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I am collecting short histories of families who came to Lawrence county before 1880. If you have some information on your family, please email it to the coordinator. This is not a query page, so do not ask questions (go to the query page for questions). Just give me the facts (interesting, fun, or just basic facts). I will edit as needed. Please include a picture, if you have one. Also, please include sources, where possible. This does not need to be footnoted "proper" citations, just a line at the end of main sources used in your research.

Sarah Elizabeth Pargin
contributed by Richard Clark

My great grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Pargin is a descendant of John Pargin/Parrygin who's will was the first one probated in Lawrence,Co, he died 20 August, 1821 just after the county was formed.  That John Pargin/Parrygin  was born in France, he was married to Casiah Dodd.  Several of my family members are buried at Charlottsville cemetery just outside of Birds, IL. 

Joseph and Elizabeth Clover PETTY
contributed by Lois Kay Steere

Joseph and Elizabeth Clover Petty migrated to Lawrence County, IL from Perry County, OH by covered wagon in 1838 or 1839. Josiah Petty, known in the family as "Uncle Jeff" came with them. Joseph settled on the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 15. Uncle Jeff settled on the West 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of Section 11. Joseph paid 500 dollars for his tract of land because there was a log cabin there. He and Elizabeth settled with their family there, in what would later become Petty Township. They were some of the first settlers there. The Pleasant Hill Church and Petty School were built on some of this land. Joseph and Elizabeth had 13 children:

1. William "Bill" Petty,
2. Peter Petty, born 1827
3. Balser Petty born March 13 1832 and died October 17, 1900
4. George W Petty born May 18, 1834, died March 10, 1904.
        He married Sarah Jane Burget on November 8, 1853.
5. Jacob "Jake" Petty born December 18, 1841 in Lawrence County, died April 23, 1905 -
        he is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.
6. Levina Petty born December 18, 1843, died July 15, 1929
7. Nancy E Petty Lidey born May 11, 1846 and died August 8, 1935
8. Hannah Petty born June 1, 1849, died July 12, 1918, buried at Pleasant Hill
9. Laura Petty
10. Moses Petty born April 8, 1849, died January 23, 1931 or 2 in California.
11. Mary Ann Petty
12. Joseph Petty
13. Perry Petty born June 12, 1852 and died March 20, 1855

At one time their son Balser (photos of daughters) is said to have owned 1000 acres, and built the church known as Petty. Their daughter Nancy Petty Lidey lived on some of the land. Nancy lost 2 of her 6 children in a typhoid epidemic in 1883. Joseph and Elizabeth's son Peter was a school teacher. In 1849 he headed west in the California gold rush and was never heard from again. Years later the family learned he had died at the age of 22 years when one of Elizabeth's old beaux, Tom Perkins, returned to Sumner from the west and reported he had visited the grave. Their son Moses also went to California with his wife Anna Jane Wagner Petty in a covered wagon. He returned from time to time for visits, but she never did, saying the trip was too strenuous.

Nancy Ann Pickett Bowen was the wife of Balser Petty. She and Balser married on April 20, 1856. They were married by a family member, Daniel Stoltz. Balser and Nancy had the following children -

1. William b 4-9-1857, d 8-28-1857
2. Emily Jane b 8-18-1858, d 2-4-1935
3. Joseph b 3-10-1681, d 7-3-1930
4. Jessie Alice b 1-3-1863, d 4-8-1889
5. Carrie Melissa b 6-25-1864, d6-29\9-1891
6. Amon b 3-29-1867, d 10-30-1903
7. Willie b 8-1-1883, d 3-20-1961
8. Moses Clinton, b 10-3-1868, d 4-8-1962
9. Pleasant b 7-26-1871, d 2-9-1872
10. Mary Magdalene “Mag” b 4-17-1873, d 1962
11. Kurzon Peter b 11-15-1877, d 9-24-1938
12. Dora Rebecca b 2-18-1880, d 11-1-1963
13. Nancy b 1882

My information on this came from stories told by Moses Clinton Petty to my grandmother Vira Legg McQuiston, who was Emily Jane Petty and Henry Washington Legg's daughter.


