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Bridgeport High School 1945
Submitted by Curtis White

Class Will '45

We, the Senior Class of 1945 of the Bridgeport Township High School, county of Lawrence, state of Illinois, country of he United States of America, knowing that only a few remaining hours are to be spent as the senior class, must make our final decisions before deporting forever, as we feel sure our class has been the most successful and remarkable class that ever entered B. T. H. S. When we go forth before the nation, we know that success will be ours forever and it is our duty to leave to the underclassmen our well-developed brains to aid them in mental success, as we ourselves have received talents from this special device.

FIRST: We are making the following distributions to the underclassmen.
To the FRESHMAN class we leave our self-confidence.
To the SOPHOMORES, our charming and congenial personality.
To the JUNIOR class, out seats.

SECOND: We distribute the following to our sponsors.

To MISS LYTLE-a history class that will hold discussions.
To COACH RATLIFF-a genuine non-breakable chair for basketball games.
To MR. EMMONS-a sense of humor.
To MRS. LYDY-a new black pocketbook.
To MISS DEAN-some good films.
To MR. STOLTZ-a punctual play cast, with all present at every rehearsal.

THIRD: To the following students:

WANDA ASKREN leaves her build to Darlene Mills.
ED AUERSWALD leaves everything to a girl in Florida.
CATHERINE BASS and FERN BIGGS leave their habit of skipping school to Mary Crowder and Dorothy Kolter.
JAKE BERKSHIRE, now in the Navy, leaves his ability to drive to Otis Mieure.
CHARLES BLACKWELL wills his ability to play pool to Russell Abel.
CHARLES BOLDREY and ART HISHER leave their talent in saying Chaucer's "The Clarke" to Howard Stout and Gerald Thornberry.
ROSELLS BOLDREY leaves Harold Greer to Patty French.
CLARENCE BUCHANAN leaves his car in Bobby Foxe's junk yard.
TED BUNYAN in the Navy, leaves his motorcycle to Eugene Plummer for the duration.
MARY LOU CASSIL leaves her sense of humor to Pauline Lockhart.
LOLA CESSKA wills her freckles to Jane Gray.
KATHERN CRAIG leaves her purple blouse to Garnet Stout.
CHARLES CUMMINS leaves his peculiar art of typing to Joe Longnecker.
CHAROTTE CUNNINGHAM leaves her ability to drive their card to Leta Jane Tracy.
AL DALRYMPLE leaves his build and curly hair to John Tom Campbell.
JOHN DIVER, in the Navy, leaves his talent of "Black Jack" to his brother Jerry.
PAUL EDMONDSON leaves his pole vaulting technique to Robert Herrin.
WILBUR EWING gives his long brown hair to Jim Perryman.
LOIS FINLEY leaves her piano playing ability to Barbara Recker.
JACK and BOB FISCUS leave their flashy clothes to Dick Black and Robert Cambell.
BILL FOSS leaves nothing; Wanda already has him.
PEGGY FRENCH leaves her friendliness to Martha Ann Magee.
MONICA GILLESPIE leaves her popularity to Nellie Frazier.
GEORGE GLOUER wills his ambition to Verl Carr.
GRANCES GOODWIN leaves her shyness to Olin Willis.
GLEN GRANT, in the service, leaves his singing ability to Cork Richardson.
DAYTON GRAY leaves his clarinet and Miss Graves to Don Hamilton.
JOHN GRAY is sorry, but he doesn't have anything to will to anyone; he needs it all himself.
JAMES GREEN wills his bashfulness to Wallace Wilson.
WILMA GREEN leaves her glamour to her sister.
GENE GRESHAM leaves his ability to run the quarter mile to Ralph Abel.
OPAL GRIESEMER leaves her curly hair to Marjorie Bousley.
RAY GROFF leaves his reckless driving with his brother Gene.
DOROTHY HAMILTON leaves her recitation ability of Elmer Angle.
WILMA HEATH leaves Joe Diebold to Anne Cisne.
HELEN HERRIN'S stage acting goes to Trilla Gray.
GENELLE HOWE wills her quietness to Francis Wagner.
ARTHUR HIPSHER'S limping technique goes to Joe Gray.
KEITH HOUGHTALING passes his speed on to Bobby Fyffe.
ZERILDA HUNNICUTT leaves her blonde hair to Margaret Berkshire.
BETTY JACOBSEN wills her loud mouth to Shirley Lewis.
ROY JONES leaves his glamour to Norman Wilson.
BOB LANKSTON, now a sailor, doesn't know what to leave; he is still unconscious from his wreck with Clarence Buchanan.
MARGARET McCRACKEN wills her red hair to Betty Sharrett.
OMA MADDSON leaves her little sister Louise to Byrad Bridgett.
BETTY MAGEE leaves her sour look to Carol Jean Smith.
STANLEY MARDIS doesn't leave anything; he's taking Betty with him.
HAROLD MURRY leaves his history memory to Bob Goodwin.
ALLEN NELSON of the Navy, leaves his football suit to Jim Brunson.
CHARLES POTTS leaves the fun he gets out of Louis Steffy to Bill Lawson.
OLIVE RALSTON leaves her dry wit to Ida Mae Cook.
JEAN REISINGER leaves her men for Wilhelmina Wetterow.
WINIFRED RICE leaves her love for the Merchant Marines to Lavonia Mowrer.
JOHN ROBINSON leaves Mona, much to his regret.
BOB RUCKER bequeaths his ability to train burr haircuts to Joe Diebold.
LLOYD RUDESILL leaves mothing-he's taking Mary Lou with him.
EVERETT SAGER leaves civilian lift for that of a gob.
PAULINE SCHERER PURCELL leaves single life for married life.
PAULINE SCHNEPPER'S blond hair goes to Betty Stevenson.
PAULINE SECHREST leaves Norman Wilson at the mercy of the wolfesses.
MARY SHARRETT gives her shorthand ability to Dick Seed.
WANITA SHARRETT and BETTY SIMMONS leave their Sumner man to Peggy Pace and Donna Sager.
DONA SHULL and WANDA CULLISON leave their friendship to Jeannie Palmer and Jackie Wagner.
LEROY SKINNER wills his gift of gab to Verl Carr.
EDNA SMITH gives her shy disposition to Dorothy Bedford.
ALIC STOLTZ SMITH leaves her giggle to Kathleen Irwin.
MARY LU SUMNER and BETTY TANQUARY leave their mid-night rendezvous to Harriett Rosborough and Della Mae Foss.
PATTY TRAMMEL gives her honored position to next year's Senior President.
FERNE WAGGONER leaves her quiet disposition to Evon Land.
HERSCHEL WAGNER passes his dynamic personality on to brother Ray.
NADINE WAGONER shares her figure with Rose Anne Hinton.
VIRGINIA LEE WAGNER bequeaths her size to Norma Jean Smith.
CHARLES WILLIAMS leaves his rabbit to John Philip Graf.

