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Photos of tombstones in Lawrence County cemeteries or of Lawrence County family members.
If you have files of this nature to share, please send to: Lawrence County ILGenWeb

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Aaron Angle and Phoeba Vanatta Angle
George W Angle and Rebecca Hardwick Angle
Ida (Lindsey) Armstrong
Marshall Armstrong
Emily Bailey
Sarah (Armstrong) Bailey
Amanda Baird
Infant Baird
Joel Baird
John & Maggie Baird
J T Baird
Ruth Baird
Toussaint Baird
W. T. Baird
Phillip Belles
Jane Belles
Zury Belles
Cecilia Margaret Bolles
Charles Eugene Brassier
William & Ona Carman
Eliza H., James T., Mary, James W. Catterton
Pace and Lewis Catterton
Atheas Childress
Lawson and Lizzie Childress
H. Childress
Hubert C. and Millie O. Childress
Ida Mae Childress
Maria J. wife of H. Childress
Mary Maud, wife of ?. M. Childress
Thomas Jefferson and Mary Ann Pollard Childress
Andrew Christy
Andrew Christy Jr.
Catherine (Shirley) Christy
Elizabeth Christy
Joseph R. Christy
Margaret (Lanterman) Christy
Martha, George & Wendall Christy
Ausco Clubb
Ella E. Clubb
Cannady & Nancy Clubb
Clubb children
Henry A. Clubb
Jane Clubb
Mary Clubb
Merrill Clubb
Samuel C. Clubb
Samuel C. Clubb Jr.
Catharine Coffman
Leander Coffman
Augustus & Dora Conrad
Bert & Rhoda Conrad
Hamby & Howard Conrad
Adam and Mary Corrie
Ephraim Crane
Sarah H. Crane
Earl Denison
Elizabeth Dennison
John Harvey Denison
Henry Howard Denison
Mary E. Denison
Nancy Eastman Denison
Robert Denison
William Denison 1767
William Denison

George DeLong
Adda (English) Daugherity
Alice E. (White) English
Charles P. English
Gilbert P. English
Georgia Epperson
Hattie (English) Scharf
John P. English
Lotus Dee English
Mary A. English
Nathaniel & Lillian English
Zeba French
Zeba French Jr.
Theodory French
William M. and Sarah E. Gillum
Barbara Ann Halfacre
James Halfacre
Charles M. Hoke
Harley Hoke
Hiram Hoke
John & Ollie Hoke
John C. Hoke
William Hoke
Robert Denison Hoopes
Arthur & Stella Hopkins
Fannie Bird King
John H. King
Dr. Tom & Margaret Kirkwood
Aaron H. McClure
Jennie E. McClure
Violet McClure
James & Mary Milligan
Margaret (Corrie) & John Milligan
Sarah C. Phelps
Refinery Fire Memorial
Ansel Roberts
Dorothy Roberts
Ira Roberts
Lela Roberts
Lucy Roberts
Lou Roberts
Melissa Roberts
Nettie Roberts
Olin Roberts
Russell Roberts
William Roberts
Wm Roberts Family
Patrick, Catherine & Charles Roughan
Marie & Delmas I. Schaffer
Edward & Cora Anna Sheridan
Frances Sheridan
Jennie (Holloran) Sheridan
Garrett & Mary Shirley
John A. & Saloma Smith
Charles Snyder
Jerry Lewis Snyder
Lucy Jane Snyder
William Henry Snyder
Vane Stoltz and Lorene Angle Stoltz
Robert and Rosella Summers
Alvin Tatom
Ursula Treadway
Charles and Anna Ulrich
Christine Ulrich
Emma Ulrich
Gottfried Ulrich
Harry and Myrtle Ulrich
John and Verna Ulrich
Levett M. Webb
William and Wilmena Weitz
Elizabeth Whittaker
George & Nancy (Christy) Whittaker
James Whittaker
Mary Jane Whittaker
Mary A. Whittaker
Priscilla Whittaker
William Y. Whittaker
Edith York
H. Mae (Gillum) York
Henry A. York
Margaret York
Silas York
Benjiman & Sarrah Zehner
Fianna Zehner
Lucy Zehner South
Mary E. & G.I. Zehner
Nancy Zehner
Nathan Zehner
Rose (Zehner) Stevenson



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