Wilson PRICE
contributed by Diana Price Roderick

Wilson Price was born in North Carolina circa 1796. He served in the War of 1812 out of Sumner Co, TN. He married Elizabeh Mullins in Wilson Co, TN. They had four children in Jefferson Co, TN before moving to Lawrence County about 1823. The four children born in TN were Harriet, William Coswell, James Allen, and Mary Jane. Elizabeth Matilda, Margaret Amanda, Emily, Daniel and George were born in Lawrence County. Wilson Price died in Lawrenceville in 1874.

contributed by Leah Garrett Routien, Omak, Washington

John Routien, Jr. was born near King's Mountain, KY in 1843. He enlisted in the Union Army at age 17, and was present at the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War. John married Margaret Elizabeth Ends in Lincoln Co., KY in 1867. In 1870 they migrated to Lawrence Co., IL. John came to Illinois on a horse he "bought" from a Kentucky judge but neglected to pay for it. John and Maggie settled in the Sand Ridge area, and raised 10 children. They were forced to burn their seed corn for heat during their first bitter winter in Lawrence County. The Routien Levee, still in existence today, was built near the family farm. Maggie died in 1917, and John followed in 1920. They are buried in May Chapel Cemetery, as are many members of their family. See photo.

John, George and Sidney Saums
Contributed by Laura Armetta

Four Saums children from PA to Lawrence Co., IL in 1871

 John Philip, George, Sidney and Mary Saums, children of David Saums (1802-1854) and Mary (Shireman) Saums (1854- aft. 1860), were born in Newport Township, Luzerne Co., PA. After the Civil War with their parents gone, they moved their families to Lawrence Co., IL. (Note: before David, the family name was Saum. David was quite a scoundrel, but every family needs a bad guy!)

 A. George, 9 Sep 1825 - 21 Mar 1876, m: Elizabeth Stamets, daughter of John Stamets and Elizabeth (Belles).

B. Sidney, 30 Sep 1831- 29 Jul 1913, m: Rosanna Dull, daughter of Samuel Dull & Margaret (?).

C. John Philip, 2 Dec 1836 - 28 Feb 1917, m: Lucy Stamets, Elizabeth’s sister.

D. Mary E. ca 1840 m: first Al Whitson; m: second Michael McGinnis; and m: third Theopolis Smith.

A. George Saums was a shoemaker by trade. By the standards of the day, he would have been deemed successful, showing a worth of $2,000 on the 1870 Federal census of Newport Township. It can be assumed that he made a trip to Illinois to relocate because on 31 March 1870, a deed is issued to him for 80 acres of land in Denison Township, Lawrence Co. described as N 1/2 of SE 1/4, Sect. 9, Town 2N, Range 12W, of 2nd Principal Meridian. This land was purchased from Thomas Baldwin for $2,050 and located 5 ½ miles south and ½ mile east of Bridgeport. This farm later became the property of Charles and Mary ”Minnie” Saums.

 In 1871, George and Elizabeth moved to Lawrence Co., Illinois together with his brother John Phillip Saums and family. A house was built on George’s new property. Family recollection is that the two families lived together until John Philip could build on his own place.  After his death, (Elizabeth) Betsy lived with her sister, Lucy, and brother-in-law, John Phillip Saums, until her death from typhoid fever in 1880. Both George and Elizabeth are buried at the Zion Methodist cemetery beside Lucy and Sarah Saums, John’s first and second wives. They had no known children.

George Saums 21 Mar 1876 50y 6m 12d 

“Dearest husband, thou hast left me. Here thy loss I deeply feel. But is God that hath bereft me, He can all my sorrows heal.” 

Elizabeth Saums 2 Sep 1880 52y 9m 16d

“God gave, He took, He will restore. He doeth all things well.”

 B. Sidney Saums is listed as farmer, head of household in the 1860 and 1870 PA census. He came with his family to Lawrence County in 1873 and settled on a farm near his brothers, about 4 miles south of Bridgeport. Lawrence County IL Land Records show the following sales:

17 Oct 1872 Whitney and Harriett Belles and Philip Jr. and Celia Belles to Sidney Saum. Two tracts 40 acres each $2200 NE ¼ of SE ¼, Sec 32, T 3 N, R 12 W and SE ¼ of NE ¼, Sec 32, T 3 N, R 12 W.