Class Day Program

Processional - Lois Finley
Farwell - Patty Trammel
Class History - Virginia Wagner
Class Prophecy - John Robinson
Saxophone Solo - Charles Williams, Accompanied by Louis Finley
Class Will - Herschel Wagner
Home Economics - Alice Groff
Track - Mr. Shoulders
G.A.A. - Mrs. Singleton
Scroll - Mr. Crowder

Class Roll

WANDA ASKREN was a member of G.A.R. her freshman years. She enjoyed English most while in High School. She plans to work in a war plant next year and eventually become a housewife.

One of our outstanding athletes was ED AUERSWALD who won three letters in football and tow in wrestling. He was a member of the National Scholastic and athletic Society. Ed was president of his junior class, and Hi-Y, secretary during his sophomore class, caption of the football team on year. He was also a member of the Zetetic club. Ed now await his call to the navy, but he hopes to see the world after the war.

CATHERINE BASS was in Home Ec., G.A.R. and V-Corps on year each. She enjoyed public speaking. Catherine plans to the a sailor's wife soon.

"I enjoyed typing most while in school", said FERN BIGGS, who would like to become a nurse. She was a member of the Home Economics Club on year.

CHARLES BLACKWELL, "Blackie" to his friends was treasurer of his class this year. He won 3 letters in basketball and one football. He won a N.S & A.A. award. Charles had a part in the operetta this year, was a member of H-Y and Zetetic clubs. He will leave soon for the navy to study radar. He hopes to become an electrical engineer after the war.

Another future sailor is CHARLES BOLDREY who was a member of Hi-Y club and who earned 2 letters in track. He hopes to make the navy a life time job.

ROSELLA BOLDREY, a cousin of Charles and very quiet also, entered B.T.H.S. from Sumner her sophomore year. She enjoyed ancient history while in school and plans to work at the local theatre after graduation. After that? Probably Harold could tell.

