Sharrett Family Photos, submitted by Curtis White

Cora Elizabeth Huffman Sharrett

Lane with his son Louis Sharrett

Kenneth Sharrett with his new '55 Chevy in Sumner, IL

Lowell Sharrett, May 13,1935

Berneta L Sharrett 1919-1931

Tommy Sharrett with his cousins Kenneth and Mary Sharrett, taken in front of the old company house south of Bridgeport, IL

Mina Fern Wolf Sharrett and Lowell Sharrett

Tommy Sharrett with his cousin Mary Sharrett

Cora Huffman Sharrett with his sister Lucy Huffman Jacobs

Lane, Dennis and Jerry Sharrett. Lane and Dennis fathers were brothers and Jerry is Dennis' son.

Kenneth Sharrett sits on the fender with a bandaged hand while the logo over the top of the license plate reads, "Safety Pays," dated 1937.

Mary and Kenneth Sharrett

Mary Sharrett's brand new 1949 Studabaker, it sits in front of her parent's home in Sumner, IL.

Velma holding Marguerite, Berneta, Mary and Louis Sharrett

Cora, Kenneth, Tommy and Lane Sharrett all standing together in front of their old company house, south of Bridgeport, IL

Kenneth Sharrett 1933

Kenneth Sharrett

Mary Sharrett 1940

Montgomery Ward refrigerator from Lane and Cora Sharrett's home in Sumner, IL.

Tommy Sharrett

Mary Sharrett played the trumpet with the Bridgeport Township High School Band.

Cora with her husband Lane Sharrett

Lane, Cora and Velma Sharrett, their first child. They pose in there 1912 Buick Roadster.

This is the registration card for 1913 for their 1912 Buick Roadster.

Louis Sharrett relaxing under a tree a home south of Bridgeport, IL.

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