19 Feb 1881 Thomas Seed to Sidney Saums 40 acres $600 SE ¼ of SE ¼, Sec 32, T 3 N, R 12 W.

 Five children were born to this marriage.

1) Hezekiah W.                    b: 29 Dec 1854    d: 17 Nov 1919    m: Mary Jane Thomas (2 children)

2) Ortis Warren                   b: 16 Sep 1857     d: 16 Apr 1948     m: Mary Buchanon (6 children)

3) Mary Elizabeth                b: 31 Mar 1860     d:              1951     m: Henry Dennison (6 children)

4) Margaret                         b:              1863     d: 22 Feb 1927     m: John Chinn – no known ch.

5) Tressa M. (Tressie)         b:    3 Jul 1871      d: 25 Mar 1941    m: Edward James Mabbott  – no known ch.

 Sidney and his wife are buried in Pisgah Cemetery, south of Bridgeport. (Cemeteries of Lawrence County Illinois by Irene Black 1976 p. 572)

Sidney Saums                      20 Sep 1835 – 29 Jul 1913

Rosanna E. Saums                8 Apr 1835 – 19 Jan 1912

C. John Philip Saums served in the Civil War. On 11 August 1862, John enlisted in the 143rd Pennsylvania Volunteers for three years or the duration of the conflict. He was assigned to Company A and it appears from the records that he remained in that company during his service. The regiment proceeded to Washington where it was engaged in the defense of the city and in preparation for action against the enemy. It was ordered to the front in February 1863 and was assigned to the Second Brigade, Third Division, First Corps. The prison of war records show John Saums, Private, was captured at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. Students of the Civil War will remember that the 143rd was among the first to contact the Confederates on this first day of the 3-day battle. There is no clue as to how he was released, but the November Muster Roll again shows him “present” for duty. On May 11, 1864, Corporal John Saums was admitted to the hospital at Emory (Ward B, bed 44) for” Gunshot wound of lower jaw. The (Minnie) ball passed directly through from left to right producing double fracture.” The Medical Descriptive List for that day states that the treatment was “water dressing” and a low diet. On 20 February 1865, he was issued a Certificate of Disability for Discharge. It is likely he was furloughed during these nine months of hospital stay, but no record of that has been found.

 John and his brother George came to Lawrence County in 1870. A family story from Luzelle Lyons says they moved in covered wagons. Land Records show the following sales:

22 Jul 1871 E.D. Seedow and E.E. Seedow to John Saum 40 acres $500 SE ¼ of NE ¼ of S 8, T 2 N, R 12 W.

11 Mar 1881 Sidney and Rosanna Saums to John Saums 20 acres $175 undivided ½ of lot #2, Sec 16, T 2 N, R 12 W.

 Lucy Ann died in September 1880 of typhoid fever (as did her sister, Elizabeth) and is buried in Zion Cemetery, south and west of Lawrenceville. On Oct. 2, 1881, he married Sarah King (9-25-1837 to 10-12-1881) the widow of William King, a neighboring farmer. Sarah died from pneumonia 10 days after the marriage and is buried at Zion Cemetery. On Sept 6, 1883, he was united in marriage with Martha Litherland.  He and his 3rd wife, Martha are buried in Pisgah Cemetery, south of Bridgeport, IL.

 Obituary, "Bridgeport Leader" - Death of John P. Saums. One of Lawrence County's Pioneers and Highly Respected Citizen Passed Away. Mr. John P. Saums, an aged and most honored and esteemed citizen of the Pisgah neighborhood died at his home on Wednesday, February the 28th after several months of intense suffering from cancer of the stomach. The deceased is better known to many of the people of this county than he is to the writer, but we have never heard aught but words of highest commendation and praise of the life he lived and the good deeds that he performed. He was a man greatly loved and admired for his splendid Christian life.