The "busiest" boy of the seniors was CLARENCE BUCHANAN who was in Zetetic one year and had a part in the Christmas play. He's planning on taking a post graduate course if the army doesn't get him. He'd like to be a petroleum engineer some day.

TED BUNYAN who left us for the navy a couple of months ago, has finished his boot training at Great Lakes.

Friday, May 11, 1945 8:00PM

(In Order of Appearance) Tommy - Trilla Gray Dodo - Jane Gray Cleota - Lois Finley Mrs. Billings - Anne Cisne "Coc" Billings - Richard Seed Flora Lee Billings - Helen Herrin Chuck Hall - Bob Rucker Lula Thaxter - Art Hipsher David Torrence - Art Hipsher Cassandra Thorn - Chleo Tharp Ed Smith - Leroy Skinner Mr. Coddle - Don Ferguson

The entire action of this play takes place in the living room of the residence of Doctor Billings, a physician, situated in a small Midwestern town. ACT I - About 4:00 o'clock on an afternoon in May ACT II - Scene I - About ten days later, late afternoon. Scene II - Later afternoon of the next day ACT III - Scene I - Early the next evening. Scene II - Two hours later.

Directors - Aleen Hostettler and Herman Stoltz Assistant Director - Patty Trammel Special numbers are by John England, Erma Jean Angle, Nadaline Dobson, Robert Herrin, and Rosemary black under the direction of Miss Wilyah Graves. Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Company, New York and Los Angeles.

Baccalaureate Services of Bridgeport Township High School And Public School Graduates
Sunday, May, 27, 1945 7:30 PM

High School Orchestra
Invocation - Rev. Willis
Anthem - Choir
Scripture - Rev. Willis
Sermon - Rev. Fletcher
Anthem - Choir
Benediction - Rev. Lawler

Commencement Exercises Thursday, May 31, 1945

8:00 PM
Processional - Band
Invocation - Rev. Lawler
Cornet Solo - Joyce Peters, accompanied by Mrs. M.J. England
Address - L.B. Fisher, assistant H.S. Visitor of U. of Illinois
Presentation of Diplomas - L.A. Bloom
Benediction - Rev. Willis


A member of the Sunshine Society 3 years and Zetetic club two where MARY LOU CASSIL'S social activities in B.T.H.S. Her ambition is to get a good job with a big salary.

LOLA GAIL CESSNA was chairman of the Stamp and Bond committee and member of the Sunshine Society. She wants to be a beauty operator after graduation.

KATHERN CRAIG who was in several public speaking plays enjoyed typing most. She would like to work in an office before becoming a nurse.

A majorette tow years, Sunshine girl on year and in Gymkana were the outside school activities of WANDA CULLISON. "I enjoyed typing and basket ball games most while in B.T.H.S" to be a stenographer for a while then a housewife are Wanda's plans.

CHARLES CUMMINS, one of our Thespians was in the senior and Homecoming plays. He went out for track and football was a member of the Victory Corps and Hi-Y. He would like to be a write.

Our quietest girl was CHARLOTTE CHUUINGHAM, who just can't remember when she fell for Harry. She was in Gymkana one year. She enjoyed bookkeeping and American History and would like to work in an office, but we have our doubts if Harry will let her.

AL SMITH DALRYMPLE, who received a letter from his famous namesake was a very ardent democrat as you can well imagine. He was one of our most active class mates. In sports he earned 2 letters in football and one in wrestling and was a member of the N.S.A.A. His first love was music. He played in the band 4 years, orchestra 3 , was in the Glee Club 2 and with the Korny Kids. He had star roles in 2 operettas and organized the Star Dusters dance band. Al was in the Hi-Y club 4 years, Zetetic 2 years, and V-Corps 2. He was vice president of the freshman class. Al is also awaiting his call to the navy. He hopes to play in a big name dance band later.

Our outstanding athlete was JOHN DIVER who made all star State teams several times. He earned 4 letters in both football and basketball and was a member of the N.S.A.A He was president of the freshman class and secretary this year. John left for boot camp a few weeks ago. He plants to attend college and be an engineer after the war.

PAUL EDMONDSON was a member for the Future Farmers and expects to enter the service or be a grower of foods.

Another senior waiting for a call from the navy is WILBUR EWING who hopes to go to college when it's all over. He was a member of the Hi-Y club 3 years and enjoyed current events day in American History more than anything else while in B.T.H.S.

