
Horns - Jack Berkshire
Evelyn Stout
Lois Frinley
Symbols - Betty Goff

3rd Row
Baritone - Omer Ulrich
Cornets - B6 Trumpet - Anne Cisne
Bob Rucher
3rd Cornet - Wilhelmina Wetterow ? ?
2nd Cornet - Bob Morehead
Magdalene Hotsinpillar
1st and solo - Carol Jean Wall
Joyce Peters

4th Row
Bass drum - Bob Lankston
Trombones - John Curtis Robinson
Nadalene Dobron
Lorene Ulrich Bass Horn - Ray Purcell
Bass Tuba - Trella Gray
Symbols - Jim Ritchie
Bariton - LeRoy Skinner
M. T. Johson

Mary Sharrett, front 1st row on left, and some friends in front of Bridgeport Township High School, photo not marked.

Looks like the entrance to BTHS,
Bridgeport, IL, Mary Sharrett and some guy, not my dad, watch your hands dude.

Looks like Mary Sharrett in front of B. T. H. S., again with that same guy.

Mary Sharrett in her cap and gown graduating from Bridgeport Township High School, 1945

Mary Sharrett in her cap and gown graduating from Bridgeport Township High School, 1945

Bridgeport Township High School Diploma of Mary Elizabeth Sharrett, 1945

Dona L. Shull wins U. of I. Scholarship in 1945, she was from Bridgeport, IL

Ray Purcell & Mrs. Purcell
Ray Purcell S 2-c and Mrs Purcell who were recently married. Seaman Purcell is stationed at Dallas, Texas and Mrs Purcell is making her home here

Pauline Scherer is wed to Ray E Purcell

Photo of Virginia Wagner Campbell, Mary Sharrett's best friend from high school and college

Mr and Mrs John T Campbell, married June 4
Mr and Mrs John T Campbell are at home in St. Louis, MO. Mr Campbell is the son of Mr and Mrs Dean Campbell and Mrs Campbell is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Guy Wagner.


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