The following brief sketch of his life was read at the funeral: John P. Saums was born in Newport, Lucerne County, PA., December the 2nd 1838. He was married to Lucy A. Stamets, November 1st, 1857. To this union were born seven children, five boys and two girls. Four boys and one girl are still living, viz: Alpheus, of Jackson, Miss.; J. W. of Houston, Tex; Anning of Kansas City; Chas of Bridgeport, and Mrs. Lizzie Lyons of St. Francisville. One boy died in infancy and Emma Hall died in woman-hood. The wife died in 1880 and Mr. Saums was married to Mrs. Sarah King in 1881, who lived only ten days from date of marriage. He was again married to Martha Litherland, September 6, 1883. To this union three children were born, Vada Bardon, David P., and Mary L.--the last two having preceded him to the grave. On the first day of August the deceased enlisted in the U. S. service and was assigned as corporal in Company A, 143rd Regiment of Pennsylvania and was honorably discharged February 20th 1895 [1865?] because of disability. Before coming to the state of Illinois, he belonged to the German Reform Church and after locating here, he united with the Pisgah Presbyterian Church and has been an earnest, devoted, peace loving Christian during this entire period. Brother Saums was a member of the G. A. R. Post at Bridgeport and was also a member of the Masonic order of the same place. He died at his home February 28th, 1917, aged 79 years, 2 months and 26 days. 

Cemeteries of Lawrence County Illinois by Irene Black 1976

Pisgah Cem. p. 573 John P. Saums 1836-1917 and Martha E. Saums 1849-1929

Zion Cem.    p. 893 Lucy O. Saums w/of John 18 Sep 1880 40y 4m 23d

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”

Sarah Saums w/of John 12 Oct 1881 44y 17d

“How soon alas our brightest prospects fail, as Autumn leaves before the driving gate”


John Philip Saums married                                                Lucy Ann Stamets d/of John & Elizabeth (Belles)

b:  2 Dec 1836  Newport twp, Luzerne Co., PA             b: 25 Apr 1840 Luzerne Co., PA

d: 28 Feb 1917 Lawrence Co., IL (Lunkin twp?)          d: 18 Sep 1880 Lawrence Co., IL (typhoid fever)

m1: 1 Nov 1857 Luzerne Co., PA                                    bur: Zion Methodist Church Cemetery


married second                                    Sarah (Filkey) King d/of Samuel & Mary (Byxbe)

                                                                                                b: 25 Sep 1837 Delaware Co.?, OH

                                                                                                d: 12 Oct 1881 Lawrence Co., IL bur: Zion Cem.

m2: 2 Oct 1881 Lawrence Co., IL                                   m1:  William King  bur: Zion Cemetery


married third                                         Martha A. Litherland d/of John Buchanon & Elizabeth (Courter)

                                                                                                b:  1 Dec 1849 Wabash Co., IL

                                                                                                d: 16 Sep 1929 Lawrence Co., IL

m3: 6 Sep 1883                                                                   bur: Pisgah Cem., Lawrence Co., IL

res: to Lawrence Co, IL 1870, Lunkin twp? (John bur: Pisgah Cem., in Orio)


ch: 1-5 born PA; 6-l0 born Lawrence Co., IL (8-10 from 3rd marriage)

1) George P.                          b: 21 Mar 1858    d: 23 Apr 1858 Newport Twp, Luzerne Co., PA

2) Alpheus                             b: 21 Jan 1860     d: 20 Dec 1939    m: Rebecca Evaline Price (8 children)

3) John William                      b:  3 Jul 1862        d: 18 Sep 1929     m: Anna McGinnis (5 children)

4) Lizzie                                 b: 19 Aug 1866    d:  9 Oct 1943      m: William A. Lyons (3 children)

5) Anning J.                           b: 23 Nov 1869    d: 23 Aug 1956    m: Thersa O'Donnell (no known children)

6) Emma Jane                       b:  3 Jul 1874        d:  3 Aug 1908     m: Edward Hall (2 children)

7) Charles                              b:  5 Oct 1876      d: 19 Jan 1945     m: Mary Elizabeth Andrews (11 children)

8) Vada                                  b: 18 Oct 1885     d: 27 Jul 1969      m: James Bardon (no known children)

9) David Philip                       b: 22 Oct 1887     d:  4 Dec 1909 Lunkin Twp; killed dynamiting stumps

10) Mary L                             b:  9 Oct 1889      d:  7 Mar 1895 Lunkin Twp, Law. Co., IL

D. Mary E. Saums seems to have lead a very hard life. Very little is known about her first husband, Albert Whitson. They are listed on the 1860 census for Wilkes Barre P.O., Newport twp; Luzerne Co, PA with no children. Albert is eleven years older than Mary. No record has been found for Albert in the 1870 census.