LOIS FINLEY is one senior girl who will be sadly missed in the music department where she served as accompanist ofr 4 years. She was also in band and chorus, Sunshine Society, Home, G.a.A., Zetetic club, and V-Corps. She was on the Portonian staff for 4 years. Louis was in all 4 class plays, the Gymkana and an honor student who ranked second on the standardized test. She plans to go to college to study for a teaching position.

On the V-Corps on year, with one letter in football were JACK FISCUS' outside interests. He plans to join the navy and be and engineer after the war.

BOB FISCUS, Jack's brother was in the class play "Your Town and Mine". He wants to be an undertaker.

BILL FOSS, Wanda's boy friend, was a member of Hi-Y and Zetetic clubs. He earned on letter in both football and basketball. He's going to join the navy and then study engineering.

Another quiet senior was PEGGY FRENCH who entered B.T.H.S. her sophomore year from Claremont H.S. She was a member of G.A.A. on year and professed to liking all her classes. She wants to work a while before marrying.

One of the most popular girls in the class of '45 was MONICA GILLESPIE who was president of the Zetetic club this year and the treasurer of her freshman and junior classes. She loved the athletic contests most and we cheer leader on year. She would like to be a secretary before she becomes a housewife.

GEORGE GLOVER was called into the service of his county more than a year ago and has seen many a foreign port.

FRANCIS GOODWIN was a member of G.A.A. 2 years and had a part in 2 public speaking plays. She like Home Ec. While in school. Francis wants to be a beauty operator.

"SONNY" GRAY was secretary of Hi-Y and treasurer of the Zetetic club this year. He played in the band and orchestra 4 years and was a member of the Star dusters. He is another future sailor who wants to take up civil engineering.

Another future sailor is JOHN GRAY who was treasurer of Hi-Y this year, member of the Zetetic club 2 years and manager of the Star dusters.

JAMES GREEN was a wrestler on year and wants to be a farmer after serving in the navy.

A Sunshine girl for one year and member of G.A.A. was WILMA GREEN. She enjoyed typing most and enters nurses training at the Good Samaritan hospital in Vincennes, Indiana in June.

GENE GRESHAM was secretary of his freshman class, member of the Zetetic club and Hi-Y who frankly admitted he liked girls more than anything else while in high school. He'd like to be a draftsman or engineer.

OPAL GRIESEMER took part in one Gymkana and was a member of the V-Corps. Science was her preference while in school. She wants to be a nurse.

Out for all major sports during his high school days was RAY GROFF. He was a Hi-Y member who plans to study engineering after service in the navy.

DOROTHY HAMILTON, an honor student was in two plays and the Sunshine Society. She plants to be a typist and then a housewife.

A majorette for 4 years was WILMA HEATH who took part in three operettas. She was a member of the Home Economics and Glee Clubs one year. Wilma would like to be a model for ten years then marry. We doubt if she'll model that long.

HELEN HERRIN one of our leading actresses had major roles in all three class plays, two Homecoming plays and two operettas. She was president of the Home Ec club this year and a member all 4 years. Helen was a Sunshine girl 4 years and had a perfect attendance record. She enjoyed acting and American history best and wants to be a nurse upon graduation.

One of our leading actors was ART HIPSHER., who had a part in both class plays. He also earned a letter in basketball and football. Art would like to be a shipping clerk at Curtiss Wright Corporation after serving in the navy.

KEITH HOUGHTALING was both secretary and president of F.F.A. while in High School. He won letters in wrestling and track. He expects to take army training soon.

Quiet little GENELLE HOWE wants to be a beautician after graduation. She was a Sunshine girl 2 years and in the operetta one year.

Another future beautician is ZERILDA HUNNICUTT, who practiced for her future career by combing all the girls' hair at noon. She was a member of G.A.A., Sunshine Society and victory corps. Zerilda says she like the 10:10's best.

BETTY JACOBSEN wants to be a beautician also, but we wonder if that sailor from Lawrenceville won't have something to say about that. Betty was a member of Sunshine, Zetetic and G.A.A. She was in the junior class play, band 1 year and a majorette 4 years. She enjoyed football most. We wonder why?

ROY JONES liked the 10:10 programs very much and had a part in two plays given then. He wants to be a business operator )please ask him to explain).

