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Sept 2008 - Feb 2009


Photos of Porter Family members. Thank you Kay! 2/2009

Brideport Township HS 1945 Photo Album, Crossroads School Tragedy, Washington Grade School Photo Album. Thank you Curtis! 2/2009

Bethel, Bunker Hill, Chauncey, Mt. Zion Cemeteries 1/2009

May Chapel Cemetery (partial) is now available. Thanks to Dawn! 10/2008

Brian Cemetery is now available. Thanks to Joane! 8/2008

New Tombstone photos 6/2008

New Pioneer bio 6/2008

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New Surnames 6/2008

New Family Group Sheets  6/2008 ball Send yours! ball

New school & people Photos 6/2008

The Historical Society has received their final shipment of the Lawrence County, Illinois Commemorative Edition book. It still sells for $60.00 per copy with an additonal $5.00 shipping charge and can be purchased from Mike Neal as previously posted on the web site.

721 12th St.
Lawrenceville, IL 62439
(618) 943-3900

To the best of my knowledge, there are no plans to have this book reprinted.

****The Lawrence County Historical Museum****

The museum hours are the same as the hours the Chamber of Commerce are open. I don't know if there is anyone there on Saturday's right now. Anyone can see the display (still a small oil display). (Update from Roberta Talley)

The Historical Society is looking for pictures of people and places in Lawrence County. They have arrangements with a photo studio in Lawrenceville that will make copies of photos and put them on a CD for permanent storage. If you have pictures to donate but don't want to give them up on a permanent basis, they can have them copied and they will then return the pictures to you. Please include a note stating that you are giving the Historical Society permission to use the photos.

Send to the Lawrence County Historical Society, P.O. Box 425, Lawrenceville, IL. 62439 or to

Roberta Talley, 600 N. 20th St., Lawrenceville, IL, 62439

You can contact Roberta Talley if you have questions. (Photos that you have sent for inclusion on this site are already being copied and sent to the Historical Society for archival storage. - Laurel Treat)

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