 Her second husband was "never the same after the Civil War”.  Michael McGinnis, born in Ireland, enlisted in the 143rd Pennsylvania Volunteers April 7, 1864 at Scranton at age 25 (signed with an X). He was captured 27 May 1864 and spent six months at the infamous Andersonville Prison in Sumpter Co., GA. He mustered out 12 Jun 1865 and returned home “to his wife and daughter, Anna.”  The 1870 Census for Wilkes Barre P.O., Newport twp shows Michael MaGennis (a coal miner) 35, Mary 30, Annie 7, Mary’s mother, Mary Saums 69 and a boarder, Addie Fairchild. Michael lived in Luzerne Co until 1891, and was a patient in Retreat State Hospital (poor house) Nanticoke, Luzerne Co., PA. On 21 Nov 1892, he appealed to the Pension board stating his residence as National Military Home for Disabled Veterans, Montgomery Co., Ohio.

 Mary divorced Michael McGinnis ca 1879/80 after he had “left the house.” Mary then “went back to Illinois” to be near her brothers (John Philip & Sidney).   On June 16, 1884, she married (with her maiden name Sammes) Theopolis Smith, son of Thomas Smith & Elizabeth (Wyatt). He was a widower with eight children. [Edward W. age 17, Mary A. 15, William B. 14, Sarah E. 11, Clara M. 9, Hester 6, James 3 & Lewis 1] (What fun!) Theo was also a Civil War veteran who enlisted as a Corporal 1 Jan 1862 in the Union Army and was promoted to Full Sergeant. He enlisted in Company A, 62nd Infantry Regiment Illinois on 10 Apr 1862 and mustered out 3 Mar 1866.

  The death certificate from the Lawrence Co., Courthouse states that "Theophilus"Smith, born Jan 23, 1842 in Rushville, IN, died Nov 29, 1902”. Irene Black's book Lawrence County Cemeteries has a "Theo Smith - Jan 23, 1842 - Nov 29, 1902" buried in the Bridgeport City Cemetery. From that point on, Mary can not be located on the 1910 census with her brothers or her daughter and no cemetery record has been found for her so far. 

Mary E. Saums married first                                             Albert Whitson s/of Senica & Elizabeth of Newport twp.

b: ca Dec 1840 Luzerne Co., PA                                      b: ca 1830 probably Newport twp, Luzerne Co., PA

d: after 1902  perhaps Lawrence Co, IL                         d: unknown

m1: before 1 Jun 1860 PA

married second                                                    Michael McGinnis s/of

                                                                                                b: ca 1839 Ireland

                                                                                                d:      1895 Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH

m2: by 1862 PA (divorced 1879/80)               

married third                                                         Theopolis Smith s/of Thomas & Elizabeth (Wyatt)

                                                                                                b: 23 Jan 1843 Rushville, IN

                                                                                                d: 29 Nov 1902 Lawrence Co., IL; bur: Bridgeport Cem.

m3: 17 Jun 1884 Bridgeport, IL                                       m1: Rebecca Smith 25 Sep 1864 Wabash Co., IL (had 8 ch.)

res: 1860-70 Wilkes-Barre, PO, Newport twp; Luzerne Co., PA; Mary to Lawrence Co., IL 1879- 1884

ch:  born PA? (both McGinnis)

1) Elizabeth                          b: 21 Jul 1862      d: 6 Sep 1863 bur: Newport Cemetery

1) Anna                                 b: bef. 4/1864      d:                            m: John William Saums, son of John Philip

                                                                                                                                (5 children)


Laura Armetta

See Photo



contributed by Norman Shreffler

Elias Shreffler (1821-1891): An early pioneer to Lawrence county was Elias Shreffler, the 12th child of Henry and Mary Shreffler. He was b. in Miles twp. Centre co., PA and moved to Lawrence co., in the early 1840's following brothers Samuel and John who had purchased Lawrence co., land from the government in 1840. He met Rebecca Sechrest (1825-1903) and in 1844 married her. Eli was a farmer. In 1850, he also purchased government land. Rebecca and Eli had the following children: Daniel (1845-1864); Ana Liza (1848-1927); David (1850-1850); Mary Ann (1852-1927); William (1855-1952); Rebecca May (1858-1925); Sarah (1861-1928); Susanna (1863-1876); Sylvester (1866-1869); and John Alexander (1867-1919). Interested in working with relations.