SAILOR LANKSTON (Bob to his friends) spent much of his time in the music department. He played in the band 4 years, orchestra 3 years and was in the glee club his senior year. He had parts in the last operetta and the senior play. He was one senior boy who admitted he liked the girls best. Bob hopes to be an engineer after the war. He left for the navy boot camp at Great Lakes 4 weeks ago.

MARGARET McCRACKEN should make a very good housewife as she is a good cook and seamstress. She belonged to Sunshine 4 years and Home Ec 4. Margaret played in band and orchestra and was in the senior play. She wants to be a county nurse.

Wearing a diamond and planning on the ring to go with it soon, is OMA MADDSON who says she's gone with Paul for years. Our best wishes, Oma.

BETTY JO MAGEE who wants to do office work for awhile before she becomes a housewife, was a member of the Zetetic club this year.

Another of our honor students was STANLEY MARDIS member of the Hi-Y club, letterman in football and track, says he liked the girls more than his subjects. Stanley is awaiting call for the army. He hopes to live to a "ripe old age".

HAROLD MURRY the history shark, had very little to say otherwise. He wants to go to college, then live in Brazil.

ALLEN NELSON who took part of his high school work in Chicago, was on of our football stars and came back to B.T.H.S to graduate with his team mates, but the navy got him a few weeks ago. Allen was a member of the Zetetic club and vice-president of his junior class.

ELSIE NEWELL, our platinum blonde, enjoyed Home Economics and commercial work while in B.T.H.S. She plans to go to business college, then work in an office a few years before_____.

"I would like to work in a war plant next year", said AUDREY GRACE PADDICK, who during her four years here was member of G.A.A., Sunshine, operetta and several public speaking plays. Current events and physical ed classes she preferred.

JOYCE PETERS, this year's Portonian editor took a very active part in outside activities. She was a Sunshine girl 4 years and secretary of the club this year, on the staff of the school paper 3 years, Zetetic club member 2 years and in V-Corps, one. Joyce was secretary of her junior class and played a hot cornet in band and orchestra and on scads of 10:10's and other programs. She was also an actress, appearing in all three plays. Outside activates did not interfere with her school work as Pete was an honor student, on Honor scroll 2 years and 1 of 10 highest on State Standardized test. Her ambition is to be a career girl or happily married.

PAULINE SCHERER changed her last name to Purcell this year by culminating a High School romance, was one of our classmates who made straight A's. She was in V-Corps and Gymkana. Pauline said American history was her favorite subject.

Another letterman in football was CHARLES POTTS who was a member of F.A.A. He would like to enlist in the Naval Air Corps and later become a petroleum engineer.

A science lover as OLIVE JUNE RALSTON who was a Home Ec and Sunshine girl this year. She plans to enter Cadet nurse training in Texas, where her parents recently moved. She'd like to specialize in child card.

JEAN REISINGER enjoyed typing and history. She was a Sunshine girl. She was in G.A.A. one year. Jean had a part in the operetta "Mary Jane" and the Gymkana one year. She's going to a business college in Crawfordsville, Indiana after graduation.

A member of G.A.A., Sunshine and Zetetic was "WINNIE" RICE who was high magazine salesman her junior year. She wants to go to a beautician's school then marry a Merchant Marine. Now who could he be?

JOHN ROBINSON was a member of Zetetic two years and Hi-Y 3. He was treasurer and vice-president of the latter club. John played in band 3 years, was in operettas and senior play. He said he enjoyed playing in band. He is in the navy now but wants to be a chemist.

BOB RUCKER would like to attend college and be a coach. He was out 4 years in all major sports and has 4 letters. He also belonged to Hi-Y, Zetetic, band, orchestra and was a member of the famous Star Dusters dance band. Bob enjoyed sports and pestering his teachers- one in particular.

Our red hot drummer was LLOYD RUDESILL. He beat his favorite instrument in band, orchestra and with the Star Dusters. Lloyd was a member of Hi-Y, and Zetetic clubs and was out for basketball on year. He expects to be in the navy soon and would like to be civil engineer later.

EVERETT SAGER was another senior the navy got before his graduation. He was a member of F.F.A.

PAULINE SCHNEPPER was a Sunshine girl four years. She loved her commercial course. Pauline would like to be a nurse.

PAULINE SECHREST attended high school in Hammond, Indiana her sophomore year. She was on the Portonian staff 2 years. Girls' Glee club 1, Sunshine Society 2 and G.A.A. one year. She plans to enter nurses training.

MARY SHARRETT was the senior who ranked highest in the standardized test. She has never been tardy or absent during her high school days and was on the honor roll every term. Mary was a Sunshine girl, a member of the band and orchestra on year, and in one Gymkana. She would like to go to a teacher's college.
To be a dietitian or to fly a plane is the ambition of WANITA SHARRETT. She plans to take a P.G. course on attend college after graduation. Wanita enjoyed her work in Home Ec club. She was also a Sunshine girl.

Another honor student was DONA SHULL who was a member of the Sunshine Society for two years and a baton twirler the same length of time. Dona like her commercial and language work and hopes to continue in one of the two fields.

BETTY SIMMONS was a member of Sunshine Society. She'd like to take up nursing after she receives that coveted sheepskin or do commercial work.

HERBERT LEROY SKINNER was a man with many interests in including Hi-Y club, band, orchestra, and glee club 2 years. He was also a member of the N.S.A.A. Leroy was in all four operettas and two class plays. Of course his main interest was a little blonde soloist for the Star Dusters of which he was a member. He expects to be in the navy soon and after this service he would like to study engineering.

ALICE STOLTZ chose her career before graduation when she became Mrs. Carol Smith. She enjoyed her commercial work and won a pin for writing shorthand.

Another honor roll student and future secretarial aspirant is EDNA MAE SMITH who was a member of the Sunshine club 4 years. She hopes to be a housewife some day.

MARY LU SUMNER, Lloyd's best girl, was a member of Sunshine and Zetetic club. We wonder why she enjoyed her second and fourth years in school most? She too wishes to be a secretary then settle down in that "little bungalow".

BETTE ROSE TANQUARY, Mary Lu's bosom friend, belonged to the same clubs. She enjoyed her junior year most when Paul was here. Bette would like to work in a war plant before marrying a sailor.

Our president, PATTY TRAMMEL went out for the both class plays, Portonian 2 years, Sunshine club 4 years and Zetetic club 2 years. She says she enjoyed making friends while in B.T.H.S. Patty wears a diamond but says she'll be a secretary until her soldier returns.

One of the most outstanding athletes in the senior class was HERSCHEL WAGNER who earned 2 letters in football, 3 in basketball, and 3 in track. He was also a member of the N.S.A.A. Hersh was vice-president of his class senior year and an honor student. He would like to attend college and continue his interests in sports.

VIRGINIA LEE WAGNER, Hersh's cousin was also an honor student. She was interested in music and plays and went out for band, glee club, 2 operettas an both class plays. She was a member of Sunshine Society 4 years, Zetetic club 2 G.A.A. on year. Virginia Lee is undecided as to her future.

FERNE WAGGONER was a member of Sunshine 3 years, G.A.A. one. She was in the senior play "Your Town and Mine", a baton twirler 2 years and in several 10 o'clock programs which she enjoyed very much. She would like to work in a defense play next year.

Another WAGONER (not spelling) is NADINE, a G.A.A. and Sunshine girl who twirled a baton on year. She enjoyed typing most, but plans to be a beautician.

CHARLES WILLIAMS received his biggest thrill a few weeks ago when a letter came announcing he had passed the Eddy Naval Test, so he's awaiting call to start his study of radar. "Chuck" was a man of many interests, but spent much of his time in the music department after Carol Jean entered nurse's training. He was in both band and orchestra and with the Star Dusters, he played a red hot sax. Charles was in tow operettas and the senior play. He earned one letter in track and was out for wrestling one year. He was an honor roll student whose name was on the scroll 1944. Charles was president of his sophomore class, a member of Hi-Y. He plans to continue his further education after the war and become an engineer.

Bridgeport Township High School Board of Education

Bridgeport, Illinois

L.A. BLOOM - President
VERL KNOERR - Secretary
Purl Crowder - Principal
Helen Bell - English - Spanish
Joann Brosman - English
Wilyah Graves - Music
Alice Groff - Home Economics
Arthur Hortin - Commercial
Aleen Hostettler - English - History
Arva Kirk - Mathematics
Llora Lydy - English - Latin
Catherine Lytle - History
Ollie Poland - Oil Field Mechanics
Roger Ratliff - Mathematics - Coach
Eugene Shoulders - Manual Training
Juanita Singleton - Science - Physical Education
Herman Stoltz - English - Public Speaking
Jean Tingley - Commercial - Physical Education
Wanda Bass - Secretary


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