contributed by Tresa Herald

The following in part of an obituary of Surilda Umfleet, born 22 April 1831 and died 17 June 1917 in this county. As early as 1825, Seth Umfleet came north from Kentucky with his wife Rebecca. The entire trip was made on horseback and afoot, the young wife riding while the husband walked by her side. They settled in Lawrence County 3 1/2 miles south of Sumner and there raised their four children: Fountain, Harrison, Surilda, and Benjamin. At a very old age, they died having bequeathed to their children such strong bodies that the one dying youngest was older than 75 years. On October 1st, 1848, Bealy Elston married Surilda Umfleet and settled 5 miles west of Olney. The country was wooded and sparsely settled and there they lived thrugh the hardships of those early days and raised a family of 12 children. I am particularly interested in having contact with any descendents of Seth and Rebecca Cummins Umfleet.

Martha and Leonard C. WATSON
contributed by Carlene Laws Morgan

Lindsey D. Laws, b. 1822, son of Wm. Laws and grandson of Moses Laws ran a very prosperous mill in Hadley, Lawrence County, IL.  In 1845 he married Martha Ann Wright.  They had the following children:  Wm. (1847-1895), Appia (1849-1851), Minerva (1851-1938), Mary (1854-1876), Squire—my g-grandfather--(1856-1906), Henry Clay ( 1858-1884), and John Bruner (1861-1863).

Lindsey, who was 40 years old at the time, joined the IL 98th Inf., Co. G as a Lt. in Aug., 1862 and was sent to TN where he contracted typhoid and died Jan. 13, 1863. 

In 1865 Martha married a Leonard C. Watson from VA and they had a son, Thadeus L. Watson (1866-1945).  A month after the birth of the boy, Leonard borrowed $200 (he was indebted to her for over $1000) and ten head of mules from Martha and set off for VA “where he had property and that he would give his two boys--his sons by a former marriage—what he intended they should have and set them to work for themselves.”

When Leonard did not return in a timely fashion and after making some inquiries, Martha and John Watts of Sumner set off May 28, 1866 for Millboro Depot, Bath County, VA to confront Mr. Watson who was living with the first Mrs. (Mary) Leonard C. Watson.  They arrived June 1, 1866and Leonard hid out when he learned that Martha had arrived.  He finally agreed to meet with her and admitted that he was still married to his first wife.  Martha and Mr. Watts returned to IL without Mr. Watson and as far as I know without the money or the mules!

After receiving an annulment of the marriage with Leonard, Martha applied for and received pension money for the period of time she had been married to Mr. Watson.

(Information from the widow’s pension application in Lt. Laws’ Civil War military file.)

Moses Laws and his seven children came to IL around 1820 from NC.

Silas White

Contributed by Gerald White II

Silas White (Abt:1791 – 1866) was a wagon maker who arrived in Lawrence County, Illinois around 1848 from Muskingum County, Ohio. Silas married Cynthia Ann Hammitt (Abt:1803-Bef:1878) in Muskingum County, OH on 23 April 1820. Together they had at least 12 children all born in Ohio. I have no information on the first three children, which were two sons and one daughter, born between 1821 and 1827. The next nine children all came to Lawrence County, IL with their parents around 1848. Harriet Ann White (1827-?) married (1) Theodore Dickson in 1853, (2) Victor Buchanan, and (3) W.E. Pickerell in 1880. Austin G. White (1829-1874) married a woman named Jane about 1848. Amanda White (1831-1878) married William M. Lewis in 1852. Silas Jr (1832-1906) married (1) Lucy A. Eaton in 1859 and (2) Elizabeth M. Rich in about 1875. Joseph Trimble White (1835-1904) married (1) Clarissa Powers in 1857, (2) Mary S. Benefiel in 1879 and (3) Ella H. Andrews in 1881. Harrison White (1839-?) married a woman named Catherine. Sarah A. White (1840-?) married a man named Mr. Foster and moved to Vincennes, Indiana. Milton White (1842-?) married Sarah J. Scarbough in 1879. Bennett White (1846-?) married Eliza McCleave. Most of the sons became either wagon makers or carpenters in Lawrence County, IL.

Joseph Trimble White

Contributed by Gerald White II

Joseph T. White (1835-1904) was born on 6 May 1835 in Muskingum County, Ohio. He was the eighth of twelve children born to Silas and Cynthia White in Ohio and arrived in Lawrence County, IL with his parents and siblings around 1848. Joseph followed his father Silas in the wagon making trade and for many years had a Wagon and Repair Shop in Lawrenceville where he was familiarly called “Uncle Joe” During the Civil War Joseph White was assigned to Co. K, 70th Illinois Volunteer Infantry with duty at Camp Butler. Joseph White outlived two of his three wives. His first wife was Clarissa Powers whom he married in Lawrenceville in 1857. This union resulted in one son, Thomas Hayman White born 14 September 1865. Clarissa died in 1878 and Joseph married Mary Sophia Benefiel in 1879. Mary died about two years later and Joseph married Ella H. Andrews in 1881. This marriage produced a son Claude in 1883 and a daughter Myrtle in 1887. Joseph Trimble White died in Lawrenceville, IL on 15 Dec 1904 at the age of 69 years, 7 months, and 9 days. He was survived by his third wife Ella, two sons, Thomas, of Clay City, Claude of Lawrenceville and one daughter, Myrtle of Lawrenceville -- two brothers, Silas, of Birds, Ben of Missouri, and one sister, Mrs. Sadie Foster, of Vincennes.

Thomas Hayman White

Contributed by Gerald White II

Thomas Hayman White (1865-1936) was born on 14 September 1865 in Lawrenceville, IL. He was the only child of Joseph Trimble White and his first wife, Clarissa Powers. Thomas married Nancy Hardacre (1869-1957) in Lawrenceville on 24 February 1892. Nancy was the daughter of Thomas Forbes Hardacre (1825-1890) originally from Ohio and Sarah Rae (1837-1911) originally from Ireland. Thomas worked his entire life with the B&O Railroad. Shortly after his marriage Thomas moved to Clay City, IL where he remained until his death in 1936 at the age of 71 years and 26 days. His wife Nancy died in 1957 and they are both buried in the Clay City Cemetery. Nancy’s mother Sarah (also known as Sally) lived with them after the death of her husband in 1890 until her death in 1911. Thomas and Nancy had four children. Gerald Powers White (1893-1962) who married Gertrude Chrisman (1889-1967), Doris White (1894-?) who married Thomas Keene, Hugh Brent White (1896-?), and Kathleen White (1903-?) who married Walter W. Koch. At one time both Thomas and his son Gerald worked at the Clay City Railroad Station. Gerald also went on the work for the B&O Railroad and after 50 years finally retired in Cincinnati, Ohio where he died in 1962.

Samuel William WOODWARD
contributed by Richard Rand "Dick" Lindsly

Samuel W. Woodward was born in Old Hadley, MA on Nov. 15, 1809. He was married in about 1834 to Caroline (Unknown) and lived in Connecticut where they had 8 children. Samuel was a steamboat captain while in New England. It is assumed that Caroline died and Samuel remarried in about 1857 after he had moved to Illinois in 1851. It appears that he lived most of the time between 1851 and 1860 in Allendale, Illinois in Wabash County where he was a tax assessor for two terms. It is suspected that he plied his trade as a steamboat captain along the Wabash River during a part of this time. His second marriage in about 1857 was to Elendor J. Monroe (or Elendor Elizabeth Monroe, however, her tombstone has "Elendor J. Woodward" inscribed on it). They had two sons: Horace Adney Woodward who was born on March 6, 1858 in Allendale and John C. Woodward (my great grandfather) who was born on October 25, 1862 in Lawrence County, Illinois. Since their second child was born in Lawrence County, it's likely that they lived in Lawrence County from about 1860 until they moved to Bonham, Texas (Fannin County) in 1875. In Bonham Samuel was a partner in Rogers, Woodward and Roberts Grocery. He died in Bonham on May 13, 1884 at the age of 74. He and Elendor are buried in the Willow Wild Cemetery in Bonham, Texas.



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